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Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS

Posted by Trevor Chan

Aside from the 3D, same old same old, apparently

It seems Sony executives still don't appear too wowed by Nintendo's 3DS, despite both sides acknowledging that different demographics are being targeted by each company's handheld system. Is this a lack of sportsmanship, or a genuine lack of excitement? Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida sounds like he's in the second camp.

Yoshida spoke with Eurogamer and talked about the apparent lack of competition that its Next Generation Portable faces. "There's no one clear competitor in terms of what NGP offers," as he put it. Although the NGP and the 3DS are capable of running games and more, Yoshida rejected claims that both will be in direct competition with each other based on what each system provides:

... when we were designing the NGP we had no idea what Nintendo was going to do... Aside from the 3D stereoscopic display, they seem to be keeping the same theme that they had with the DS – it feels like an update of the DS to me... Lots of choices we made were so different from their choices. It's kind of hard to compare the two, aside from the fact that both of them are dedicated gaming platforms.

Yoshida did admit that both handhelds face a common enemy: the cheaper alternative that is mobile gaming.

We are dealing with the same issue that Nintendo is. It's up to content publishers, including ourselves, to show people that this is worth £25 or £30 as opposed to 59p... You cannot release the same content that you put on the iPhone for a dollar on to NGP or some other consoles and expect people to pay 20 times that.


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Azaris said:

what? 3ds added more new features then vita does(two new features vs 3 new features one of which is also a new feature to gaming period) also dropping the back wards compatibility is a big problem imo.



skywake said:

I'd be interested in the 3DS before the NGP even if it didn't have 3D. It's a Nintendo Portable, with all the first party Nintendo games, with an "analogue stick", visuals comparable or above the Wii (and well beyond the PSP), a 16:9 top screen and some nice little online/street pass type features...... what more do I need/want?

What killer feature do we know the NGP has at this point that the 3DS doesn't? Visuals better than the 3DS? 3G?..... what else? crickets



Arcanum said:

Why do they always have to bark at each other? Can't they just get along? Just co-exist or something? Seriously. What is the point of Sony saying that?? THERE IS NONE! Nothing will come from saying bad stuff about people. It just serves to start fights....



MasterGraveheart said:

The Game Boy Color updated from the Game Boy. It worked. The Game Boy Advance did the same from the Game Boy Color. DS for the Game Boy Advance. It's working. Sony's just frustrated that their micro-muscle is better suited for things outside of gaming, like paperweight or hockey puck.

@Arcanum: No, they can't just let the other co-exist. They syphon resources from one another and steal potential customers from one another. It's the nature of competition: to run the other down. You smear the other company enough, uninformed buyers will believe it, and buy your products. And typically, in Sony's case, the dog who is on the wrong side of the fence will bark loudest.



skywake said:

Admittedly with the NGP Sony has dumped UMD for the "NVG card" (basically a 3DS spec cartridge) so they've caught up there. So that's one huge positive for the NGP IMO.



daznsaz said:

dont think nintendo does any barking they leave that to the tv makers that are still cheesed off because nintendo didnt amalgamate with them



Noire said:

Mr. Sony Guy, you are obviously an idiot because you would say something disparaging about your competition when Nintendo would clearly never do anything like that ever. They are angels from God and only make beautiful games that are fun and whimsical unlike all of your shootering games like God of War. Now I will come and burn your house down.




You see why Sony is lagging behind. Failing to understand the market and the competition's hardware. That's of course besides the isolationist, soulless, gaming philosphy of course. The 3DS is no more an updated DS than the NGP an updated PSP.



nick_gc said:

But he's right. 3DS is an updated DS. More powerful with a few new features like a 3D screen, 3D camera and better graphics and sound. Now, what the PS Vita? It's got better graphics, a fancy touch panel on the back, and a second analogue nub. Oh and it looks similar to a PSP. So it's an updated PSP.

What an idiot.



edhe said:

But the 3DS is an updated DS. The NGP (next generation portable - very modest by the way) however is totally not a PSP with a touch pad and a high powered processor crammed in.

And the 3DS will stomp the NGP just like the PSP before it.



SwerdMurd said:

@MechaPhoenix - thank you for that comment. Good to get a nice, ironic dose of realism for a change on the comments section of an article like this.

He doesn't say anything about the NGP not being an upgraded PSP. He's simply refuting Nintendo's claim that the 3DS is some brand new mind-blowing's a DS with a 3d screen, a different stylus, less battery life, and an analog stick for double the price. Granted, it's much easier to take Nintendo's side blindly and call him an idiot, so go ahead and do that.

Personally I'm getting kind of sick of these Sony-fodder articles....entirely too Gamespot-like. Although it might be more due to the sheep reading them...



TanookiSteven said:

Bah, these comments from Sony are just old to me now. They can say whatever they want, they're just little kids. When Nintendo indirectly bashed Sony, they started acting like babies and said Nintendo shouldn't bash. Sony is just a bunch of immature kids to me, nothing more. This is typical.



