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Wed 6th May 2009

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MDee14 commented on Wii U System Update Coming Next Week:

This is really awesome news! Booting straight to Wii is a great bonus. I wonder if Miiverse will be release on this day as well for the webs. I can't wait to lose many work hours on Miiverse haha



MDee14 commented on Wii U Selling 1.2 Games Per Console In North A...:

Are these numbers for stores? Because i find a lot of people are buying online copies for games. i have a lot of people on wara wara mentioning that they're waiting for their download of Tekken or NSMBU to finish, even Assassin Creed 3.

Keep in mind...not sure if the results counted this in, a lot of people got the deluxe package, which comes with Nintendoland, and a game. Wouldn't that count as two games?

Nothing to worry about in my view,



MDee14 commented on YouTube App Goes Live on Wii U:

Youtube app is very bad! my videos don't appear for those im subscribe to. it froze my system once. it also made me active twice. highly recommend the web version, until its updated



MDee14 commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 to Kick Off Retail Dow...:

I'm happy Nintendo is allowing both options. you can get games the traditional way or the new way.

I find the new way to be beneficial, as you don't have to worry about losing any game cards or need to carry any game cards. It would be a greater handheld experience that everyone is calling for.

You wouldn't have to worry about a game selling out as you can easily download it. Sometimes people don't get the game on day launch and might ignore about getting it later.

Plus SD cards are cheap now, you can easily get a 32GB card for $20-$30, and it SD cards will always get cheaper, which would only benefit us at the end.

But of course this is my opinion.



MDee14 commented on Online Play Shown Off in Sonic Generations Shots:

This game has streetpass and great online modes. I actually got this game early by mistake. I don't think the eb games employee knew the date release and i thought it was on the 20th. But this game is identical to the consoles, with the changes of stages.



MDee14 commented on Shinobi:

well they have a lot of time to fix how this game looks. Right now..i'm not too happy with how it looks. Maybe they should aim for a cel-shaded look