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deejrandom commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

Rambling thoughts at 1 AM:

I wasn't impressed with the PS4. Most of the features mentioned have been on PCs for years - even my little two/three year old netbook that i am using right now. (running windows xp. I am so on the cutting edge!)

Yes, the visuals were purty. However, I've seen the visual thing touted time and time again - better visuals doesn't mean a better game. Think about it - there is one game that everyone seems to love on both the PC and 3DS called VVVVVV. It looks like it could've been developed on the Atari. However, the gameplay rocks and it is a fun game. I'm looking for gameplay, not graphics.

I don't like the fact that your PSN purchases don't transfer and there isn't physical backwards compatibility. One reason I loved my PS2 is because I could play my PS1 games on it. Unfortunately Sony doesn't do that anymore...

That being said - I believe Nintendo really has to get on the ball to stay competitive. They can do it, as seen with the 3DS, but it won't be easy. I don't know what Nintendo can do to bring their market share up - I know I plan on buying a Wii U soon (The ZombiU edition) but I want others to buy it, so games still come out for it. I loved my wii, but man it lacked 3rd party support. Nintendo has had a hard time courting third parties since the days of the N64.

Another competitor is one i don't see mentioned much on here. The Ouya is also launching next month. It is a 99 dollar console that is at that "impulse purchase" price. I have no idea if it'll do well or not, but it is there. Plus there are other 99 dollar android systems coming out...

PC gaming is really picking up steam, again, as well. The question is this: Can a person buy a similarly powerful PC for around the same price as the PS4? Since we don't know the price yet, I don't know. I do know I need to upgrade my own rig and I might as well do it this year. Nothing I've seen with the PS4 makes me want to hold off doing that to buy the console. The only two games I really waned to play in the PS4 presentation are WatchDogs and The Witness. I want to build a PC to play those.

I want a console that is like comfort food. I don't want to be blasted with ads and hip/edgy commentary and games that splatter blood all over the screen. With the economy the way it is and the world the way it is right now, I want games that take me way from what is happening. I guess that is why I play RPGs mostly... Sure I'm interested in games like Zombie U and Watch Dogs, but I want a system that my kids can sit down and play without me worrying about them. I don't see the PS4 or the nextbox ever being that way. That is what attracts me to Nintendo Systems. Sony and MS have tried to corner the market, but they can't. They are much too focused on the LOUD OBNOXIOUS EXPERIENCE. I just don't want that noise blasting all the time. I want a WII U because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Anyway... I know this is kind of rambling. To sum up: The PS4 is trying to hard. I'd rather have Mario and Cellda than "X Shooter: 2015 edition."



deejrandom commented on The Secrets Of The Nintendo Power Line Experts...:

Actually this is pretty much what I had in mind when I was a kid. In fact, if you watched the movie The Wizard, it showed this stuff off in pretty good detail. I dunno - I never though the people on the end of the line had played the games they were talking about to death. I just assumed they had access to more material then I did.



deejrandom commented on Hacker Claims To Have Deciphered Wii U CPU and...:

Doesn't really bother me in the least. I know the WIiU isn't going to be a graphics powerhouse when the PS4/Xboxnext come out. I actually want one for nintendo games and the various streaming services i can watch on the gamepad. I am still excited for the system.



deejrandom commented on Review: Rock & Roll Racing (Super Nintendo):

Rock and Roll racing is one of my favorite SNES games: It ranks up there with Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger. I haven't played a battle racing game I've liked as much... Sure I've had fun with the newer ones, but this game is one that I just loved. When my friends would play me, they would battle for second cause they knew they couldn't get first Little did I Know that the company behind this game (and the Lost Vikings) would become Blizzard.



deejrandom commented on DSi XL Footage For Your Viewing Pleasure:

I like the fact that Nintendo is actually bringing out a device that older people can play comfortably. I know that people are saying "Nintendo, double u Tee eff?" but they have older people as an audience. Plus I am not older, but I want one (My ds lite is...well I need a new ds.) It is cool, you know? This may be the console that grandma can play, but it is awesome someone is thinking of grandma.