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Fri 27th Aug 2010

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MR_SUPREME69 commented on Talking Point: The Overcrowded Holiday Release...:

I know this is a nintendo site but who talks about sonic generations and mario and sonic olympic games when uncharted 3, gears of war 3, cod, assassins creed, etc are also released...NUTS who cares about mario and sonic olympic games its just mini games for god sakes.



MR_SUPREME69 commented on Angry Birds Dev Calls Nintendo Games "$49 Piec...:

Angry Birds is overrated and these developers are sitting high and mighty because its "successful" for whatever reason, but this doesnt mean they can bash console and now the 3DS when clearly console and handhelds from nintendo and sony are better than a stupid iphone. these developers to shut up like right now.



MR_SUPREME69 commented on Why the 3DS Will Not Use an Achievement System:

I love getting achievements and trophys. But I will play games without them so it doesnt bother me. if its a good game i could careless. I like that they add some replayablility to the games and they let you show off what you unlocked to ur friends. but the 3ds looks awesome without them so im not bothered by this.



MR_SUPREME69 commented on 3DS Unlikely to Feature Achievements System:

I would want achievements on it. every system should have a unlocking system. it adds replayablility, and you can show off what you have accomplished in whatever game your playing.

plus i would get all of them for OoT(the best game ever)