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Wed 22nd Sep 2010

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gatygun commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

If you read more of his stuff, you actually see why he states it.

He thinks and i fully agree with him, that the NGP is more aimed towards teh dedicated gamer that focuses itself more towards tablet systems.

The 3DS is still stuck in its same enviroment. Casuals and nintendo fans, minor upgrades on online department , minor graphical update from the PSP solution, and beyond minor control solution update. ( no touch on main screen, still pencil controls because of low resolution lower screen with old ds touch functions )
Gyro doesn't work well with 3D, 3D adds no gameplay experiences etc.

The NGP simple isn't in a direct fight with 3DS as its just a total different device for that. The 3DS is more in fight with the PSP then that.



gatygun commented on Rayman 3D Rated by ESRB:

played rayman the 3D version for the PC years years years years ago. The game even then was by standards really low quality already.

Therefor, even if they recreate it towards a complete new 3D game i wouldn't be interested.



gatygun commented on The Sims 3 Will Make Use of the 3DS StreetPass...:

Look at the freaking game, its a horrible ds > 3ds port. they just upped the polygons a bit.

They should remake the game. it looks like trash atm

Besides that, streetpass is all nice and stuff.

I wanna be able to connect to another ones village whatever. and walk with him or her there.

I want a online experience with it.



gatygun commented on Camelot Excited by Challenges of 3DS Development:

golden sun 4 gets released just after the 4DS release?

if they already took 7 years for a simple game like golden sun. Dont aspect to much from them.

I wouldn't be suprised that they skipped just like the DS, the compleet 3DS lifespan



gatygun commented on Resident Evil: Revelations Returns to Series' ...:

@24 so you prefer a remake of 2 and 3? while it contains no new things. Just the same that you already probably played for tons of times.

That you got great nostalgic feelings going on with that game is cool. But remaking a game with better graphics isn't making a already told story untold.

A compleet new story is a way better solution.



gatygun commented on 3DS Development Could Cost Triple That of DS S...:

Its funny how nobody here realises that iwata is simple checking out the market on what there solution for a problem would be, which isn´t there.

They are just testing out the market to see how far they can raise the prices, and how people would react on it.

Even if the 3DS cost 10 times more money to develop, 40 euro and 50 dollars for a game is still ridicilous high.

They just turn the whole reality around. Instead of admitting that the games on the DS costed ridicilous much for what you got. They just turn stuff around with. Well 3DS costs are tripled.

Just good marketting if you ask me.

Even if the games costed 10 times more to create, and if they would sell for 20 euro´s. They wouldn´t really have a problem creating it.

all nice and stuff that you are learning for development. But its not only a matter of a second camera onto a first camera. That matter is like 0.001% of the entire difference of a 2D game towards a 3D game.

Its not that a flat pacman game starts to become a compleet 3D game if you place just another camera point in it.


raising the price = more piracy less sales
lowering the price = more sales lesser piracy

1,8m for a game = ridicilous low for development



gatygun commented on Iwata: More Developers Interested in 3DS Than ...:

@14 movies is all about pop in your face every 10 seconds. This is tiring but fun for the 1,5 hour that it lasts. If you visit to much movies in a short time you get tired of it indeed.

For gaming this would be hugely ennoying.

That's why nintendo uses the depth with 3D. You can hugely increase the depth feel etc etc. which will be incredible usefull on platformers or other kind of games. This isn't tiring.



gatygun commented on DS to Have Life After 3DS, says Nintendo:

"Edit: Also one has to wonder, how exactly will the 3DS handle DS games? The original DS ran GBA games with a much smaller screen size due to differences in screen resolution. The quality of the image was better than on a GBA-SP but I'd rather play GBA games on the SP just because of screen size... Something similar willl probably happen with the 3DS which has a much better resolution than the DS, so in the end it may turn out that playing DS games will be better on an actual DS..."

Check the shop channel 3DS movie, when he scrolls up and down. You see how the upper screen gets a frame around it.

Same with happen with DS games.

I dont see why you would keep stuck on the DS tho, unless you got a DS lite for GBA games. The screens from DS lite = superior compared to the gba sp version. specially the backlight.

I never used my gba anymore, after i bought the DS lite.
Same will happen with 3DS. DS wont get used anymore. only ds lite for gba games.

And about the christmas part, you nailed it there.
Christmas is comming, with no 3DS. Everybody holds there money because buying a DS atm = waste of money. It has no future anymore.