OrangeSmoothie said:

Because it makes it sound like Sony is smarter than Nintendo, even if it's not a logical interpretation. The PS3 is and updated PS2 which is an updated Playstation. But he doesn't mention that, he just wants people to look down on Nintendo like he does.



Mandoble said:

Looking at raw power alone, NGP is something like a 3DS x 5. So I guess that, again, it wil be happening the same as with the PS3/XBOX vs Wii, most third party ignoring the 3DS in the long term and 3DS relying only on Nintendo software + tons of shovelware.



Lolza64 said:

Well the NGP is really just an updated i don't really know where he's going with this :S



akacesfan said:

People shouldn't get too mad about this. This guy just reeks of ignorance in my opinion.



WolfRamHeart said:

Most of the people who bought a 3DS know full well what the system is and what it has to offer. However, the majority of people out there who don't visit video game sites like this one think that the 3DS is just simply a regular DS but with the ability to play games in 3D. I believe that is one of the many reasons that the 3DS has yet to take off. Nintendo is putting too much emphasis on the 3D and not showing people all the other cool features that make the 3DS a true handheld successor to the DS. Nintendo needs to do a better job at marketing the 3DS and proving that it is indeed worth the expensive $250 price tag otherwise Sony's NGP/Vita may very well end up overtaking Nintendo as the handheld leader.



StarDust4Ever said:

Why can't we be friends? Well, Sony and Nintendo collaborated on a disc-based successor to the Super Nintendo, and soon after, the deal went south. The disc-based successor became Playstation, and of course we would never have N64, with all the wonderful old cartridges from Rare and Nintendo that went with it. Had the deal succeeded, the status of console gaming in the year 2011 would indeed have been a very different world from what it is today.

I am still waiting to see what happens when Apple decides to announce it's official entry into the gaming market. It's not a matter of "if" anymore, just "when?" For cripes, just stick a dongle onto the iPad with game-pad buttons and a proprietary cartridge slot for premium retail games. Wouldn't it be a shocker if Apple presented something at E3 '11? And I will be booing them from my home PC while watching online!



Blaze said:

So, your saying the NGP isn't an updated PSP with a couple of stolen touch screens from Nintendo and PSV on the back rather than PSP? Sure, there's no overwhelming differences between the 3DS and other portables, but who are you to judge when your doing the exact same thing! .... and i really like Final Fantasy ...... oh, wait that's not you.



meppi said:

Well I think Move is just a ripoff off a Wii controller, but what do I know. ;P



FonistofCruxis said:

What an idiot! The 3DS had more new features than the ngp. The ngp just had better graphics and 3G. The touch screen is on the DS, 3DS and ios, motion controls are on the 3DS and ios. Also, the ngp had an ugly menu and the touch screen on the back is stupid. What if you accidentally toch the back toch screen and make something happen in the game you were playing that you didn'y intend to.



crazyj2312 said:

The 3DS is much more powerful than the DS line of systems, though. You really have to experience the system to really get it lol it's not enough to just look at screenshots and videos.



WaveBoy said:

The 3D technologu alone is a big game and exciting game changer....Far more exciting than the inclusion of a little analog nub, some backside touch screen and a typical(as always) update in graphic capablities.



Kyloctopus said:

Like they should be talking. My brother specifically bought an X Box because PSN wasn't working. The 3ds has
Bigger screen
Gyro sensor
And who knows what Nintendo could do with it.



RockSlime said:

Why's everyone so angry? He didn't come off as aggressive or cocky, he just said that he thought the 3DS was an updated DS (which is completely reasonable, basically everything is an update), and then said he didn't think the NGP would be in direct competition with the 3DS (which is also totally reasonable). He might have worded it badly, but it doesn't look very inflammatory.



Blaze said:

RockSlime - See how he says the NGP would not be in direct competition with the NGP? Let's translate that into his real thoughts - The 3DS is awful, the NGP has no competition for best portable.



NintyMan said:

Humph, its times like this when I appreciate Satoru Iwata for his friendly and respectful behavior as an executive. Like others have said, the NGP is an update of the PSP. The PS3 is an update of PS2. The 3DS has so much more than just 3D. It has a gyro sensor, AR, 3D cameras, streetpass, spotpass, and soon an online shop. To overlook all that is just to belittle, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise knowing how everyone in Sony’s hierarchy snubs Nintendo. It won’t matter, though, because Nintendo will make mountains of money and that’s more damaging than any retort that Nintendo could fire back.



Einherjar said:

Your handheld is so different from its predecessor ? Ok, lets check: Updated Graphics = Like the 3DS. Added one analog pad = PSP alredy got one, now has two, DS had none, now has one. Added Touch...uhh..thingy. Sony Handheld now has one....on the back . 3DS already got one like the DS. So, where are the drastic differences ? Oh, you mean this new Internet thingy, like the iPhone ? With a battery that is less durable than the 3DS one and im talking about normal playing, without bright backlights and stuff. It would be fun draining your battery within one online match



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

@Jirachi They don't have GBA backwards compatibility. Because they might be making GBA VC games. They do have DS backwards compatibility. It's really a portable Wii, when you think about it.



