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Sun 3rd Jan 2010

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Luigi_Vercotti commented on North American NES Ambassador Games Announced:

Absolutely loved Zelda 2 when it came out. I played it through more times then any other games. I guess you could say I made speedruns on Zelda 2 before the word speedrun was even invented. With me being 14 bqck then or something.
Never played Wrecking Crew, Yoshi and Golf, so I will be very happy to give them a try. And I remember Donkey Kong Jr. from the arcades. it's just about highscore, but I guess a game like that will be really nice to play on the go.
I loved all the other games as a kid and some (SuMari, Z1, Metroid esp.) I still love today.
Not sure about Ice Climber, played it some time ago and it really felt outdated. I'll give it ago anyways...
And all that stuff's for free? Great job, Nintendo!



Luigi_Vercotti commented on Review: TrackMania (Wii):

I really liked Trackmania Nations and Trackmania Sunrise on the PC. So I guess I will have to get this as an early christmas present for myself.