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  • News Mega Man Legends Composer Wants To Crowdfund The Third Entry

    More Mega?

    If you're a Mega Man fan, you might remember the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 in 2011. While fans were encouraged to show their support for a new entry even after the project had been axed, it's now 2020 and nothing seems to have come of it. Now, out of the blue, the Mega Man Legends composer Makoto Tomozawa has asked fans on...

  • Video Documentary Looks Over the Sad Demise of Mega Man Legends 3

    A bold project that couldn't survive

    In the early days of the 3DS few projects caused as much disappointment among dedicated fans as Mega Man Legends 3. Originally announced as an innovative collaboration between fans and developers - a fresh idea at the time - it gradually unravelled. Following the departure of Keiji Inafune from Capcom, the game...

  • News Keiji Inafune Would Still Be Interested in Making Mega Man Legends 3

    Just when you thought you'd forgotten!

    Keiji Inafune and his studio - Comcept - showed at this E3 that they've been quite busy as of late. With development of Mega Ma-, er, Mighty No. 9 wrapping up, it was revealed that the studio's now working on a brand new game called ReCore for Xbox One, with Armature studios co-developing. ReCore will be a...

  • News Mega Man Legends 3 8-Bit Fan Demake is Available Now

    It's more than Capcom's giving us

    Last year we told you about an 8-bit demake of Mega Man Legends 3 being produced by a group of fans; it promised quite a departure from the original 3D adventure, naturally, as it was taking the characters and setting for a more typical 2D action Mega Man experience. It's taken quite some time, but it's finally...

  • News Fans Plan a Revival of Mega Man Legends 3

    Of course...

    Those that were there at the beginning of the 3DS era, in Spring 2011, may remember the buzz around Mega Man Legends 3, the series exclusive from Capcom. It was hyped as a coup for the system, though Capcom was getting cold feet as 3DS sales initially struggled and, in all likelihood, had doubts regardless of hardware performance. We...

  • News Keiji Inafune Stills Wants To Make Mega Man Legends 3 A Reality

    "I could still gather most of the original team, even right now"

    Mega Man Legends 3 didn't happen. We all know that, and for some the fact that the game never saw the light of day remains a sore point. You might assume that the chances of Legends 3 ever being produced are slim to none, but Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has revealed that he would...

  • Rumour Mega Man Legends 3's Aero To Live On In Capcom iOS Title

    Could the character live on despite the game being canned?

    Sound Rangers: Rhythm & Battle! is an iOS title from Capcom which combines RPG elements with music-based combat — and it showcases a selection of famous characters from Capcom's history. Interestingly, Capcom has just revealed via Twitter that a new character is coming to the game —...

  • News Capcom Employee Outlines Details on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancellation

    "Two years later and we're still here talking about it"

    Mega Man Legends 3 is still a sore topic for some 3DS owners, as it aimed to involve the Mega Man community through its Devroom forum and promised a prototype version on the 3DS eShop to gauge its potential success. Unfortunately, the prototype and the main game were canned, leading to legions...

  • News Fan Group Prepares to Release 8-Bit Demake of Mega Man Legends 3

    Former game staffers contribute

    For those that didn't know, this past Saturday the Mega Rock Fan Fiesta event took place in Tokyo, and at the shindig a rather surprising fan project was announced. As the Blue Bomber's fans continue to bemoan the cancellation and abandonment of Mega Man Legends 3, a Facebook group called Get Me Off the Moon — which...

  • Feature The Confusing World of Mega Man Spin-Offs - Part 2

    Lots and lots of Mega Man

    We've already brought you our first part of a feature looking at the confusing world of Mega Man spin-offs, and now we're diving into some lesser known adventures from the Blue Bomber's universe. If you've played all of these then we can say one thing with confidence — you're a big fan of the franchise. Without further...

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