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Sun 21st Aug 2011

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Gemslime commented on Star Fox 64 3D:

the graphical update is fine, but would it kill nintendo to add some more levels, i give it a 7



Gemslime commented on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks:

the train ruined this game for me, it was too slow and took up like 40% of the game just watching a train and occasionally tapping a bad guy to kill him. other then that, the actual levels were good if a bit short.



Gemslime commented on Super Mario 3D Land Made for Snacking, Not Gor...:

sounds to me that nintendo is just trying to justify their own lazieness and poor exicution with the game. Seriously though, if nntendo could make a game as grand as links awakining on an 8-bit gameboy, then i think they can make an all you can eat buffet out of this game.



Gemslime commented on North American NES Ambassador Games Announced:

i own all the 10 games exept nes open golf so this is no big deal to me, but i still wish they included punch out, mario 3 and 2 and kid icarus, i dont care for DKjr, yoshi, metroid or wrecking crew.