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Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fresh Challenge for Wii U in the 2013 Holidays

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A festive dust up

If you live somewhere with no internet access or connection to the outside world, it may be news to you that Sony unveiled its PlayStation 4 console in New York on 20th February. Over the course of two hours it confirmed a Holiday 2013 release, showed off the system's user interface and social functions, a new version of the DualShock controller and a host of games and graphics engines. Third party developers were reeled out and Sony made a big play of the graphical power and multi-functional social aspects of the system, with generally positive reactions around the web.

Naturally, Nintendo will have been watching. Wii U has just passed its three month birthday and is currently gearing up for a Spring and Summer offensive of games to renew momentum in a system that, as sales figures show, has lost steam after a thoroughly decent launch week in various territories. Around three million Nintendo fans had willingly forked over a fair bit of cash when the system arrived up until the end of 2012, but Nintendo has admitted that the system is now struggling to get off the shelves, reacting with a broad range of big retail releases for the rest of the year; some of which start to arrive next month.

Although it will have known that new competitors from Sony and Microsoft would be moving onto the scene during this campaign to win consumers over to Wii U, Nintendo now has one half of its traditional rivals out in the open for all to see. With Microsoft rumoured to be saving its big reveal for E3 2013, Nintendo now knows it has a big fight to seize the market and gamers ahead of a vitally important Holiday season.

So how does PS4 stack up against Wii U or, perhaps more accurately, how does its offering differ most significantly from Nintendo's? For one thing, it's clear that it possesses graphical power and resources beyond Wii U's capabilities - eight core processing and a somewhat daunting 8GB of RAM stand out in the known specifications. Many of the presentations from developers focused on new graphics engines being put together to utilise that power, while some did take the opportunity to show games on the way for launch or 2014. Some of the results were undeniably stunning, with some visuals arguably comparable with the best seen on high-powered PC rigs; this is a reality that Wii U can't avoid. There was some positive news for Nintendo fans that, despite a PS4 version being unveiled, Watch_Dogs from Ubisoft is coming to Wii U (as well as PS3 and Xbox 360), while comments suggesting that future Need for Speed releases for the system will arrive promptly are also cause for optimism — perhaps lower dev costs and increasingly scale-able graphics engines could help Wii U compete for multi-platform games, but some developers will surely opt solely for the greater visual fidelity available on PS4 and (in all likelihood) Microsoft's successor.

Next up we have the PS4's social aspects, which we can broadly compare to Miiverse and online capabilities seen so far. While Miiverse is easily the best social element that Nintendo's ever produced, Sony made big promises about its own equivalent component. The company will be leveraging its strengths in other technology industries to help bring PS4 accounts and socializing onto devices such as phones and tablets, though Miiverse should be available on other devices as a browser app in future. Integration with Facebook means that the PS4 service won't be quite as insular — whether that's good or bad is down to personal preference — while the most fun feature will be the ability to hit a button and instantly record gameplay video to share, going beyond the intuitive screenshot capture on Miiverse.

And then we have the gaming itself, or what we've been shown. The new DualShock controller seems to be dividing opinion online, with some being fans and others being unsure of the shape and relevance of the small touch-pad located in the middle. This touchpad isn't significant in size, with the controller not far off the dimensions of the PS3 equivalent, while a Move-style strip on the top will allow some motion detection to be picked up by a new enhanced PlayStation Eye camera bundled with the system. Of the games shown, most used standard controls without much manipulation of either the touchpad or motion sensor, so clearly developers are figuring out how to use this best. Those developers were out in force, however, with Sony stating that the number of companies committing to the platform is well into three figures.

In these stakes we suggest that control input is the biggest distinction and unique-selling-point that Nintendo has up its sleeve — alongside its own IPs and games, of course. Technology from streaming company Gaikai — acquired by Sony last year — will power Remote Play to Vita handhelds, with the goal of any PS4 game being playable on the portable system, mirroring the game. This may be a threat of sorts to the GamePad concept, but it's unclear how much this Vita link will be able to go beyond mirroring the main action, and whether the experience will match the almost non-existent latency and multi-screen variety seen on the Wii U setup. In addition, it also requires a hefty investment for gamers to buy both Sony systems, and due to that it's possible that many developers will opt to include the minimal mirroring and little more. Finishing with Gaikai, backwards compatibility will come through the streaming service, placing a reliance on strong broadband services rather than popping in an older disc, such as with Wii on Wii U.

Ultimately, both consoles offer different experiences, and once again Sony's system will bring a range of functionality and raw power beyond some equivalents on Wii U, with Nintendo once again focused on delivering a different kind of play through its GamePad and innovative software. Parallels can certainly be drawn between the Wii and PS3 head-to-head, though we'd suggest that the online infrastructure of Nintendo's system isn't lingering far behind as it did in the last generation.

This Holiday, then, Nintendo and Sony console values and concepts will go into a big head-to-head, no doubt joined by Microsoft's successor.

This Holiday, then, Nintendo and Sony console values and concepts will go into a big head-to-head, no doubt joined by Microsoft's successor. Sony didn't give prices, it must be said, but some rumours suggest a basic SKU close to the price of a Wii U Deluxe, and others expect a second model to be quite a bit more expensive. We suspect Sony will try to match Wii U's 32GB system pricing with a basic SKU — or at least get close — though by November/December we'd be surprised if Nintendo's system isn't fighting back with attractively priced bundles; even if an official price cut isn't made. Nintendo's recent Wii U Direct showed some big games on the way, and we'd bet a lot of eShop credit that a favourite such as Mario Kart will hit the console for Christmas, and possibly one other big first-party title.

The question will be whether Wii U's year-old library, Nintendo first-party games and the GamePad concept will be enough to take on challenges such as that posed by PS4. It'll be intriguing to watch, and once again we're likely to see a clash of priorities and strategies; we'll have to see whether the gaming market and consumer base are big enough to ensure successful sales for everyone. Nintendo and its rivals will need to bring their A-game.

Have you looked at the announcement of PlayStation 4? What do you think of Sony's system, and after seeing what it has to offer are you confident that Wii U will enjoy a successful year and Holiday season? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget that the best coverage of all things Sony can be found on our sister-site, Push Square.

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New_3DaSh_XL said:

It'll be an interesting year, that's for sure. Sadly it'll also be full of the usual: fanboys, bashing, overreactions, speculation taken for fact, etc etc.



Einherjar said:

I think the the price alone will be a very huge hurdle for the system. It took some momentum from the WiiU and an even higher price will hurt even systems like the PS4. The games i saw so far are nothing really new. Sure, they look really nice, some almost like CG from the current gen, but the gameplay ideas themself seem to be the same old, same old. No doubt that the more "conventional" system will attract a broader crowd, mostly the "graphic > gameplay" people, but i woul be lieing when i said that im hyped.
I make no fuzz about the fact, that im a nintendo fanboy and am kinda biased towards sony, so a little part of me hopes that the "technical powerhouse" fails against the usual innovation that is nintendo.
For me, changing how games look is NOT a selling point, its how games are played, and for that matter, nintendo is still my personal nr.1



SYZYGY said:

I dont know, for me as both a SONY and Nintendo fan i wasnt too impressed by the PS4 yet. But some multiplatform games were shown that i would rather play on Wii U.



Everly said:

Honestly, I don't believe the Wii U is in a position to take on anything yet. There simply aren't enough games and if the delays we have seen at launch continue, then when we get to the 2013 holiday season, the promised games will still be promises.



BJQ1972 said:

No native backwards compatibility, and not being able to transfer/play PSN purchases on the PS4 will be a difficult sell.

The fact that they are already announcing games like Watch Dogs will ship on PS3 AND PS4 shows that Sony have learned nothing from the previous generation transition.



C7_ said:

Notice they announced all these new things, but left out the price because they want to make sure they can't lower it before saying a number (Nintendo did this with the WiiU as well). By holiday 2013, Wiiu will have significantly more titles, which means if the PS4 isn't directly backwards compatible and comparible in price to the WiiU then it'll fall right on its face for its first couple years.

They do know what they're doing with their online though; something that Nintendo doesn't understand in the slightest. Although the wat they advertised Vita compatibility means that they're banking on the Vita to help sell, which isn't a solid move.

Pretty much they didn't announce anything controversial in the Sony conference, so main factors lile price, the look of the console, backwards compatibility, and the ability to turn off certain online features (downloading games we haven't bought yet? Seriously?) will be what determines the console's success on release.



Tsuchiya said:

Not a single PS4 feature really impressed me. It's a shame too as I really wanted to like it. PS3 it'll be then.



rjejr said:

Another good write-up by TW.

Watching the 2 hr. presentation last night I thought was a mixed bag for Nintendo. On the 1 hand Sony took Miiverse and ratcheted it up to 11, as if Mark Zuckerberg had just purchased Sony and was using them to replace Zygna.
OTOH there were several new games that are also coming out on the PS3, and this means the Wii U could easily get a port. And the graphically improvements, while noticeable, were not a huge leap over the PS3, which the Wii U should be able to match. I'm sorry, but playing Wii games after any time playing PS3 games was really hard on the eyes on a 52" 1080p tv. There was no announcement of 4k resolution last night, so maybe Sony had to cut that to keep the console price, and game development costs, down. So anything the PS4 can do, the Wii U should at least be able to match it's 1080p output and therefore look similar.
And I strongly believe that between Gaikia, sharing, so much online play and so much to DL Sony will have an Xbox like "gold' account or will make PS+ as mandatory as a gold account - i.e. you don' t"need" it for offline, just everything online. I don't see how else that system can sell for $400 w/ a Kinect like Eye in the box. And by holiday 2013 Nintendo should drop the Basic altogether - 8GB is insulting - and drop the Deluxe to $300. (I saw Target selling the Basic for $275 yesterday already.)
So Sony wins, but it was a split decision, and it's a marathon, not a sprint.



Shworange said:

Nintendo definitely has it's work cut out for it. It needs games in a big way! This will be the only way to save it. The big N needs to dip into that vast cash reserve and get the creative engines blasting at full speed!
The PS4 looks interesting for sure. It is interesting however that Iawata was right when he said that the days are gone when you see these insane graphical leaps. The games I saw look beautiful for sure, but it's not like the giant steps we saw with one generation to the next like in the past now that everything is in HD. It will be advanced AI and algorithms that show the differences. Sony knows it can't rely on graphics alone, hence all the social bells and whistles and streaming everything.
Nintendo cannot take a half measure here (especially with Microsoft being an unknown at this point). Nothing short of a full measure will do. New talent needs to be hired, new games need to be coded yesterday, and new programs and advertising must be employed. Nintendo has 9 months to get a jump on the competition, which is fierce.



RotYN7 said:

Hmmm. E3 is gunna be a blood bath this year. PS4 seems like a super charged PS3, Graphics have hit there point banking on that I dont think is a Smart Move. and Sony Investing in the MOVE and Vita is a huge risk because the Vita hasnt Sold well and MOVE wasnt Even Really Supported by Sony themselves. we will See i think by E3 Nintendo will be ready with an almost Comical amount of trailers and Demos for WiiU. but we will see.



Yasume said:

I'm a Nintendo fanboy all the way, but this looks a lot more interesting than the Wii U, that's for sure. The only Sony product that I own is a used PS2 and some used games, so I never spent a dime on Sony products but this oughta change if Ninty doesn't step it up.



Whopper744 said:

I hate to be so worried about Nintendo, but sometimes lately, I have been worried about them. I just dont' know if they have gone quite far enough with the Wii U as they should have...



SteveW said:

I'm a Wii U fan only and I know a lot of people that play the 360 but I don't know a single PS3 owner so I don't think Nintendo has as much to worry about with Sony.



Einherjar said:

I dont think that anything can match the MiiVerse. Sure, its pretty basic, but it reeks with charm. Other than that, nintendo needs a boost, and NOW. They need to esteblish themselves before the competition is ready. Get the VC ready, with more software than before, get new People for the eShop, get some games for the system, adjust the prices. The WiiU HAS the potential to walk in the Wiis footsteps...but it needs to finally start walking instead of crawling



idork99 said:

This is what I see: Sony is a giant electronics corporation. Nintendo is a gaming company. Sony has X amount of money to spend while Nintendo only has Y amount to spend. Nintendo releases a console utilizing current technology while Sony stands back, takes the positives of the system, and releases their own system months later with new and powerful technology that makes Nintendo look last gen. It happened with the N64 (analog & rumble which the very first PS controller never had), it happened with the Wii (motion controls), and it's happening now (Miiverse). Sony will do great this year and could probably overshadow the Wii U in sales this holiday season. But the real battle will be in the next three to four years. Let the system with the better games win.



Knux said:

The PS4 will eventually have an amazing library like the PS3 does now, but it looks like it might take awhile. I'm definitely going to get a PS4 eventually, but I need to buy a Wii U first.



SteveW said:

@Elnherjar - I don't think the Wii U has any kind of chance of being as popular as the Wii, even if they dropped it to $99. It's too complex for the older crowd and has no titles that would appeal to them. My grandma loves the Wii, she would not even consider a Wii U.



SteveW said:

@Knux - it may have some hardcore games but for the casual gamer the PS3 has very little to offer.



DePapier said:

Just started reading, and the console itself was not unveiled: never seen no PS4 during that presentation.



ajcismo said:

Sony's controller has kept me from buying anything from them game-wise since the PS1. Hate isn't a strong enough word to describe that hand cramper. I'd rather play games with the Colecovision controller than a dual shock 1-4.
The lack of price, the rumors of zero backwards compatable and the over concerns of power have me uninterested. MS vs Sony will be the norm again with Ninty marching to its own beat. What about fun, quality games? I feel all alone in the gaming world, not caring about social gaming and how many polygons can be pushed every second.



Einherjar said:

@SteveW Thats what i meant with "potential". What made the Wii so atractive for casuals was all the gimmics, ballance board, a familliar controller in form of a remote, something we use every day and software that just delivers what its wants, without much bells and whistles.
The WiiU can use all that stuff and more, its just a software thing. And THAT needs to change FAST



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I feel Sony just keeps getting caught up in new features and enhanced technology that they seem to forget what really matters: fun games. Just look at Vita.



Ralizah said:

In retrospect, had I known the PS3's library of exclusives was going to turn out as strong as it eventually did, I probably would have gotten a PS3 instead. But gosh, back when I got my 360, the PS3 had a really lousy library. Now there's almost nothing I want on the 360 that's not multi-platform. 99% of it is dudebro shooter rubbish.

I learned my mistake the hard way. First Nintendo, then Sony, and probably never Microsoft again.



Reala said:

will be waiting until E3 to make my mind up what console I'll be getting this gen, wii u hasn't made me want to rush out and buy so far though the promise of monolith RPG and WW HD means I'm definitely considering it, also want to see steambox actually is and how nextbox shapes up, if its kinect centric though that will be automatic pass for me but will have to wait and see for now.



RikuzeYre said:

So when wlll we finally get back to gaming consoles making new ways to play games that are fun and immerse the player?
And why havent they made any advancements in enemy AI?



SteveW said:

What kills me is that Nintendo can make the Wii U huge by doing a number of things that they probably will never do... 1.Let it play DS and 3DS games (from cartridge please, no repurchasing!). 2. Earthbound Wii U. 3. A real Kid Icaurs game. 3. A collection of the original Gameboy Mario games remade in color 4. Bring a real Pokemon RPG to Wii U! Why handheld only???



RikuzeYre said:

Gah this social crap, paying for online, and cloud gaming is a bunch of bullpoopy. Get back to the issue at hand, Games. Not freaking quick time event CGI films



Einherjar said:

@Rikuze Yre
Improved enemy AI ? You cant do that ! All the 13 year old kinds playing CoD will feel pretty embarast if the enemy AI is any better than a sack of potatos



pixelman said:

Looks like a much better console than the Wii U to me, but at the same time it won't have Nintendo's IP's and it'll be far more expensive.

But man, virtually nonexistent load times... sigh.



