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Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 Cancellation

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Take that!

With fans still wondering why Capcom cancelled the fan-based Mega Man Legends 3 project and prototype, Capcom Europe has an answer: lack of an audience.

Responding to one user via the Capcom Europe Twitter, the company commented:

it's a shame the fans didn't want to get more involved if we saw there was an audience for MML3 people might change minds

Yes, you read that correctly.

How do you feel about this statement?

Continue reading: Capcom apologises


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Meepok1 said:

Darn. I might have picked this game up when it came out...... Well....not anymore :/



Sh00kst3r said:

Wow, Capcom's on a long death streak. Sucks...
I wonder what will go wrong with Resident Evil: Revelations?



Bankai said:

Capcom says there isn't an audience for a game. A company with global reach and spends a lot of money researching these things.

The members of a small (relatively speaking) community say there is.

Hm. Which to believe?



KaiserGX said:

Don't worry we'll get it when they release Super Megaman Legends 3D Turbo Remix HD Arcade Edition.



Xkhaoz said:

Oh wow, I laughed so hard, but seriously, why'd you cancel it?



KaiserGX said:

@Waltz, looking at the big picture, I believe Capcom. Their the ones who will benefit from selling it anyways.



dings said:

What's wrong with Capcom lately? First the one time save in RE and now this...



y2josh said:

@WaltzElf: Why did they make the first two, and so many Mega Man sequels and Mega Man X sequels and Mega Man DS games. I don't believe them.



Kevin said:

They have the nerve to blame their fans? First of all I never played any of the Legends games so the cancellation didn't get to me but the fact a company blames their fans is BS!



VincentX said:

Capcom...f*ck you, f*ck you again and f*ck you three more times just because I SAID SO!



kkslider5552000 said:

I wonder what Cee Lo Green would say in this situation.

"Forget you (ooh ooh ooh)!"

ah, censorship, never fails! Thank you Green!



Bankai said:

@y2josh - so recent Mega Man games have sold in massive numbers, right?

Capcom's probably dedicated resources to its mega hits. People spending time programming Mega Man games are resources that would probably see a better return working on a Monster Hunter game.



Zach said:

@WaltzElf It would have been nice if they'd tried the development's team idea - gauging fan interest by seeing how many downloaded the prototype. At least as a fan overture or a "thank you," even if they planned to cancel it all along, that would have at least been a nice move.



realar said:

HOW DARE YOU!! Blame US for your STUPID mistake, we did everything in OUR POWER to make that game possible and what did you do?! Say that our effort was meaningless, yeah I'm glad I wasn't completely involved in this project because YOU DON'T KNOW SQUAT about how to work with your fans. SO SCREW YOU CAPCOM! Hope your booth at Comic-Con gets a hefty tagging and scolding from the gamers.



Crystalking18 said:

i was never going to buy the game in general because i dont have a 3ds, nor am I interested in the Megaman Legends franchise, but still. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAAAAAAAAT!!!! I'm sorry, but for a game that had a large input by the fans and was waited for by fans for years to be cancelled and have someone say "there wasn't any support." is either the biggest moron on the face of the earth, or is just begging to have a public backlash!



goldboy27 said:

operation backlash to get this game back
backlash at capcom for saying there is no fanbase



Bankai said:


I agree this could have been handled better by Capcom, whose PR department seems to be filled with a bunch of interns right now, but I think it's grossly unfair to say that Capcom didn't have a reason for doing this. Companies are not in the business of cancelling sure-fire projects, or pissing off fans without a good reason.



Zach said:

@WaltzElf Oh they definitely had a reason, but why let so much excitement build about the game in the first place? That's a dumb move.



CrazyOtto said:

I never thought Capcom would be the first Japanese company that I decided to strictly boycott, but they are.



Monsti said:

This is just getting crazier and there some secret plan where it helps them being hated???

I was sure I was going to buy this, but I didn't "get involved" that much...actually I planned on getting involved after the release of the prototype thing....well... F U!



Birdman said:

You know, Capcom would have probably gotten more people interested in the project if Capcom had f***ing released the prototype. You know, it's one thing to see screenshots, trailers and pre-release impressions, it's a completely different thing to actually play the game for yourself. Capcom, you f***ed up on this one, and you just pissed off a good chunk of your rapidly-diminishing fan base. Losing Infamue wasn't the end of the world ... the way you handled it made it that way.



theblackdragon said:

@Kaiser: Pretty sure I read someplace that was the point of the prototype being released as 3DSWare — to gauge interest. They're not fortune tellers, so they were going to do it that way, but now they're just not bothering with it at all for whatever reason (which is apparently now our fault, as the 'fans' this guy is referring to).

That said, is it possible for you to hold an opinion before Waltz shows up to weigh in? I'm starting to not think so.



Corbs said:

This has nothing to do with deciding not to bring out the game. It has everything to do with tossing the blame back on the fans with a statement like that. Same thing with Nintendo and those three JRPGS. If you don't want to release them, fine, but don't make a to-do about an "announcement" and then just basically tell fans you're not bringing them to North America.



