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Sun 11th Apr 2010

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NapalmHornet commented on NightSky Coming to 3DS eShop:

I be picking this up. Just as well they went for 3DS rather than iOS as a freemium clone of the game released years ago and it was good as well.



NapalmHornet commented on SEGA's New 3DS Rhythm Game Has the Best Name Ever:

I dont think I will be picking this up. Ever. Because I dont like rythem games, anime imo is a tad ugly and that name is just rubbish. I mean what does the 'R' stand for? And what does Napoleon's enherotance have to to with rythem (unless its a musical instument). Oh well i think I will be the only one here hating this game and if you are buying it then good on you, youre helping the econemy go around.



NapalmHornet commented on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is Wii-Bound:

Im hoping that its coming to DS though. I have heard somewhere that it is not coming to 3DS. If not I suspect that N-Space is busy with heroes of ruin. Oh well wii Black Ops seemed to be a rather faithful port of the HD versions so im sure this will be allright.



NapalmHornet commented on Twinbee is Your Next 3D Classic on 3DS:

Love TwinBee, but the sequal is far superior (and cheaper via. GameRoom for Xbox). But 3D really made xevious more interesting. So I will be getting this. Although Im not sure why nintendo are not offfering much varity on the 3D classics line. Lets see Racing, Shmup, Shmup... Wow. And both xevious and twinbee are already on DS with the repective arcade compilations launched years ago.



NapalmHornet commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

I agree with their statement. They are not blaming you Americans they are blaming people like me (who are from europe). It just wouldnt sell over here (in my old school only I and another guy knew MegaMan). Even though people I have introduced to them say they are good games and all I still dont think that they would part with money to buy it. Another reason is that pretty much nobody entered the DEV room. I sadly didn't because well I have never played a MML game ever before and wouldn't know what to say because of this. Sorry guys, europe sucks with games!



NapalmHornet commented on New Nintendo Console at E3?:

I don't want motion controlls. I hope they also put more horsepower in it this time e.g. HD compatible (1080p) and a wayyy higher graphics card.



NapalmHornet commented on Angry Birds Dev Calls Nintendo Games "$49 Piec...:

That guy made one game. Just one game and it sucks! I would like to see the angry birds fly when they have been drowned in oil and set alight. I like those "bits of plastic" as they are more collectible than just a picture on your home screen. I hate angry birds and it's creator, he has no talent.



NapalmHornet commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 Collects 4 BAFTA Nominations:

How much did activision pay the BAFTA panel again to get those undeserving Black Ops awards. Just imagine the Best video game story of 2010 is: a guy shot russians in a war that there was very little shooting and then went crazy and heard some numbers (which was pointless), Best audio track of 2010: some generic war music samples that play for about 10 seconds each and some gun fire, best artistic acheviement in 2010 is: having your clan tag on your gun and some pretty red dots... ZOMG... generic British gamers = stupid



NapalmHornet commented on Interviews: Sega - Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episo...:

You should have asked: what was your insperation for sonic's utterly retarded running animation that makes him look like a bobble-head figurine. Also is sega stupid? I mean why didn't they just put it on a disc because you have much more space, dosn't clog up the memory on your device (just the save file) and it would be so much easier. Sega should become nigh on bankrupt... again because they work better under sweat breaking pressure from what the past has told us. sorry sega the truth had to come out, now your kinda lazy or your sence of taste has disintergrated:(



NapalmHornet commented on First Cave Story DSiWare Screenshots:

So what centuary is this coming out in? I mean Nicalis arn't the best at getting their games out on a release date we haven't got the wii one yet. They seem to be able to make games in a matter of weeks or months but then certainly take their time testing it and then forget about europe.



NapalmHornet commented on Metroid: Other M Struggles to Ignite UK Sales ...:

Im saving for it... almost have enough for it anyways number 12 aint that bad (i thought hardly anyone bought it). It isn't that surprising to me anyway when "a boy and his blob" another retro-inspired game it only sold about 9 copies in the first month of being in the UK. Theres also what LuWiiGi said too, only some of my friends know what metroid prime is. Basically to get games to sell here it needs to be dark, "have the best graphics in the world" and have about 9 million types of fire-arms in it. The guy being British who created the GTA francise what can you expect? and yes I am writing this whilst my little brother plays MW2.



NapalmHornet commented on Paper Mario:

Yup this is a must buy for me. I have only owned Super Paper Mario, I also had TTYOD for a day until it broke (it was second hand anyways).



NapalmHornet commented on Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D:

I hope it aint like MGS2:substansce. Boring and long winded cutsenes, NO tuturial stages, hard aiming and what the hell was going on in that game?? Ive heard it was one of the worse ones from someone but I hope it's not like that and not as boring as Portable Ops for the PSP.



NapalmHornet commented on 3DS Could Cause Eye Problems in Later Life:

Just eat carrots since the day you switch it on. Well it may help? and anyways it's not gonna stop me buyin' one, those so called scientists and reasearchers probably hate all computer/video games so they just complain about whatever is new and/or exiting. Fact.



NapalmHornet commented on E3 2010: Best of E3 Awards:

I don't know what anyone is on about, Kirby Epic Yarn just didn't look all that great. It's just kirby with horribly transparent character sprites, not too keen on the zelda game either (it looks miles better than Twilight Princess though). For me the 3DS stole the show and not just the system either, the games look turbo awsome as well



NapalmHornet commented on Nintendo Connection to Tour Down Under:

I went to nintendo on tour in the UK. Hand on my heart it was crap. Number one I already owned all of the games (aside for "more brain training"). Number two I was told to leave because apparently you have to be at least 16 to play 3+ rated games. Worst £10 I ever spent