By announcing this, they hope to increase the sales at those holidays. Because it looks awfull atm for the DS itself.


read some reactions, if you buy a DSi XL because you really think you gona get AAA titles. Then you will be heavy dissapointed. IF i was you i would hold your cash. Because your DSi XL isn't worth anything when the 3DS gets announced throught tv and media to the general public.



gatygun commented on DS to Have Life After 3DS, says Nintendo:

You guys realize that this is plain right?

What he actually says is that , when the 3DS gets launched. They wont stop for 100% of the developing at the time of the launch.

This means you will see some cheap games arriving towards DS like they did with every handheld when they got fased out.

Not to forget he always, announces after every handheld or console revision the same thing. Thats in order to keep the DS sales steady.

3th party developers will not be interested in the DS anymore ( the big titles ) because the system has no future at all anymore.

Every handheld system got this treatment of nintendo.
When the gba came out, nintendo announced that gbc would still be getting top titles.
A half year later, the shelves where going empty in shops. and a year later the product wasn't even at the shops anymore. Only a few games left.

Thats how it will go exactly with the DS.

Maybe some nintendo games will get easy ports or another mario side scroller or party game. But those will be serieusly cheap budget games.



gatygun commented on 3DS Shopping Channel Details and First Video E...:

"with information about the game, a brief video and even the ability to download a demo depending on the title."

Is this for the 3DS games or only for VC games?
I find it a must have to be able to see a 3D trailer on the 3DS, for new upcomming 3DS games + they need to provide a demo for it.
Like pritty much every didicated system is doing atm.

This means you can play something different, and test something out without directly paying.



gatygun commented on Cartoon Network Mayhem in Upcoming 3DS "Battle...:

So basically we end up with a super smash brothers aka dragon ball z aka tekken aka street fighter aka naruto kind of game, only with cartoon network chars that got no fibe in the whole fight scene to start with?

Sorry but i aint waiting on yet another beat them up game, specially not when cartoon network ( characters ) are mostly outdated to the max.

The only thing that did age well was dexter lab, which got rewinded / rescripted to trash.

Shovelware to the max, no ty.



gatygun commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

@74 that didn't prevent people from buying a psp/nds this generation?
so there is more up to it, like software etc.
Even while gaming on a apple iphone is getting supported more and more, the interresting games are still missing.

Lets not forget there are people that ( like me ) just want to play games on a dedicated game machine like a handheld in the house. So i'm not bound to 1 location in my house + television usage etc.

There are alot of factors that come into it. As long as nintendo isn't gona release there titles on other consoles or phones, it gets bought simple.

@75 well HD or 720/480 crap? with hd i mean 1080p. Because thats what HD is. If so, then how the hell are you going to see all those pixels on a tiny screen? that's like massive overkill. Half of the pixels that it needs to render you wont even see at all.

Then what alien hardware you wanna make it power up?.

That is either gonna be a over the top cloaked max mobile gpu and cpu. which yet again result in massive overheating + massive battery usage.
Because if it uses the battery of the size of a 3DS, then you will end up with what 10 minute play time ?

In order to reach this, you will need another psp duc taped as battery size against the psp2

Do i smell a playstation ipad incoming? with 2x 3ds sizes battery's in it



gatygun commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

Nintendo > casuals overal
PSP > core gaming
There simple was nothing els.
casual gaming grow big time, and nintendo profitted from it.

Apple jumps in on the casual market. = treat for nintendo.
there casual portable gaming market is getting split or divided.

Psp doesn't got a problem at this moment, there core market isn't in danger. Nintendo got huge problems.

Nintendo makes 3DS, and shows there solution.
Strong graphical handheld + 3D + good 3th party support =
trying to attract core players, in order to fill the losing casual gap.
e3 show, everybody hyped about the 3DS.

Nintendo = for now safe again.

well the situation shifted from nintendo in big trouble towards playstation now in big trouble on the handheld division.

playstation announces soonish a psp2 with top graphical level hardware, which outdoes anything on the apple iphone and 3DS.
But now the core department gets split towards nintendo, playstation needs to dig a new territorium on this time.
which is casuals ofcourse. So they gona add some stuff like motion sensor etc etc + touchscreen, but a bit different ofcourse by throwing it on the back (touchscreen).

So for atm, today. reggie shouts out before the psp2 gets announced.
apple is our only problem atm. In order to reduce the imcoming split on casuals again towards the psp2.

in the meanwhile sony and microsoft add motion control towards there consoles to open a fight on the casual market with nintendo.
And nintendo will soon announce a wii 2, which will try to attract core players.

