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Mon 5th Jul 2010

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UltraRobPrime commented on Rejected! No Online Play for NBA Jam:

It is a shame that EA is too lazy for online. EA or Activision is fail compared to Capcom, they brought great exclusives like MONSTER HUNTER TRI ( my fav wii game), TVC, Zack and Wiki, Okami, Resident Evil 4 and other great games on the Wii.



UltraRobPrime commented on Conduit 2 Hits Intergalactic Turbulence, Delay...:

Originally, Counduit 2 was going to be on the launch same day as Goldeneye 007. I actually went to HVS studio ( which is 15 minutes from my house) for a Career Trek, and they sid the original conduit would be crushed if it was going to be released with big name FPS games. Smart move, HVS!



UltraRobPrime commented on Another Analyst Suggests Wii 1.5 On the Way:

The reason Wii is succecesfull is because Nintendo has control over an audience, while th HD twins are fighting for the "games for gamers" audience. Now, MS wants to control the audience that Nintendo owns. I predict that IF MS takes over Nintendo's audience, this Wii 1.5 (or Wii 2) would be for "games for games audience". Sony wants to stay in the "games for gamers" auidence, but would still be in the causual crowd. That is my prediction for the next several years.



UltraRobPrime commented on Review: Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun R...:

Great review! I agree, it needs multiplayer. I think this first game is an introduction the the trilogy, helping player with the gameplay and controlls. Maybe multiplayer will come in part 2 or 3, if the game does well. Great job Legendo, keep up the good work!