SteveW said:

Its not a better console, a console should be judged by its game library



Aqueous said:

So that is what happened during it? I had so much lag that the graphics were a muddled foggy mess and could have been out done by early 3D games (N64 and PS1). It will be interesting to see the price and how it performs in the new holiday season.



Reala said:

I t was made out that the leap wouldn't be as big as previously but I was really impressed with its visuals at least, deep down looked quite a bit better visually than any current console I thought.



RikuzeYre said:

You can improve enemy AI without upping difficulty. Make the enemies smarter dont buff the hell out off them .

Apparently that guy who got raided for selling an Xbox Durango Dev Kit was true.
So apparently the NextBox is going to be always online and have a mandatory kinect ( which microsoft filed a patent for that will allow them to dictate how many people can view one of their products by spying on them with the Kinect )



RikuzeYre said:

Graphics dont really matter when its all in HD anyway, just keep the visual framerate and the lighting effects and colors their fidelity, utilize good art style, and things will work out. Just make sure the interaction is fluid.



Tsuchiya said:

I own a WiiU, an Xbox and as of today, a PS3.
PS4 just doesn't float my boat at all. Cloud gaming is a huge turn off for me.

I'm bracing myself for the price though.



Peach64 said:

There were rumours it could launch at the same price as the Wii U, which would have been a killer blow against Nintendo, but with 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, that's surely impossible now. The GeForce Titan card only has 6GB and costs $1000.

They didn't show anything last night that particularly called to me, so I can't see myself getting one at launch, but I'll almost certainly be getting one at some point, probably about a year after it comes out. I know you can make great games with needing power like that, but they're going to be able to do so much amazing stuff with specs like that, way beyond just improved graphics. I can't wait to see what Naughty Dog and Santa Monica come up with.



AlexSora89 said:

Being a self-appointed "Nintendo AND Sony" gamer, I'd wish good luck to PS4, but sadly, with that childish, troll-esque jab at "another Mario game" seen last week (reminiscent of Sega Genesis' "campaign"), united with the whole Rayman Legends thing, I just can't sympathize with them yet.



Neram said:

The Wii U will be fine, Nintendo has a lot less to go up against this time around. With the rate of evolution in graphics slowing down these days, the scalability of game engines, and online services in abundance, the Wii U will do just fine. It might not outsell the PS4 as much as the Wii did with PS3 and 360, but I feel confident in saying the PS4 is not a big threat by any means.



Peach64 said:

I don't understand all these 'you can't get better than 1080p' comments. So are you saying, because from NES to the Wii, resolution was stuck at 480 for NTSC and 576 for PAL, we never saw graphical improvements?

I'm sorry, but ever since the Playstation and N64 days I've been hearing people say that graphics won't be improving much because we've reached the peak, but we're nowhere near. Things will keep improving until they hit photo realistic, and we are nowhere near that.



IxnayontheCK said:

Tough to say i mean Sony has made a lot of lofty promises about PS3 and Vita in the past and they barely held water. Grapics will be great of course but I'm honestly fine with graphics from current gen. It all comes down to future 3rdparty support and marketing. Nintendo needs to step it up! Be creative but also get with the times on tech! the wii kid fan base is growing up! I have my worries but keeping fingers crossed....



RikuzeYre said:

In all Honesty PS4 Vs Wii U isnt like PS3 vs Wii. The Xbox has a different build they apparently went with a DDR3 ram because the system multitask and runs multiple apps. Its becoming more of a media interface for you're living room rather than a gaming machine



TingLz said:

@peach64: I think the better question is when will the graphics become so good that no one cares anymore about improvements



RikuzeYre said:

Project Cars looks serious Peach. The visual clarity on HD TVs is pretty apparent. It doesnt seem like it can improve until we have new tech in 5 years. Even with the 4k resolutions. It would have to be the next wave

I care more for processing power and what it means for the differences in the types of games we'll be able to play



SpaceApe said:

I thought Son'y PS 4 was impressive power wise. Nintendo getting very little 3rd party support. Their 3rd party support has been very average to poor. This is part of why the Wii U is failing so hard. Nintendo needed to come out of the gate with a brand new ip made for everyone to play, not just the Mario or Zelda players.



Knux said:

@SteveW The ''casual market'' has flocked to mobile devices (iOS and Android), so that's an invalid point.



eirikr said:

It's not a threat for Nintendo, just look at the Vita... when they announced the Vita it was not a threat either for Nintendo. Poor sony, it is doomed.



NESguy94 said:

It is impressive but is there enough for it to sell well for a decent profit. I have to say, the Capcom game, the Squenix video, 3D drawing and Watch Dogs are all really impressive. This is the first time since the PS that I was truly interested in a Sony console. I think that Sony could score big by pulling the Halo fans to the PS4 with Bungie (No pun intended). The Wii-Us early momentum and price might put the hurt on Sony.



Reala said:

@eirikrto be fair wii u isn't exactly flying of the shelves either so its not just vita that is of to a slow start and even 3DS hasn't been selling greatly outside of Japan it seems, I'm sure wii u and vita will be able to turn that around eventually though.



shinesprite said:

@pixelman This is why I love Nintendo, not the specs, but the franchises, the solid game-play, and the light-hearted experiences with friends and family.



SpaceApe said:

@Mikau94 Agreed. It is all about the games and Nintendo is severely lacking in that area. Ask yourself, do I want to go play Destiny a brand new fps or go rehash Mario or Zelda for the 100th time ?



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm not worried about the PS4. Sure, it's powerful, but if powerful is all it does, then why would developers develop for it if the PS3 can do similar at cheaper development costs. I've never heard any developer complain about being limited by the PS3's schematics. PS4 just sounds like bigger for the sake of bigger, which doesn't excite me as a gamer. What new potential in gameplay can be done on the PS4 besides giving me another reason for my friends not to come over and just stay home and watch me play games?

I don't say this out of Nintendo loyalty, but out of just wondering. What's the big deal about the PS4?



Mario-Man-Child said:

I like what I seen with PS4, I also like what Sony did with the dual shock 4s touch pad, I think its a better idea than Nintendo's Wii U pad and cheaper to manufacture, this taking your eye of the TV while playing a Video game to look at a touch pad is ridiculous. My first impressions are it is going to be a big success.



RikuzeYre said:

Its not selling great by nintendo standards.They system has sold 23 million units worldwide. Its doing better than the DS in the same space of time but Nintendo hasnt been profiting from it.

Like Sony hasnt been profiting from any of their tech in the last 7 years. But they can afford to do that because they're a multi-faceted conglomerate and are seemingly stupid.
Nintendo however is a gaming company primarily and despite their massive amounts of money in the bank they have to stay profitable for shareholders. So they can invest in innovating the industry.



herzausstein said:

More specifics coming out... PS4 will not be backwards compatible with disc or downloaded ps3 games. It won't support 4K and seems to be backing away from the 3d realm too. I'm not too worried. We all knew that sony was going to release a technical powerhouse, but people buy nintendo systems for nintendo games. That's the edge they'll always have over Sony and Microsoft. As long as I can only play f-zero, pikmin, wonderful 101, mario, zelda, metroid, etc. on Nintendo systems i will continue to purchase nintendo systems. I will go on record and say i'll eventually get a ps4 too but that won't be for a few years after a few price drops and the bugs are out of the system.



RikuzeYre said:

Space ape Mario's be around for a long time. the games are all pretty much different, they share the same name and the general format but doing the NSMB2 and NSMBU was a bad idea but they arent bad games.
Sure its over prevalent( Its their Brand after all) but nintendo has a lot more going for it



Reala said:

to those that say people buy nintendo for the games, yes they do, but so do people that buy xbox's, playstations or any other console they aren't buying them as ornaments.



RikuzeYre said:

Need I remind you how many games Sony has that are the same?
After Steambox all MIcrosoft will have is the dudebro and the faux-paus fakegamergirl markets.With innocent straddlers roped into their media multiplex device
People buy Nintendo for a unique experience that only their charm and skill can offer.

I still cant figure out why they stuck a touchpad on the controller. It also has motion controls and a bloody eye.



Farmboy74 said:

Wheather the Wii U has a fight on its hands depends on a number of factors:
The cost of PS4, this beast is not going to be cheap I predict £350 - 400 min possibly £500. If Sony go down the same route as Nintendo did on the hardrive it might be able to sell it a bit cheaper, but Sony is got to try and sell at a profit quickly due to their finances.
The lack of backwards compatibility and being unable to transfer PSN purchases will upset some Sony gamers but will they be upset enough to buy a Wii U?
Games what games will it get and how much will they cost, don't forget people are moaning about the price of Wii U games, with higher production costs PS4 games will not be cheap.
Sony again have gone all in on the power front just like PS3 & Vita, the high cost got PS3 to a slow start and the Vita is selling slow, it all comes down to cost and how much money people have.
The Wii U has offscreen gameplay with the gamepad, for PS4 you will need to buy a Vita which makes PS4 even more expensive.
If I was Nintendo now is the time to create new IPs, and get games, games and more games coming to Wii U, create even more experiences that people would want to buy a Wii U. At the end of the day whether the Wii U survives PS4 comes down to games and cost of hardware



Lopezdm said:

As I watched the press conference I soon realized why games were being pulled from the WiiU. Where Nintendo asked developers to learn how to use the WiiU Sony had just asked them to just use their imagination. The PS4 seems to have no have few limits as to what games you can create. As a new artist in the game industry the idea of having limitless creative boundaries is exciting. This is why I think Sony's backing has grown and Nintendo has found its self with little to no games. For a developer this is a dream console, coders will love it, artist will love it, and gamers will love it. I have been saying for weeks that Nintendo has to put on their "big boy pants" and go to war. They haven't done much in my opinion. Reginald Fils-Aime left a twitter comment yesterday that said, " Nothing going on in the gaming world today." It was a joke but I guess thats how he does business. I know that everyone at Nintendo was watching last night.



DrSlump said:

I see new games and new ideas in this play4 presentation. New characters and new stories, along with "old" franchises like infamous (wich i really appreciated). This round will be hard for nintendo, they can't simply come out with the old dear zelda. They need to create new characters and new stories and, YES, cool graphics to bring players to their side.
And please.. stop this SuperMarioBrothersWiiUNewYetAgain titles.. simply you don't have more space on the game cover to write it.



Obvious78 said:

Sony owned Nintendo with that power! With such things more doors will open where devs can discover new possibilities!



MrGawain said:

Sales mean nothing, profit means everything. Selling consoles at a loss means you have to sell a lot more games and add ons (controllers, merch, DLC, etc...). Will this generation buy the mass of product they have in the past?

I don't think you can judge the Playstation 4 until the manufacturing and retail costs are revealed. Will SONY sell it for a £200+ loss? Would the masses pay £500-£600 for a console?And will people be willing to pay out for a vita and a SONY 4K telly (£25grand)to get the most out of their System? Risky business plan to me.



Haxonberik said:

Luckily, Nintendo released their console considerably before and has time to fight back. If they keep improving the Miiverse, expanding it to the 3DS and smartphones, and get their games fast enough and assemble bundles with them, they could still take on both rival systems. I dont want to spell doom, but if Sony fails to deliver we might see another Vita/3DS case.



Shworange said:

Exactly what LordLZGlad just said. There will be improvements in graphic fidelity. That's not in question. The thing is that you get to a point where graphics look so good that any step up isn't mind blowing. It's refinement on a minuscule level. When one day you look at playstation 8's graphics vs ps3's you'll see a huge difference. System to system from here out isnt going to be a mind blowing leap like is was from ps1 to ps2 for instance. Real differences will be in the subtile. More background characters on the streets acting independently and not cloned. AI acting in less patterned and predictable ways. One could conceivably experience a different game each time. You won't be waiting for a bad guy to round the corner to pick him off. The system may have learned from your skill level and be waiting for you. Multiple processes can run at once in a seamless fashion. This is what we'll see. Not night and day graphic differences, but perhaps play experiences. The additional (social aspects) is just additional to grab purchasers who care about such things.



AlexSora89 said:


Well, the PS4 doesn't seem to go the "599 $" route, which is already a fresh start for them in that they learned from their mistakes this time around. However, their trolling a few days ago means they still underestimate Nintendo - which is kind of reassuring once you think about it.



RoboConker said:

Killzone graphics looks great, but the gameplay is the same as every generic fps out there. The only good thing about the conference was new footage from WatchDogs.



NintyMan said:

It sounds like mainly what I expected. Better power, better online, but not the games to really appeal to me. Spyro and Crash Bandicoot was what defined the first PlayStation for me, and there were a few hits on the second console, but I've just lost interest in Sony consoles since because of unappealing games. The games are where consoles should be rated, personally. There's just not a lot of variety on Nintendo's rival consoles these days. Nintendo has always relied on good games to keep it up during rough times, and it should have to do that again in the near future.

This should be an interesting E3.



AVahne said:

Unrelated, but I just want Nintendo to fix the damned overscan issues. Games should look better for some people ONCE SAID GAMES AREN'T STRETCHED LIKE CRAZY.



Exile20 said:

It is going to be tough because MS and Sony can easily rely on graphics to sell games. As soon as games see particle effects and polygons they go googly eye. Killzone looks great but the gameplay is the same as the others. Also I am not sure if it is just me but I am getting sensory overload when games have so much poop going on. Nintendo does have to worry tho, they need to try twice as hard as the other consoles.



Dr_42o said:

SONY is DoOm3d. Nintendo is going to make a gundam and send it to SONY HQ, where it will blow SONY to smithereens. BWAHAHAHA!!! ALL HAIL NINTENDO!



AntiGuy said:

And I just bought the new model of PS3 with AC3 bundled... don't get me wrong, I love dat thing, but damn....



Moshugan said:

Purely hardware wise, I'm so liking the PS4:

  • I'm very excited about the x86 architecture. Should give developers plenty flexibility and aid multiplatform ports.
  • Being a powerhouse always helps, the graphics and framerates on many PS3 games are abysmal. It will be expensive, though.
  • I like Dual Shock 4. It's a great idea to have the Move sensor on the main gamepad. I'm not sure if the touchpad will be good for anything. It's kind of ridiculous that they put the speaker on it, LOL.
    (Nintendo should also have a Pro Pro Controller which would have motion sensors and the Wiimote IR camera.)

So how can Nintendo compete with Wii U? Time will tell. As someone said, it is always in the retrospect that we love our Nintendo consoles. I'm sure I will have many a great times with my Wii U, and by next holiday it will have a lot of appeal, but this might be the first time I'll buy another console for titles not available on Nintendo. But I'm pretty I'm not buying an American console.



ArcanaXVI said:

I started watching the PS4 announcement with low expectations, so it's not too surprising that Sony managed to impress me. That said, I, personally, have yet to be fully convinced that the PS4 will be a worthy buy. Doubtless thousands (if not millions) of people disagree with me, drawn by the promise of shinier graphics or sheer PlayStation devotion, perhaps both. Nintendo will have their work cut out for them, trying to convince potential buyers that their innovation is worth more than the PS4's graphical prowess, especially now that the DualShock 4 seems to be pulling a "me too!" with its touchpad and motion-sensing setup.



Nintend0ro said:

I have Wii U and will most certainly get PS4. Wii U will only serve as a secondary console (mainly for it's exclusives). Nintendo did not create machine that would be real "next gen system", so PS4 will do the job as primary one.



RikuzeYre said:

Im thinking you'll be eating those words of yours in a couple years Dark Angel

Lopezdm let me just show you the wonderful work some indies have been doing on the Wii U



Exile20 said:

Cost of the PS4 is going to be a big factor tho
$400 - I think Nintendo is in trouble
$450 - They have a chance
$500 - Definately chances are good
$550+ - Nintendo will be sitting good
and if there is a paywall then Nintendo will be a great force.



Ryno said:

Always interesting to see what the other guy is doing but quite frankly I have other hobbies besides playing video games all day, every day.



Rapadash6 said:

Sony goes all in on developing the ultamate portable games machine, puts it on the shelf at a fair price for what you're getting, and it just sits there.

Now, Sony goes all in on developing the ultamate console, will put it on the shelf for what I'm sure will be a fair price for what you'll be getting, and expects it to save the stagnating video games industry.

