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Thu 21st Jul 2011

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MeilingSan commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

Take this into account. It was supposed to be released onto the 3DS. Maybe they didn't see the audience with the 3DS. I dunno, I still stand by my earlier statement above, that's just some food for thought.

Also, for those of you who come across this, this article was updated to say, and I quote:
"Update: Capcom Europe's Twitter has clarified its comments:

Apologies again. The original comment was in relation to the interaction in the Dev rooms NOT the fans who have been nothing but supportive.



MeilingSan commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

Damn Capcom, you just went full idiot!

While I can understand that they saw it might not have thought it would sell well, that's still no reason to cop out of a promise to release a prototype to see how it would fare from there. That's not fair to the fans to just scrap it. And blaming the fans, and then blaming the people who put hard work into the DevRoom? Wow, just wow.

The way I see it, they probably didn't like how the game was being put together, being more story and art heavy than what most games are like nowadays: You know, no story whatever, just pretty graphics and sometimes good controls. Sorry it wasn't mainstream enough for you jerks, but we didn't want a mainstream game, we wanted a unique game, and you've screwed us all out of that.

I hope Capcom realizes what kind of mistake they've caused and fix it before they end up going down the hole. That's to say, just because it's the Megaman franchise, doesn't mean all of Capcom's other franchises aren't going to be hurt, because fans of Megaman purchased other works from Capcom, and many people have seriously thought about boycotting and vowing off Capcom for this mistake.

Yes, I realize this wasn't a green light production, but they shouldn't have called it off for the reasons they have apparently stated. I believe there is a true reason to call it off, and having them beat around the bush like they are isn't going to help them. The fans in the DevRoom are the reason the game was called off? That's a lie, and that's even more insulting to the people of the DevRoom.

I've got nothing else to express myself on in this. I thought maybe Capcom could redeem themselves from this, but now with this out, I think Capcom is going to become crippled, regardless of its other franchises.