KrazyBean said:

I agree with him on this. I don't know why everyone is so angry about this...if someone says something bad about Nintendo, all hell breaks loose =|


NGP's launch looks AMAZING compared to the 3DS...they have WipEout and Uncharted on Day 1! Great games those. But the time the NGP is out the 3DS will have Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario Kart 3DS, Super Mario 3DS, Paper Mario 3DS, BIT. TRIP SAGA, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Sonic Generations 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising, the e-Shop games and SO MUCH MORE!!

Sony has to step it up to win against that...



Link79 said:

The PS3 is just an updated PS2 then right?
Ever notice how Nintendo doesn't go around tooting their own horn?
Our stuff is better blah blah blah. Yeah you never hear that kinda talk from Nintendo. Sega used to brag about being so much better than Nintendo and look at them now. They aren't even in the console buisiness. Serves them right for being so smug.
Maybe Sony can join them and go back to making TV's.



XCWarrior said:

The 3DS actually has a fully functinoal online (or will next week anyway). Has a better engine, which is the only update to the NGP and does the NGP even have an online that works? I heard from an Anonymous source that the sucker really struggles to get online for months at a time.

Just saying.Oh and not like the NGP carries games people want.



BlackShyGuy said:

Hehe this dude is probably hiding a 3DS under his bed waiting for The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D.



Hardy83 said:

He is kind of right. He's just an updated DS. Just like how the Wii could be viewed as two Gamecubes duct taped together. lol

It's not a major leap like the NGP hardware wise, or the PS3, but most systems aren't major leaps.

It's not big deal, but I'm sure, well it's obviously people get mad when comments like this are said, but understand Nintendo has done it themselves. Remember the Ipad comment?



theblackdragon said:

he's as welcome to his opinion as everyone else is, haha, and to be honest, i agree with him so far. My 3DS' only practical application at the moment is as a console for my existing DS games (there's no 3DS titles out that i want to play...), therefore it may as well just be another DS update for all the good it's doing me at the moment. :3



FluttershyGuy said:

Just imagine if Sony spent as much time fortifying their online services as they do trash talking about Nintendo...
HAVE AT YOU!!! (I couldn't resist either )
Honestly, largely the same story here, sadly. And as far as I'm concerned it won't be a finished, complete system until Monday's update. I mean, right now it has a screen button that doesn't do anything!



KrazyBean said:


Well SEGA were the first company EVER to beat Nintendo at the time...of course they would have bragged about it.



SwerdMurd said:

2 joysticks on NGP = happy murd. FPS/TPS/games-requiring-camera-adjustment playability ftw. Still don't see how the 3DS is gonna handle this little issue....gyro is unwieldy and terrible for that kind of thing and using stylus to drag eliminates any use of right-handed buttons.

Then again I'm sure the vehemently pro-Nintendo will find some way to argue that precise camera control is a negative



irken004 said:

I want an NGP plzkthnx :3

So far, the 3DS isn't really living up to its price point.



RogueBologna said:

So he's saying the Vita isn't an updated version of the psp? Most often, that's what the next handheld or console is to the last.



TrueWiiMaster said:

When did SEGA beat Nintendo?

I agree with you on the lack of great launch titles, but that's no reason to call the 3DS a DS update. There are some cool games out, just nothing appealing to me, or evidently to you either.

This seems like a ridiculous thing for Sony to say if you ask me. There hasn't been a significant change to Sony's home consoles since they added dual analog way back in the day. All they've done since then is update the graphics and add internet. That is unless you count the Move peripheral, which is pretty much a blatant rip-off of the Wii. And then there's the PSP, which hasn't had any REAL changes either, with the exception of the failure known as the Go. Even the NGP does only one new thing: the weird touch pad on the back (I say weird because no matter how hard I try, I can't think of any good use for it). At least the 3DS does something new that's actually USEFUL.



WWammy said:

@57 Sega didn't beat Nintendo that's why they don't even have a console anymore at best they competed at the same level as Sony does with Xbox.
Sales figures for Nintendo still beat out anything Sega had even with Sega's most successful console the Megadrive the Snes still beat it out sales wise.
But that aside I liked both consoles since both offered very near completely different gameplay experiences.



Rob_mc_1 said:

Maybe its just me but what he said is actually neutral. I'm just not seeing the Nintendo bashing on this one.



Malkeor said:

High Quality, addicting games. Throw in fully updated features.
Will get me excited about my 3DS again.

I can see where this guy is coming from. Looking at all the handhelds, along side the minor, outer changes of Gameboy/color, have seem some aesthetic design changes that comes to identify a new system along with better graphics, new features, and better functionality.