Am I the only one that sees the failure in this model? Someone once said the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing many times, but expecting different results. The Wii U is sitting on shelves right now, not because of it's conservative specs, or lack of hardcore IP, but because the industry we once knew has changed dramatically in the last 4 years or so. For Sony to step in and more or less do what Nintendon't isn't a solution to the real problems facing hardware manufacturers today. We have a slowly sinking economy, increasing unemployment rate, and dollar values that have plunged significantly. The incremental model that has worked for games makers in the past conflicts with the changes in our economic environment. People have less disposable income to spend on luxuries like video games, so to release more expensive hardware and software in the face of such financial errosion is incredibly short sighted.

Nintendo may be able to bring the Wii U back from the dead with a price cut on BOTH hardware and software, as well as a sprinkling of quality first party titles here and there, but it will never find the success the Wii has. It may even be ambitious to hope it'll beat the Gamecube, sad to say. Sony, on the other hand, hasn't learned anything from even their most recent mistakes. This gung ho attitude towards console design, just because it's what a very zealous minority (as well as norrow minded developers) demands, is only going to hurt the games industry further, and push more and more people to the MUCH cheaper options out there.



Sonicman said:

I like Sony, but this isn't very innovative, the Wii U wins this battle hands down.



renaryuugufan92 said:

I can tell this generation I will have a Wii U this year once the ZombiU bundle hits shelves, and a PS4 by the end of 2014~

personally only Nintendo and Sony are interesting to me so far this gen ((the 8th generation), Microsoft throws up alot of ehs for me, due to my experience with the 360, which i just sold~ again, personal opinion/experience~



DePapier said:

I guess all has already been said. There isn't much to discuss until pricing is disclosed.



timp29 said:

When PS4 comes out it will be expensive.

Now, it looks like most 3rd party games will be available on all consoles.

So, if the WiiU has a price drop before around the time of the other console releases, parents are going to pick it over the competitors.

The WiiU will not have the success of the Wii, but it isn't dead in the water, people are still reeling from Christmas credit card debt and I think sales will gradually pick up through the year (a few new titles would help sell the system too - I'm looking at you monster hunter)



Senate_Guard said:

So the PS4 is the same system Sony's had for over a decade, but with "b3tt3r grafix", more social crud that gamers really don't need, and random bits attached to the controller?

With Nintendo there's a definate evolution from GC to Wii U. People complain about all Nintendo IP games being the same; but with Sony, what about the freaking console itself? The controller?



gazamataz said:

nintendo have absolutely done the right thing going for less power.if they had come out with a power house console they would have sold a few million extra consoles to all the tech heads,but they would have lost 40 million sales from families who would'nt pay for it.nintendo make toy's for kid's and awesome games then try to cater to and mircosoft do the opposite.



gazamataz said:

i'm projecting over the course of the consoles life span are right it is a bit wide of the mark at the minute:)



blackknight77 said:

E3 will help me decide what next console to get. The Wii U needs a better library and better VC service. While the PS4 did not impress me much. I hope Sony has more to show at E3 because last night's show looked pretty average.



Reala said:

well that would make it twice as popular as GC at the end of its cycle, at least I think so anyway, in a 5 year period or so I think that might be do-able, don't expect PS4 or nextbox to fare much better mind you.



Discostew said:

I'd be lying if I said the visuals didn't look good for the PS4, but honestly, nothing in the conference had me screaming "wow", and I fear the price is going to be high for the tech and fluff they put into it.



1wiierdguy said:

Wasn't too impressed with what Sony showed so far. All that streaming of games, downloads and updates is going to mean latency, even on decent Internet speeds. No backwards compatability for disc or digital Ps3 purchases, or the Dualshock 3 for that matter. Looking past all PR fluff I saw a prettier Killzone, tech demos and Ps4 versions of current gen games.



AlexSora89 said:

If I were to crack a cynicist joke, I'd say Sony's innovation boils down to awesome graphics, hefty price tags for consoles, and blood 'n' guns 'n' Kratos onscreen. Oh wait, I just did >_<

Anyway, the companies behind the two above-mentioned golden age PS franchises, Crash Bandicoot (Naughty Dog) and Spyro (Insomniac Games), shifted their focus towards darker games for the PS2 (Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank) and did the same with the PS3 (Uncharted, Resistance), so I think it's safe to say that the two most relevant second-party developers for Sony count as valid examples to sum up PS titles with, nowadays. Just compare a group shot of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl roster with one showing the combatants of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. The realistic human characters outnumber the cartoony ones in the latter, which I think is kinda representative of Sony's usual fare when it comes to the actual games themselves. Heck, just think of the current most prominent PS franchise, God Of War. Couple that with Resistance and what you get is my vision of most of the PS3's library.

Now I know that's stretching it too much or even being kind of ignorant on my part, especially given how I don't even own a PS3 myself (all the "current Sony stuff" I own is a PSP, and barely anything - save for Daxter, Ratchet And Clank Size Matters, and Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier - is first/second party, the main reasons I even own a PSP are the downloadable Crash and Spyro classics [made portable with the PSP, natch], and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep), but as a mere "outsider", I think that may suffice to sum up the console's output as a whole. That said with all due respect to LittleBigPlanet, so, sorry to anyone pointing out my admitted ignorance.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

The Wii U will survive. Nintendo can manage itself, but what I expect is if Nintendo releases more games, team up with developers, and add more features, then it will be a blast to be a Wii U owner. And about that PS4, might not get it until they release more info(What the system looks like and feature videos, etc;) But right now, I am happy to just be a plain Nintendo fan



hamispink said:

The PS4 is definitely looking good, but not incredible, which is to expected considering this is the first reveal with the console not coming out for 9 months. The main draw for me with the PS4 announcements (besides all the Sony 1st party games, they announced that all 12 of their studios are working on PS4) is the convenience. They claimed that you can start playing downloads instantly, and you can put games into save states, which is rad. I'm getting one, now I'm just curious to see how Microsoft will react to the PS4.



KnightRider666 said:

I really hate to say this, but ever since the N64, Nintendo has FAILED to dominate the home console market. They always seem to be one step below the competition in terms of raw power. They will always appeal to a limited audience, nothing more or less. However, they will ALWAYS dominate and destroy any competition in the handheld market; and they've done it since the original Game Boy. I will always cherish my 3DSXL and all my Nintendo handhelds!



Sir_Deadly said:

@rjejr hmm, i dont hate Sony but I dont see how a console can "win" anything since all consoles are totally different. And Wii U can already basically do everything that Sony is doing.



AhabSpampurse said:

The price will be massive. At the end of the day it all comes down to the games. I own a PS3 and a 360 with a 70,000 gamerscore thats been collecting dust for a year because I'm tired of the Killzones, CODs, Halo's and Gear of Wars, its just a formula that gets repeated endlessly with sequels that just keep getting bigger and bigger that do little to further the core gameplay; I can't help but feel that with spiraling production costs the whole thing is going to implode.

You could argue Nintendo have been doing their repetitive formula forever, but I personally find the simplicity of their products more appealing. The prospects of Nintendo's future Wii U releases, even the ones that haven't even been announced have me more excited than the stuff on show last night. Graphically they're admittedly gorgeous, but they just don't interest me in the slightest.



Sir_Deadly said:

Dont forget people, devs havent fully utilized the Wii U just yet!!! Graphics probably will be better then what we have seen so far on the Wii U!!! So lets not compare a 3 month old console to one that hasnt even released yet (btw i think it is a mistake for them to release the PS4 this early)! And also, I am starting to look at new game ideas as well as innovation as next gen and at that conference I saw nothing new from Sony or those developers. Those of you who are fixed on graphical power as next gen alone, its a shame you call yourselves real gamers!



carlocunanan said:

For me I never enjoy having competition fail (will result in lazy games) but I always like enjoying seeing Nintendo on top...



BakaKnight said:

No doubt sony and Nintendo approches are on different planets XD

Sony presentation was all about hardware specifications, while Nintendo always based its presentations on the gameplay.

Honestly, as it happened with Wii and PS3, it's clear how big the differences are, not just between consoles, but in the core of the companies style, so I doubt we can talk of "challange".

Can't wait to see how things will evolve and the big battle at the next E3 XD
Of course I will be between those cheering for our dear Nintendo



SparkOfSpirit said:

Sony didn't really show anything outside of up-ports and franchises that people don't buy systems for.

Unless people think power is the reason people buy game systems. Which has already been proven many times to not be a realistic scenario outside of a small pocket of fanboys.



JettiBlue said:

There's no way it will release around the price point of Wii U Deluxe pack. You have to take into account that the 8GB of RAM are GDDR5-RAM which is very expensive. I'm betting on 450 bucks at the least.

And also, I dont see this as the same Wii / PS3 head to head. Wii U I believe is stronger in comparison as the Wii was.



teus said:

The only thing confirmed long ago was that they are not going to repeat the same mistake they made when the ps3 was released.. The price is already rumored to be cheaper than what the ps3 was originally sold at



Gamesake said:

There is no concrete reason to buy a PS4 at this time. But Nintendo could give us some more reasons to buy a Wii U right now too. They need to get more games out there that show off what the Wii U can do. (Yes, I'm aware it's only been out for 3 months and I'll have to be patient.)



orocket333 said:

@Peach64 I think its a bit more complicated than that, while gddr5 is generally used for vram, the 8gb of gddr5 will probobly be shared between gpu and cpu. that said, gddr5 is very expensive. I could be totally wrong on this though as I'm not exactly a ram expert.



AbeVigoda said:

The only thing I liked about the PS4 presser was that the system appears to primarily focus on games. If the rumors about the new Xbox are true (that it forces kinect usage and will be a media player/DVR/etc...) I will likely buy my first PS system since PS2.



Mariomast3r said:

I truly believe the only reason the wii u is suffering in sales is due to our economy. I purchased a wii u and i won't be purchasing the new xbox or the ps4. The reason being that nintendo always has great first party titles and if i wanna play new releases it has those also like Injustice and so forth. I strongly believe that most consumers will not spend $500 dollars on a new system. Instead they'll go for the cheaper more family friendly console the Wii U



SuperMinusWorld said:

Frankly, I was practically blown away by the PS4 last night. The graphics I couldn't care less about. However, the sheer amount of third party support and the features of this system astounded me. Knack really impressed me, Driveclub impressed me, and Deep Down impressed me. The connectivity and spectating mode of the system impressed me.

It looks like Sony has finally brought out the juggernaut we've heard rumblings about for at least 2 years now, and it is big. And it is big. Hope isn't lost though.

Nintendo has been around for years in the gaming business, longer than either Microsoft or Sony. They've been through the motions of many console wars and I'm confident in their ability to gain support and breathe life into their consoles with their own fantastic games. A lot of the features like spectating could very well be seen in future software updates and I am not intimidated. However, I do hope Nintendo sees what Sony is bringing out here, analyzes it, expects the same or worse from Microsoft, and brings their A-game as well. I can't wait for E3 for all the cards to be set onto the table.

Let me see some co op 3D Mario!



Galactus said:

Great article. I am very excited to see how this generation plays out. I wouldn't be surprised if X-Box comes in last this time around.



Rafie said:

No one won the next "console war" yet, so Nintendo fanboys stop saying that Wii U wins this hands down. Also Sony more than likely held back a few more things about the PS4 so that they have something to show at E3. Obviously there will be more to show graphics wise and games. I can't take fanboys seriously sometimes when they negate everything else, but their own console. I mean every console have their fans. I'm a fan of all of them. I have a Wii U and I'm almost positive that we have yet to see anything the Wii U can actually do. It's still in its infancy right now. PS4 has just been announced we can't really speculate what IT can really do. However, we do know that it will be extremely powerful.

Bottom line is.....however you put it, Sony is definitely a threat to Nintendo. Talk about the Vita all you want, but its still an innovative machine. Also the PS3 is doing quite well. Of course PS4 is going to be a threat to the Wii U and vice versa. Not to mention the Xbox 720. All I'm saying is keep an open mind about how things will play out. We have ALL of 2013 to see what will happen!



Void said:

I was slightly impressed by it, but I'll have to see some first party titles that I'm interested in before I buy one.



Lalivero said:

@Rafie They're not threats at this point, merely competition for each other(and we won't know for a few years how things will play out). The PS3 has done well this past generation, so has the Wii and 360. Now the PS2...that just crushed competition like a grape; that was a threat.

The Vita can also be as innovative as ever but that means diddly squat if they are going to keep ignoring it game-wise. This isn't a bash either; I've been interested in a Vita for quite a while now because it has HUGE potential but until they act like they want to build up it's library I'll have to sit that money aside for something else. It doesn't help that they aren't trying to give it it's own identity either.



Mahe said:

The PlayStation 4 is completely irrelevant. What Wii U needs are good games, and if it has them, it will succeed regardless of the competion.



Tate24 said:

I wasn't to impressed with ps4 meeting to behonest. Not because am Nintendo fanboy! Just because i didn't see anything that made my jaw drop! Kill zone look just like ps3 game nothing to special there! Though the New ip that uibsoft made looked lovely but still nothing amazing as ive see PC games just as beautiful. Just wasn't that impressed. And amount times hear sumone say PS4 was insane!



Rafie said:

@Chriiis I agree for the most part. When I said "threat" I meant it from every avenue. As Sony or Microsoft would be to Nintendo and vice versa. Anyone that can potentially steal something from another's market is considered a threat. PS2 wasn't even a threat anymore. It was just the king of the consoles of that time. LOL I think this will be a fun competition instead of a complete blowout. I will say this, I think the Wii U will still be the "funnest" console out of the other 2. That's why Nintendo excels and always has. It's not about the hardware really (well kind of...), it's about the fun factor. In that aspect, Nintendo will win there. Hands down.

I hope Sony does put some focus on the games for Vita. That would be a waste for Sony to ignore that.

The Wii U will have more games. I don't understand why Nintendo Life focuses on the negative stuff sometimes. It's a new console. Watch when E3 comes...the guns are coming out!!! We'll start seeing what the Wii U can really do.



jpfan1989 said:

At this point I've stopped caring about home consoles, I work long hours so i dont have time for large scale games anymore and even if i did have time I wouldn't be spending my paycheck on $400 consoles, not in this economy long and Im not paying $60 or $50 for a game that I will play through once and get $5 for when I try to trade it in.



gazamataz said:

@Chriiis i have a vita and it is fantastic.the games i've played are excellent and the battery life is not at all bad.the main reason sony handhelds have struggled against nintendo one is practicality.the clam shell design of the ds is so good and the more robust design makes it so much easier to carry around and use without fear of dropping it.the vita design makes you scared the leave the house with it and if your playing games at home you might as well play something hooked up to your tv.all sony have to do fit a sturdy case that you can snap shut and bob's your uncle fannies your aunt it would sell really well..



Lalivero said:

@Ragie I see what you mean, I just look at a threat as something more along the lines of 'has the potential to kill', which didn't really happen last gen and I don't see it happening this gen. That's why I was using the PS2 as an example, that just swept the damn floor. XD

Another thing you pointed out that I don't get is why everyone's always about the whole 'solely the games' when it goes both ways. True, games matter a lot but at the same time power helps in what the thing is really capable of, experience wise. Another big thing is the price point.

I think that's one of the things that's made me grow fond of Nintendo, they try to balance it out. They tend to use slightly dated tech to 'beef things up a bit' at a more affordable price. Aside from the games, which I think are on the expensive side a bit, I think the Wii U console itself is a steal for what the thing should be capable of(as of now).

@gazamataz Yes, it has some good titles out now, but overall you have to admit that their focus towards games is pretty cruddy. It' would also be nice if they gave it more of its own identity instead of a mini PS3. That's what I'm hoping they will head soon enough, I may just pick one up in that case.

I really doubt the design is as much of a bother as you're making it out to be. In all honestly, I love the rounded edges and design overall of the Vita over the 3DS. The 3DS just makes me feel like it was made for robots instead of people, with the boxiness(if that's even a word). If it was the case you're making it out as, iPhones and much more expensive tech wouldn't be selling like the hotcakes they are; The Vita does have protective cases you can buy too.

