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Tue 11th Dec 2012

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herzausstein commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (North America):

wtf is wrong with NOA? seriously..... SMB3 is one of the top selling games in the NES library and it's still not been released in America.... it's been teased on both the website and eshop but still nothing....instead we get mighty bomb jack.... honestly the decision on order of release should be easy. Look at how many units each respective game sold and then release them in descending order. for ex. SMB3 sold more then MBJ so SMB3 should be released before MBJ.



herzausstein commented on Nintendo Download: 12th December (North America):

So other countries get A link to the Past but we just get double dragon? don't get me wrong i love double dragon but i had my hopes up for A Link to the Past.... oh well. When was Super Mario Bros 3 coming out? It's been advertised on the Nintendo website for weeks now.



herzausstein commented on Talking Point: Pikmin 3 Shows the First Shoots...:

already preordered Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and DKC: TF. Hoping to get more money saved up for Windwaker, Sonic Lost World, Mario 3d World, Deus Ex, Splintercell, and Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because i don't know. After that i have to save up for Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, Mario Kart, and X. Nintendo has made my wallet sad.

I really want to get a 3ds to play the new zelda but too many good games coming for wii U that i feel i must get.



herzausstein commented on Pikmin 3 Makes Japanese Chart Debut at Number ...:

yeah the xbox360 has traditionally done very poorly in Japan.... actually it's only sold roughly 1.64 million in japan since it's release. They just don't seem very interested in western games and part could have to do with the way microsoft seems to ignore them too. Microsoft would be smart to just not waste the time with the xbox one in japan.



herzausstein commented on Xbox 360 Sales Set to Pass the Wii's in the UK:

I don't think the 360 exclusives were overrated. They are great games in their respect. I think the whole first person shooter is an overplayed genre. The Xbox One release schedule can pretty much be summed up as Shooters and Sports with a splash of games that can be found on 360/ps3/wiiu



herzausstein commented on Xbox 360 Sales Set to Pass the Wii's in the UK:

I think alot of the PS360 taking center stage is because it works as a dvd player. To be honest outside of Demon Souls and Dark Souls, i only used my PS3 to play blurays and netflix. I have roughly 10X more Wii games then PS3. Had a 360 but sold it. It has some good FPS exclusives but I'm honestly tired of FPS... i guess that's why i love nintendo consoles. They give me a much bigger variety. My Wii U already has more games then my PS3.



herzausstein commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Biggest E3 Challenge...:

Xbox One had some impressive graphics... and that's about all I saw. I'm still very unimpressed with their DRM and privacy issues... esp. since microsoft was complicit with NSA data mining. $500 on top of XBlive subscription is also a no go for me. I was also disappointed with their focus on violent games and shooters.



herzausstein commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis:

The way i see it....

Nintendo is advertising to families that may not of heard of the Wii U and don't really know the difference between the Wii and Wii U. They are doing this because they don't keep up with what games are coming out. They know that the gamer crowd that will only be persuaded by gaming are paying attention outside of commercials. That's the reason for the Nintendo Directs and what i'm hoping will be a big E3. I think it's a smart tactic.



herzausstein commented on Nintendo Download: 21st February 2013 (North A...:

MH3U played wonderfully on the WII U and the upgraded visuals are much better that Tri's. I own MHTri on the Wii but the demo has made me put in a preorder for MH3U. The expanded portions of the game alone are worth the price. I put in well over 100 hrs into tri and never really got into the online portions b/c i didn't like how the online features were set up. I'm really looking forward to the full release



herzausstein commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

More specifics coming out... PS4 will not be backwards compatible with disc or downloaded ps3 games. It won't support 4K and seems to be backing away from the 3d realm too. I'm not too worried. We all knew that sony was going to release a technical powerhouse, but people buy nintendo systems for nintendo games. That's the edge they'll always have over Sony and Microsoft. As long as I can only play f-zero, pikmin, wonderful 101, mario, zelda, metroid, etc. on Nintendo systems i will continue to purchase nintendo systems. I will go on record and say i'll eventually get a ps4 too but that won't be for a few years after a few price drops and the bugs are out of the system.