KaiserGX said:

@Theblackdragon I have no idea what you are trying to tell me in your second paragraph.

@Corbs, That's really a big whoop though. I still think people should move on. I had that Kirby game canceled so much on me but I didn't get upset and start flaming Hal Labs.



Crystalking18 said:

who wants to bet that their booth at comic con will be attacked tomorrow. I can imagine the capcom representatives there are running away in fear



bro2dragons said:

Douche move guys.

Do all major game companies just have pricks for P.R. people these days? They should really all reconsider who they're paying to represent them, because they're not buying any favors.




You have betrayed me for the last time! Dalek BRAINFOX is enraged! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!!! EXTERMINAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



theblackdragon said:

@Kaiser: It's been only a couple days since the news of its cancellation broke, and now they're piling insult onto injury here. People have the right to be pissed. If it was a month or two later, I'd agree that it's time for people to move on already, but it's too soon for that just yet.

Also, all I was doing was making an observation — you never seem to have anything of substance to say about a given topic until WaltzElf shows up to state his stance, at which point you immediately begin parroting or supporting whatever it was he had to say. Him I can understand, but you're really coming across as offensive in this case IMO.



Glade said:

Well. What a waste. Capcom, this response is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. What a way to get more people to hate.... So much effort fans put in to this development. Then you cancel it. Then you blame the fans as well. This was bad enough for the system... but even more for you as a company..... All the more lols if they bring it out for Vita later on....



shimage said:

How was this Capcom rep's comment not already obvious? They almost canceled the game months ago because there wasn't enough participation in the devroom. If Capcom thought there was a market for the game, they'd release it; they are a publicly traded company, and therefore are required to chase after money.



CerealKiller528 said:

****ing bull**** crapcom suck my ****ing **** you lil son of a *****es kiss my *** KISS MY ****ing *** you lil man *****es i am going to stop buying your ****ty games..................................... after I finish RE: Mercenaries 3D.



Bankai said:

@Corbs - agreed. Though I understood Nintendo's reasoning (if not the delivery), I have no idea who's hiring Capcom's PR people right now, or who is media training their spokespeople.

In both cases, they should be fired. I can follow a line of reasoning behind the business decisions, but the handling of the press/ social networking has been just woeful.

Heck, it's the first lesson of marketing 101 - "do not tell your customers they are wrong."



KaiserGX said:

@theblackdragon I hardly post in these news sections. From what I remember I posted here, Pixel 3D Racing Review, Bobby Carrot Forever, and something else I can't remember (I think it had something to do with the VITA) Even there I was talking like Foghorn Leghorn. I did it just once here, I don't know where your pulling this from. I almost never agree with Waltz. Why the need to poke something? Sounds kinda personal and unnecessary, but you can't mod over yourself can't you.

Maybe your confusing my avatar.



Peznaze said:

Same drivel they peddled with Darkstalkers. They're far too concerned with monetary gain and not concerned enough with pleasing their customers.



UltraRobPrime said:

Capcom used to be my favorite game company, but with the the treatment of MVC3's content, the announcement of Ultimate MVC3, and this, I'm not so sure.



bboy2970 said:

I'm not that pissed about the cancelation. I probabky wasn't gonna buy the game myself in the first place. But now this statement has put me off a bit. Studios cancel projects all the time, it happens. I even understand the reasoning. Its just kind of a dick move to come out and tell the fans it isn't Capcoms fault, it all of YOUR faults!!! Yeah, they gauged little interest in the project but they could have kind know....given the poor thing a little exposure? The eShop demo would have been great for that. If they released that and it sold crappily then fine, there is no interest, cancel it. It just seems that if interest was the determining factor here, this poor thing never had a chance to begin with. Capcom has treated it like a sort of back-burner project from the start so Capcom, i submit that this is NOT the fans fault, it is YOUR fault. And how pitifull of you to place blame on your fanbase for your screw up. Shameful.



yoyogamer said:

I'd rather have them say this now than in 2 years when we had all but forgot about the game.



JayArr said:

Who ever made that tweet is fired....or at the very least stripped of all Twitter duties. People shouldn't judge a whole company on one employees stupidity. I expect a retraction statement by the morning.



LordJumpMad said:

Guys, it was my fault.....
I sent Capcom alot of angry e-mails, and one of them was about how much the fans hate MegaMan.
again, I am sorry.



theblackdragon said:

@Kaiser: Don't worry, as soon as I see it happen again, I'll pipe up and let you know... of course, now that I've let on that I can see through you, I'm betting you'll be on your toes. :3

That said (and I'm speaking as a user, here) the bottom line is that I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd keep the flippant comments like 'pwnt', 'big whoop', and 'people should move on' to yourself. they're not helping the situation at all.



theblackdragon said:

^ i knew it! i knew turtles were involved!
and also the spectacular trolling skills of LJM, thanks a lot D: D: D:



DarkKirby said:

Capcom the company has always been full of crap, but lately... They're being donkey holes on a whole different level.