My only real complaint is that the analogs are what makes the thing an annoyance to carry around if you want it in your pocket; Have to watch out for those things since they stick out!



WaveBoy said:

Thanks god for NIntendo, because if Sony and MS just ran the show
i would of quit modern gaming all together, most likely during the PS2/XBOX era. This PS4 isn't a game changer, it's going to offer MORE PS3 experiences with a a new lick of NextGen paint. The Move & Eyetoy are 'PS3' peripherals which were already capable of offering those very same experiences as shown in the presentation concerning the String puppets playing instruments and Virtual eye toy painting, MINUS the next gen graphics. People were to dazzled by the visuals forgetting that this could of been done on the PS3 minus the 'prettier' visuals.

The orbis rumors were insanely innovative and what we got was a boring
typical leap in 'amazing'(btw) next gen graphics with Sony releasing yet another Funkin' dual shock controller. The company just CAN'T seem to evolve. DEPRESSING! Here's hoping XBOX does something exciting, be it Kinect 2, whatever. I will not be getting a PS2 and Wii most likely just be Wii U only for this gen as expected.

Prettier visuals won't win me over. They never did on the PS3, i was bored 90% of the time playing it. It's all about the games + Innovation for me at this point. The PS3 never had it, and neither will the PS4. The Wii U game pad is more innovative for crying out loud. But i have a feeling Microsoft will unleash the guns and do something crazy....Maybe i shouldn't get my hopes

And as expected, there are zero titles announced that interest me aside from maybe 'Deep Down' but i'm not jumping out of my seat over a traditionally controlled 3rd person 'whatever the hell it is' PS3 experience, but with breath taking graphics. By the time the PS5 hits the difference between graphics vs reality will most likely hit a mute point, and by then SONY will still realease yet ANOTHER dualshock 5, more apps, improved online, Cloud 2(durp) 4k resolution and absolutely dick all in terms of innovation and changing the way we play games. Remaining stagnent in the industry by just improving graphics?....Aint for me.



Emaan said:

Interesting to see that this holiday will mark the generation leap completely. With not only the Wii U, but the PS4 and most likely the next Xbox competing all at once. As far as Nintendo handling the upcoming competition with its rivals, I would say the Wii U is unique enough to hold its own.

While the PS4 is more powerful, the Wii U has a concept that no other console currently has. Not to mention, with Nintendo's franchises, there's a lot of value in getting the Wii U for the sake of the games to come.

I'm personally not interested in the PS4. It doesn't seem to innovate anything. I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of both my PS2 and PS3, but I just don't seem intrigued by this successor. Of course, I also don't really have the money to support any more than a handheld and a home console.

I think I'll be set with my Wii U and 3DS.



AbeVigoda said:


Sell your games on ebay or Craigslist, you get way more $$$. In fact, I just sold my copy of Fire Emblem on Ebay today and it went for $56



Tsuchiya said:

Surely with Sony and the PS4, its biggest rival is the PS3 not Nintendo or Microsoft.



MadJay1664 said:

I wanna hear what Nintendo has to say about the PS4! Or at least how they are gonna compensate for what PS4 has to offer. Obviously they will because it's the nature of competition to get 1up



AceTrainerAndy said:

I laughed when they said: "Sony is about innovation". Anyways, I think Nintendo has a plan. I bet you I can predict it. I think around September 2013 Nintendo will have a price drop for both models of the Wii-U. I think Microsoft will unveil its new console at E3 and and it will BLOW the PS4 out of the water. I don't think the 720 will be cheap because of the lack of 1st party games. I also think Live will become way more expensive. I think this is Sony's last console. So, back to Nintendo. Nintendo will have a price drop this September to compete with the other consoles. They will also release a new 3D Mario game and Mario Kart HD. I think heard a rumor that PS4 will be 429$ for basic package and 529$ for deluxe set. Every other rumor that person made was correct so I think it is safe to say that is correct too. Kids will flock to the Wii-u because it will be cheap and they want the new Mario games. 720/PS4 games will be around 80-100$ if I had to guess because of the magnitude of them. The PS4/720 will be marketed towards 18-25 year old men who will not be able to afford that upfront. I think Wii-U will be successful and the PS$ will fail, The 720 will be king though. That is my prediction, I could be wrong.



WaveBoy said:

At this Point I'm rooting for the XBOX 720, i want it to destroy the PS4 in terms of innovation. Sony is on my s*** list for once again releasing another Dual Shock controller and doing dick all to innovate.



FritzFrapp said:

PS3 is a worthwhile purchase, especially if the price drops further closer to PS4 launch. Not a huge amount of great games for it, so you don't have to spend too much there (PSN is definitely worth looking at), but it is a fantastic multimedia centre. I've got 2 of them. They're great for storing films and music.
PS4 is about as appealing as gonorrhoea at the moment. Wii U, on the other hand, is getting past the fumbling stage and is really starting to go for it.



Ryno said:

Well it's cheaper to play the Wii U (Don't have a Vita) on the pot so the Wii U will dominate this generation.



mookysam said:

I was very impressed by what Sony showed. The specs are great and they seem very focused with a clear vision. They've certainly upped their game compared to the PS3's troubled launch and will go into the next-gen fighting. I'm very interested in what their first party studios will do with the console given their excellent work on the PS3.

As for Nintendo, they need to bring their A game and improve their marketing (both very achievable), but I suspect the real challenge will be securing third party support in the long-term. Will their year-long head start have been wasted? E3 should be very interesting. It's an exciting time to be a gamer as good competition has a habit of forcing the best out of rival companies...



Rafie said:

@AceTrainerAndy I doubt Microsoft will "blow" Sony out of the water. I do think that Microsoft will add something different to the show. MS will counter Sony on some of the features they will have. Looking forward to that! Another thing is I can already tell that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will be neck and neck this time. Not just Sony versus Microsoft. It's pretty much neck and neck with the current consoles of Sony and Microsoft in terms of enjoyability all over. Nintendo really has stepped it up as far as innovation is concerned. Miiverse is better than damn Facebook and Twitter! Nintendo took that and integrated gaming with it. That was phenomenal! That's why they will stay in this race! The 720 hasn't come out yet, so you might want to reserve that claim of "king of consoles" until you can see what it can do.

@WaveBoy You just don't like Sony at all, do you? That's fine. Everyone doesn't like every console. Innovation is being throw around like a cheap whore on Biggums St. While I don't think Sony was innovative at all, I do enjoy the fact that they do have great games. Like it or not, Sony does have great games that has great visuals. I noticed you said that having great graphics wasn't really a deal breaker for you. Why did you purchase a Wii U then? I'm not trying to be sarcastic....I really want to know.



grimbldoo said:

If Nintendo fails, who will be the one to push forward innovatively? All Sony and Microsoft ever do is pick their nose on the sideline while they wait for Nintendo to release something groundbreaking so they can improve upon it. Sony may come out with better stuff at the start, but only because they rarely have to expirament.



odd69 said:

Im so buying the ps4, which does put a HUGE dent to MY money that WAS going to the WiiU.
I've had a ps3 for the better of 6 years and i guess it really was the system aimed for me.In the end i found sony to be the best for me personally. I will not forget about nintendo though, Ive bought the WiiU and games for it. But honestly, All the older PS3 games i couldnt afford at the time are starting to come down to 20$ and i pay and play the ps3 way more then my shiny new WiiU with the games all still 59-39 dollars.

Even the ps4 lineup makes the system worth buying day one.But i guess i will hold off the first year, lets just hope Nintendo picks up the pace.

Please nintendo, pick up the pace.



Tsuchiya said:

On one hand, we have supposed Kinect only gaming and forced installs while on the other hand, Cloud gaming and possible zero backwards compatibility. I like and (now, as of today) own all 3 systems but thank God we have Nintendo keeping gaming fairly simplistic.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

I find it funny that some people actually believe in all those romantic explanations of how a new console will help developers expand their creativity and possibilities and blah, blah, blah...It's always the same discourse, not only Sony, but also Microsoft and Nintendo. Most people just want good games to play, if you like Nintendo exclusives just buy a Wii U, if you like Sony exclusives or multiplatform games, you should buy a PS4 or the new Xbox. Or if you're like me, a videogames enthusiast, you should buy all the consoles available on the market and forget about all these pointless discussions about the future of a console, i really find it boring and counterproductive. If you can't afford buying all the consoles available, just buy the one you like most and that's it, problem solved.



zionich said:

Right now Nintendo is Nintendos biggest threat. I buy a Nintendo console for Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem (recently ). Mario is hit or miss, I personally don't care for Pokomon but I know people love it.

Nintendo needs to get it is their IP that sells there consoles. 3rd party games are generally an after thought because either a) people don't own another console and it would be nice to have them also or b) they are playing the 3rd party game on another console.

When the finally decide to go all in for the games that makes the Nintendo brand great, which they should have led with one, consumer and developer confidence will improve.

The sooner they do it, the sooner WiiU can take potential ps4 sales. In the end it always about the games.



gsnap said:

I wonder how much of that 8gigs goes to games. I'm sure a good chunk of it goes to the OS, especially since they're aiming for zero load times and all that jazz they mentioned. Which sounds, you know, impossible. If most of the RAM goes to the OS, then I can see the Wii U being able to keep up better than the Wii could. It'll never match the PS4 obviously, but I could see 3rd party games fitting nicely on both consoles. Engines are supposedly becoming more scalable, and if Watch Dogs on Wii U looks as good as the PS4 version, then who knows what could happen. Also, when I look at Monolith's new game, it does make me wonder what the Wii U is capable of compared to the PS4. Early footage of that game looked just as good (or better, in some parts) as Watch Dogs for the PS4. And they're both gonna be big games. Xenoblade was huge, so obviously X will be huge as well, maybe even bigger. It gives me plenty of hope for the future of the Wii U.

And it sounds like the PS4 has a lot of features that my internet isn't fast enough to utilize. Having my friend's game stream to me and I play it? That won't work with my internet. Playing a game the instant it starts downloading? That won't work with my internet either. No backwards compatibility outside of Gaikai? Well then no BC for me at all. I tried Onlive, and it didn't work, so I don't expect half of this stuff to work for me either.



hamispink said:

To people saying that PS4/Xbox games are the same old shooters over and over again, that's just silly. Besides the fact that nearly every third party games comes to both their systems, they also make first party games with a lot of variety. If you don't want to play shooters on the consoles, then don't buy the shooters. Buy a game from any of the other genres, because they are all present and supported.



SmallFryUnify said:

I think realistically the Wii U will look underpowered on a purely graphical sense, however like many have already said the graphics will be good enough to please Wii U owners and hopefully developers graphic engines are scalable to port to the Wii U as well.

I've been having an interesting discussion with my brother about the PS4 and next Xbox and one thing I haven't really seen much people consider or mention is this. Remember Microsoft offered the Xbox360 for £99 on a subscription plan. Can't remember how much the plan was but it's not really the point, what if Sony or Microsoft release their more powerful consoles, that would normally cost say £400-£500 in the UK or something like $500-$600 in the US, but offered them around half that price but on a years subscription. Maybe even cheaper on a 2 year plan, much in the same way you can get a new iPhone or iPad?

I don't think either company wants to go through another generation of consoles losing money on hardware so this would give them a good option to appeal to the lower incomes or lack of available funds to use up front. They sell a PS4 for £200 in the UK but with a 2 year subscription to Playstation World or whatever they call it, costing say £19.99 a month. This is just random figures so don't put too much thought into the numbers, it's more just for an idea of we meant.

The benefit Nintendo has is that I genuinely believe that both PS4 and Xbox720 will sell just as slowly as the Wii U has to begin and will slowly pick up. There's every chance all next gen consoles could beat the previous generations hardware sales, but only if they make viable options to get the hardware at accessible prices and then offer services where people can pay a yearly fee but with free games like Playstation Plus to help subsidise those cheap prices. Nintendo also has the benefit of being able to knock the price of the Wii U right down and include bundles if needed to undercut any price of the new consoles and therefore offer some real inventive and value over their competition, especially if they have some heavy hitters along with 3rd party games like Watch Dogs etc.

By the way just out of curiosity, because I honestly think it sounds like another superfluos service on the PS4, do people really think that uploading videos to YouTube is a selling point and is it really that appealing? I'm not asking in a sarcastic way either, I'm just baffled because I think Miiverse despite being maybe technically inferior in that it doesn't have videos, is so much better and useful, it's the problem with PS4 in some ways. I guess I can liken it to watching the PS4 presentation where it just seemed like a bunch of suits spouting off stuff about sniffing a car, wtf was that about, then I watch Iwata and Miyamoto wearing Luigi hats and fooling around with a vaccum cleaner and I think they are the total embodiment of fun. It makes me happy I've got my Wii U and think they will always be fine as long as they have that fundamental trait.



SPEtheridge said:

If PS4 comes in at the rumored £300/£350 then Wii U may suffer big time, but hopefully if Sony do announce a price like that Nintendo will lower its price to something a little more sensible like £200 or a £250 bundle pack with Mario Kart or whatever the big holiday release is at the time, at the moment though Wii U needs games and its such a shame that Nintendo didn't have any big games ready to ship for the first year (Yes Pikmin is great but no system seller) which is a massive oversight, they could have used this one year head start, but the lack of games is killing sales.



SmallFryUnify said:

I think what some people are also forgetting is that here in the UK for instance, the Deluxe ZombiU bundle for instance was sold at £350 at some retailers even though I managed to get it for £300 at Zavvi.

What was even more annoying is due to stupid UK pricing with Nintendo, the exchange rate should have put the console at £230 and even after tax at £275, yet retailers bumped it right up for profit. It's now had slow sales and they are lowering it back to what it should have been from the start.

So lets say it's already at around £275 to match US price and that's with UK 20% tax, it's also with a game, extra bits and bobs including the Pro Controller, there's a very good chance they could reduce the price down to £199.99 with a game by the launch of PS4 or Xbox720.

If Sony or MS did do a subsidised price with a monthly/yearly subscription and they sold for £200, the Wii U is still going to look like a pretty sweet deal when it's got more games, a game with that console bundle, refined user interface from what it's currently at along with the intuitive touchscreen which will be a bigger selling point to families than a hardcore controller.

I'm pretty sure the Wii U will be looking pretty strong by the time either of the new consoles launch, because I can't honestly see either Sony or MS offering much to beat it at launch.



JayceJa said:

loving the cloud functions described for it, but pushing graphics to pc level is going to jack up the price and lack of backwards compatibility is a BIG issue

so as usual, its going to rely on exclusives from big name third party developers to compete



XCWarrior said:

PS4 and Durango are going to cost $600 min. I agree with another commenter that they could bundle PS4 and Vita for $800-$850, but it's still going to be almost three times as expensive to get the same off-screen capabilities of Wii U.

By the time PS4/Durango release, Wii U is going to have a lot more games out as well. Nintendo is going to be fine. The bigger question is, which survives - PS4 or Durango? The next generation can't handle 3 systems anymore - we don't have enough gamers to go around for the same basic experience on all.

No yearly cost for online gaming could be Nintendo's key feature to win gamers back, when PS4 online will probably be by subscription basis only.



Trikeboy said:

As an owner of the PS3 and Wii U, I saw no reason to buy the PS4. I saw generic fps games, driving games that showed nothing and multi platform games. Games like Watch Dogs and Destiny will be coming to to PS3 and Wii U anyway. Your option is buying a £50 game or spending £100s on a new console then an additional £50 for the game. The only game that I saw that I would pick up exclusive to the PS4 is The Witness but I'm not shelling out just to play that.

The PS4 is powerful and it is capable of some great things, like that tech demo for Deep Down and the old man, but I wasn't convinced to pick one up at launch. Besides, there will most likely be a slim version after a year. I might pick that one up. Sony have to do a great E3 to convince me but I'm sure we will get a bunch of same looking fps titles, racing games and button bashers.



