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Thu 10th Jan 2013

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RotYN7 commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

Hmmm. E3 is gunna be a blood bath this year. PS4 seems like a super charged PS3, Graphics have hit there point banking on that I dont think is a Smart Move. and Sony Investing in the MOVE and Vita is a huge risk because the Vita hasnt Sold well and MOVE wasnt Even Really Supported by Sony themselves. we will See i think by E3 Nintendo will be ready with an almost Comical amount of trailers and Demos for WiiU. but we will see.



RotYN7 commented on Developer States That Wii U Woes Were a Focus ...:

I love Nintendo and always will. its sad that there getting SO much negative publicity that being said we've been here before with the 3DS launch. its FACT Nintendo doesnt sell consoles without Nintendo games. At E3 this year Nintendo will announce a price Cut and have a Long list of games coming out. I mean Did will all forget that last N direct. they know whats up.



RotYN7 commented on The Big Wii U Survey:

I got mine Day 1 and love it. but its hard to Suggest to Hardcore gamers, I know its Early but it looks like Nintendo will be overlooked on the 3rd party front again