Do you also believe Capcom's crap about Ace Attorney 2 have "translations costs being too high" and "maybe you should purchase more of our even lower budget crappy games to "prove" to us these high fan base games will sell". Capcom seems to be interested in easy money or no money at all. Oh my gosh, this game might take EFFORT and CREATIVITY and might only make a GOOD profit! "company with global reach and spends a lot of money researching these things."? They have a team that decides what will sell and what is worth localizing surely, to listen to their opinion over thousands of fans (if the execs even cared about it as they get the final say) though doesn't seem to make sense. Corporations decide they know better then their customers all the time, as "they'll buy what we sell either way, why should we let then choose what they want?" and these corporations are donkey holes. Personally, I think the cancellation of all recent Rockman related things is in part just to piss on Keiji Inafune for daring to leave Capcom. And then Capcom goes on to blame the thousands of fans who are raging about their decision to cancel the game, for not supporting it enough? You'd think they'd only be satisfied if fans paid for the development process and manufacturing themselves so there would be a 0 chance of profit loss.



KaiserGX said:

@theblackdragon I can't be on my toes when your looking for something I haven't even been doing.

I thought it said, "how do you feel about this statement?". People always post things that don't really help any situation at all. In the forums, you always have someone saying something ridiculous and off topic that everyone starts doing it, and the thread is now poppy and you have to come in and lock it. I think you have a beef with me.



LordTendoboy said:

@ all the people who say "it's a business, businesses need to make money"...

There are hundreds of games released every year, not all of them are profitable. If every single company played it safe and stuck to proven genres, then the games industry wouldn't have evolved. Companies need to take risks at times.

Did Nintendo play it safe when they created the Wii and established the motion control phenomenon? Did Microsoft play it safe when they created Kinect, and then invested millions into promoting it? Did Nintendo play it safe when they created the cartoony style of Wind Waker?



bboy2970 said:

@TBD and Kaiser: Its not really my place to butt in....but I have sort of noticed you (TBD) may have some type of beef with Kaiser. I couldn't give any specific links but I remember on a few occasions thinking "Hmmm...seems like TBD has some problem with Kaiser." It just seems sometimes you have some type of axe to grind with Kaiser. Maybe a coincidence. Just an observation.



Link79 said:

Guess It's all our fault guys.
bad gamers!
Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did.




Gamesake said:

Man, I was hating Capcom long before it was cool. Ever since they let Keiji Inafune quit.



theblackdragon said:

@bboy: how can i have a beef with him when i hardly interact with him? I'm pretty sure I've locked/redirected some of his threads, but that's been about it, lol — i know a lot of people mistake locked threads for me having beef with them, when in reality I don't :3



kurtasbestos said:

Jeez, you people can be total jerks sometimes. Especially the ones who say they didn't have much interest in this game but still have all kinds of bad things to say about Capcom.



bboy2970 said:

@TBD: Just a thought I had. It isn't locking. I know nothing of any topics of his you've locked. I was reffering more to things you specifically post against him with this artical being the latest. Maybe I'm imagining things but as soon as I see it happen again, I'll pipe up and let you know



KaiserGX said:

I can account for some of the threads. Some of them were really stupid, or old threads existed. But a lot of times I say something, when there's others doing the same thing you always go for me. Just how I feel. Like there's a crowd of birds eating a piece of bread and you point at me and say LEAVE THAT BREAD ALONE. All the other birds fly away with a piece of bread and I'm there crying.



bboy2970 said:

@kurtasbestos: I think its less an issue with the cancellation (that's old news) and more an issue with the fact that Capcom has the nerve to cancel a project with little exposure in the first place and then tell the fans "ya know what? Blame yourselves! It your faults!"



bboy2970 said:

@Kaiser: Exactly what i was attempting to articulate. I'm sure TBD doesn't jump on her computer and say "I'm gonna get that Kaiser good!!" Maybe there is just some sub-concious negativity toward you. Did you and TBD ever have it out over something a long time ago?



LordTendoboy said:


No exposure? Mega Man Legends 3 was one of the most well-known 3DS games out there. There were plenty of people who wanted to get a 3DS just for that game.



Moco_Loco said:

It's your fault the game was cancelled. If your iPhone 4 loses reception, it's your fault because you're holding it wrong. If your Xbox 360 got the red rings of death, it's your fault for not aiming seventeen fans directly at it in a well-ventilated area.



theblackdragon said:

@ltg: as long as they don't start blaming the floorboards, those have already been nailed pretty good in their lifetimes



Squiggle55 said:

@DarkKirby That thing about Inafune is what popped into my head too. Maybe they're so jilted they don't want to have to keep giving him credit on a successful franchise.



bboy2970 said:

@Tendoboy: Well then, here is the other anti Capcom argument, There WAS interest in the game! So why did you cancel it claiming little interest!? And then have the audacity to blame your fans? See, no matter how you slice it, Capcam sort of botched this one



TrueWiiMaster said:

I never played Mega Man Legends, but I've enjoyed several other games featuring the robotic hero. I was planning on at least getting the prototype (barring bad reviews) to try out the series. I find this trend towards only releasing the best-selling games fairly disturbing. I know there will always be small companies with comparatively small projects releasing fun games, and I know businesses in the gaming industry are in it for the money, but I shudder to think that the big companies will just stick to their blockbuster series and give up on gems.



cangelo said:

They were not going to make money on that title and they knew it. I can't blame them for cutting their losses, but they could have handled the pr in a much better.



jkshaz said:

Seems like an interesting business practice for a company to heap blame on the select that were supporting something.