WingedSnagret said:

Boy, it looks like all the fancy power of the PS4 will be its liability, not asset. Considering that the price will have to be jacked up due to all the bells and whistles, and that most people are looking to save money nowadays, the prospects for the system don't look too bright.



pntjr said:

I need to see more of the PS4 before I make my final judgement. All we saw was games and the new controller.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I also question how they'll pull off graphics on television sets. I mean, is there even an option to go beyond 1080p or 1080i? If that's not possible without upgrading to some new TV set, I'm pretty sure that would put dampers on buying this system.



Trikeboy said:

@UnseatingKDawg It can display up to 4K graphics when not in game. The cheapest TV that supports that is over $5000 and most are well over $10,000 and even $20,000. I don't see a huge market for that right now. Games are at 1080.



WaveBoy said:

I think I'm going stop reading into all of this silly doom & gloom crap(3DS Dejavu' anyone? Now it's doing amazing) or continue adding to the " future for all 3 consoles. It just seems like a waste, and it's also just going to create a nice dent of negativity to look back on when i COULD be spending this time actually having fun and playing the games i want.

I was a big sony Fan during the PS1 days believe it or not. I traded my saturn in and got a PS1 during launch, and overall I probably played about 80 games on the bloody thing during it's life span. When it came out, it was unique, it felt like a next gen console and the fist wave/first year of titles were pretty great! Rayman, Tomba!, Jumping Flash!, Resident Evil, Mega Man X4 ect ect. I loved that they introduced 'next gen' 32-bit sprite based gaming, which the N64 completely lacked.

But anyways, I buy nintendo
consoles because i love nintendo games. that's all there is to it, along with the fact that they ARE the company that leads the way in innovation and change the way how WE interact with games. BUt yup, i'm done. I've got a date with my Wii VC, ta ta. Smoochie*



SPEtheridge said:

Yeah but higher detail texture mapping and improved lighting and animation will look better no matter the resolution, all the PS4 trailers ran in 1080p, think of Dreamcast and GameCube they both ran at 640x480 but GameCube still looked better due to its hardware same case here.



FineLerv said:

Worry not about the state of your console - Just play the games and enjoy the experience. Let Nintendo worry about sales prices while you get back to having fun with your system.

And, for the love of Grodd, buy the games. The WiiU has almost a dozen games rated above 80% on GameRankings, so, unless you've experienced them all, there should be something left for you to play.



brooks83 said:

On one hand, streaming the old games will be better because there won't be any emulation problems. On the other hand, if you don't have a fast enough connection, they will be unplayable.



Trikeboy said:

@brooks83 Are you talking about the PS4? Old games won't work on it and neither will Playstation Network titles. It has a different architecture.



hYdeks said:

from what I seen from both companies offerings, I can see Wii U being a big sell, and PS4 as well, but for some reason I think Xbox will miss out this holiday 2013. I have hope for Nintendo and Sony, but not for Microsoft at this point, I hate to say it, but there along the lines of SEGA at this point.



Adam said:

Gameplay-wise, I don't see what the PS4 brings to the table that's new. The social stuff, ok, sure, it's neat, not a system seller. The graphics and processing power are handy but I would prefer a cheaper system to a powerful system. So as far as I'm concerned PS4 adds some kind of streaming (which would be cool for demos), and input features that are already done better on other systems.

I have at one point owned a PS3 and sometimes regret selling it a tiny bit, so I am not anti-Playstation by any means. I just don't see any cause for excitement as a user or any cause for concern for Nintendo.



hamispink said:

@XCWarrior There is NO way that the PS4 or next Xbox will cost $600. The only reason the ps3 cost that much was because of the bluray player. I wouldn't be completely surprised of they came in at $500, but it's much more likely that there will be at least one SKU for each console available for $400. The components aren't THAT great, and they are all mass produced/stock pc parts which = cheap.



ritsuka666 said:

Sony and Microsoft don't control Nintendo's future. Nintendo controls Nintendo's future, so they should start by announcing huge games at E3 if they want to turn this Wii U situation around.



SpaceApe said:

I just don't understand what Nintendo has good going for the console right now. The console is underselling, it lacks big games and it doesn't seem there will be any big game for Nintendo to promote for people to go out and buy a Wii U anytime soon. Yet people insist Nintendo will be fine.

I don't hate Nintendo at all. I own a Wii U. I even went out and bough a portable hard drive for downloads and so far I haven't downloaded a single game because most of the games are old pc ports and are overpriced. That is really disappointing.

Unless Nintendo has some secret plan they have yet to reveal to Wii U owners then unfortunately Sony and Microsoft is going to wipe the floor with the Wii U in 2013. I wish you luck Nintendo I really do but it would seem you botched this one up big time.



BabyLogey said:

I have that feeling, that they'll price it to something as ridiculous as $500, because that's what happened with the PS3, and the made PS2 games until 2011 because the PS3 sales were so low, I'm not really a Sony person, I'm a Nintendo guy, so the next home console I want is the Wii U.



banacheck said:

herzausstein It won't support 4K

It's already been confirmed the PS4 supports 4K, which is not a big deal really unless your rich.

This alone kills the Wii U (8GB GDDR5 Memory), if the PS4 sells at £300 the Wii U is in trouble. And much like we are seeing now some of the PS4/720 games, is to powerful for the Wii U and no one wants a dumb down version. Like Watch Dogs we be on the Wii U compared to the PS4, and the price of the PS4 will be 100% cheaper than the PS3. the Wii U is in trouble unless your a fanboy, it makes me wonder if my investment in the Wii U might be pointless. i want games not just the Wii U hardware, which the PS4 will bring plenty of...



Eien1239 said:

@SpaceApe Just because destiny is a new ip doesn't it's gonna be good. it haves good art direction but I haven't seem anything.



Davidiam007 said:

@Lopezdm actually a lot of developers say the same praise about the wii u. I think it has to do more with deeper pockets. Rayman developers, criterion, gearbox and crap load of other developers. Wii u had its on developer trailer just like ps3. And nintendo does go and ask the developers. They have articles about it.



brooks83 said:

@Trikeboy -
No, they mentioned you will be able to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games onto the PS4 rather than play them natively or through emulation.



Davidiam007 said:

@banacheck you know developers are finding out a lot what they can do with the wii u and that it can render pc quality texture and advance lighting. Ps3 claim to have bells and whistles before it came out then the truth came out and developers were having a hard time figuring out its archicture. I have a feeling it's the same crap again. Cause sony seems to do that.



Davidiam007 said:

@SpaceApe no they didn't. They're prices are great and not all are ports. I'm not sure when you started gaming but EVERY console launch is slow and so will the ps4 which nintendo will have some big boys before then.



deejrandom said:

Rambling thoughts at 1 AM:

I wasn't impressed with the PS4. Most of the features mentioned have been on PCs for years - even my little two/three year old netbook that i am using right now. (running windows xp. I am so on the cutting edge!)

Yes, the visuals were purty. However, I've seen the visual thing touted time and time again - better visuals doesn't mean a better game. Think about it - there is one game that everyone seems to love on both the PC and 3DS called VVVVVV. It looks like it could've been developed on the Atari. However, the gameplay rocks and it is a fun game. I'm looking for gameplay, not graphics.

I don't like the fact that your PSN purchases don't transfer and there isn't physical backwards compatibility. One reason I loved my PS2 is because I could play my PS1 games on it. Unfortunately Sony doesn't do that anymore...

That being said - I believe Nintendo really has to get on the ball to stay competitive. They can do it, as seen with the 3DS, but it won't be easy. I don't know what Nintendo can do to bring their market share up - I know I plan on buying a Wii U soon (The ZombiU edition) but I want others to buy it, so games still come out for it. I loved my wii, but man it lacked 3rd party support. Nintendo has had a hard time courting third parties since the days of the N64.

Another competitor is one i don't see mentioned much on here. The Ouya is also launching next month. It is a 99 dollar console that is at that "impulse purchase" price. I have no idea if it'll do well or not, but it is there. Plus there are other 99 dollar android systems coming out...

PC gaming is really picking up steam, again, as well. The question is this: Can a person buy a similarly powerful PC for around the same price as the PS4? Since we don't know the price yet, I don't know. I do know I need to upgrade my own rig and I might as well do it this year. Nothing I've seen with the PS4 makes me want to hold off doing that to buy the console. The only two games I really waned to play in the PS4 presentation are WatchDogs and The Witness. I want to build a PC to play those.

I want a console that is like comfort food. I don't want to be blasted with ads and hip/edgy commentary and games that splatter blood all over the screen. With the economy the way it is and the world the way it is right now, I want games that take me way from what is happening. I guess that is why I play RPGs mostly... Sure I'm interested in games like Zombie U and Watch Dogs, but I want a system that my kids can sit down and play without me worrying about them. I don't see the PS4 or the nextbox ever being that way. That is what attracts me to Nintendo Systems. Sony and MS have tried to corner the market, but they can't. They are much too focused on the LOUD OBNOXIOUS EXPERIENCE. I just don't want that noise blasting all the time. I want a WII U because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Anyway... I know this is kind of rambling. To sum up: The PS4 is trying to hard. I'd rather have Mario and Cellda than "X Shooter: 2015 edition."



Spooky said:

If there is no true backwards compatibility then its a 'not buying' from me. I have a more then ample internet connection to support streaming but don't want to do this. I don't want two ugly Sony consoles sat under my telly.



DrSlump said:

@Davidiam007 : PC graphics quality, with only 1GB DDR3 ram avaible?? The same amount of memory, but GDDR5, is located in my radeon 5870, on the other side i have 6Gb ddr3 system ram. As you can see, my pc has less ram than the ps4.
I got a wii u and, unfortunately, i have to admit that the current situation is the same we had with wii, ps3 and xbox360. Both ps4 and xbox720 will have 4 times the power of a wii u, and any third party game developed for wii u will be a scaled down game from the competitors.



erv said:

Graphics, yahoo...

Nope. This is sony risking a LOT. This console will have to be sold at a loss, needs to rank in huge numbers, then barely returning the company to profitability.

I am quite curious how this will play out. Nintendo will make a profit on the wiiU soon, so they'll live. Sony is coming out guns blazing only to barely survive, with no terribly revolutionary concept or improvement, and more brown green and grey games. Sure, there'll be some good ones, but it will be limited.

I think the money talks in wiiU's favour, and the wiiU will sell more and more over time. Sony will face some trouble either way.



SneakyStyle said:

PS4: Oh yey 1000s more no name/brand games that nobody cares about with a few miracle lucky shot good games.

But that's bound to happen when you just constantly throw every title you can find in google onto the system.

I'm sticking with Nintendo, Quality over Quantity anyday. (Quality game play that is, I don't care about the graphics much, most of my fondest memories of games are ones with horrific graphics, it's all about the gameplay.)



Kage_88 said:

I was very impressed with Sony's event. I'm definitely excited for the PS4 - though I won't be getting one at launch.

The features of the console sound great - and are loaded with potential (though it remains to be seen if Sony follow-through with that potential). The Vita streaming in particular sounds really neat; it could really take away some of the appeal of the Wii U.

Games wise, Killzone looked great...but the gameplay looked depressingly familiar. I think Bungie's Destiny is much more creative and ambitious.

Knack looked really neat (though I hope it doesn't devolve into a generic beat 'em up), as did Media Molecule's sculpting demo.

Watch_Dogs looked really fun (though I'm wary of how the game will turn out - I've been burned by Ubisoft many times before), and inFamous 3 will hopefully turn out to be great (loved the previous games). The Witness looks wonderful too (though not exactly pushing the PS4's limits).

Like Killzone, Diablo III looked woefully archaic (THIS is the best of PC?), and David Cage spoke his usual drivel.

Despite my reservations, the PS4 looks to be an absolute beast. I actually believe it could have games that look BETTER than PC. Sceptical? Take a look at Uncharted and God of War - games running on PS3's near decade-old tech. Much like the Wii U - people are foolish in directly comparing the PS4's guts to PC. Consoles are different; they are gifted with a fixed hardware that allows maximum optimisation by developers. It'll be very interesting to see future Wii U graphics compared to future PS4/Durango graphics, not to mention the large, AI-intensive worlds and computing power.

Also, I'm really digging the PS4 controller. Sony made the right move in evolving the traditional (outdated?) DualShock/joypad design.

It's Microsoft's move now...



Ducutzu said:

These consoles are made with feedback from game developer studios.

As such, I am sure that Nintendo knew exactly, during Wii U's development, what the specifications of the other upcoming consoles were going to be.

Nintendo never intended to make a machine that would replace the PS4 or the next Xbox console.

Most game developers are probably going to stop simultaneously releasing games for both generations in 2015. So the Wii U is going to get some multiplatform games from the end of 2013, into 2014, and maybe at the start of 2015. After this, they will need to be again a niche that offers something entirely different than the other consoles.

Most likely, all this was part of Nintendo's plan.

I am curious about the 2013 holidays. There will be five different videogame machines available.

I expect that 2013 will be so-so for the Wii U. Then 2014 will be awesome. And I am really curious to see how 2015 will turn out.



Ichiban said:

PS4 is gonna be incredible, im pre-ordering next payday. I'm a gamer, not a fanboy!



AddDavey said:

The release date hasn't been announced yet, the only thing we're judging it off is the Watch_Dogs release of Fall 2013 which doesn't mean anything. Yes it's coming on day one, and yes it shown at the conference but that doesn't mean that's when the PS4 is released. Look at Wii U, that was announced a whole year before it was released, something that i'm expecting with the PS4.

Don't get me wrong, i'm looking forward to it, but I don't think it's a day one purchase for me.



Sun said:

Well, I have already expressed my opinion regarding this:

PS4 has much better technical capabilities than Wii U and is going to be released only one year after Wii U. I can see Xbox3 coming soon and Wii U struggling with its poor power. It doesn't look like Wii success will be repeated on Wii U.
Cerny said the platform is "by game creators for game creators" and that its architecture is "like a PC, but supercharged." PS4 uses the X86 CPU and has 8GB of memory and a local hard drive. It uses APU technology and GDDR5 memory, which is typically reserved for "top of the line, high end graphics cards."
PS4 has 8GB of super fast RAM memory when Wii U has 2GB and only 1GB for games. If you think of Xbox3 being similar than PS4, it's going to be tough for Wii U.
I own a Wii U and I won't be buying PS4 but this is the truth and we have to see it. I bought Wii U for Nintendo games but not everybody else is going to do the same.



Sun said:

@Tsuchiya To be honest most of the times is more objective than NL. I haven't found a better games website yet, but I think this article here is reasonable.

'Wii U poor power' are my words, you can change them for 'much less powerful Wii U' if you want. CPU is slow and it only features 2GB RAM and 1GB if for OS alone. Have you to sit down to face this simple fact?



Araknie said:

Not at all, there is only one interesting game and that's inFamous: Second Son, the others are real crap or really mainstream like Killzone and Driveclub.

Seriously, they are gonna use the PSVita to stream games from the PS4 (like having a Wii U Gamepad), that's gonna make only multiplatform ideas more easy to be in both consoles.

Plus it's not even that poweful, it's easy to do a sketch with black screen and only one face in ultra powerful textures, look at the Dino demo from PS1, they have shown lots of graphical effects, they can be dangerous to some people but nothing much in the textures, you can see at te rope from the next Killzone to tell that.

Games are gonna be like Far Cry 3 on PC on Ultra settings, nothing more.



RetrogamerFan said:

I think PS4 is going to be very expensive so it will be a risky veuture for Sony, but there are always people who want the best and most powerful console on the market. Personally i'd be surprised if it was much cheaper than the PS3 was at it's launch.
The lack of backwards compatibility means on top of buying the console, new games will be a necessity. It will probably struggle early on with the exact same issues that Wii U is having now, i.e. low attachment rates for games sales and a lack of momentum a few moths down the line, once all the early adopters have already got their hands on it. The economy is still not showing any strong signs of recovery, which won't help matters either.
Personally i expect the PS4 will succeed although a lot may depend on Microsoft's plans, both Sony & MS seem to offer very similar machines and go for the exact same part of the games market.
Just as the Wii was a success for Nintendo, in the last generation up against PS3 and Xbox 360, i expect the Wii U to succeed alongside the powerhouse Sony or Microsoft machines, due to the unique library of games, Nintendo first party titles and innovation in design.