We only got some of these with the 3DS right out of the box. It's alot no doubt, but we are also missing a few as well.
No doubt it's a huge step forward, but to an on-looker, it just looks like a pricey updated DS.

Also wanted to point out that people who want to really try this and get into the games, are unfortunately going to have to wait. Sure there are games, but none at the Triple A titles that can really make the system incredible to own.
June and beyond fixes this...that's the true beginning of the system.

I want to love my 3DS, and I will (or should) when Zelda comes out, but my number one is a long-awaited title that will make it my baby...Kid Icarus.



theblackdragon said:

@TrueWiiMaster: I think you missed the parts of my comment that said 'i agree with him so far' and 'it may as well just be another DS update for all the good it's doing me at the moment'. the only thing that will cure the 'oh, it's just another DS' line of thought is going to be amazing games only made possible via the 3DS' ramped up processing power and stereoscopic 3D screen, and unfortunately none of not enough of those have been released yet. Nintendo needs to step up their game this E3 and start showing what this puppy can really do :3



bbb7002004 said:

Trying to figure out how being a better version of the most popular gaming device in history is an insult, and how any Sony console/handheld has been particularly different from the PS1, but that's just me.



Chris720 said:

Sony bashing Nintendo again... nothing new there. Whenever I look at the NGP, all I can think is... it's an updated PSP with some put on the other side of it.

Sure the 3DS is an updated DS, but aren't all consoles just upgrades/updates of the previous one? Sony can't talk here either, they made the Playstation and then it was the Playstation 2, then the Playstation 3, aren't they just the same Playstation with added crap and a new number?



aaronsullivan said:

I can only assume many of you haven't been following the NGP given the comments here. There has been at least as much innovation shown with it as has been seen on the 3DS and I'd say the rushed release of the 3DS is largely an effort to beat it out of the gate. Especially knowing the price difference may not be as pronounced this generation due to the pricey 3D screen.

None of that has much to do with the relatively benign statements quoted here. I think many of you fell for the hook set by Nintendo life in how the story was presented.



pixelman said:

lol I love how PR takes a simple fact and turns it into a mild, condescending attack. And yes, Nintendo does it too.

It's kinda funny watching this because Sony loves picking on Nintendo, Nintendo loves picking on Apple, and Apple and Microsoft just keep their mouths shut.



Molotov said:

He Was Right About The 2nd Point... Sadly He Was Also Right About The Updates Of Features From Previous Generations In His First Point



G-MaxiMillion said:

If Nintendo doesn't Anté-up the 3DS, than the previous message is indeed right: Just an updated DS, with the same theme.



emirblade said:

It sure sounds like an underlying bashing to me. He is practically saying they expected something more from Nintendo and they weren't impressed. And even if he doesn't mention the NGP, judging the 3DS that way is like saying "we are really innovative".



kevohki said:

I tend to agree. The NGP is looking amazing by comparison in graphics and games. The 3DS hasn't blown me away. Until the system gets some games worth playing on it besides updated N64 games, mini-games being sold as a full games (Capcom...), and ports of games I already have, then it really is just a updated DS.



DarkKirby said:

@75. kevohki

Yeah, and the NGP has so many great confirmed games which have game play footage shown of! Oh wait, the NGP has had no confirmed games which have had gameplay footage shown, only "potential" games.

I agree the 3DS has no good games out at the moment, but there are many great games in development which have had proof of what it looks like as it's still in development. Nintendo was foolish for not adding the 2nd joystick simply for easy of camera development though.



DrDaisy said:

Well, duh! 3DS is and updated DS, just like NGP will be an updated PSP.
I haven't bought a 3DS yet and I intent to wait until both are out or there is an irresistable offer. Wait, why am I telling you this?! I got patients to take care of!!



GEOFF said:

Sony and Nintendo aren't competitors. Sony made the SNES sound chip. They then abandoned the console they were working on together and Sony released the playstation and Nintendo the N64, purposely making them very different machines. Look and compare the N64 and Playstation logos, the colours and shapes of the logos will tell you this to those with eyes to see.



SilverBaretta said:

I feel like we should just have an article catagory called "Controversy" instead of filing this under "News"........



siavm said:

He is right 3ds is an updated ds. Just like the NGP is a updated psp. What else would you call it? Please nintendolife and everyone for stop trolling. Trolling makes you look even worse than sony does, and they are looking bad now.



nasachi said:

... and Nintendo has no real competitor in terrms of quality coregames
(sadly Sony lacks great games, but ok, their platforms are great for multimedia)

but very funny to read after the PSP has been raped by the DS with no mercy xD



motang said:

I would say "wathever", but I said this before to my group of friends. It is an update DS, and so what, I bought one on day one and I like it a lot. It has way more to offer than the DS did and frankly I really don't care if it's an update DS. Just people how have an iPad 2 which is an updated iPad.