WaveBoy said:

Wait....What? Mega Man doesn't have an audience?lol
If this were Power Stone 3 than maybe I'd understand the crap that he's saying here.



TLink9 said:

Dear Capcom,

Ok first thing, in this world you never ever blame your fans. Secondly we are not your slaves. Lastly we wanted the game the whole time, we don't have to visit your website and comment on your progress.

Have a nice day,



bboy2970 said:

@TLink9: Exactly! It seems like lately with Capcom there is always criteria to get a game people really want. Like "Okay guys, if you really want this game we need you to buy this that and the other product and also sign up on our website and leave comments here, here, and here. If we get 10,000,000 whatevers then we'll consider giving you the game, MAYBE!!!" There is always some type of rallying people and telling us what to do or else they'll cancel a game. We shouldn't need to butt-kiss 24-7 just to get some decent releases Capcom! Also, I still like Capcom a lot. They are just really getting under my skin lately.



Link79 said:

How did they get enough support when making Mega man 9 and 10?
Weren't they affraid that wouldn't turn a profit?
After all they were 8-bit games made in a world of HD and high res graphics. Several people (mostly the younger crowd) were complaining about Capcom being lazy for using the old outdated graphics.
Somehow they still made an impact and people took notice.



misery13 said:

Thanks alot CRAPCOM, allow us to further ignore any future projects as a retaliation. Even a blind man can see you killed Megaman.



Radixxs said:

Ahaha oh my god. This is even better than Nintendo's response to Operation Rainfall! Man, these game companies sure are finding hilarious explanations for non-releases. I quite literally laughed aloud for at least 2 minutes after reading that.



TLink9 said:

@Waltz You know I should believe the company that "researched" about having no delete the savegame option in RE:M.



turtlelink said:

Megaman being cancelled is just only one part of our master plan.
I hope y'all aren't excited for Bit. Trip SAGA or that silly Layton vs. Phoenix wright >:]



Capt_N said:

The pr for this could have been so much better. If Capcom had accepted blame/partial-blame, &/or given me a legitimate reasoning why it's my fault in any way it might be, I would be ok for the most part.

Edit: Part of me is just plain curious, if the team working on MML3 was hoping/expecting/anticipating/whatever/etc. fan input on, &/or to the same degree as Mega Man 2.



Retro_Gamer said:

Huh, well that's a very odd statement, I mean Mega Man is what originally MADE Capcom, how can there not be an audience? Perhaps they meant not enough fans on the 3DS? Blaming the fans/customers was the worst way to handle this.



Teh-Ray said:

I really have to wonder how reactions would be if the headline to this article was worded differently. From what I'm reading, they didn't get quite the expected amount of feedback that they wanted. Maybe the audience for this series isn't as big as people think, maybe they just needed a few more fans, or maybe they really are just trolling their fans. We may not know for sure, but I think the headline of the article is really blowing things a bit out of proportions.

Oh well, there would be unnecessary drama no matter what anyway. I just wish some people would think before posting bad about some company.



sykotek said:

Relax, I'm sure whoever was tweeting at Capcom Europe was saying that Capcom Japan had no idea on how to gauge the actual consumer interest in the game as there is a lack of sales data involved.

Facebook and online petitions don't count for anything. It would be stupid for Capcom to pour money into development and release a title without knowing how well it would sell. Just walk into your local retailer and look at the shelves. They are more than likely filled to the brim with 3DS launch titles.

All complaining aside though, if you wanted to spend your time complaining, at this point it really would be a good idea to petition Capcom to complete and release "MML3 Prototype" and to use it to gauge actual demand for MML3. I think that's a fair thing to do at least.



XCWarrior said:

This really pisses me off. Not sure what Capcom is thinking, but they must be under Nintendo's spell of no more RPGs on Nintendo platforms.



Knux said:

And I give a big eff you right back to Capcom. Is the company just trying to purposely p*ss off fans? Because I think that they are doing a fantastic job. I was already upset about Capcom cancelling MML3 in the first place, but this takes the cake.



Bankai said:

@ DarkKirby

“Do you also believe Capcom's crap about Ace Attorney 2 have "translations costs being too high" and "maybe you should purchase more of our even lower budget crappy games to "prove" to us these high fan base games will sell".”

If there was money to be made, Capcom would have localised it. Simple as that. Companies don’t miss opportunities to make real money. So perhaps sales of the previous Ace Attorney games weren’t up to scratch. Perhaps the expectation was that this one would sell more poorly. The thing is that I don’t actually know the numbers behind Capcom’s decision, and neither do you. So don’t guess.

“Oh my gosh, this game might take EFFORT and CREATIVITY and might only make a GOOD profit!”

Translating a game doesn’t take effort and creativity. It’s simply a business transaction, but it can actually be an expensive process for games with a lot of text and/ or voice acting. The effort and creativity has already been done.