WiiLovePeace said:

I think I'll be sticking with Nintendo for this gen, at least for the first few years until there are quite a large number of PS4 or Xbox720 exclusives I want to play.

Of course they can't show off all the PS4's games just yet but that's what is going to get me to buy a PS4, not all its technological potential. I can always buy a Nintendo console in the launch window, since I know Nintendo can/will deliver the games that most appeal to me. But as for the other two upcoming consoles, I'll take the 'wait & see' approach with them.



SmallFryUnify said:

I love how people spout of system specs as if that's the most important thing. It's going to help Sony and MS to have great specs because that's what they are all about, however I'm pretty confident Nintendo, even without coming close to those SUPER SPECS, will still have games that rank as some of the best this coming generation. In some ways the specs are irrelevant.

The Wii U does indeed have some similarities to Wii, however it's a completely different situation compared to previous gen.

First, it's not SD to HD. Of course the games will look superior on PS4/Xbox720, however it's certainly not going to look like such a gap as it did back then, some nicer textures, ai possibly, lighting and geometry. The Wii U will still look fantastic and I think a lot of gamers will be content, that's of course assuming the developers don't do lazy ports and make Wii U games run or look worse than PS3 or Xbox360.

Second, Nintendo has fixed a lot of issues that the Wii had, such as accessibility to indie developers. We're already seeing the benefits of this with a good showing of games on the eShop with lots more to come. It's only going to be a handful of big developers that can get the full benefits of the new super consoles and I don't think that's what indie devs are about, not the majority of them at least. It's about making games very cheap and being able to explore new ideas on a tiny budget. The Wii U has no issues here and is leagues ahead of the Wii's setup as proclaimed by many indies already.

Third, the Wii U does has robust online features now and just needs devs to support it. It's way better than the Wii's setup, in fact it's even got Miiverse, the Wii U's trump card. I personally think is a much better tool for gamers than both Facebook and Twitter and I personally do not agree that PS4's social features compare in any way. I'm actually surprised by how excited people seem to be about uploading YouTube videos, that to me IS a gimmick. Maybe I'm wrong and time will tell but right now Miiverse as a service offers so much more. Also from the screenshots of the PS4 dashboard, the chat system looks like some crappy web-chat setup, it's tacky as hell and I'll assume you've still got to type messages with the controller as default, something that feels and is so unintuitive after using the Wii U Gamepad. in fact the whole PS4 dashboard to me looks like some corporate webpage, it's horrible, I've never been a fan of Sony's dashboards. Wii's was a bit crap too and the Wii U would totally benefit from folders and some faster loading, but overall it's inoffensive and intuitive, most importantly it looks FUN.

All the issues from the Wii that potentially caused it problems are being addressed:

  • Better online support with Digital Downloads, DLC, Demo's, Miiverse
  • Standard disc format, as far as I'm aware it's just Blu-Ray discs
  • HD graphics, albeit less impressive but still HD
  • Standard controller options, albeit lacking analogue triggers
  • Indie support and already it seems more 3rd party support
  • Accessibility to develop on the platform, no physical office requirement

There's probably many more things that are improvements on the Wii but can't think right now, but even the ones alone put it in a totally different ball game when you had Wii competing against PS3 and Xbox360.

Nintendo's going to bring it's big games, some this year and some later on. there seems to be 3rd party support but maybe we just need to wait till E3 to get more ideas of how good it'll be. It's got a years head start, assuming Xbox720 doesn't surprise us all and release way earlier than expected. It's going to have price advantage by the time of PS4/Xbox720 release, along with game support from Nintendo alone, titles like WW HD, Mario Kart, Mario title and whatever else, systems sellers basically.

Back to my original train of thought though, stats in reality mean nothing, it's suit talk and shows how detached the really are from gamers. Talk about the fun, experiences and how you're going to make more enjoyable games. Adding more polygons pretties up the game and can add more sense of a cohesive world or whatever but that does not make a good game as we all saw many times in the past generation.

Show me the next Zelda or full on Mario with graphics better than PS3/Xbox360's best games, but also have their renowned experiences and quality and I think you'll struggle to have any PS4/Xbox720 games match them or make them more worthy of buying one machine over another.



GiftedGimp said:

People do know that to support all the streaming features, instant on functionality, Play while downloaded and all the other impressive features a certain amount of that extra power will be reserved and not available to games.
Sugestions are circulating that for games you will game 4 available cores and 4gigs of ram available for games.
It's also worth noting reports are saying the actual Processor runs at 1.6-1.9ghz and the Gpu is that a GPU not a GPGPU.
Also Sony have always built powerfull machines, however history has show they don't neccessarily put them together in the most effiecient many, look at the Ps3's bottleneck problems... it will be interesting to see if they learned from thier mistakes this time round.
While it seems be the most powerfull system (it said to be more powerfull than the reported Nextxbox's specs), there some things to take into consideration.
Backwards Compatibility via cloud streaming, and most the social online features will internet connection intensive. With variying qualities of peoples internet speeds, and quality online play as it is now can be troublesome for some, there's no way everyone will have the experience of the ps4's Social network features as Sony intends it. Also bear in mind if Your isp have a usage cap streaming games will seriously eat into that. Anyone whos tried OnLive will know both the the above points to be true.
Also Sony have yet to dispell the rumour that Used games will not work on thier system (something also said to the case on nextbox). I tend not to trade, unless the game is a bit poo, however many people to trade games regularly to get new releases or because they can't afford to buy new games.
The thing about this rumour is, its no secret developers/publishers want to get rid of the used game market, and It seems the companies the most negative towards WiiU are the most positive with Ps4/Nextbox are the likes of EA and Activision (amongst others). Remember it was EA who invented the Online Pass system, so it stands to reason they will be pushing consoles that don't support Used games more, under the guise of alternative reasoning.
Grahically, yes the WiiU will not be as strong as Ps4 or nextbox, but at the same time once developers start using the the Large Cache on Cpu, Making proper use of the super-short piplines and actually start programming to allow the GPGPU to do everything its ment to do and take the load off the Cpu, Graphically there wont be A massive difference, not like Wii vs Ps3/360, unless the Ps4 does do 4k rez, and you happen to have a 4k tv.
WiiU's touchpad, Nintendo ip's and a mixture of Real World application of the Ps4's features along with the used games issue (if the case) and no native backward compatabilty means the WiiU may end up in a much stronger position than people believe.
However Nintendo need to get some strong ip's released before christmas, that really use the WiiU's Architecture properly to show what games can really look like on the system, and then advertise the hell out the WiiU.



SmallFryUnify said:

By the way, I'd just like to clarify. At this point I have nothing particularly against the PS4, I just don't see it much of a threat to the Wii U like everyone else does.

Of course the graphics and it's technical capabilities are indeed impressive and there will be exclusives on there that will interest me. I'll maybe give the machine a year to settle in before jumping on board, when prices have dropped and there's a handful of games that I can't get on Wii U.

Other than that though the impressive tech stuff sin't enough for me, I want fun experiences and games. The Wii U is fulfilling most of that already, just needs more games. Stuff like slow user interface is blown way out of proportion, it's bearable and will hopefully get improved. Instant dashboard, albeit nice and all, isn't a selling point to me, I don't honestly give a toss if I save 30 seconds loading a game or system features. Don't get me wrong the Wii U would benefit from having no loading itself but it's not a deal breaker or in any way so detrimental that I can't use the system.



GiftedGimp said:

Like @CDreams, I too am not A nintendo fanboy, in fact WiiU is the 1st nintendo system I've owned since the Gamecube, which I traded to go to XboX, then I got a xbox360 on release then about a year ago went to Ps3 and now I've Got my Ps3 & WiiU.
Although Ps3 now mainly gets used for Blurays, Singstar by the missus and Rocksmith by me.
I was just bringing up some points to put the Ps4/WiiU situation into perspective, which is The is more to a console than Raw Specs.



Peach64 said:

@GiftedGimp They have officially come out and said used games will not be blocked. Their head guy did a huge interview with Eurogamer and it was in that.



Obvious78 said:

Nintendo will be @ GDC this year...They better have something amazing up their sleeves....



Ceviche_Stiles said:

@idork99 The first commercial motion gaming experience actually happened with the eyetoy for PS2. Playstation doesn't lack innovation. Yes, gaming companies are going to mimick each other in some sort of fashion, but if you think that's new to the business world I sympathize. The fact is the best thing for Nintendo IS to be mimicked by Sony and Microsoft for more than one reason. For one thing, mimicry is the best form of flattery, and for another, if those two companies aren't rivaling Nintendo, then Nintendo won't feel pushed to make the improvements it needs to make. It all comes down to games, and PS4 has made it so easy for developers to work with the console, and that's where the underlying success is. The easier it is for developers to work with the consoles, the more intrigued they will be, and the better the games are going to be. I'm truly impressed with PS4.



DarkNinja9 said:

ugh is it just me or this gen more about apps like facebook,youtube etc then bringing new ways to play and tons of new games or new IPs?

but honestly the whole ps4 actually feels like it rly is a new gen not like with wii u... :[ then again sony seems to be about being cocky and throwing high graphic, online and high price console(a console which was never even shown) and thats it o_o

if nintendo had brought out some crazy new 3rd party game announcements that would of been great and not release games late that there realising on the other consoles(rayman legends) sigh -_- cant wait till MS announcement instead they seem to always have that balance between sony and nintendo



DarkNinja9 said:

oh yeah and whats up with that ugly control?it looks like some china ripoff of the ps3 controller to me o.o come on you can do better! and the bulky sensor bar xD



FarukoSH said:

I like what i saw of the PS4, but i still have my doubts about it, gaming on consoles its not about graphics (and never has for all that matters) its about accesibility and the "easy of play", that social-media its taking a center point on current consoles shows that just better graphics wont do the cut, nowadays you can grab a PC with even better graphics than a PS4 for about the same price (and PCs can do A LOT more things), the WiiU took that and a made a step further by adding the gamepad (wich i LOVE...)

The problem, games... Killzone looks awesome and i love Infamous (one of my fav PS3 games btw), but theres nothing "mind-blowing", just like the WiiU launch, and justify the purchase of a new console its hard when games comes to old and next gen for about a year

I dont care about graphics, thats why i have my PC, i care about the console itself and what can add to gaming, if they keep doing more and more with the social part of gaming ill gladly get a PS4 and put it right next to my PC and WiiU (and 3DSXL for all that matters...)

And no microsoft, why ? because 1 good exclusive (gears of war, i just dont like halo, do not hate me) doesnt compare to the millions of great exclusives Nintendo/Sony has, period



Sun said:

"I love how people spout of system specs as if that's the most important thing. It's going to help Sony and MS to have great specs because that's what they are all about, however I'm pretty confident Nintendo, even without coming close to those SUPER SPECS, will still have games that rank as some of the best this coming generation. In some ways the specs are irrelevant."

Of course Nintendo will not disappear, thank heaven. But we are not talking about that here, we are just talking about how this early PS4 and Xbox3 (once it is announced) would affect Nintendo since they are coming 3 years earlier than stated (by Sony) and 1 year after Wii U with much more powerful systems.

Does it mean that Nintendo is going to disappear? Of course not, Nintendo could survive even with first-party games only. But I don't think we are discussing that kind of stuff here, to be honest.



SmallFryUnify said:

What's interesting is people who like or are interested in Nintendo exclusives have a much better reason to buy a Wii U than say someone going from PS3 to PS4. The massive increase in performance of the Wii U when comparing it to the Wii including all the extra features makes it a fantastic upgrade and actually works way more in Nintendo's favour.

As seen all over the web, there are people not quite sure if it's going to be worth the upgrade to PS4. The reality is the PS3 will still be relevant for a good while after the PS4 launches, potentially it still has a good 1-1.5 years of life in it.

People who love Nintendo's consoles and games are now able to upgrade to the Wii U and it's almost like the jump from PS2 to PS3 or Xbox to Xbox360 for them because of the new stuff. What they'll also get is a good 5 years at least of fantastic support from Nintendo and hopefully 3rd parties & indies. There's also certain franchises that are long overdue and are most likely coming to Wii U, stuff like F-Zero and Starfox, so there's some amazing games to look forward to.

The more I think about some of these things the more positive I see Nintendo's situation. Even in the worst case scenario where developers don't support it like the other next-gen consoles, well it's still going to have Nintendo's fantastic IP's, on top of that though and most importantly, it's got a lot of the things people asked for, like robust online and demos, heck it's even got what appears to be superb support from indie devs, so even without those big 3rd party games, it's going to have bucketloads of content and features.



SmallFryUnify said:


Fair enough and if we're talking how it's going to affect Nintendo then I'm not really sure it's going to affect anything. What's likely going to happen is everyones going to panic as seen with every doom and gloom articles the last few months. Things are going to be taken way out of context like the supposedly terrible Wii U sales and people are going to get hyped up about the competition.

When the PS4 and Xbox720 arrive, say at the end of this year, they are going to have the same issues Wii U has had, if not worse and then we'll hopefully start to see Nintendo's big games come out, the system sellers like Mario Kart which sold over 30 million or New Super Mario Bros. which sold over 25 million on the supposedly awful Wii, some of the biggest sellers on any platform EVER I might add. We'll also see improved UI, a large indie catalogue, some big 3rd party titles like Watch Dogs and games starting to push the Wii U making it look markedly better than PS3/Xbox360.

The Wii U has absolutely NOTHING to worry about and neither does Nintendo. I actually think Nintendo is incredibly smart when it comes to this stuff, they're always thinking longer term, what's going to expand the market and drive long term success. I feel the other two so far are all about quick term success. Sell over powered machines with EVERYTHING, yet half the features or idea will never be used or dropped completely. It's all about show you the sizzle reel and hook you in but then you have to wait 2 years to get up to speed. During that time Nintendo's increasing the WHOLE market and selling ridiculous amounts of games. Is there even a game on PS3 or Xbox360 that sold remotely close to Mario Kart Wii? And that's with 70+ million user base each. In fact how many games on both those platforms combined came close?

EDIT: I just took a quick look at VGChartz to see the sales of what I'd call Mega Sellers, I know it's maybe not the most accurate but even on there, the PS3 is in last with 3 games selling over 10 million, the Xbox360 is in second with 7 and in 2st is the Wii with 9. Most impressively is every one of those 9 game son the Wii was a Nintendo IP and a system seller, games we've still to see come and most importantly some which are due around the PS4 launch. Sony and Microsoft NEED 3rd party support, almost all their 10+ million sellers are 3rd party multiplatform titles, the big difference is Nintendo does NOT need the. They benefit by having that support of course but it's in no way going to be as impactfull compared to the others if they don't get the support or exclusives, something the latter is becoming much rarer.



Sun said:

@CDreams, I like your writing but I don't think Wii U is going to get the same success as Wii. Look 3DS compared to DS. As you said Wii U is a good upgrade but only because Wii is little more than GameCube. I bought Wii U on January to enjoy Nintendo games as I do every generation since SNES, but I think Wii U should be power powerful in order to get a better support from other developers. Also, I prefer an amazing-looking Nintendo game than an OK-looking Nintendo game, not talking about anything specific here.



SmallFryUnify said:


You're most likely right that it's not going to hit almost 100 million like the Wii did. However, I think it's going to enjoy a very prosperous future, it's already started, just look at the indie stuff coming it's way and the extra features like Miiverse.

All that's essentially missing is some games, I don't even think the graphics matter in any way at all, as long as Nintendo brings their IP's like Mario, Zelda, Starfox, F-Zero, Metroid, Yoshi, Wario, Wii Fit U, Super Smash Bros and and everything else their own studios are working on at the moment, along with 3rd party games. We all know the Wii, despite lacking some BIG BIG games, had a ton of support, I'm pretty sure there's something like hundreds of Non-Nintendo made games on the platform, the Wii U is going to get the same and more. The launch alone has proven it.

