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Awn, fanboy of yaoi ^^

Male, Brazil

Fanboy of anime,dorama,and Jrpg. Anyway, i own both nintendo and Sony game systems ( i feel disappointed with Sony this gen, BTW)

Thu 13th Dec 2012

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ritsuka666 commented on Microsoft Execs Thought They Owned Donkey Kong...:

Lol are they MS really that stupid? It doesn’t really surprise me though… . lol

i edited your comment because 1) generalisations such are yours are a dangerous thing and 2) it is insulting and inciteful. stupidity doesn't respect national boundaries: there is plenty to go around the world. -k8smum



ritsuka666 commented on Nintendo's Stock Price Jumps Higher than Mario:

Sorry bro, i prefer the good news instead bad news ( I hate pessimism) Anyway,the media is really coming down hard on Nintendo.. I still think it is ridiculously early to be jumping onto the "Nintendoom" bandwagon.



ritsuka666 commented on Nintendo Shows Off Monolith Soft's Wii U Project:

Monolith Soft: Fu** you Sony.

Seriously, it's nice seeing Nintendo doing Jrpg's so well since Sony head quarters started having a drug problem in japan. this game has already more info to the audience than FF X HD and FF VERSUS. Fu** you Sony, at least Nintendo knows how to manage development for its games.