“They have a team that decides what will sell and what is worth localizing surely, to listen to their opinion over thousands of fans (if the execs even cared about it as they get the final say) though doesn't seem to make sense.”

Thousands of fans (if it even is that many vocal about this. I doubt it) are not enough. Sad, perhaps, but true. Localising and marketing a game to thousands will result in a game that makes Capcom a loss. Therefore you can’t blame them for not doing that. Now if it was tens of thousands, and those tens of thousands were GUARANTEED sales (and you can’t assume they are, some people protest on principle), then you’d have a point.

“Corporations decide they know better then their customers all the time,”

No, corporations aim to provide products that please the largest possible audience. It’s a big philosophical difference.

“Personally, I think the cancellation of all recent Rockman related things is in part just to piss on Keiji Inafune for daring to leave Capcom.”

Nah. Businesses don’t behave that way. Fans tend to read what they want into decisions that don’t please them.

“And then Capcom goes on to blame the thousands of fans who are raging about their decision to cancel the game, for not supporting it enough?”

Yeah, as I said before. That was stupid. But that’s a mishandling by the PR/ Marketing department, not a reflection on a bad business decision.

“You'd think they'd only be satisfied if fans paid for the development process and manufacturing themselves so there would be a 0 chance of profit loss.”

Read up a bit on game theory (the economic theory). Capcom’s not big on playing a dominated strategy. That’s why it has canned this project, despite the upset fans that Capcom knew it was going to end up with.

Challenge for you all – put aside your personal feelings for a moment: Can any of you think of a single, genuine reason that Capcom would pass on these projects if there was money to be made from it (remembering, there had already been some investment, so Capcom is actually making a substantial loss just to pull the project)



MeloMan said:

pffffwwwwtt! HAHAAHAHA! Oh Capcom, you so funny... wait, y'all were serious???



Markystal said:

...So they blame us.....can I get my money back for the past 30 capcom games I've bought?



TingLz said:

@WaltzElf: It's not the game cancelling that everyone's p*ssed about. It's the fact that they got fans excited about the game and then told them "Oops, just kidding" and then shoving crap into their face by saying "you should have been more excited!"

There is absolutely no justification for this quote. They should have kept their tweets and quotes to themselves until it all blew over. Capcom deserves anything that's coming to them.

Oh, and before you ask, I could care less for Mega Man. I'm just not too happy with how they went about this whole process.



SwerdMurd said:

i was kind of thinking this same thing when it was announced...Barely anyone played Legends (compared to other megaman-related games) and I was wondering when Capcom had decided that people magically started liking the series again. I guess I found my answer.



Mabbit said:

>:[ Are you trying to shift the blame on us, Capcom? Jeez, you've always been one of my favorite companies, but you're really losing my respect...



MrDanger88 said:

Crapcom. Aside from fighting games, what good has this company done this gen? Sure as hell wasn't Resident Evil 4.5 or the s***** RE lightgun games or even those garbage Lost Planet games.



TingLz said:

This just in: Capcom might not translate that Prof. Layton crossover due to what they think is a lack of interest Jk, or am I?



Devil_Survivor said:

@WaltzElf: I think that you're failing to realize is that Capcom is basing this decision on the amount of people who registered with their Devroom community, which from what I've heard was a more extraneous process that it should have been, instead of the demo that already was near completion of which they would have charged and likely profited from regardless of their follow-up decision, which is what had originally promised.
Along with that there was a lot vivid support from the fans that make Capcom's reason for saying that the cancellation was due to a lack of fan interest a real spit in the face to the community.
So all in all what I believe most people are upset about is the horrid PR management like you've been saying, but the fanbase is more upset with this decision being based on bogus data as well as being led on by false information.



Mabbit said:

I'm still gonna stick up for Capcom...
They made Okamiden for one thing which was totally for the fans. Megaman 9 and 10, MH3, Devil May Cry 4, and Dead Rising have all been great. And they also single handedly revitalized the fighting game genre within a year. They've just been failing this past month



komicturtle said:

I take some blame for not actually getting involved and using my decent artistic skills to help with the development. Though, under circumstances, I couldn't

From the get-go, the game was supposed to be worked on by fans and developers together. I mean, how many people actually contributed? I'm sure there was enough contribution to really justify the game making it out. It shouldn't take 1000 people to make a game (and I'm sure there was more than 1000 supporters, half contributing).

Games get cancelled, sure. But there must be a proper explanation as to why this game got canned besides "Inafune wasn't around!" or "If only we had more supporters."

That wording- it's really nasty and crude...



kevohki said:

I feel like bashing them some more. If they never shut down Clover Studio, we might have gotten a beautiful next-gen Okami sequel that the series deserves. Along with a sequel to Godhand. Who knows, Viewtiful Joe 3 might have been green-lit. Oh, and they would actually still have talent left at the company. Devil May Cry 4 was mediocre by it's own merits, just bad if compared to DMC3.