OK so there were some shoddy ports, a dry spell and an unfortunate delay of Rayman Legends, but it aslo got games like COD Black Ops 2, that's a great start already. It's getting the best console version of Need For Speed, it's got Assassins Creed III, Zombi U, Mario, Nintendoland and many more. The machine is actually selling really well if put in context. Before the Wii U launched and no figures were thrown out there, if you asked what would be a good sales for the Wii U at this point, based off previous knowledge, excluding the Wii as that was essentially an anomaly, then if you said 3 million people and especially publishers would be delighted if it hit that figure.

I don't have figures but I remember many discussions of people saying that it took something like 6 months for the PS3 or Xbox360 to get that figure. Maybe it was 5 million in the first year or something, anyhoo, my point being is despite all negative press and articles out there, the Wii U is selling exactly as it should be.

This time of year is always quiet and it's why all the big games were due to come out around March. That's when things start picking up again sales wise after the holidays and going into spring. The Wii U sold brillant in Nov/Dec, slowed right down in Jan/Feb. Big games are coming next month and we will start to see sales pick up again.



AJWolfTill said:

The majority of games footage that was shown was not gameplay footage, they kept saying that. Sure Killzone and Drive Club looked graphically impressive but to me they looked staggeringly unoriginal. The two games which looked most interesting were Destiny and Watch Dogs, one of which has been confirmed to be on the Wii U the other rumoured.
I didn't see anything on the Ps4 which couldn't be done on the ps3 that I thought looked interesting. Ok that clay sculpting thing looked impressive but that 'one take video' is illogical, how can waving a controller animate all those things at once :/.
The ease of degisn aspect did worry me though in terms of 3rd party stuff. We will have to see.



BF-Medic said:

After having the Wii U for a couple of weeks, I see the big advantage with having the second monitor in hands. There is so many possibilities with this, like giving the suspense moment in Zombie U where u have to look down, but can't pause the game. And every dev. can explore this mechanic with no risk, since it's already included.
But I can't see that this will happen with PS4/Vita, since it's not bundled. Devs can't make a game reliant on using the Vita, since that would exclude most users.
I don't think there will be a playstation on me in this round....and that will be a first...since I think Wii U will cover all my needs. But we will see, maybe when the price is right



SmallFryUnify said:

By the way, for anyone worried about the graphics, think about this. It's going to have games looking better than xBox360/PS3 by the end of the year, without doubt, just purely because we'll have Nintendo's games to show the tech off a bit more. We'll also have games like Need for Speed and see some more games due to come soon at E3.

Other than that, go on YouTube and check out the tech demo's from E3 2011, will gamers honestly be disappointed if Zelda looks like that demo, or if there are games looking like the Japanese Garden Demo, I don't think anyone would be unhappy with games on Wii U like that. They are beautiful and I'm pretty sure Nintendo will have games that take advantage of the Wii U's potential and hopefully 3rd parties will as well.

Also here's a link to IGN's first time seing the Zelda tech demo at E3 2011:

Go read some of the stuff that was shown almost 2 years ago and get excited again, imagine what Nintendo will be showing as they start to push the tech fully and games ARE coming and they are going to look fantastic. Pikmin 3 looks brilliant, it's maybe not a system seller but it looks great. They might not push 10 Gabillion polygons, or 5000 characters on screen at any time, but from what I've already seen and what I personally think we'll see, I'm pretty content.



defrb said:

Without competition we would still be playing Pong
Good to see competition, motivates Nintendo to pop up some super exclusives



SpaceApe said:


No but they made Halo and good dev teams don't just all of a sudden go bad overnight. Highly unlikely Destiny will be bad.



SpaceApe said:

@Davidiam007 Darksiders 59.95, Arkham City 59.95, ME 3 59.95. These are old pc ports and over a year old and yet they sell for full price ? Should I even continue with the lack of quality games on the Wii U ? Majority of the games are platform puzzlers. I know it is a console and platform games are popular but you have to stop making for the niche crowd and start making for the masses if Nintendo wants to see sales rise. It is just that simple. It is amazing that fans can see this but yet Nintendo can't ? Perhaps Nintendo needs to get with times and stop rehashing old games.



RikuzeYre said:

@Peach64 They just said its a "publisher" decision now so keep backpedalling

@SpaceApe Darksiders is great on the Wii U So is Batman. Everything you just said is completely incorrect. Yes ports, but thats not all is there. Now shut up and actually play the system before you start talking about quality games. back to Trine2

@Gifted Gimp Everything you stated is down pat. All this cloud bullcrap sheesh/ Honestly the New Xbox looks to be more of a multi-media machine with Kinect, basically a PC for your living room(which you can already hook up to your TV so all it is a microsoft branded product that comes with all their forced upon consumer spiel that only benefits well microsoft)



RikuzeYre said:

@Sun Power never helped get Nintendo support(Gamecube has about 30 worthwhile games on it tops.), power isnt also going to make them profit. The Wii U isnt very difficult to develop for. According to Ubisoft and all the indie developers.
3DS is selling more than the DS in the same span of time the only difference is Nintendo isnt making a profit on it.
Nintendo is always working. Always, after the Wii U they are going to surprise us even more with their inter connectivity. But the Wii U itself is going to shine for a long period of time. I hope it meets their goals so Iwata doesnt have to consider stepping down.

Despite the load of RAM the PS4 has, I doubt its architecture will be able to make full use of all its parts working in tandem, especially if half of the RAM is constantly being used by the console itself.
Lets not forget how much money this thing is going to cost. 475$ is my guess.

Im more concerned about processing power than graphics, game developers arent innovating and finding new ways to immerse and evoke emotion from the players, have you seen the AI in these games? THEY SUCK, take a look at Skyrim Vs Arkham City. Which one has the better AI? Batman.

I'd love to see new genres and types of games



Tsuchiya said:

I have a feeling 360 fans will say the same exact thing come 720.
I haven't owned a Sony system since PS2. I went 360 rather than PS3. I was practically begging Sony to get me interested in PS4 as I wanted their new Sony system alongside Nintendo this time around. They failed. I bought a PS3.



Toothedbuffalo said:

RetrogamerFan i think it will be cheaper then ps3 cause bluray is old tech and the cpu they are using is just the same as ones in pc's when they used cell cpu's they where expensive to make



Lopezdm said:

@Tsuchiya How did it not interest you. It's a game console made for developers. The games looked crazy good for example-Deep down. It's a freaking monster f a machine that developers actually want to develop for. I love my wiiu but after the ps4 info I would rather make a game on that system.



Lopezdm said:

@Davidiam007 Deeper pocket?! Yeah I'm sure Nintendo has some pretty deep pockets. Hell, they are almost paying for the development of Bayonetta. They have a clinch on the handheld market while sony fails with the vita. So really when it comes down to it who has the bigger pockets as game consoles goes? Sony did the right thing by asking developers what kind of system they wanted to work with. As a game artist myself giving me a system that lets me make any game I can come up with is appealing as hell. Games sell consoles and Sony brought them for all to see. I can't say anything more then that. At this point I think Nintendo will stop making home consoles and stick to handhelds in the next 20 years. They are just to set in their ways and they are suffering because of it.



Lopezdm said:

@Tsuchiya I thought that they PS4 was doing the same thing as the WIIU. Using the CPU and GPU together so that the system works less.



SmallFryUnify said:


Sorry I'm a little confused by what you said:

At this point I think Nintendo will stop making home consoles and stick to handhelds in the next 20 years. They are just to set in their ways and they are suffering because of it.

How exactly is Nintendo suffering? They had the best selling console last generation, outselling both the PS3 and Xbox360 by around 20 million units each and they helped widen the gaming demographic potentially.

If you're meaning they are suffering with 3rd party support, I think you should maybe give the console a bit of time. As it is currently, it's doing no worse than any new console, In fact it's done very well so far and is coming through a quiet period the games industry goes through every year. As far as I can see that's the main reason for the slower sales, it's not a negative, it's normal at this time of year and come March/April it will start to pick up again as new titles start to see their release.

I'm really looking forward to see what everyone's saying this time next year. Maybe I'll be eating my own words but it's going to be so amusing seeing everyone who's been forecasting doom or gloom suddenly do a U-turn and start saying that Nintendo got lucky AGAIN. How many times does Nintendo need to keep getting lucky to maybe actually get it in peoples heads that they actually know what they are doing. Of course they do stupid mistakes like every single company does, but I think a company that time and time again, shows up industry analysts and naysayers might actually be right and have a plan.

EDIT: I remember when the PS3 was announced and everyone was crying from the rooftops that Nintendo was screwed. How could the Wii compete with Sony's super computer that would display 1080p on two screens at once.The Wii didn't have Blu Ray, it's graphics were only SD, no third party support etc etc. Seven years or more on the PS3 and Xbox have obliterated the Wii ........

Sorry what? The Wii sold more than both those machines? .... Are you sure? How is that possible, how is Nintendo even still around?

I'll tell you why? Because it meant nothing in the grand scale of everything. The only reason the Wii has sold crap the last couple of years is because Nintendo decided to drop support and start working on 3DS and Wii U projects, otherwise I wouldn't have been surprised if it got close to the PS2's numbers eventually. The Wii was a massively inferior machine with gimmicky controls to apparently, no DVD/Blu Ray support, no third part support, terrible online, no demos...did I miss anything? Yet it commercially wiped the floor with two companies many times it's size even while they were throwing money at developers to get exclusives on their respective machines.

The DS was doomed after the PSP was revealed, the 3DS was doomed when the PSVita was revealed, the Wii U is now doomed that the PS4 is revealed. I'll go with history here and assume it's a pretty safe bet that in 5 years time the Wii U will be a commercial success. However I'll also have to sit through numerous posts of people calling it a failure even in light of the facts and then having to read how the next console is DOOOOOOOOMMMMEEEDDDD!!!!!!!!



CerberusAzdin said:

I think that the success of both the Wii U and PS4 rely on its fan base and with the era the gaming industry is going through. There are Nintendo fans, PS fans, Xbox fans and people who just enjoy the odd Call of Duty game. It's harder now to get people entised into paying £300 + for a console unless they follow the brand and have for years. The way in which we approach games has changed drastically in the last few years and the fact that games can be downloaded or streamed is far more beneficial to the industry, rather than releasing a game and it going through a 'recycle' phase such as trade in.

In terms of specs; in reality no one gives a damn. Its all about the games and the graphics (and real gamers play games for what they are, not because of the graphics). Nintendo has managed to sustain itself over the years not thanks to its graphics but its own library of classics. With the Wii U it was great to see that it had so many launch titles of which more than half were 3rd party owned. This proved the faith that these 3rd party developers have in Nintendo and it's Wii U. Sony'a new machine sounds great, and the specs are definitely to next gen standards. I'm more interested to see what the last contender (Microsoft) has to offer in the future. The fact is that the Wii U is seen as another platform in which big games will be released and not just exclusive to PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively. Then the real question will be: "Which version shall I get? The Wii U or the PS4?" Nintendo has essentially created a giant DS experience with the Wii U with its gamepad and its a good formula. Its going to be an interesting year ahead of us and the gaming industry. Let the Games Begin!



Brotagonist said:

The PS4 is the first system ever that I'm preordering. The Wii U is the first Nintendo system I'm skipping. Granted my tastes have been leaning away from Nintendo more and more latley, so that's just me. If i described how psyched I am for the PS4 we'd be here all day though.



Hetsumani said:

After reading a lot of "I buy Nintendo consoles for nntendo IPs" comments I came to a realization, the only Nintendo IPs I care about are Zelda and Pokémon. So I'll keep using my 3DS as a jukebox until Pokémon Y arrives, and borrow a friends WiiU when the new Zelda arrives, and buy a PS4. Unless Nintendo manages to get good 3rd party support.



UnrealDan said:

The PS4 will be released in November and come in 2 SKUs: Basic: $499 (includes ps4 (500 GB), ds4 controller, ps eye, hdmi n power cables) Premium: $599 (includes Basic bundle plus accessories (charging cradle,etc..), more memory(1TB) and free 1-year PS Plus subscription)



Sun said:

' Before the Wii U launched and no figures were thrown out there, if you asked what would be a good sales for the Wii U at this point, based off previous knowledge, excluding the Wii as that was essentially an anomaly, then if you said 3 million people and especially publishers would be delighted if it hit that figure'.

Then why Nintendo who is very prudent has lowered its expectations for Wii U sales for the first fiscal year?

'This time of year is always quiet and it's why all the big games were due to come out around March. That's when things start picking up again sales wise after the holidays and going into spring. The Wii U sold brillant in Nov/Dec, slowed right down in Jan/Feb. Big games are coming next month and we will start to see sales pick up again'.

I agree but also makes me think that only 2.66 million people are willing to get a new generation Nintendo console in the first 3 months. Nintendo has to work very hard to get that number risen.

You are saying elsewhere on your comments that there are a lot of great games out there for Wii U. I don't really agree. Not a single great Nintendo game is available right now for Wii U. Nintendo Land is not that good, actually I still prefer playing Wii Sports Resort. New Super Mario Bros. U is the best 'New Mario' but people are quite disappointed by the 'New' series. And if you think of it it's better to say that's the reason for this somehow low sales (even if you think that they are high).



Sun said:

@RikuzeYre Nintendo DS had a very low start until games like Brain Training, Nintendogs and New Super Mario Bros. were released.

@RikuzeYre: 'Power never helped get Nintendo support(Gamecube has about 30 worthwhile games on it tops.), power isnt also going to make them profit'.

Why would I care about Nintendo profits? Specially since most of them are not for artists, engineers or bosses. I would care if Nintendo was struggling to survive which is not the case. All I care about is for Nintendo games and they were nearly perfect until New Super Mario Bros., Skyward Sword, Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Mario Sticker Star and stuff like that. Not saying they stink (NSMB2 actually does) at all, just saying I miss superb and really inspired Nintendo games like Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Super Mario Sunshine, Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door, Wave Race Blue Storm, F-Zero GX...

So even if SNES, N64 and NGC were less profitable than Wii and DS, bring that stuff back to me and I'm the happiest man in the world.



SetupDisk said:

I was actually kinda angry about the PS4 presentation. Nothing blew me away. I was getting ready to start saving some funds but infamous isn't enough even though I really enjoy the series.

Like you said I can see the same thing happening with the 720. Some new social features and one or two games that aren't worth buying a new system for. Plus it would be nice for some official prices but that seems like it won't come till the last minute for either system.

Also I wonder what Sony will do next to sell the Vita. Crossplay and now they are even pushing it as a controller.



Rafie said:

I said it once and I'll say it just once more. If you all will just WAIT til E3, you will see what all of the systems will be offering. Yes I'm talking more elaboration on the PS4, the reveal or more info on the Nextbox, and the hard hitting games that will keep Nintendo pretty comfortable....not to mention some of the 3rd party titles coming its way. Saying PS4 wasn't impressive...blah, blah, blah wasn't meant to be a full presentation. It was nothing more but a mere announcement of the PS4. Have some patience folks.



Tsuchiya said:

Here's hoping they flog the designer of that hideous pad and change it come E3. It looks like one of those GAME own brands.

First impressions are everything and they failed to impress me. I was really hyped for it too. I'll pass.



SmallFryUnify said:


About the Wii U sales figures, I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually close to 3.5 million now. It was 3.2 million I think when they gave their last financial report, since then it's sold about 60k in Japan, not sure how much elsewhere though.

The reason why Nintendo reduced their own sales projections is the same reason everyones thinking it sold badly. nintendo projected 5 million coming off the amazing success of the Wii. The reality is that was an anomaly as I said, they over projected and ended up with an inflated number that would have been the Wii all over again. All I can go with is previous console launches and the reality is 3 million would have been a good performance, 5 million would have been incredible. So reducing it has actually really just put it in line with what they should have projected in the first place instead of getting ahead of themselves.

