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Thu 9th Oct 2008

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OverlordMao commented on Buy Sonic Soundtracks For All Generations:


No seriously though, the music of Sonic Heroes made even the worst parts of that pretty decent game enjoyable. I still love the game anyway, but the music is just "HNNNNNNG" good, guys and gals



OverlordMao commented on Capcom Japan Reprints GameCube Game Gotcha Force:

Dear god yes, Gotcha Force is one of my favorite gamecube games of all time and I still have it today <3

I knew it was popular/well-loved in Japan but a reprint? That's great news!
Please please PLEASE make a sequel, my life would be complete



OverlordMao commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Christmas Presents:

Finally moving forward with my split Nintendo/Sony love and got myself a 160gb Slim PS3
also Brutal Legend
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
Disgaea 4
and a $20 PSN card (which bought me Crash Bandicoot 2, Rayman, and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis)

Gonna spend the next few years catching up on my Sony gaming I've missed out on. WOOOOOO!



OverlordMao commented on Machinarium Finally, Officially Cancelled:

I'll just buy it on Steam if I wanted to, but I don't really. It's not a spectacular game by any means. Still, I'm glad they decided that it was better to with-hold the game for quality standards.

But if Retro City Rampage doesn't come out for the same reasons...rage will occur >:[



OverlordMao commented on Kirby's Return to Dream Land Art is What Dream...:

Yay! I can't wait, just filled out my pre-order and am waiting joyfully!
It figures, the only two brand new games I buy this year are both Kiby games XD

P.S. Mass Attack was great, and this looks like the beautiful baby of Kirby Super Star and Kirby 64



OverlordMao commented on Review: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube):

I agree with the score as well, me being blinded by nostalgia previously, I took a look back and still enjoy a considerable amount of the game, but it's still nowhere near a "really good (7)" or even "great (8)." I concur.



OverlordMao commented on Feature: Luigi's Mansion 10th Anniversary:

I finally got this game recently (6 months ago) since I never had the chance to play it, and I really like it.
I need to finish it though, I've been busy.

P.S. Fantastic article. Very well-written and engaging



OverlordMao commented on Review: BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii):

Yes! I am a crazy masochist when I played RUNNER and FATE and loved 'em, so I can't wait to finally experience the other games in the series as well as all the unlockable stuff.



OverlordMao commented on Talking Point: What Was the Best Super NES Gam...:

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

I can only say that because I loved every single moment of that game and none of it was bad for me. Most other SNES games I can say I didn't enjoy certain aspects as much as others.

But for me, DKC2 is the PERFECT SNES game



OverlordMao commented on Uh Oh, Now Namco Goes for Single 3DS Save File:

Oh noes, not Pacman!? How am I going to erase the "SEX" initials that players much better than me leave when I buy the game used!? URRRRGH

Okay, sarcastic joke aside, I don't fine this one to be that big of a deal.



OverlordMao commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

In countries with common sense, fans blame capcom!

In all seriousness though, wow Capcom. I have no words for that completely false and BS excuse you just sputtered out.
Blaming US? US!? us. U.S. , U.S.A!?

Even when I'm being serious, I still end up making a reference to a tv show



OverlordMao commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled:

shrugs Oh well. I'm happy for the dev team that they were so involved with fans this time around, so they share our pain, but I wasn't really interested in the project since I don't really care for the Legends series. I was glad when MMU got cancelled since it was a terrible idea in the first place, but Legends 3 getting cancelled is a HUGE disappointment for those fans out there.
hands out cookies



OverlordMao commented on Let's Get Ready to Super Pokemon Rumble on 3DS:

In my opinion, Pokemon Rumble had it own unique charm but that charm quickly faded when I realized that it was THE most repetitive game I'd ever played, and paying 15 bucks for it was absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully new content will make up for it being an updated retail game, but I highly doubt it.

P.S. The only pokemon spin-off series I liked was Pokemon Pinball. PKMN Pinball Ruby & Sapphire is one of my all-time favorite games, actually. COME ON NINTENDO IT'S THE 5TH GEN, MAKE A NEW PKMN PINBALL GAME



OverlordMao commented on Review: Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D (3DS):

Very nice review. You brought up your gripes as well as explained what the game did that works.

In my opinion, I absolutely LOATHE, not being able to unlock anything in a game. As much as I love playing MVC2's downloable version on my best friend's PS3, we both agree having everything unlocked by the get-go lessened the experience for us.



OverlordMao commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Complete Press Release:

@9. It was on the left side of the screen there really quickly before the camera goes off at the end of the show. Two Kirby games actually

Also yeah, looks like Nintendo is hopping off the Wii for now. Keep moving forward, I guess.
P.S. I am really excited for this console actually! I love innovation and Nintendo is taking things to a whole new level once again



OverlordMao commented on Games Do More Damage Than Passive Smoking, say...:

Okay, story time. I myself, have been gaming since a little after I could walk properly. Picture a two year old holding a Playstation controller or a game boy color and that was me. Now, I will admit I played Teen-Rated games WELL UNDER the age limit for the games, but as long as I was young I didn't really know or care and the blood/violence didn't affect me at all. I didn't play M-rated games until I was at least 10 though I've never been negatively affected by a violent video game in my life, due to being a sensible, fun-loving person.

After all, video games aren't a drug, they're an ANTI-drug. Yes, I did just make that dumb joke



OverlordMao commented on La-Mulana Hits Japan On 21st June:

Hooray! I knew the good folks at Nigoro and Nicalis would make this title get released eventually! Oh, I can't wait, it's finally almost here, and a release date coming soon too! I better go tack on another 1000 wii points and settle back into "Waiting Mode."



OverlordMao commented on Review: Dragon's Lair Trilogy (Wii):

Plenty of better wii games retail for $20 though. I personally would give this a 5. Sure, the collection of mediocore games are alright on their own merits, but I'd suggest it as a weekend rental.



OverlordMao commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

I think Casual and Harcore gamers are really defined just by how much of an impact games have of their lifestyle. If they're a consistent gamer who takes up more time playing games, then they're hardcore. On the other spectrum, if gaming is just a simple hobby for them and they play games occasionally, then they're Casual. I don't beleve what type of games you play enters the equation at all if you ask me