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Sat 8th Dec 2012

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FarukoSH commented on Final Fantasy VI On Android Is Pricey and Look...:

I dont think $16 is expensive/pricey if we take into account that pretty much every game nowadays cost around $100 dollars for the full experience...

Ill gladly pat $16 for... that, then 100 dollars for the full BF4 game which is going to be around 5 months and im still waiting for a stable version, on the PC at least.



FarukoSH commented on Talking Point: Claims of Wii U Third-Party Dev...:

The problem is the marketing not the console itself, not even Nintendo understand how to market the damn thing

And the name, the name is a HUGE problem, till this day people are having problems with the whole Wii/WiiU stuff



FarukoSH commented on Pokémon X & Y Pass 1.8 Million Retail Sales t...:

3DS: a Beast, already destroyed last year sales(4.4m vs 4m), Pokemon (as always) amazing
Vita: Nice bump, the new models and a few new games... we have to see how long does it last thou...
WiiU: Nintendo, get your poopiedoodledingdongdoggiepoopsiedoos together or just... i dont even want to say it
Watch the profanity please — TBD



FarukoSH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Continues to Devour Competiti...:

At this point Nintendo and Sony should just stop trying, one could argue that these new bundles could be the reason for this disaster, but i dont know... the WiiU doesnt have a game that could change this untill 3DWorld and the Vita its releasing new models but... its not cheaper than the normal Vita (and it doesnt have an OLED screen) and not to mention its being released 2 days before the most anticipated game on the 3DS (one that its already supposed to be selling around 2m first Week

The Viita U are dead they wont recognize this because a) they can handle this disaster and b) they have pride

And everyone that was thinking that an HD port at $60 dollars would make some changes its just naive, Zelda on consoles (the handheld ones sold really really well actually, and im expecting around 1m for A Link Between Worlds) havent sold really well anyway, at least in Japan... Zelda its a monster here in the west



FarukoSH commented on Talking Point: Pokémon X & Y's Grand Global R...:

Im still waiting, there was this store selling it before, but theyr charge you 60 freaking dollars for it, i can wait 3 days and pay 20 less, but i saw some people paying it

I love Pokemon, but pay 20 dollars for 3 days... oh no



FarukoSH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Shifts Over 1.7 Million Retai...:

@Kirk WW = worldwide sales, not Wind Waker, i was talking about Pokemon, which should be able to hit 4.5m-5m on first week

Wind Waker HD... mmm Zelda games (besides handheld ones) are WAAAAY more popular on the west than on JP, im expecting not much from JP, around 350k which its not a bad number, but not enough to make a "turn around", WW should hit 1m maybe 1.5m



FarukoSH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Shifts Over 1.7 Million Retai...:

@Kirk In Japan, it should be a good fight but i guess Pokemon should be able to hit 2.3m or so (remember that trackers doesnt count the downloable version of MH4, so im pretty sure it sold around 2m, and not 1.7m). WW im expecting something around the 4.5-5m on first week



FarukoSH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Shifts Over 1.7 Million Retai...:

@rjejr If you ask me, Nintendo will be shifting to a Console/Handheld Hybrid, some kind of portable controller that can be used on TVs as well

Having Nintendo working only in 1 thing at a time could be huge, not having to "support" 2 different platforms at the same time means all the great games are in just 1 place...



FarukoSH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Shifts Over 1.7 Million Retai...:

@rjejr Around 2-2.5m first week depending day of release, and no... they wont go down because of MH4, if anything MH4 and Pokemon will give a boost to each other, this games has legs, MH3U was still selling a month ago besides launching almost 2 years ago and older games, not to mention... HOLIDAYS



FarukoSH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Shifts Over 1.7 Million Retai...:

Famitsu numbers are somewhat higher too, with 3DS hitting 300k and MH4 with 1.850.000 (downloable cards which MC do not track) and both of them do not track downloaded games from the eShop, wich, according to some sites its pretty much at the TOP of the online boards

So im guessing around 2m its a more accurate number, will probably hit 4m, maybe 5m



FarukoSH commented on Monster Hunter 4 Shifts Over 1.7 Million Retai...:

This will be the trend for the next 4-5 years, 3DS Land, thats what its japan nowadays, the Vita and WiiU are (for now) as dead as they can be, the PS4 with its super western style without a single big japanese game will BOMB untill the big hitters (MGS5 , FFXV, KH, RE, etc...) but besides MGS5 (late 2014) we dont know about the others (2-3 years minimun), and its coming from a much MUCH weaker console compared to the PS2->PS3 era

Im expecting around 100k+ from this till the end of the year, with Pokemon in a month or so (wich should see similar numbers9, people should sget that games like MH4/Pokemon with its 2m on launch day are VERY VERY good for the overall market, im expecting some old 3DS games getting a boost after the Pokemon and MH4 fever goes out (first november week or so)

congrats Nintendo and Capcom, after all the crap that Sony throw agains Capcom regarding MHP3rd, Nintendo really went the extra mile with the marking, bundle, servers, localizing etc... of MH3U on WiiU/3DS



FarukoSH commented on New Etrian Odyssey Title Makes Japanese Chart ...:

Some decent PSVita numbers, but still nothing to be happy about, the most important things if Toukiden will ever have legs or no (we will see next week and the week after that)...