Robo-goose said:

Does this surprise anyone?
Lol, with how often The Sun and Sony bash Nintendo, the news section would get half as many updates! You have a great point!

All the bashing is to be expected, though. I'd be confused if Nintendo wasn't being criticized.



SwerdMurd said:

@nasachi - Uncharted series, Resistance series, Ratchet and Clank Series, Heavy Rain, God of War, and plenty of others I can't come up with after being awake 25 straight hours would like a word with you.

In fact...come to think of it, this is arguably the strongest core generation for Sony....and the weakest for Nintendo. If it wouldn't have been for Mario Galaxy (and kind of New Super Mario Bros. Wii) it wouldn't even be a contest.



Funky_Gamer said:

Coming from a guy who can't make any original ideas.
Wii has motion controls > Playstation has motion controls
DS has touch screen > PSP has touch screen
3DS has 3D graphics > PS3 gets 3D (did I mention WITH glasses?)



nasachi said:

strongest core generation for Sony?
lol, my ps3 collects a lot of dust, and i loved the ps1
(but ok, i have to admit i'm not such a great shooter fan, so there aren't many impressive ps3games for me)

and the Wii has far more brilliant coregames than only the Mario-platformers



Raylax said:

Everyone dives on the Sony guy. 3DS is basically just an upgraded DS when you boil it down. The additional tech is more than a little perplexing too (what with the whole "gyroscope in a console that requires you to hold it rigidly still" thing and all).



Pew said:

its not about the TecH, Its all about the games. In that point Nintendo owning Sony in every direction.
wii = great games
ps3 = great graphics
wii > ps3
a mathematic formula



Infernapeking said:

Once again here we go about SONY THINKING TOO MUCH AND NOT Worrying about their STUPID Network, Games that be release are always M and dumb Parents buy it for kids under age 10. The new PSP is an Upgraded PSP how about that SONY!!



Linkuini said:

The StreetPass feature and more dedicated online features excite me a bit more than the 3D graphics do so far, so to call it an ordinary DS with 3D tacked on ignores a lot of things. Still, I don't see what everyone's grabbing their torches and pitchforks for. He seems to be pointing more criticism at the mobile market than at Nintendo in the first place. The air in this room is thick with fanboyism right about now.



Doma said:

Way to state the obvious, bud.

Just think, if the 3DS wasn't backwards compatible, it would be considered an abysmal failure right about now. Its software sucks.



GreenDream said:

Well, he's right... Aside from the augmented reality cards, the current 3DS release schedule has no programs that contain otherwise impossible experiences. Nintendo's future offerings might make unique use of the 3DS, but for now... most of the software contributions are going the way of the Wii.

The Wii has plenty of interesting titles, yes... but how many of them could not possibly have been done outside of the Wii? If not for legal reasons, how many Wii titles could not possibly be emulated on the Arc/Move or Kinect? I think the Wii's unique game design potential remains rarely tapped upon.

Yes, I own a 3DS, and have owned one since April. I use it almost every day; I have accumulated 175,000 steps on the Activity Log with minimal use of "cheating", and my only choice of accompanying software was Steel Diver. Thus far, I think that every piece of software included with and released for the 3DS has either: been rushed, would benefit greatly from a firmware update, or could possibly be released outside of the 3DS with a substituted interface.

The problem is... unique design does not equal sales. Acclaim, yes... but not sales. There should be some sort of system introduced to reward unique and unusual design for both hardware and software creations; with further rewards for completion of projects, rather than rushing to meet an absolute deadline. Otherwise, trends and popularity will continue to decide dominance in the video game industry.



JustanotherGamer said:

Mobile gaming on a cell phone, or android/iphone even on a tablet computer. It is an afterthought for users of these devices. Not true portable gaming. Or would the people consider themselves gamer. Nintendo and Sony don't have to worry to much about 99 cent. games. You get what you pay for. Most Android/iphone/cell phone games are crap to begin with. For every Angry birds their is 600 junk games.



BulbasaurusRex said:

His reasoning only works if it's accepted that the DS and PSP weren't in direct competition, but they were in direct competition, and the DS kicked the PSP's figurative butt.



Megumi said:

And the NGP will just be an updated PSP, I don't get where he's getting at. xD



Morpheel said:

I troll sony derp derp derp insert angry comment

Now seriously, i see NOTHING trollish or idiotic about what Mr. Sony said.

