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Wed 5th May 2010

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G-MaxiMillion commented on Europe, This Is Your eShop Launch Day Line-Up:

If I had to buy myself one of the VC games out now in all regions, it would be Kirby. And I'm not even a fan of Kirby, nor Gameboy titles.

I'm not looking foward to Monday anymore, I'm starting to realise I'm gonna look through the whole eShop in less than 30 minutes, use the Internet Browser for almost nothing and play Excitebike and the Pokedex for less than an hour.



G-MaxiMillion commented on Okay Australia, Your Zelda 3DS Pre-Order Bonus...:

In my local gaming store in Belgium, there's a limit edition offer by pre-ordering. It contains the US boxart (the golden cover with Link and Epona) instead of the ugly Europian/UK version), an ocarina (I don't think it's playable like this one.) and a deku planting tree.

That's awesome, too, right?



G-MaxiMillion commented on Talking Point: How 3DS Can Thrive at E3:

The 3DS doesn't only need more games to have it improvised, the system itselff needs to get bigger. This includes more updates than contain new and cool features that the users will get blasten away with. I certainly hope Nintendo is planning to show us an example of this for the update 7 June, so that not only the eShop and the Browser will fill your blank parts for the 3DS now, but the features they reffered added that are useful and make the system advanced by itself.



G-MaxiMillion commented on Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops (DS):

I've played the zombie mode, and find it irritating that I only need one hit to get killed by one. I suppose I'll have to co-op play with someone before I can really even enjoy the Zombie modus.



G-MaxiMillion commented on 3DS Coming to Japan by October:

I can see it in front of me already, everyone being unpatient and start buying the Japanese 3DS before it comes in their own country while they don't understand any Japanese.



G-MaxiMillion commented on Kingdom Hearts DS Release Re:coded to Tease 3D...:

It says Re:Coded is a brand new story, I'm guessing it's after KH II since Jiminy Cricket has the two journals from the past adventures he has been with. However... I didn't see Sora with his new clothes so ... guess we'll just have to wait for some more information or take a look at the Japanese release of Kingdom Hearts Coded on the mobile.



G-MaxiMillion commented on Review: Simply Solitaire (DSiWare):

Bah, so much for card games. I believe there are already enough Solitairs, just like the Sudokus. Nobody plays sudokus or solitair and can call it fun... really, not even for $2.