And they returned to milking their fighting franchises to death and ripping off their customers... all within a year. They've been failing for years. Honestly, even before they closed Clover considering they forced the studio to rush development on certain games and then still just threw all their advertising $ at Resident Evil 4 with none for going to other games.



KoruSensei said:

Capcom, you are quite stupid.

1.) You did NOT mention, even once, that user participation was a deciding factor into whether you were going to continue this project or not. We ALL thought that the "Prototype" version of your title was going to be for that very reason, not the forum voting and discussions... fools...

2.) You never took into account all the fans who didn't want to participate in the decision-making process but were still avidly pursuing the purchase. Mistake on your part again, morons

3.) I personally didn't want to take part in the community project that much because i didn't want to go through another user generation with registering to participate. I figured there were plenty of people out there chipping in enough that you'd get a gist of what fans wanted. I'm sure MANY people felt this way as well. Yet another mistake from you dolts.

4.) You've just pissed off MANY of your fans, including myself because... being the childish little finger-pointers you are, you can't even take the responsibility for your own moronic decisions and try to pin the blame on your loyal fans for not speaking up loudly enough PRIOR to its release. Will you be doing the same for RE: Revelations? Because I refuse to participate in any sort of creation and decision-making process... that's what YOU get paid for, not me. Which segways into my final point--

5.) Don't you have a staff of employees, who are PAID, to develop and make final decisions for your developmental process? Hell, I'd be PISSED if I was developing a game and had to be subservient to the opinions and lack there of in an internet forum!!!! Wouldn't "I" and "my paid development crew" be the ones making the game, not the public? Way to try to pass the buck, losers.

Don't expect my hard-earned money any more, you certainly don't deserve it.



Aviator said:

That tweet above was just idiotic.
what horror! turtles learned how to use twitter D:



kkslider5552000 said:

Watzelf fatal flaw is not talking about the difference between "100% guaranteed profits" and

-"50% guaranteed profits" or
-"guaranteed profits if you advertise and market remotely correctly" or
-"releasing a quick prototype that had more interest than at least half of announced 3DS games (sadly including the next Rocket Slime game, I must admit)" or even
-"Capcom has no balls"

Pretending there is no audience for this series is like pretending that's the reason we haven't gotten Earthbound games again in America. Sure, the fanbase is the same as it was a decade and a half ago. Sure, the internet has not changed the game. And sure, the world is going to end in 2012. Any other facts we oh so ignorant gamers should know about? I am so very curious.



OverlordMao said:

In countries with common sense, fans blame capcom!

In all seriousness though, wow Capcom. I have no words for that completely false and BS excuse you just sputtered out.
Blaming US? US!? us. U.S. , U.S.A!?

Even when I'm being serious, I still end up making a reference to a tv show



wanderlustwarrior said:

Douchetastic, capcom.

Outside of maining Volnutt in Tatsunoko vs Capcom, I don't care about the series, but even I know that there was support.

As long as they don't say anything similar if they ever get to work on a Darkstalkers game.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@kkslider5552000 Well Earthbound has some pretty good reasons going for it. For one thing, the actual fanbase is pretty small (but rather loud). It also doesn't help that there "could" be legal disputes with it based on some of its content and references. Now removing that stuff could be a problem, especially if it affects the feel of the game. Paying royalties (which can be potentially absurd) also isn't a light business decision. In the end, your best bet would be to make the least number of people angry (in order of size and importance). In that case it would have been the Earthbound fans (NA) that got the short end of the stick.



retro_player_22 said:

By saying that Capcom totally admit that they suck at creating Mega Man games now since the mastermind behind the magic of the MM series is not with them anymore so now they just want to announce a teasing MM game and piss the fans off by purposely cancelling it at the same time blaming the fans for its nonexistence. Damn Capcom, when did you start to become Crapcom.



kurtasbestos said:

bboy2970 -> I understand that Capcom probably shouldn't have said what it did, but what I don't get is why people are taking it so personally? I really have to wonder how many people taking their time to complain in the comments of this article ever actually took the time to contribute to any of the user input events that Capcom hosted. I'm guessing very few. If people actually do take this single Twitter comment to heart and hold a grudge against Capcom, then at worst they'll be losing some self-centered internet whiners from their fan base (that probably weren't going to buy the game anyway). No big loss there.



KoruSensei said:


Let's analyze the tweet, shall we?
"it's a shame the fans didn't want to get more involved if we saw there was an audience for MML3 people might change minds"

Based off of this quote, it's clear that Capcom had a deciding factor placed into the audience participation. How this can be identified is through the facts that the quote ALSO iterated that, if there were more participation from the audience, then "people might change minds". Thus stating that there was an insufficient amount of participation to fulfill the quota derived by the executives at Capcom to continue onward with this project.

If audience participation was a necessary factor, and not an OPTIONAL one to just gather ideas and fan feedback during the developmental process, then it comes to reason that at least Capcom should have notified the public to their ploy and not just spring it on all the fans who had been anticipating this title's release while all together placing the blame on said fans for there not being a larger quantity of participants.

Finally, since I do assume that you couldn't reply with anything but a sort of ad hominem argumentative quip, I'll expect no more than another one of the sort if you actually choose to reply again. But i can't say i wouldn't be too surprised if multiple sentences are involved in the follow-up.