Haha, sorry TBD, i won't do it again. you can edit this out after you read it btw



theblackdragon said:

all right, we've gotten the lame memes out of our systems, let's leave the macros and trolling out of our comments here at NL please :3



Mandoble said:

Who cares what's an updated of what? My current PC is an updated version of my first PC, but now I can play Divinity 2 with full detail and the first one was able to run only DOS games. The fact is that NGP is generations ahead of 3DS in power and features (except 3D images), so we should expect to have it also way more expensive than 3DS. But what if this is not the case? What if you can get an NGP at 300€? Remember that Sony is specialist in selling hardware cheaper than its building cost (PS3) and if this happens, the current poor selling of the 3DS might become a NULL selling.



nasachi said:

powerful hardware doesn't necessarily mean big sales, especially if the weaker hardware has the much better games
(Wii >>> PS3 and DS >>> PSP have shown)



armoredghor said:

just about every system is just an update of the old one. We won't see anything ground breaking until next generation. nintendo only innovates every other generation. All in all, he had a good point that the major companies need to show what they hold over these indie developers besides graphics.



Mandoble said:

@thesignpainter, I'm comparing the hardware itself: cpu, gpu and memory, that's all. These two consoles are not on par at all, it is like comparing Wii and PS3, and Wii won because it was way cheaper. Lets see what happens this time.



Skotski said:

@6. Arcanum
Considering that every time Nintendo's worked with Sony, Sony has backstabbed them: THEY SHOULDN'T get along.
Seriously, look up their history together. Sony and Nintendo has worked more times together than you think.



Bigrat said:

SONY IS JUST JEALOUS! =) They don't want to admit it is way better than the PSP. Isn't everything an update from the past? The The DS, an upgrade from the GBA, DSlite, an upgrade from the DS, the DSi, an upgrade from the DSlite, the 3DS, finally, is an upgrade from dsLite, but a much greater upgrade, including Miis, AR games, Superb graphics, superb gameplay with the analog stick and gyroscope, and a method to get even greater with the system updates! Stop complaining, Sony, and update your PSP!



ShadowSniper7 said:

Until Nintendo ACTUALLY starts releasing some worthwhile games, this guy speaks the truth; unfortunately....

I'll bet you anything that he secretly owns a 3DS and he is not happy with the game line up either



Retro_Gamer said:

I think it's still a little too early to be saying anything about the 3DS, the original DS also had a pretty slow start and look what eventually happened there. In fact, this is the same battle all over again, the 3DS actually brings something new to the table while the NGP once again has better graphics and more media crap (don't get me wrong, PSP does have a few good titles).



Tylr said:

So far, yeah, it is. Aren't all systems 2nd generation and forward just an update from the originals? Yawn



accc said:

Man, I'm gonna miss reading all of these crazy Sony comments once their entire corporation is forced to shut down due to their inability to stop people from hacking them!



dizzy_boy said:

so, when when was that nintendo updating their consoles become bad thing?
oh yeah, that`s right. when it becomes a more profitable platform than what sony has to offer.



lord_hades said:

interviewr: have you actullay played on the 3DS?

Guy: no

interviewer: we have one hear

Guy: (opens 3DS)

guy: oh my god

Guy: puts 3DS down

interviewer: whats wrong

Guy: our NGP sucks



Lotice-Paladin said:

Why should anyone even care?

I can understand the backing of Nintendo Products but no need to stoop to Sony's level of name calling.

I want to see the games more before either one of them can insult the other.



Hokori said:

3DS the same as a DS?
/me sticks SSF4 into his DSi... COME ON GET IN!!! >: (



NocturnalYoshi said:

I'll admit, I was a very skeptical before i bought my 3DS(and i have always been a Nintendo gamer.). I was nervous because i could not test 1 first, and had no friends that owned 1. But i took a risk and purchased it to see if it was for real. This is the first thing i said when i turned on the 3D" I am witness to a revolution in the world of gaming!" Those were my exact words. I was shocked by the 3D and all the other features i didn't even know the 3DS had.

Maybe Mr. Yoshida has never played one? That would explain his negativity toward it. I was very skeptical until i bought mine. I feel that it is one of those "you have to see it to believe it" systems. It could also be jealousy of Nintendo, but the article does not state the reason for his comments on the 3DS - at least not that i saw. But for me, The 3DS is the best system i have ever played! Now, Nintendo just needs to start pumping out some good games for it. But you know what they say, patience is a virtue



Henmii said:

The big difference is that the 3DS WILL be a succes when it gets cheaper, while the NGP is destined for failure, just as the PSP was (compared to DS sales, of course).



GreenDream said:

@Henmii Only outside of Japan. If current sales are any indication, PSP is ultimately going to be just as, if not more successful than the DS in Japan. Sony would be making a grave mistake to not include a comprehensive backwards compatibility plan for their loyal PSP customers...



SquirrelNuts said:

Ahhh, my Nintendo peoples roll thick no? We are strong like bull in opposition of this Sony feller. May he taste our bull-like wrath, may he taste it and hate it.



tweet75 said:

and the NGP is an "updated psp". You could look at the DS as an "updated" gameboy advance. Arent all next gen systems updates?



wanderlustwarrior said:

I'm happy with the number of people who aren't responding with stereotypical Brooklyn Fanboy RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.

He's right. Both handhelds are updated versions of their predecessors. The biggest difference that the 3DS has is the 3D, while the NGP has the touchpad that, while one generation behind nintendo, could still be more of a step forward for the overall package.