In other words:
2004-2010 nintendo = gaming for casuals overal
200x-2010 playstation + microsoft = gaming for core players overal

iphone = casuals ( iphone )
Either on handhelds and consoles:
nintendo = casuals + core ( wii2 + 3DS)
playstation = casuals + core ( psp2 + playstation 3 move/kinect )
microsoft = casuals + core ( xbox360 + move/kinect )

either way nintendo real enemy's are everyone in the gaming industrial at 2011


why did you think the investers laterly got pissed at nintendo? that nintendo didn't launched there handheld this year?
Because atm its the best time to release the 3DS with max profits on it, nintendo doesn't got any competition from psp2, and iphone atm which makes it a really good selling product. So the 3DS will sell tons and make the 3DS investment a profitable product + a good launch etc.

Why do i say iphone?, there yet isn't a iphone with a 3D screen. Next year you can bet on it. Lots of casuals buy the 3DS because of 3D which is attractive and fun on games. Not to forget the casuals know the DS etc.

I can go on for a few more lines but, it gets to long so i will stop it



gatygun commented on Don't Expect Any 3DS Titles From Epic Games An...:

The specs are not even 100% confirmed, nobody knows whats inside the 3DS, besides that pica is involved.

Its all rumors rumors rumors. This men stated that they where interrested into nintendo 3DS. And that they hoped on getting in contact with nintendo about it. But nintendo never contacted them. Because they simple dont care.

This men is just butthurt because of it, and starts to shout that the 3DS is undpowered etc.

while there litterly isn't even 1 100% confirmed spec for the whole 3DS design. the only thing you know is that the graphical part comes from pica. Even the speed of the device is pure rumors.

A company like him would if they had there act right, never comment on something they dont know for 100%.

this interview is just some blowed up comment, which aimed more towards " atm it doesn't seem like 3DS is powerfull enought"

or els its a plain dumb statement.

First i wanna see the real specs.



gatygun commented on Time to Nurture a Few Animal Resort Game Details:

well if that camel is a zoomed in screen to the max on a animal, and you can see a whole zoo in full 3D, this is gonna be really awesome.
Specially the idea of lookign around in your room so you can turn around quick etc.

gotta follow it



gatygun commented on Japanese 3DS Surveys Reveal Awareness Low, Pri...:


you are like compleetly wrong about pritty much everything.
the 3ds isn't on par with the psp. The 3DS dominates the psp compleetly. The psp is far slower then the 3DS, it doesn't got any shaders ( so it isn't getting even close towards the 3DS quality ) and it doens't show 3D.

The 3D isn't a gimmick it really really adds another dimension if used correctly.

About the phones, as you mention. Its indeed true that iphones are going upwards fast on graphical deparment, but you are missing some vital points, which you dont consider.

The pc, didn't kill the console industrial. The pc = basically the perfect console to go for. the mouse + keyboard are superior etc etc.
Why are there still consoles to this date?
Because there is a market for.
Even with the iphone there, and having superior stats. it doesn't automatically mean, that its a winning combo.

Look at the last run nintendo ds vs psp. You cant ignore facts. The nintendo ds was far lesser superior on graphics then the PSP. still it didn't stood up against it.
This has a reason you know. You cant ignore facts. There simple isn't much interesting on the psp. and besides that the battery lifetime was a nightmare etc etc.

the iphone can be seen as the new psp from 2004-5. It will get superior hardware,

  • but you simple cant play your zelda/mario / all your old francieses on it.
  • Besides that, it doesn't "yet" have a 3D screen.
  • it doesn't got any contracts with movie company's
  • it doesn't got buttons ( main reason why people play on a handheld )
  • HF playing your stuff with 2 big fat fingers pressing on your screen the whole time. You never can play for long a serieus game or even for a short while. you simple dont have the buttons.
  • The hardware in it "iphone" needs to be shared with the OS / other stuff that you got running. which already results in lesser quality games for the hardware that is present( look at a pc vs console " a pc can hardly keep up with a 5x if not more lesser cpu/gpu inside the xbox360" because the pc needs to do ALOT more like running a os in the background as 1 of the simple examples in order to even deliver a game on your screen.) A handheld hardware can be used every little bit for gaming.
  • battery lifetime of a iphone 4 is 2-3 hours or lesser while playing with full graphics on. ( main issue of those devices ) while you always need to have your device powered on because its your phone / agenda etc.
  • the price is alot higher, because of high costing hardware to support all those functions, the iphone just simple isn't a gaming device besides some minigame equal games.
  • another really important note is, when you buy a nintendo 3DS. You know you can buy games for it for atleast 5 years with your first device. You can play all the new games that are released for it, etc. Same as the DS phat "first one", you still can play pokemon black and white / goldensun on it that got released like 6 years later?.
    This is why most people tend to jump onto a console to start with, they dont wanna spend countless of bucks on improving hardware in order to play there newest iphone games.
    Because iphone is changing there system + hardware every year.

as for the online system, i really dont see the 3G needed. for what you need it? internet/calling? dont you got other devices for that? it isn't a iphone, this only results in more expensive hardware / lesser battery time etc? and what about the other online system? they are heavily improving with the 3DS on this department, as they stated the strong part of the 3DS will be its online function.

