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Fri 3rd Jun 2011

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NocturnalYoshi commented on Namco Bandai Is Bringing Barbie And Monster Hi...:


But on a not un-related note, It will get more people playing Nintendo 3DS, and drawing in a new crowd, which is good for Nintendo. Never the less, these are games which I have no intention of adding 2 my library.



NocturnalYoshi commented on Wii U Price Cut Isn't in Nintendo's Plans:

The Wii U price, I think is okay. The prices on the games, however, thats a whole different cup of tea. $60 for New super Mario Bros U, Thats rediculous!(And thats not including taxes, which where I am from, is a considerable amount extra) One of the many things I like about Nintendo was its better affordibility than sony and microsoft. The games are what need a price cut, not the console.



NocturnalYoshi commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans to Fight Back:

Nintendos year I feel has been a tad disappointing. I am an early adopter and for 6 months, I've had my 3DS and only one 3DS game to play on it. However I still feel that it was well worth the $250 pricetag. It is the best system I have ever played on and it lifts my spirits to know that they are finally going to start releasing more worthwhile titles and improving the console with these system updates very soon. I haven't lost faith in Nintendo, and I knew the tides would turn, i just wish it would of happened a little sooner. But we can't change time.



NocturnalYoshi commented on This is Your Mario Kart 7 Logo and Artwork:

Simple. But there is bueaty in simplicity. They have been pretty creative with the underwater motore in the back of karts and have been creative with adding the hang gliders. So they could have been a little more creative with the title, but whatever.



NocturnalYoshi commented on Iwata Writes Open Letter to 3DS Owners to Say ...:

I accept his apology. This, and the ambassador program, shows that Nintendo DOES care about its fans. It takes a lot to stand up to such a large crowd and apologise. Most other CEOs usually ignore these issues and their fans complaints completely. Thank you Nintendo



NocturnalYoshi commented on The Super Mario Bros Movie Could Have Turned O...:

@ Digit Aria I know plenty about Super Mario Bros. I'm not going to lie, I made some errors in my previous response. I don't know much about Luigi and Daisy's relationship. I didn't even know they had one. but considering the two of them are not together in most games, you can't blame me for not knowing. The only Mario games I play that include Daisy are the Mario Party games. As for Goomba,. They are Marios size, but not until Later games have I seen certain Goombas that tower over Mario, like in the movie. The Goombas in the movie were also reptile like, and had small heads. In the games the Goombas head is the biggest part of its body.



NocturnalYoshi commented on The Super Mario Bros Movie Could Have Turned O...:

@DiggerandIndy- I couldn't agree more.
I watched it on youtube months ago(I was surfing the web looking for mario stuff, and came across the movie on a site, so i youtubed it.) All i could think was WTF!?!?!?!?! It was nothing like the Mario I know. Since when was Bowser human!?!?(or related to T-rex?) When the heck did Luigi fall in love with Princess Daisy? Aren't Goombas are supposed to be short mushroom like beings. It made no sense. I honestly think that this movie was a disgrace to the mario franchise. The only thing I liked was the Yoshi. He was pretty cool.



NocturnalYoshi commented on The Thought of a Shooter-Only Future Makes Iwa...:

In the universe of video games, FPS games have their place. I am not a fan of FPS games, but I respect those who are, and the fact that the genre has its place. But a future of nothing but FPS games is crazy. Just like the FPS genre, all the other genres such as platformers, RPGs and the like, have their fan bases as well, and therefore have a place in that universe that cannot be filled by FPS. If there is no variety, the console will fail. I know that if the future was only FPS, I wouldn't buy future consoles. I'd stick with my 3DS and my Wii. FPS genre should stay, but I agree with Iwata- I feel that there should only be so much FPS games in the future. Keep the variety Nintendo!



NocturnalYoshi commented on Iwata: "We Must Continue to Combat Negative 3D...:

The 3D being bad for your is variable. It depends on who is playing it. Some people can take it as if it were nothing, others have adjust to it first, and a few get a migraine frome it. I can't speak for everyone, but this is the case for me. When I first tryed the 3D, it looked like nothing I had seen before. It made my eyes feel weird the first few minutes, but they adjusted. After those few minutes, it was all good. My eyes went back to normal, and i kept on playing. Now, whenever I play a game in 3D, its as if I'm playing a normal video game- But that doesen't mean the 3D effect isn't noticeable anymore. Its still awesome.

What I think Nintendo should do to bust these myths is to put a demo station in the majority of electronic and department stores. That way people can get a hands on experience with the 3D and see that it isn't harmful. Or have a portable Nintendo 3DS station brought into schools and other public places. I suggest schools because kids compose a large portion of the gamer community. If they can get a hands on experience at school, that would reach a large amount of kids and show them that there is no harm in 3D. Preferablly Middle schools and high schools due to the age restrictions of the 3D. It would be good, because people have to go to school 5 days a week, for most of the year, and video games in school for a day or 2 on breaks and such or in an assembly, would be many kids dream come true! lol. A little out there, I know, but I used to dream of getting a chance to play video games in school all the time.



NocturnalYoshi commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

I find it surprising that NoE isn't giving its gamers the content they should be getting. I watch the trailers of the games i want in full 3D and they are amazing! Why is Europe missing out!?!?!

@NoE- If you wish to keep your fans and consumers in Europe, then start giving them the same content that North America and Japan do. Otherwise their interest will wane and they may go to your competitors for their games and consoles.



NocturnalYoshi commented on Animal Crossing:

I'd take the gamestop date with a grain of salt. According to many things i read on the internet, you can't trust gamestop for official release dates. On almost all websites i've read, the release date for AC:3DS is still TBA. To be announced. But AC:3DS should be in our hands by early 2012 for sure. Winter holidays, maybe. Fall, perhaps, but unlikely. August, unfortunately, most likely not. But the wait won't be too long now. Besides patience is a virtue. All good things to those who wait



NocturnalYoshi commented on Games Do More Damage Than Passive Smoking, say...:

I see a little bit of where the doctors comin from. I don't think its harmless to let a 5 year old play things like grand theft auto, but to say that all video games are a health risk, or at least as much so as tobacco second hand smoke, is rediculous. I've been playing video games since i was 5, and i have never thought of it as OK to kill someone, nor am i overweight and at risk of heart problems,etc. Videogames are not one of the bigger problems. Video games are only a problem when they get into the hands of audiences that are just too young both in age and mentality for the content. Thats why theres the ESRB ratings.



NocturnalYoshi commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

I'll admit, I was a very skeptical before i bought my 3DS(and i have always been a Nintendo gamer.). I was nervous because i could not test 1 first, and had no friends that owned 1. But i took a risk and purchased it to see if it was for real. This is the first thing i said when i turned on the 3D" I am witness to a revolution in the world of gaming!" Those were my exact words. I was shocked by the 3D and all the other features i didn't even know the 3DS had.

Maybe Mr. Yoshida has never played one? That would explain his negativity toward it. I was very skeptical until i bought mine. I feel that it is one of those "you have to see it to believe it" systems. It could also be jealousy of Nintendo, but the article does not state the reason for his comments on the 3DS - at least not that i saw. But for me, The 3DS is the best system i have ever played! Now, Nintendo just needs to start pumping out some good games for it. But you know what they say, patience is a virtue