NapalmHornet said:

I agree with their statement. They are not blaming you Americans they are blaming people like me (who are from europe). It just wouldnt sell over here (in my old school only I and another guy knew MegaMan). Even though people I have introduced to them say they are good games and all I still dont think that they would part with money to buy it. Another reason is that pretty much nobody entered the DEV room. I sadly didn't because well I have never played a MML game ever before and wouldn't know what to say because of this. Sorry guys, europe sucks with games!



kkslider5552000 said:

Ok, I actually love Capcom of Europe or whoever this likely disgruntled employee is. Look at the twitter, it's amazing. He's helping, he has to be, if unintentionally.



FunderThucker said:

Guys, Capcom is just trying to look out for us. They know that what we truly want is another rerelease of Street Fighters IV. Thanks Capcom.



tovare said:

Jeez, they could have made a Like button or something. If I wanted to make games rather than playing them, I'd just do it. Fan based involvment is cool, but the expectation should be one or two people with substantial contribution and a whole bunch being noise ... not a crowd and it's not a way to cut production cost. Maybe CAPCOM went into this with too high expectations.

Maybe cancellation was a good thing, maybe there was no game of substance to begin with. You wouldn't be able to fill the huge void with ad-hoc suggestions.



Linkstrikesback said:

This horrific string of moves is enough to make me boycot capcom. At least, it would be if they didn't keep canceling/not translating the games I want!



MeilingSan said:

Damn Capcom, you just went full idiot!

While I can understand that they saw it might not have thought it would sell well, that's still no reason to cop out of a promise to release a prototype to see how it would fare from there. That's not fair to the fans to just scrap it. And blaming the fans, and then blaming the people who put hard work into the DevRoom? Wow, just wow.

The way I see it, they probably didn't like how the game was being put together, being more story and art heavy than what most games are like nowadays: You know, no story whatever, just pretty graphics and sometimes good controls. Sorry it wasn't mainstream enough for you jerks, but we didn't want a mainstream game, we wanted a unique game, and you've screwed us all out of that.

I hope Capcom realizes what kind of mistake they've caused and fix it before they end up going down the hole. That's to say, just because it's the Megaman franchise, doesn't mean all of Capcom's other franchises aren't going to be hurt, because fans of Megaman purchased other works from Capcom, and many people have seriously thought about boycotting and vowing off Capcom for this mistake.

Yes, I realize this wasn't a green light production, but they shouldn't have called it off for the reasons they have apparently stated. I believe there is a true reason to call it off, and having them beat around the bush like they are isn't going to help them. The fans in the DevRoom are the reason the game was called off? That's a lie, and that's even more insulting to the people of the DevRoom.

I've got nothing else to express myself on in this. I thought maybe Capcom could redeem themselves from this, but now with this out, I think Capcom is going to become crippled, regardless of its other franchises.



JusticeColde said:

Let's see how many people buy Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 & Street Fighter 3: Online Edition after this.



MattTaylor said:

Oh dear this really is a strange turn of events. Afterall Capcom need to realise that the number of fans die hard enough to want to get involved in the actual development of a beloved series is going to be a far smaller number than the fans who are going to buy it. Would I like to be involved in the development process? No. I can't be bothered to create my own levels in Little Big Planet, but that doesn't mean I don't want to play other people's creations. I like Mega Man, and have actually missed out on the entire Legends series and was looking forward to picking it up on 3DS. This really is a strange conclusion to a process which genuinely felt like it cared for its fanbase, and after the uprising of the single save state of Mercenaries it seems Capcom have some grovelling to do. I'll accept your apology in the form of a brand 3D Ghouls and Ghosts. Who's with me?



sykotek said:

@JusticeColde: I'm not sure what you're trying to get at...your statement is kinda vague, but I'll be getting both titles (Ultimate3 and 3TSOnline) for both PS3 and 360, that's right...4 total purchases.



Bass_X0 said:

Let's see how many people buy Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 & Street Fighter 3: Online Edition after this.

I don't think many PS3 and XBOX 360 fans care what gets cancelled on the 3DS.



SKTTR said:

Come on, it's just Mega Man. Legends. A spin-off. And a sequel of a sequel. I bet it was just a boring rehash and it#s cancelled for good. Get over it! It was no Mega Man 11. Never was a fan anyway, never supported the series, never bought a single Mega Man game, and I can care less. Bring Edgeworth 2 over! More Ghost Trick! More Monster Hunter! More Zack&Wiki! More Resident Evil! More Phoenix Wright & Layton! More Fighting games! That's all better than Mega Man imo.



Detective_TeeJay said:

@183 If you're not a Megaman fan and never bought any Megaman fans, what gives you the right to tell us to get over it? You're not the one feeling the pain, so it's easy for you to spout out things like, "It's only Megaman." and "Who cares?"



moosa said:

It was pretty obvious that this was the case. They created the Dev Room to see if they could get enough people involved to prove that there was enough interest in the game to go through with it. Clearly there weren't enough people that got involved in the process there and therefore Capcom cancelled it. It was a pretty silly little experiment in my opinion, but that's what they did.