The 3DS will sell like cakes and because of nobody that basicly faces them direct on atm, it will even sell towards more poeple then the ds did, to start with. The only real problem is atm that people simple dont know about the 3DS.
People never heard of it, and never saw anything off it. for all they know its yet another DS version a xxl for example.
but that is where marketing jumps in. Nintendo has always been good at it, and will simple do this the last month before its release.

They will build they hype up, for new people just as they did with us at the e3.

to get back on topic.
the price will be probably 250 dollar and 230 euro ( yes we European people always pay way more then our American fellows. Anyway 230 euro is a good number to go for at the start. this can be dropped like a half year later after the release, when all the "i want one now" people had there versions of the device.

230 euro = 300 dollar, the 300 number is just way to much if it wants to be sucessfull at the US. it will probably be lowered towards the 250 dollar.



gatygun commented on UK Retailer HMV Tickled Pink About Upcoming 3D...:

europe is the one that gets milked. every dam time when some hardware component cost 200 euro here, it goes for 200 dollars in the states. And still those state people are whining and whining and whining. While we pay ALOT more.

anyway about the iphone thingy:
This are the reasons i dont go with a iphone:
-there battery life time while gaming is crap. look at iphone 4 it cant handle any decent gpu 3D game without blowing up the battery.

  • it has litterly no buttons. placing my big vingers on the screen blocking 40% of the screen with it by time to time, is just compleet out of teh question: if i wanna play a game ( not a minigame ) i wanna play it on a higher level.
  • i dont see the handheld from nintendo als a handheld, i rather see it as a portable console. Same as my ds lite atm. I dont got a xbox360/ps3/wii. I use those handhelds als portable consoles.
  • games, hf playing all those b games, i aint seeying a mario on the iphone? do you ? i dont.
  • the price, Its expensiver ( this makes it only the more of a console replacer and even a status handheld, not every poor men can buy one ) Still its for junger people expensive, this is a problem factor.

besides this, i dont life in the future, i life today. the 3D screen. I aint gona buy a 2000 euro tv screen. while there are no 3D games / 3D movies available. While on the nintendo 3DS there is. The 3D without glasses is just a perfect thing really.

This all makes the jump from the ds / psp towards the 3DS a must. Finally something really news.

Why would i buy a iphone?, it has nothing excitings for me atm.



gatygun commented on StreetPass Being Looked into for Metal Gear So...:

@ luwiigi

then you can better wait 1-2 years lol. developers need to release something when the 3ds hits the shells. the best thing to do this is remakes + full focus on 3d. so they can make for the second generation alot better games. Thats why there is simple almost nothing announced with kingdom hearts 3DS. they just wait it out to implant something goods.

A compleet new game + 3D effects = gona be either lacking on the gameplay / story / quality or 3d effects.



gatygun commented on Brand New 3DS Screenshots For Your Eyes to Behold:

actually while they look good for first generation of 3DS games. It still could look way better, if nintendo finally uses some real shading techniques. In order to enhance the graphics.
The nintendo games are really not looking on par with the 3th party developers games. it looks a bit worser, throught not using shaders etc.

I hope the second generation of games, will be better. still it looks amazing never the less.



gatygun commented on Feast Your Eyes on 3DS's Launch Line Up in Japan:

oke people, read the source, and that link its own source again and this pops up:

"At the press conference where it announced the official launch date of February 26, 2011 for the Japanese market for the Nintendo 3DS handheld and the price of 25,000 Yen Nintendo has also offered some more information about the new device and confirmed that both Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid will be launched at the same time as the hardware."

in other words, this message is twisted by the source and got plainly copied towards this site without checking it out.


metal gear solid and resident evil will launch with the system, mario kart will be with that, and more titles.

Those 10 titles make no sense to get released at its own.

kid iracus and animal crossing will be at that time released too.

This news article is yet again a rumored news which isn't compleet.
so dont aspect those titles will be there at launce and dont aspect other titles wont be there, just because of this article.



gatygun commented on Rumour: 3DS Tech Specs Revealed:

to get a bit further on the iphone vs 3ds.

a iphone 4 can only locate 64mb ram towards 1 single program execution from what i heard from a developer which develops programs for the devices. Even on top of that, a iphone is just like a PC. even with a way better gpu/CPU/memory, the OS / applications / code behind it, take up ALOT of the power in order to make the thing function at all. which a handheld game console doesn't got. It only has 1 task, gaming. With a simple interface at the start of it. ( this makes it way cheaper and effectiver on hardware, if not having better optimalized game power vs electric power.

