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Thu 10th January, 2013

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RotYN7 commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

Hmmm. E3 is gunna be a blood bath this year. PS4 seems like a super charged PS3, Graphics have hit there point banking on that I dont think is a Smart Move. and Sony Investing in the MOVE and Vita is a huge risk because the Vita hasnt Sold well and MOVE wasnt Even Really Supported by Sony themselves. we will See i think by E3 Nintendo will be ready with an almost Comical amount of trailers and Demos for WiiU. but we will see.



RotYN7 commented on Developer States That Wii U Woes Were a Focus ...:

I love Nintendo and always will. its sad that there getting SO much negative publicity :( that being said we've been here before with the 3DS launch. its FACT Nintendo doesnt sell consoles without Nintendo games. At E3 this year Nintendo will announce a price Cut and have a Long list of games coming out. I mean Did will all forget that last N direct. they know whats up.



RotYN7 commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

I got mine Day 1 and love it. but its hard to Suggest to Hardcore gamers, I know its Early but it looks like Nintendo will be overlooked on the 3rd party front again :(