Nice WiiU raise, with 0 games, 7k its an awful number but, for a console thats been doing so bad on a weekly basis, thats something at least, again, nothing to be happy about it

the 3DS its just on a "wall", MH4 and Pokemon X/Y should bring that back to the 100k per week

Im happy for the Vita (competition ITS GOOD, it keeps companies on their toes and prices down) but 30k with a game that sold 120k ? mmm

September-October should be some beatiful months for the 3DS, Dream team and another high profile games should keep the system on good numbers

But at the end, besides the 3DS, everything its pretty much dead on Japan, the Vita got a good week, but thats about it, it was selling 10-12k per week, so it was obvious that a good game should bust that a bit



FarukoSH commented on Doesn't Look Like Minecraft Will Be Coming To ...:

Who plays Minecraft on consoles to begin with ? i mean, the game runs on any PC from the last 10 years, at least ! and its WAY chepear on PC than consoles, not to mention that it gets A LOT more updates and its all about mods



FarukoSH commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

And to say that Sony has the money to waste, its just plain wrong, Sony its been bleeding money all over them, their stocks has been falling ever since 2000, In fact, the PS4 reveal hit them with another fall, 3% (And Nintendo rose 3% but i dont know why actually)

They finally started to get things right, like with their Xperia smartphone division (i own the Xperia S, awesome smartphone btw), but its a loooong way since they can finally get into a decent economy

Sony has been in big, big problems since the 90s, so no, they dont have the amount of money you think they have, last year they hit their lowest stock price since... 1984!!!!!

PD:Sorry my english, not my "native" lenguage, yo hablo español



FarukoSH commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

So Lopezdm, if youre saying that hardcore gamers are the ones that buy and spend thousand upon thousands of dollars on real gaming machines and hardcore games, explain to me, WHY DOES THE VITA its not selling at all, its the pinacle of hardcore gaming on the go, everyone should be mad about it, but they are not...

To me, Nintendo always had problems with third party at least since the N64 days, but the real problem its not the console itself or the games because power has never been the real problem (N64 and GC were better in tech, yet they failed), its some kind of paradigm about Nintendo and childish play,, and in this day and age where feeling like a "grown up" and call yourself a "hardcore" gamer its so important, because you know, being a "hardcore gamer" makes you better in life, playing nintendo games its bound to make you fail in life, if you search you can find lots of so called "hardcore" games, that they are not Millitary FPS its not nintendo's problem

I own a PS3, Wii, WiiU, a damn awesome PC and soon to get a PS4 (25 years old, working and i dont have a family yet, money its not an issue to me at least) am i a hardcore gamer ? you can say so, but to me, im just a guy that likes gaming, i can have fun playing a Wii game (like i did A LOT of times) and with a PS3/PC game.

Like i said i blame that paradigm over nintendo about the games (and the name itself, god what an awful name its "Wii", WiiU for some reason, while a bad name, its not AS BAD)



FarukoSH commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

I like what i saw of the PS4, but i still have my doubts about it, gaming on consoles its not about graphics (and never has for all that matters) its about accesibility and the "easy of play", that social-media its taking a center point on current consoles shows that just better graphics wont do the cut, nowadays you can grab a PC with even better graphics than a PS4 for about the same price (and PCs can do A LOT more things), the WiiU took that and a made a step further by adding the gamepad (wich i LOVE...)

The problem, games... Killzone looks awesome and i love Infamous (one of my fav PS3 games btw), but theres nothing "mind-blowing", just like the WiiU launch, and justify the purchase of a new console its hard when games comes to old and next gen for about a year

I dont care about graphics, thats why i have my PC, i care about the console itself and what can add to gaming, if they keep doing more and more with the social part of gaming ill gladly get a PS4 and put it right next to my PC and WiiU (and 3DSXL for all that matters...)

And no microsoft, why ? because 1 good exclusive (gears of war, i just dont like halo, do not hate me) doesnt compare to the millions of great exclusives Nintendo/Sony has, period



FarukoSH commented on Resident Evil Revelations Set to Infest Wii U:

@Rayword45 Quite short ? the game takes around 10-12 hours to complete and thats on normal difficulty, and around 20-25 to complete the Raid Mode and more if you like Co-Op

Put it another run on the campaing on hell (around 12 hours) and you got at least 40-50 good hours in, and even if you just play the campaing once, you get around 12 hours, compared to how short (and more expensive) are game nowadays, this game its not short at all

I have more than 60 hours, getting S rank on all Raid Missions, and playing coop for fun



FarukoSH commented on Resident Evil Revelations Set to Infest Wii U:

In my opinion, one of the best RE games ever, top 3 if you ask me and one of the best 3DS games, and if they give me some WiiU-3DS connect im pretty sure i could buy this game all over again, so im happy that Console owners could get a good RE game for once

But... isnt 49.99 a little too much ? 39.99 or maybe 34.99 could have been a great deal, i mean the game is great like i said and in terms of content its worth it, but its still the port of a handheld game, and that doesnt sound NOWHERE good for console owners, in my opinion

Anyway, people hate on RE6, but forgets that RE5 was just as bad...



FarukoSH commented on Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Delay Is Due To PS Vi...:

Anyway, it was a given that there was going to be a MH game on Vita, so im more for the idea of a 3DS release than a year later a MH4 "upgraded" version coming to the Vita (and i put upgraded in quotations because Capcom upgrades should not be called upgrades at all...)

And Gamelab has always been a hit or miss on the rumours (more miss than hits actually) like Oregano said DQIX was a PSP game... according to GameLab