The 512ram and es2.0 gpu, from a iphone basically ends up having the same problems as the psp on battery time. Its empty after a few hours 2-3 at max,
And of course the same problems that PC's got with console games, you need to out spec the gaming console as "multitasking hardware" big time, in order to generate the same result.

not to forget even if the battery wasn't the problem for the 3DS, then a next problem starts to show up, money. While a iphone cost like 700 euro +. the handheld cost WAY lesser in order to get any attention at all. Think again at the second psp problem "price". it just wasn't attractive for the casuals.

Anyway, lets not even talk about the controls. Its pritty much the biggest downsize to start with on a iphone. 1 touchscreen = horrible if thats basicly your only imput.
On top of that, Nintendo got a way more attractive game lineup.

As far for the iphone specs, its not a option for Nintendo to even go there, and even without getting all the fancy costly hardware which consumes power. the 3ds gpu with es1.1 has pretty much all the fancy 2.0 shaders without dropping into the battery life time.

Its like having the good things from a highly power consuming and money costing gpu, and at the same time drops those downsizes with it.

about the browsing etc:

Sorry, but i don't wanna end up with a OS that eats massive amount of ram/cpu speed in order to just browse a internet site, which you can simple done with a pc / mobile these days. I rather keep it towards a raw gaming device, And i think that Nintendo agrees with this big time. Or els nintendo needs to focus on multitasking which eats ALOT of extra hardware/power/cost.

Anyway, i hope i cleared some stuff up. this is basically what the specs mean. And if you ask me. they are fine as it is.



gatygun commented on Rumour: 3DS Tech Specs Revealed:

dude the 1,5gb is probably the internal memory that it has, you can probably easily expand it yourself with 32 gb sd card, which you simple can replace in the sd slot.

the slot itself can handle 600gb on sd cards ( future focused ) now only the sd memory needs to catch up. Even without 64gb or 128gb cards which do not yet exist, you can simple buy another 32gb card or whatever. ( this way it reduces the production cost, so 3ds gets cheaper).

Basically i don't see the problem in 2gb memory module which gets shortened by formatting + probably some system files etc towards 1,5gb left space.

Then some following information about other consoles etc, i got the feeling that people have just litterly no clue in what the specs actually mean:

a comparison on memory / ram ( no cpu, because its not comparable):
ram = mb
vram = mb

3ds ( the rumored specs ):
ram : 64
vram : 4

psp first versions:
ram: 32-64
vram: 2

ram: 32
vram: 2-4

ram: 64
vram: 4

ram: 32-48:
vram: 3

ram: 88
vram: 3

Why the cpu isn't comparable = because cpu's can only be compared on architecture, which i simple dont know. a 166mhz cpu can outdo a way higher older clocked mhz cpu. I dont know the facts or stats on them.

anyway, you can clearly see, the 3DS is going to outdo them all, specially if you realise that the 3DS got a 3 inch screen and not a 30 inch one. to power.

I didn't took the ps3 and xbox360 because they are simple way higher speeded, (it was never a discussion to start with if the 3DS would be on the same speed of the xbox360/ps3, but on the iQ it comes pritty much closest then anything out there yet ).

The stats of what got leeched so far, are really promising.

Even if you consider that the gpu makes the IQ ( image quality ) alot higher then the wii version. while maintaining the wii speed on top of that. The shaders on the thing are fantastic. And will outdo the xbox quality because of it.

you can simple state, the 3DS is faster then xbox/wii/gc/psp/ps1/ps2/n64/nds. On top of that the IQ quality is comming close towards the ps3/xbox360.

If you saw the demo's / screens at the e3, you can clearly see that even when these are simple made tech demo's, they already outdo all those devices. Yes there are games that do not ( specially nintendo sided games ) but the re/mgs are really really promissing, specially when the development was really short.

Comparing a Iphone against a handheld.
is like comparing a computer vs a console, the computer cost alot more + has alot more stats to start with, while it barely looks anybetter then the ps3/xbox360 quality ones.

For example look at gta for the ps2:
while the ps2 just has half the vram/ram of the 3DS, 32/2 i bet a pc wouldn't even boot up with it.
Better the pc needs to have atleast 700+ ram + a 32mb videocard. And even if you got that, gta wouldn't run any near decent.

Anyway i gona stop the float here on my spamming comment but here's just some info