Neither handheld has wowed me enough to justify purchase. But then again, I wait at least a year on every hardware purchase to evaluate games, hardware issues, cost, etc.



NintyMan said:

All right, I'll relent to a certain extent. He's not as blatantly biased as Tretton was, but there is still a slim shade of belitting in his words. Yes, 3DS is an upgrade of DS, but so was the SNES over NES and PS2 over PS1 and every console and handheld that was made over their originals. Right now the 3DS is small in its library, but come Fall Yoshida will not be able to say something like this. Bottom line, be patient and it shall all come.



ForteAnly said:

I don't like the NGP but the 3DS graphics are hardly above the Wii or even the PSP. While the graphics are a larger improvement from the DS they still don't compete with other graphics. This is something I wish Nintendo would improve on. To be both a powerhouse in graphics and innovative.



Haxonberik said:

Sony is just trying to look better than the competition, thing they dont have the right to do now. They also dont understand that Nintendo has introduced new concepts into gaming (and into technology itself) instead of just taking thing that already have been invented by others and put them in a device. Basically the PSP was so lame I wont buy an updated version of it, even if it is good. Stop criticizing and stop copying Sony, you said the same about motion controlers.



Moco_Loco said:

Ultimately he's just feeding the public perception of the 3DS. It looks very similar to the DS but costs a lot more. If he can convince the public that the 3DS is that and nothing more, he might be able to get more people to try out his new handheld.

If we're honest with ourselves, the 3DS has mostly added gimmicks. Only the analog stick and gyros will affect gameplay significantly. The NGP's improvements, other than graphics, are aimed at improving the gaming experience through more, better controls. Of course, I would be a lot more interested in one if I wasn't worried about Sony leaving all my personal information unencrypted on the internet. The NGP looks like a near-perfect gaming device, even if it does end up doing only mediocre business like its predecessor.



AVahne said:

Meh, any time any president of Sony's says anything, you just know a ton of garbage trucks are lining up behind them.



Leaf said:

This guy has to be trolling if he really thinks the 3DS is just a DS with 3D. If that's the case, what is the difference between my parent's old 1983 Sony TV and a 3D Sony TV of today? Same TV just capable of displaying 3D visuals. They both still display the same channels and movies...



BulbasaurusRex said:

@138 Other than the trackpad, which is behind even the DS, and the 3G network, that you have to pay a monthly fee to use, what other innovations does the NGP have? Meanwhile, the 3DS has a full touchscreen, stereoscopic 3D graphics (including 3D pictures and possibly support for 3D movies), graphics that are closer to the NGP than the DS graphics are to the PSP, an analog slidepad, full backwards compatability with the previous handheld generation, gyroscope controls, augmented reality features, StreetPass and SpotPass, a much improved online system that is free to use, and soon classic handheld games available to download.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Yeah, and the NGP isn't just an updated PSP?
I think the 3DS is much more innovative than what the NGP will have to offer.
In any case, both systems play games, and that's honestly all I care about.



Traxx said:

While this "being in no competition with nintendo" mirrors Nintendo's stance regarding "competition", the none-information blah about 3DS being just an DS update leads to nothing.



ThumperUK said:

Given Sony's appalling inability to keep its customer data private, they should be looking at ways of moving away from a download only model, not launching an NGP which needs you to give away your personal info to Sony (and any competent hacker).



RockSlime said:

@3DSneedsRPGs Though he could be saying that, he could also be saying that he feels the NGP is geared towards a more niche hardcore market, probably older too (HD this, high price that, COD etc), while the 3DS is geared at a more mainstream market (approachable, cheaper, appeals to a wider age group). As everyone has pointed out, Sony really isn't in a position to be stupid like this, is there no possibility that he's actually making an insightful comment about the inherent differences in the two systems? Just because they're gaming handhelds, doesn't mean they're going for the exact same demographic



Bassman_Q said:

They're both just basically updates to the previous handhelds. NGP added a much needed touch screen and dual analog and HD graphics, while the 3DS added 3D, an analog stick, and better online.



Hokori said:

@145 you mean younger right? everyone I know who hate Nintendo and like Sony/Microsoft are younger then me (mostly 13-17) and tell me somethings wrong with me because I still like "kiddy" games.



gatygun said:

If you read more of his stuff, you actually see why he states it.

He thinks and i fully agree with him, that the NGP is more aimed towards teh dedicated gamer that focuses itself more towards tablet systems.

The 3DS is still stuck in its same enviroment. Casuals and nintendo fans, minor upgrades on online department , minor graphical update from the PSP solution, and beyond minor control solution update. ( no touch on main screen, still pencil controls because of low resolution lower screen with old ds touch functions )
Gyro doesn't work well with 3D, 3D adds no gameplay experiences etc.

The NGP simple isn't in a direct fight with 3DS as its just a total different device for that. The 3DS is more in fight with the PSP then that.