Gamer83 said:

Great PR... Bunch of idiots working at Crapcom these days. Destroying RE, charging $5 for costumes in fighting games that are already on the disc, now this. I hate to say it because I actually still love the Street Fighter series, but the gaming world might be better off without Crapcom. At least the way they are now. They, just like Square were once one of the greats. It's sad seeing these legendary companies slowly becoming trash because they're falling into the hands of complete incompetents.



JimLad said:

'Lack of an audience'
There is the future of gaming right there people.
Roll on full digital distribution, then maybe things will be different.



Rapadash6 said:

Just seeing that artwork of the original Mega Man makes me sad. Like Sonic, it's just another great character that will fade away due to mismanagement.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Looking back i have to say i never understood using a dev room to get an idea about how many people are likely to buy the game.
And i thought the Prototype version was sure to come. So i got the impression that i can better use the Prototype version than the dev room. I mean i had to get some idea about the gameplay first anyway because honestly i haven't played any MM Legends game so far. I was really looking forward to this game though.

As soon as everybody can buy prepaid EShop cards i guess there wouldn't be any / much loss for Capcom in releasing the Prototype so they could just have done that.

And i can't read any real apology out of Capcom's response. Bad PR, Capcom, really bad PR.



PSICOffee said:

Hey let me complain too everyone!

All of you are wasting your time preaching to the choir. I guarantee Capcom is not reading any of your exhausting parallel grievances. You can prove your distaste by simple boycott (highly doubt it will work) and for every one of us mad about this, there are 100 people who don't care and will continue supporting Capcom. I am not one of those people (hate fighting games especially Street Fighter series for years anyway). 'Merica.



TingLz said:

@PSICoffee: I dunno. There are a lot of normally apathetic people who are also mad about this. I think 1 out of 99 people care now



Slapshot said:

I find this comment really surprising - even though I understand that said it isn't a true spokesperson for Capcom - but, I still find it surprising that the company would justify cancelling the game over the Devroom audience.

Most of the fans of this series are most likely in their 20's, have jobs and spend their free time playing games, not in a Devroom trying to 'help' create a game for a company. I don't have the time and I'm a huge fan of the series and would purchase the game the second I could once it released. It's a very disappointing move for me and quite shocking to see this coming from Capcom in my opinion.

I'm sure they didn't know how many copies of Dark Void Zero would sell, or if Mega Man 9 would be the blockbuster hit that it was before it released. It's a risk, but even if they broke even, they would be servicing their fans who love the series, and will go on to buy more Capcom games and make even more money off of them.

For me, I'll remember this the next time I'm on the fence about purchasing a game that has CAPCOM listed on the box. You don't hype up a niche fan base and then slam the door in their face!



Henmii said:

Maybe they where really dissapointed by the lack of gamers involvement. We really don't know how much involvement they expected and how much they got. But I guess there are also many gamers that aren't super creative (like me) but still wanted to play the game!

Either way: Very sad that the game has been scrapped!



Supremeist said:

Oh yeah! We all hated that Mega Man was in development for the 3DS! Screw you Capcom, apology unaccepted.



Omenapoika said:

HAhaha, Capcom!
They sound like an annoying girlfriend, gets you going and:
"I'd be up for it if you really wanted, but it's a no then."
"WhAT- I don't even-!"



MeilingSan said:

Take this into account. It was supposed to be released onto the 3DS. Maybe they didn't see the audience with the 3DS. I dunno, I still stand by my earlier statement above, that's just some food for thought.

Also, for those of you who come across this, this article was updated to say, and I quote:
"Update: Capcom Europe's Twitter has clarified its comments:

Apologies again. The original comment was in relation to the interaction in the Dev rooms NOT the fans who have been nothing but supportive.



armoredghor said:

wow. I seriously don't know their reasoning behind this but they definately had a fan base for a spinoff series that had originality versus the main franchise which has none. I really can't think of a good reason to scrap that. they could've at least released for the eshop with no hardware gambles.



ks36 said:

in this one i'm with capcom, you got to accept that even among the megaman huge amount of fans, there are only a few who would buy this crappy game, megaman is an awesome franchise, but the "legends" games are two of the worst games ever, EVER¡¡¡, so you must not cry, we should be happy about this.



seraphi said:

They have to make money on this and there aren't enough people who like the game



sonik said:

Well the first two Mega man legend games to psone SUCKED really bad, worst MM games ever, but maybe the reboot with the third game on 3ds had been a good MML game.



astarisborn94 said:

To be fair, this was the opinion of one spokesperson from Capcom of Europe; whom's branch doesn't hold nearly as much power as Capcom of America and Capcom of Japan. Still, looking back on this, it was very distasteful of the person to say such a thing.

Things may have gotten slightly better for Mega Mans fans this year (with Mega Man appearing in Smash as well as the Game Boy Virtual Console games coming), but Capcom still has a long way to go before they can fully recover their reputation. And with only $152 million left in the bank, Capcom can't afford to screw up much longer.

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