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Thu 21st Jul 2011

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Devil_Survivor commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

@WaltzElf: I think that you're failing to realize is that Capcom is basing this decision on the amount of people who registered with their Devroom community, which from what I've heard was a more extraneous process that it should have been, instead of the demo that already was near completion of which they would have charged and likely profited from regardless of their follow-up decision, which is what had originally promised.
Along with that there was a lot vivid support from the fans that make Capcom's reason for saying that the cancellation was due to a lack of fan interest a real spit in the face to the community.
So all in all what I believe most people are upset about is the horrid PR management like you've been saying, but the fanbase is more upset with this decision being based on bogus data as well as being led on by false information.