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Wed 8th Apr 2009

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JayArr commented on Review: Ice Climber (3DS eShop / NES):

Very fair review, I have this ranked as a 2/10.

The physics in the game are beyond hideous. I could pound three bottles of vodka and still climb a mountain with more skill than these two.



JayArr commented on Site News: James Finds a Warp Zone:

You're leaving some big shoes to fill. I swear you did as much work as four people and it's great to see paying off. Nothing but fond memories man and this place won't be the same without you.

Best wishes over NoE and I'm sure you'll get up in there and dominate. n_n



JayArr commented on Ex-Rare Staff Talk Nintendo, Microsoft and Whe...:

LoL at this Justin Cook guy. Rare is no longer "talented" because they haven't made a memorable game in nearly a decade. "Adaptable" doesn't mean anything but making garbage shovelware to feed to mindless masses for quick money.

They used to be genius and now they're just sell outs. It's sad.



JayArr commented on Nintendo May Not Call Wii U a Home Console:

This reminds me of when Prince changed his name into a symbol and then completely fell into obscure oblivion. I keep getting the feeling that Nintendo is one weird move away from being considered a complete joke instead of pioneers.



JayArr commented on That Zelda Timeline Makes a Bit More Sense Now:

1 dai a gurl name Zelda iz kidnappd by dude named Ganon
Her bf Link sez "I sav u bbz"
He travl in time to helpz
Zelda say "Link uze Tri Force"
Link sez "No"
Ganon stab Link in bak and he blud goz errywher. < ///////3
Link wisper "I wantd uze Tri Love for yu bbz"
Link diez and fail quest. ;____;

xXx Like dis if U cry evrytime. xXx