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Thu 9th Apr 2009

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HiroshiYamauchi commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

I find it funny that some people actually believe in all those romantic explanations of how a new console will help developers expand their creativity and possibilities and blah, blah, blah...It's always the same discourse, not only Sony, but also Microsoft and Nintendo. Most people just want good games to play, if you like Nintendo exclusives just buy a Wii U, if you like Sony exclusives or multiplatform games, you should buy a PS4 or the new Xbox. Or if you're like me, a videogames enthusiast, you should buy all the consoles available on the market and forget about all these pointless discussions about the future of a console, i really find it boring and counterproductive. If you can't afford buying all the consoles available, just buy the one you like most and that's it, problem solved.



HiroshiYamauchi commented on Fan Feedback Prompted Capcom's Resident Evil: ...:

Try again Capcom. They're just releasing this game again because THEY KNOW that they've made the only decent Resident Evil game in almost a decade for a console that has games with cheaper retail prices and a smaller installed base than most home consoles, that's why they wanna expand the platforms for this game, just like they did with Resident Evil 4.



HiroshiYamauchi commented on Surprise Ubisoft Sale Arrives on Wii U eShop i...:

@ SCAR392 Tapping won't trick the game, moving your hands in the right direction will do, but the whole point of the game is if you do the same movements displayed on screen you will have a good score and if you don't you'll have a bad score. I'm not trying to change your mind, it may not be your thing (it isn't mine), but i suggest you to read more reviews of the game.



HiroshiYamauchi commented on Nintendo Is Strengthening Development Teams, D...:

Interesting news, thanks NeoGaf! It's good to see that Nintendo is aware of what they should do, but i think they have a big problem right now, they don't have the 3rd party support they were hoping for and their core fans are not pleased because of the lack of AAA titles from Nintendo. Massive 3rd party support is something that Nintendo probably will never have again, so i think they should focus on their franchises to boost Wii U sales. Seriously, people love Pokemon (myself not included), why not make a Pokemon game for the Wii U that connects in some way with Pokemon X & Y? I know Nintendo has a firm philosophy about Pokemon on home consoles, but they need to boost their sales. I know you're gonna say it takes time, it costs money and all, but you have to invest to have something in return.



HiroshiYamauchi commented on There's Hope For Metal Gear Rising: Revengeanc...:

Jesus, nowadays publishers are so lazy, all of them want the demand to be there, instead of creating a demand for their own games...Publishers don't have to wait and see if the consumers want something, they need to make people want their products, what happened to hype and advertisment?



HiroshiYamauchi commented on Feature: Nintendo’s Biggest Blunders:

I agree completely with you. Nintendo may not be the best for her costumers, but it´s the best for itself. If you take a look at the N64 and GameCube best-sellers, almost all of them are first-party or second-party games. The original Playstation sold 4 times more games than the Nintendo 64, but how many games Sony sold? Nintendo only care about itself and to be honest, they are right, they always try to create the best scenario for their games, that's why they are a wealthy company. Some times they make some mistakes, no company is perfect, look at the N64 Disk Drive, for example.



HiroshiYamauchi commented on Review: Everdrive 64:

I'm really surprised to see a article about a flash card on this site. Don't get me wrong, i'm not a kind of defender of morals and good manners, but is was unexpected.



HiroshiYamauchi commented on Review: The Last Story (Wii):

@21 It´ll run on the Wii U just like it runs on the Wii, Nintendo has confirmed that Wii games won´t be improved when running on the new console, so whenever you put a Wii game on the Wii U, it will run on a kind of "Wii mode", just like the Gamecube mode on the Wii,. So, even if the new hardware is much more powerfull, it´ll be downgraded to the Wii specs on the Wii mode.



HiroshiYamauchi commented on Following Wii U Unveiling, Nintendo Shares Dro...:

Nintendo should make a new conference ASAP showing the console, hardware details and more content. For those who weren't at E3 and hadn't the oportunity to try the new console, definitely is hard to have a solid opinion about the new console.



HiroshiYamauchi commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey (Wii):

I'm not going to say that this game was a big disappointment to me because i wasn't expecting it to be a masterpiece to begin with. I fail to see what is so amazing about this game and after playing it everything seems to be worse than i expected.