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Wed 20th Oct 2010

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nick_gc commented on 3DS, It's Your First Birthday in North America...:

It makes sense that you get Reggie, he's a well known Nintendo spokeperson and the head of NoA. The head of NoE isn't really a "personality" and isn't well known among most people so we got Iwata. Which is fine by me. I like his shiny Mii,



nick_gc commented on Out Now: History of Nintendo: Volume 2 - Game ...:

@Hyperstar96: This is NOT a scam it's disgraceful you have called it such. I bought and received volume one last year and received a hand-written note of thanks for buying the book. This is not a scam and a lot of hard work has gone into it by people who care. Maybe if you actually made an effort to trace where the item is by contacting Pix 'n Love Publishing and getting postage details you might get your item. It's the postal system you should be angry with, not these guys.



nick_gc commented on Review: Everdrive 64:

Limited life of Nintendo 64 cartridges? Pull the other one. NES games still work that are well over 25 years old. If you're bothered about save games then it'd be cheaper to learn how to replace the internal battery.



nick_gc commented on This is How Game Gear Games Will Look on 3DS:

@Myx Have you been living under a rock since the release of the 3DS? Also, how exactly were you tricked into buying it?

Have you not played Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Resident Evil Revelations, Sonic Generations, Ocarina of Time,Tales of the Abyss, not to mention Pushmo, Freakyforms, Mutant Mudds, and now Dillon's Rolling Western among many other made for 3DS downloadable titles?



nick_gc commented on This is How Game Gear Games Will Look on 3DS:

I wish Sega would just throw Columns in the bin. It was fun at the time, and a quirk of the compilation backs a few years ago but we don't want it any more!

Also, the screen looks great. Love the option to have the GG as part of the image. I wish the GBA games would do the same.



nick_gc commented on GAME Drops The Last Story Limited Edition:

I got this email on Monday this week. So I did a bit of Google searching and found that other people had been notified at the beginning of February that their order had (apparently) been swapped for the regular version. So it would seem they knew about this for a lot longer than they let all their customer's know.

It's clear that GAME are in trouble. There are a lot of tell-tale signs including the distributor credit as detailed above and the re-branding of the website which they had major trouble with which would suggest either issues internally that could be redundancies giving them less staff to sort the issues quickly or less cash forcing them to use cheaper and more inexperience agencies.

I don't know if any of you know about either. I used them in the Dreamcast days and early Gamecube days. They were a fantastic value online company with superb service. GAME bought them and then their own online site appeared offering pretty much the same service. So I swapped because I got reward points as well offering me slightly better value. If you go on's site now, there's a notice saying they're merging with Gamestation (another GAME owned company when they bought them a few years ago) which also looks like redundancies and cost savings.

They've tried to monopolise the high street market at a time when people stopped spending money due to the economic downturn. GAME's online retailers are also forced to try and be competitive due to bigger sites like and Amazon who can afford to offer products much cheaper.

GAME's online preorder service has rarely let me down. I've only ever had two games in the eight years I've used them that failed to get to by release day and on both occasions I received a voucher or credit as a result. It's annoying but really I have plenty of other games to play so it really shouldn't be much of an issue, it's only my impatience that makes my immediate reaction be that of anger toward them.

So I'm basically saying it's a shame they're in trouble. I'd happily keep using them until their fortunes turn back around or they go bust. I'd even be happy if they asked for money up front in pre-orders if it meant that would guarantee they could stock all the games. And they should be stocking ALL the games because they are specialist high-street and online retailer of video games. Anna-Marie Mason's comment is just a defensive counter, but it's quite ridiculous.

I have started for sales and some preorders that are just much better value than GAME. Though I've personally found their service is not just as good.



nick_gc commented on History of Game & Watch Book Due on 9th March:

These books are a masterpiece of design. I received Vol 1. for my birthday last year with a personally written post-it found inside saying "thank you". The book itself has some writing quirks which I think are a result of translation but it makes it by no means hard to read. It was full of interesting facts that I'd never read before and loads of high quality photographs. The book didn't feel cheap either which made the fairly high cost of a book this size not complete non-issue. I will be buying Vol. 2 and I look forward to reading it.



nick_gc commented on Review: Kirby's Block Ball (3DS Virtual Consol...:

It's the best breakout style game I've ever played but the lack of control over the direction you send the ball can be extremely frustrating. It seems set to specific angles to three angles for each direction and that doesn't necessarily seem to correspond to where on the paddle the ball lands.



nick_gc commented on Nicalis: "The eShop Has Turned Things Around f...:

I still think the eShop layout is hideous and don't really understand how this chap thinks the overall structure is better. Sure, we've got big icons with the latest releases or defined groupings of software but it's certainly not the App Store or even PSN.



nick_gc commented on Crystal Dynamics Explains Tomb Raider Wii U No...:

This really gets to me, that developers seem to think just because a console can do something, they need to use. No, they don't. A simple port a bit later down the line with standard controls would be fine in this case. People would understand that because it's a port. We don't NEED you to use the tablet, we'll use the standard controls or even the Classic Controller Pro for those that have access to one. I don't really want this game anyway but it's just a general thing that annoys me.



nick_gc commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS eShop Demos:

I've already played the Resident Evil demo at a game expo last year so I'll leave that. But I might download Cooking Mama for something to do!



nick_gc commented on Rumour: GAME User Accounts Compromised:

I'm confused by this because GAME doesn't have login names, you use your email address, don't you? And the passwords are all encrypted anyways?

EDIT: Ah, that's the Catalyst version. Searched pastebin for logins and found one posted two days ago. Doesn't appear to have mine on there. Will change it anways.



nick_gc commented on Rumour: Two Zelda Titles in Development:

I'd be up for this if true. I loved the Seasons/Ages games. The replay value on those games was great. Those pics look amazingly fake though. Happy to eat my hat, however.



nick_gc commented on Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Will Not Make Wii Ga...:

@WaveBoy Do you mean set to widescreen in the Wii options or on the TV options? Most TVs (including old TVs) resize the image based on what is being fed into it. My TV does that and it's five years old.

My Wii games look fantastically pin sharp, bright, and colourful. I'm in no way complaining about they look on my TV. Certainly not the jagged blurry mess some people seem to complain about. I have my Wii options set to EDTV 480p, 16:9, and use the official component cable.