Henmii said:

"Only outside of Japan. If current sales are any indication, PSP is ultimately going to be just as, if not more successful than the DS in Japan"

If that's so, then it probably is because of Monster hunter. Japanese people loooove Monster hunter. So Nintendo knows what they have to do: Lower the price of the 3DS and bring Monster hunter to the 3DS!



danschemen said:

mmm ok let's see what's sony has been up to.
let psn get hacked and shut down for a month,
shut down psn store for 43 days,
make us think we are getting free stuff as an apology,
and copy what nintendo does to try to catch up on sells!



HandheldGuru97 said:

This is why I hate Sony and Sony fanboys they think they are so great but in fact the NGP is just the same thing as they are saying the 3DS it's just an updated system with more power, and more expensive.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

.-. Love both companies so it doesn't really bother me. Mud slinging is apart of the marketing territory anyway. Just got a PS3 and loving that the PSN is back up so I can get some games. :3 Plus buying all of the games I wanted at a preowned price since most are two years old. I'd say I'm pretty satified with what's going on. Can't wait for Zelda 3D and needs to get Dead or Alive Dimensions.



Ren said:

His comments don't even sound that disparaging. Why are people so heated up here? It's more the article written here that seems upset that he's not head over heels for it. I love the 3DS myself, but people I show it too are kind of 'meh', like they are about lots of video game stuff. The Camera is the only feature that non-gamer nerds find interest in but it's so low resolution it's useless without 3D. The Online content would have been appealing if it was actually ready at launch but you loose steam fast without a smart launch.
Anyway, this has been my reaction too, even though I see that it is an awesome upgrade from the old DS. The poor launch didn't do it any favors so I can't fault his reaction.



Infernapeking said:

Sony is the main reason why we have Console and Handheld Wars. Sony is just trying to do thing Nintendo does. DS had camera before PSP did and PSP suppose to have a lot medias. So Sony finally install a Camera to their junk. Touch Pad or watever it's called was basically dumb trying to make games like DS Touch Screen. 3DS and NGP pretty much have the same features but 3DS has 3D. Nintendo had been thinking about 3D for along time cause Super Smash Bros Melee menus can be moved from default position. This tells me the been thinking about for along time but don't have the right technology for it yet. All Console and Handheld Sony made is basically and Update. Cause PS2 plays PS1 games, PS3 plays PS1 games, PSP and I bet the NGP will play PSP games. 3DS can play DS games but if it was an Update then why can't you play 3DS games on DS system cause it's not possible. N64 and SNES is not a update cause you can't play you SNES games on N64. Wii is probably the only possible update beside DS Family cause it play Gamecube games and some of the games has new controls. Overall Sony is just trying convince people to sell or not to buy Nintendo 3DS. This explain that he want the NGP to better than it but it's not cause it doesn't support 3D so it really not worth it cause nothing gonna change for the media, network, games, and people using it to listen to music.



kdognumba1 said:

Shouldn't they be working on there own stuff and fixing stuff instead of taking shots at the competition? Also shouldn't they of learned by now? They've been taking shots at Nintendo for a while now >.> just sayin



Henmii said:

Wasn't the NGP destined for late this year? Don't you guys think that it will be delayed much, just because of the whole hacking business? The NGP will revolve much around online, sure Sony wants to make it hack-proof (if that's even possible)!



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

@158 Actually the PSP camera was around before the DSi came to existence. It was only released in Japan in 2006 so no one in the US has seen it till it hit the North American market last year. So in reality the PSP camera was around before Nintendo made the DSi's camera.



Infernapeking said:

false cause I have some friends that have the most recent PSP and I found no install cameras. As matter of fact the cameras seems to attachment to the PSP if you look em up. Therefore PSP does not have a Camera before DS cause it not built in you can only connect one. You should try doing some research.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

T-T I know that I was just saying that the camera attachment for the PSP was out before the DS. I did not say it was built into it, what I meant is that the PSP had it before the DS.



jerryo said:

hmm a bit late for the show
but yeah 3DS IS a new, greatly improved, offering for the DS family of products. That is why DS was not called Gameboy DS. how did that make news in the first place??

It is like saying PS3 is just an update of the PS1 they belong to the same family of products. it's as simple as that. but what it offers is a lot more than improved graphics and menu like PS3 did for PS2. it offers a truly different experience while maintaining the good things that DS had.

I wish they had not made the choice of making the lower screen smaller though.



WolfRamHeart said:

Well, now that Sony has just announced that their PS Vita is going to start out at only $250, I would say that Nintendo's 3DS has some very serious competition. This just got really interesting.



Tar said:

Everything that comes out is obviously better than the predecessor, So yes, the 3ds is a updated 3ds, but the PS Vita I would consider more of a "updated" version of the PSP. The 3ds actually added the 3d effect to the ds, making it a new system. Both systems have improved and updated.

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