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Tue 6th Jan 2009

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KyubiStewie commented on Talking Point: Your Sonic the Hedgehog Memories:

I was born 3 weeks after the realease of the first game, but I didn't get a Genesis until 1993.

My dad got one for my birthday, and it came bundled with Sonic 1, I spent most of that day playing it halfway, but never got past Labyrinth Zone.

At that time, I've never heard of Mario until a friend of mine had N64 during its launch in 1996.

While I do enjoy a few of Sonic's modern-day offerings, I always look back to the very first game, being credited to making me the gamer I am now.

Happy Birthday, Sonic!



KyubiStewie commented on Sonic Generations 3DS Mixes 16-bit and Rush Ga...:

I was expecting 3D modern stages before I read this month's issue of Nintendo Power, but it looks promising anyway. I've been a fan of most Sonic games since the first one. And fanboys can bitch all they want, I still like Sonic the way he is.



KyubiStewie commented on Shantae Shimmying to Europe in a Few Weeks' Time:

@Gavin They're indie companies. And for a company that small, it's really difficult for them to release their original IPs to countries outside of the Americas than it does for the licensed games they often make. So you should cut them some slack and appreciate the hard work they've done to make it possible for an original game like this to be released throughout the world. Otherwise, they'd go bankrupt.



KyubiStewie commented on Cartoon Network Mayhem in Upcoming 3DS "Battle...:

See, CN does care for your Childhood Memories. But with a new show coming, they just don't have enough room to put every show into one channel. That's why they removed it and placed it on either Boomerang or on DVD. Though there are still some shows that stayed in the current schedule.



KyubiStewie commented on Review: NBA Jam (Wii):

Local mutiplayer > Online Multiplayer.
BOOMSHAKALAKALAKA! I'll buy this and play it with my brother. He'll have as much fun as I did back in 1993 when I had the Genesis version.



KyubiStewie commented on Japan Receives Red Wii in Honour of Mario's 25th:

@Sabrewing Don't worry, since All-Stars is heading to Europe. There's a chance that it might come here, too. If it does, I'll be buying this as a gift for my little brother. He's already growing up on Retro games after I let him play Sonic Mega Collection and LoZ: Ocarina of Time.



KyubiStewie commented on Nintendo Download: 4th October 2010 (North Ame...:

It's sad that some people don't appreciate indie companies because they only release their games through download services. Can't they understand that if a company like WayForward gives Shantae RR a retail release and no one buys it, then they'll end up bankrupt.



KyubiStewie commented on Classic Mario DS Games Get Reprints at Toys 'R...:

The prices haven't changed at all. So why is Toy "R" Us calling this a sale if there's no discount?

The reprints should have been a Nintendo World exclusive, just like Electroplankton. But then again, I'm upstate because I'm at College. So I'm not sure if I'll be able to buy the re-prints at my hometown [NYC]