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Mon 18th Apr 2011

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ForteAnly commented on Fact Sheet: Wii U - 1080p HD confirmed, No BluRay:

I am torn between the new console. I like the fact that its powerful as the PS3/360 and innovative but will it turn out to be like another Nintendo console. Where all we get are empty promises. I won't judge the console on its initial E3 appearance but I am hoping that it brings competition to the table again and not just another gimmick that Sony and Microsoft will try to capitalize on. I know people will disagree and say the Wii was competition for the other consoles but it really wasn't. It lacked HD graphics, DVD output, and 3rd party support. All it had was the gimmick of motion controls that Sony and Microsoft ended up copying to meet that consumer market. I am just hoping this consoles brings Nintendo somewhat back to its original glory. A large library of both 1st party and 3rd party games that will differentiate the console from the other competitors and deliver an overall gaming experience.



ForteAnly commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

I don't like the NGP but the 3DS graphics are hardly above the Wii or even the PSP. While the graphics are a larger improvement from the DS they still don't compete with other graphics. This is something I wish Nintendo would improve on. To be both a powerhouse in graphics and innovative.



ForteAnly commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

I think its funny how its mostly hardcore nintendo fanboys who refuse to give up cartridges. I grew up with Nintendo as well just like anyone and cartridges were everywhere and I love them but at the same time its ridiculous paying so much for some games. Its funny how people complain about the games that are on the ipod saying they are garbage. Well genius what do you expect it cost like a buck for some of those games. You can't really compare a dollar game to a game like Zelda. A game could still be entertaining and cheap at the same time. Nintendo is a great innovator and developer they could produce very stellar items without a cartridge or DVD but Nintendo does not want to sell a Zelda game for under 10 bucks. I agree the 3DS is not the best console for adapting to download only since its backward compatible but for future portable consoles it would not be a bad idea. Eventually Nintendo will release a portable console that will not be backward compatible when that time happens I think download-only would not be a bad idea for Nintendo to adapt as some people here think. Only time will tell I guess.



ForteAnly commented on Pokémon Red and Blue:

Good Review. My only problem is that you refer to the main character as Ash. The anime and game are two separate series. The anime is based on the games not the other way around. R/B protagonist is called Red not Ash. Other than that great review. I do think the new Pokemon games no matter how much better the sprites are cannot compare these classics.