About the great games, well all I can say is it's subjective to each person. I think as a casual gamer looking in, they would see a lot fo good games, lots of variety there to choose from. Zombi U was great, ACIII and COD: Black Ops2 for the seasoned gamer, New Super Mario U is a great game for anyone who's not played one in a while, like myself, I haven't touched Mario for years so it's new to me in many way and it's pretty damn good. I sat and watched my brother playing it and it was really good fun, but that's maybe just me. NintendoLand is a phenomenal game when you actually get playing it and again it's perfect for casuals to understand the machine, but it's also got a ton of depth for more seasoned gamers. There's all the indie games to play as well.

It was a pretty good launch if you ask the majority of people who have experienced many launches, the only thing is they then had nothing to fill the drought in Jan/Feb, maybe that was a bit of bad planning on Nintendo's part and they should have got a game ready, maybe Pikmin 3 for that period.

I understand why they did it though, they wanted the Christmas sales and they got them, it's come at the expense of perceived slow demand immediately following it, when in reality it's just the years drought that every console company goes through until March.


I totally agree, wait till E3, get a much clearer picture of what each consoles bringing to the table. Hopefully we'll get prices and more info on other features, services and games.



Sun said:

@CDreams I like chatting with you because you are not disrespectful and make silly comments as the other guy (or girl?).

Okay, actually New Super Mario Bros. U is a good game, but people were disappointed by New Super Mario Bros. 2 which was released a bit earlier. I love Mario since Super Mario World and NSMB2 is garbage. If rookie developers without any inspiration at all make a Mario game, this is what you get, a game that could have been developed by any freak on the Internet. NSMBU on the other hand is a huge step forward from NSMB2 and note that better people (when it comes to developing games, of course) worked on it.

About indie games that I have ignored on my comments I love Mighty Switch Force but this is a port. I was disappointed by The Cave demo and I'm going to download Trine 2 next week but again, nothing new here. Same for PS360 games that have been later released for Wii U, you have to admit some of them were poorly ported! I can't say Zombi U is a great horror survival game and I love that kind of games, I own and enjoyed Silent Hill Shattered Memories (Wii), Cursed Mountain (Wii), Project Zero 2 Wii Edition and also all of the Resident Evil released for Wii (both Chronicles included).

Nintendo Land is exactly the type of game that would have never been able to boost Wii U sales and would make it be seen as just a newer Wii, as that's exactly what Wii U is for most people. And only Nintendo is to blame. New Super Mario Bros. U, it was not its time yet.

When Nintendo releases a beautiful Zelda, an awesome Mario or a deep Metroid (Prime) is when people start considering Wii U as something worth its price and worth Nintendo's legacy.



Yanni said:

I don't really care about all those technical details and raw power of the PS/XB consoles in the past and even less now. While they go for the technical advanced stuff, Nintendo offers pure gameplay joy, which is what I'm interested in. My PC is strong enough for those "full HD and beyond" titles.



andrea987 said:

@FineLerv Well said. I'll add that I wasn't impressed by PS4 showing, didn't like the look of the DS4 at all, with that silly touchpad in the middle, but that's my opinion. Gamewise, yes I liked Watchdogs and Deep Down, but if they're gonna end up on the Wii U I can't see a reason to fork out £400-500 for it. With that said, I'm also a Sony fan, so I'll probably end up buying it, I'll just wait for more games I like.



SmallFryUnify said:


Thanks and yeah it's good to talk, no point getting all worked up about games, defeats the point, they should be enjoyable wherever you go or whatever platform you choose.

About the games on the Wii U, I agree with you when your saying stuff like Trine 2 is a port, however I have to take a step back and try look at it from a consumer coming to the platform for the first time. This is assuming they don't get confused with the Wii and Wii U, but lets say they are interested in the Wii U for discussions sake.

So they see a nice intuitive controller, the games that are on the shelves, some of which they won't even know about, some they will, like I'm pretty sure everyone knows of Mario. They will see about 25 games available and some look as good as, if not better on the Wii U.

If they bought a Wii U on the basis of the Gamepad functionality and current games, get it hooked up at home, when they go to the eShop they would see all these extra games available to download, like Trine 2, Little Inferno, Zen Pinball and many more. They wouldn't know that their just ports, all they will see is more games and options. Games that happen to look pretty damn good on the Wii U, Trine 2 and Nano Assault Neo as good examples. Then there's Google Street U, Miiverse, Demos and other stuff.

I think anyone looking to buy right now would be pretty content with the Wii U. However now is the quiet time in the industry as I said, so people aren't buying purely because of that. Give it to the busier months coming up, like March/April and systems sales will pick up, your also going to have new games like Need For Speed, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Lego City Undercover, Moster Hunter 3D and many more. These games alone might not be system sellers like Mario Kart or Zelda are, but they will drive sales just because they will offer more incentive to buy the Wii U when they do release.



Lopezdm said:

@CDreams Yeah, and everyone is upset because we have tons of games on the Wii U right now. I said 20 years because you forget the fact that Sony and Microsoft have other money making products. Nintendo makes games and game consoles. Sony and Microsoft have the money to waste so yeah in 20- 50 years Nintendo will got the way of Sega or they will just make handhelds. It's a educated guess with everything taken into account. How long do you think people will buy the same Mario game? We grew up with Mario and future generations will want more.



SmallFryUnify said:


Yeah but in 10-20 years Nintendo could quite easily expand into other areas themselves. Don't forget they have been around for 130 years and they've dabbled in many industries including Love Hotels. There's nothing to say Nintendo wouldn't provide a whole eco-system to rival iTunes for instance.

They could start providing music and movies from 3rd parties, while offering literally thousands of games from their previous machines, all streamable to the device they have at that time, kind of like PS4 idea with streaming.

What's interesting is Nintendo has been a constant throughout in the video games industry and has fended off many competitors over the years. With Games alone they are fending off conglomerates like Microsoft and Sony, who's to say that if Nintendo decided to start foraying into other markets they couldn't take their ideologies and philosophy, something that's served them incredibly well over the years, and use that to dominate other markets?

I think like everyone else knows, they will have to adapt in some way in the future, especially if everything starts going Digital, the console as we know it in a physical form might disappear, so they would be forced to start expanding into new territory.



Lopezdm said:

@CDreams Also Nintendo's relationship with 3rd party devs have been pretty crappy since the 80's. In the NES years I could understand it but now? Lets face it the only reason the Wii sold was because it was cheap and appealed the the casual market. Not only was it cheap but it is easy to hack. As soon as the XBOX came down in price the sales went up. You are getting frustrated feedback from the hardcore gamers that want the games they like to play. Not the party games and cooking mama. Mario and the gang are fine but the hardcore thought this was Nintendo stepping up and taking it's place back into relevance. The casual market will not always be there but the hardcore are the guys that pay their paychecks every console cycle.



nungi said:

One thing about nintendo is that they take less(technology as some people would use more and do the same thing you could do with stuff thats not even release yet thats why they don't want to let go of those tech specs just yet because the competition would use it to capitalize on their ideas if they were release all the details of whats to come sony and micro would have something simillar with a little more content,so in all i like the way the system is set up with the cpu gpgpu which they know why it should be like that compared to something sony trying to piece together to keep up with the wii u.this nintendo console is in a race by itself its easy to see.all they need is at least a couple of nintendo games every two months.
I think the way the wii u is set up only nintendo knows how to unlock the potential of what they created.And with 8gig of memory for ps4 as with the 2 in the wii u and some called slow cpu think its going to be the same resolution outcome ,these japanese are the best in tech and quality so they could take my money anyday with their innovation.think they would do anything else but innovate in tech specs thats about all you payin for.But as far as gameplaying experiences will see what another dual shock experience has to offer



FarukoSH said:

@Lopezdm thats why Sony launched Move/Wonderbook and MS Kinect crap, because hardcore gamers like those kind of games because they are hardcore lol



Sir_Deadly said:

Developers want to develope for the PS4 because its easier to port over the game from pc. But then again, they also want to develope for the wii u because they can be more creative with the gamepad. And also, i dnt believe it will be scaled down that much from the ps4 and those who say yes because of specs, it wont be noticeable. Also there is always a chance these specs can change so we really dnt have the right to say who is better.



Lopezdm said:

@FarukoSH No they did it to get the casual market. The big deference is that Microsoft and Sony take care of the Hardcore market first knowing that the causal market is fickle.



Sir_Deadly said:

@Lopezdm I think his point was, the hardcore crowd loves to play all types of games. Sadly these days people dnt understand the difference between hardcore gamers and people who own a couple of rated m games and call themselves hardcore.



U3N said:

The problem with all this high tech: high costs. I'm juts hoping not to hear “599 US dollars” again.



banacheck said:


Going by your logic with a lot 3rd party releases coming soon why are they not on the Wii U seeing how all the developers want to use the Gamepad? The graphics not noticeable from the PS3 to the PS4? Look again because it is unless you've not got a clue. The Specs chance after they've been released possible but not going to happen, else it wouldn't be able to release in 2013. There are a lot of really hardcore gamers out there, and they are easy to spot over causal gamers. I think it's there actual game time & trophies what give them anyway. If the PS4 releases for 350 and the Wii U is 300 it's a non brainer which one people will go for and i'm not talking about every day gamer here.



Sir_Deadly said:

@banacheck please re read my post, i nvr said there wasnt a difference in graphics from ps3 to ps4. Also, the question about the 3rd party games is one to ask all those developers who on the video at E3 who said it was revolutionary and can give new experiences to games. The third party games that were already on the Wii U were simple ports soo it was easy to release them on the Wii U since those projects were already completed but newer games that are getting released soon, the developers probably didnt have the amout of time to make a Wii U version because they were already far along into the development an i think some developers have said that. I think the price point for the ps4 is going to be more into the $400 to $500 price range. There has been times were a game isnt annouced for a certain console when it is announced but later down the road they come out and say "it will be on this console". For instance watch_dogs wasnt originally announced for Wii U but recently it has confirmed. With this beeing said, i am excited to see wut both companies bring to E3 this year and ill will more than likley buy a ps4 if the price is right.



FarukoSH said:

So Lopezdm, if youre saying that hardcore gamers are the ones that buy and spend thousand upon thousands of dollars on real gaming machines and hardcore games, explain to me, WHY DOES THE VITA its not selling at all, its the pinacle of hardcore gaming on the go, everyone should be mad about it, but they are not...

To me, Nintendo always had problems with third party at least since the N64 days, but the real problem its not the console itself or the games because power has never been the real problem (N64 and GC were better in tech, yet they failed), its some kind of paradigm about Nintendo and childish play,, and in this day and age where feeling like a "grown up" and call yourself a "hardcore" gamer its so important, because you know, being a "hardcore gamer" makes you better in life, playing nintendo games its bound to make you fail in life, if you search you can find lots of so called "hardcore" games, that they are not Millitary FPS its not nintendo's problem

I own a PS3, Wii, WiiU, a damn awesome PC and soon to get a PS4 (25 years old, working and i dont have a family yet, money its not an issue to me at least) am i a hardcore gamer ? you can say so, but to me, im just a guy that likes gaming, i can have fun playing a Wii game (like i did A LOT of times) and with a PS3/PC game.

Like i said i blame that paradigm over nintendo about the games (and the name itself, god what an awful name its "Wii", WiiU for some reason, while a bad name, its not AS BAD)



FarukoSH said:

And to say that Sony has the money to waste, its just plain wrong, Sony its been bleeding money all over them, their stocks has been falling ever since 2000, In fact, the PS4 reveal hit them with another fall, 3% (And Nintendo rose 3% but i dont know why actually)

They finally started to get things right, like with their Xperia smartphone division (i own the Xperia S, awesome smartphone btw), but its a loooong way since they can finally get into a decent economy

Sony has been in big, big problems since the 90s, so no, they dont have the amount of money you think they have, last year they hit their lowest stock price since... 1984!!!!!

PD:Sorry my english, not my "native" lenguage, yo hablo español



Amigaengine said:

The PS4 is a slick sounding machine but there is a few things that bother me.

Price ? 8Gb of GDDR5 ram will not be cheap.
Controller? Telling me I cant use my 60.00 DS3 to play another round of Killzone, God of War ? WTH
Social features ? Just gets in the way of me enjoying my games.

What Nintendo should do.
Stay the course that you have shown us for 2013. The game line-up is very impressive guys
Let Sega create another F-Zero
Let Platinum give us their take on the Star Fox series
Allow Retro to spread their wing's and deliver a great new IP... after Metroid Prime 4
Give us a HD version of Eternal Darkness
Do these simple things and it will not matter what tech demo Sony & MS show.



Sun said:

@Lopezdm I partially agree with you. I don't know why Nintendo didn't put a second circle pad on the 3DS/XL and I don't understand what are they doing with Wii U either. They focus so much on their own ideas (good idea for developing software) but don't really try to make real balanced hardware lately with at least some kind of support from other developers.



Ronan3461 said:

I have always been a fan of both Sony and Nintendo but my parents are not RICH considering today's economy,therefore I need to choose either wii u or ps4 (no weakbox for me)



Ronan3461 said:

I just hope the wii u does not get a bunch of fps games,surprising that a "COD Loving" 12 year old says that, I actually want fire emblem awakening more than anything right now and probably luigis mansion 2 which comes out on my bday this is the 2nd time in a row a game I actually want comes out on my bday the first was KI:U 😜



Lopezdm said:

@Assassin87 In my opinion the hardcore market is someone who buys 3-6 games a month or at least plays 5-10 hours a week on a game console or some kind. Tablets included. Or anyone who follows games on a daily basis.



Lopezdm said:

@Sun It just seem that they are flying to close to the sun with wax wings. It's cool to be innovative when you are relevant. It's even better to put games that people want to play on your console instead of telling people what they want. Me," Hey Reggie! I want GTA5 on the WiiU, here's 69.99." Reggie, " No you want Luigi's pancake maker instead.".



Ronan3461 said:

E3 will be BIG this year! super smash,mk8, 3d Mario, wonder what Nintendo has up their sleeves right now!



Jaycustomz said:

''I think Nintendo needs to focus on marketing the Wii U more trust me, if anyone frome Nintendo is reading this Spend some money on marketing The Wii U because it is a truly a great sysystem i own one and i play it everyday i like all the the features and i dont plan on buying any other next gen system i'm currently playing blackops : II New Super Mario bros, and Zombie U, all my friends that come over and play it love it and think it's really kool, but they asked me why havn't they herad of it? al ot of people love it but dont really know about Wii U, so i think nintendo should start rite now hypeing up the wii U and playing commercial's a lot all over T.V make it popular make it kool fun and exciting start playing a l ot of adds on Utube etc.. i havn't even seen one Wii U commericial cmon now.. The future is now! The Wii U! ''



Jaycustomz said:

second focus on the videogames please unleash the beast! Nintendo start getting Exclusive titles to the new system everything.. that the gamer want's and needs, look i know videogames are 60$ each now i know that but i will buy every single game that is worth buying, i dont mind spending my hard earned money on great games but they have to be good games, focus on a steady flow of games and The Wii U will be the standard i promise U. keep the games coming. trust mii no time to waste lol Wii U BAAAYYBYYY! the future



Jaycustomz said:

that's the ps4? hahahah sony is falling off, The ps4 look's wack what is there to be excited about? i have no plan's to buy a ps4 i'm happy with my Wii U and if anybody think's that the ps4 graphic's are super great, remeber this the Wii U is capiable of diplaying 1080 p in full HD! most ps3 games run on 720p, that said i think that any game developer's want to make on the Ps4 they can make on the Wii U im pretty sure, so why would i need to buy another console? The future is now!



Sir_Deadly said:

@Lopezdm As do I, i meant people shouldn't claim themselves to be gamers because they own like a couple of rated m games and only play them once or twice a week.



Luffy said:

As a Wii U and PS3 owner I'm gonna pass on the PS4. The Wii U meets my needs gaming. Sadly I don't have the 24/7 gaming days I used to when I was younger. Now I just play all nintendo IP's and some 3rd parties that are must play on my PC. BTW my PC is about 4 times stronger then PS4 and I might get a new computer soon as I build one ever 6-12 months.

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