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Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary (NA)

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. and the 25th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System's release in North America, we thought we would do something different. We've scraped together 12,500 Wii Points so that we can give 25 lucky readers (yes, 25) a free 500-point NES game (of their choice) each via the Wii Shop gifting service. All you have to do is answer our special Mario Anniversary question below! Please note that this competition is open only to the United States and Canada and is limited to 500-point NES games.

About The Prize

In the quarter of a century since game designer Shigeru Miyamoto’s team put the finishing touches to his first major adventure, Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Mario has become one of the most globally recognised characters in the world of entertainment.

Find Out More

The Super Mario Bros. series is the best-selling video game series of all time, with more than 240 million units sold globally. New Super Mario Bros. Wii allows up to four players to experience an action-packed Mario platform game on Wii simultaneously for the first time.

How To Win

It's simple, login or register and answer the question, we'll randomly select the winner(s) and contact them via email.

Enter The Competition

Sorry, you're too late, the competition is now closed, please try again another time!


Closing date for entry is 1st November 2010, winners will be contacted via email for their console/system ID, prizes will then be gifted directly to the console. You may only enter once, duplicate entries will be removed. You must be a North Amercian resident to receive the winning prize.

User Comments (222)



antdickens said:

Huge thanks to all the staff that contributed towards the prize fund, great job! For those European readers out there, don't worry we've got two European competitions coming up in the next week or so!



zezhyrule said:

Aw man, the only NES games I really want from the VC are SMB the lost levels and Ufouria... Oh yeah, there's always Zelda II and SMB2. Also forgot about Blaster Master!

That is, if I even win. :3



evilralfwiggum said:

If I win one I'm getting Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. Because it's one of the only 2D Castlevania games I have yet to play all the way through and beat. >_>; I figure the VC would be the easiest way to get myself to play through it. Then I could stop and come back to it easily :0



ueI said:

I don't think winners can ask for Ufouria or Lost levels, because they're foreign, therefore more expensive. Too bad, I kind of wanted Ufouria.



MysteriousVoice said:

Probably will get Lost Levels if I win. Thats on the VC, right? Think so.
What does it mean by Contacting you by your Wii/Ds code?



zezhyrule said:

Isn't it obvious, I mean, shouldn't everyone know that Mario was originally called Hatman? Shouldn't even be a question...



Tar said:

I am just going to take a guess, not that I'll win, knowing my luck.



Majora said:

1st September 1986: remember Nintendo Life, Europeans would like a competition too!!!



GammaGames said:

I didn't even have to look up the answer! I remembered from an article a while ago here at nintendo life, it was a behind the scenes of original DK I think



xAlias said:

Keep on bringing the contests! You guys are awesome!
Wonder how many fake users we'll get this time



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Hope I win! Hmmmm, wonder what I'll get if I do.... Already got all the NES Mario games, so I'll have to gasp! TRY SOMETHING ELSE! Maybe a Mega Man game? Never played any of those.



NintyMan said:

I entered the contest. Now I'll just have to wait to see if I'm lucky enough to be one of the winners!



edhe said:

Anyone complaining about this not being open to European members, pHaT-aNt_ (in the first reply of the post) said there will be two for us in the coming weeks.

And hopefully some for the Aussies/Kiwis too, NL?



odd69 said:

these guys at nintendo life are nice enough to hold these great giveaways, the least anyone could do is read the article and use common sense



Iggy said:

The staff here are quite generous thanks for the great contests. I have a better chance of winning this one atleast.



aguy3 said:

Hey guys, I was just looking at these website, it is very cool, and I see these contest, so I am in, haha I hope I win!
I will buy a mario game probably, no FF because I don't like rpg's and I also don't like kirby, he is too pink, maybe I can try megaman.
Ooops I need to go (haha gonna play some Medal of Honor)



MasterGraveheart said:

I... don't know which one I'd pick u if I won. There are a few games on there that I have left to pick up that I'd consider "must owns." Who knows, maybe something new'll come out before then that'll catch our eyes?



PSICOffee said:

I thought Ufouria if I win but then realized it was 600 points and I already have 40 or so NES games at least on the VC so I don't know what I'd pick to be honest, not to mention I now own most of those games in cartridge form as part of my nearly 200 (small count I know) collection for the system. There can't be more than 50-100 NA users here anyway, so I think a 30%-40% chance of winning can't be that bad!



suburban_sensei said:

Good luck to everyone, I hope I win, but if not, no biggie Since I own Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 on the VC, I never got the original (since I have played it so much), but would probably pick that just to complete the trilogy, lol. Even if I don't win, just wanted to say thanks to NL for being so generous to the site visitors.



ogo79 said:

id get Faxanadu
which i read on here it should be out in november!



Philip_J_Reed said:

@51: "thats really nice of you guys"

It's our pleasure. It's a chance to celebrate SMB's 25th birthday, of course, but I think I speak for everyone when I say it's also a chance for us to celebrate the great community that has built up around this site. Thanks, everybody, for making any work we do for this site so rewarding. And good luck winning those games.



jkshaz said:

That is incredibly generous of all of you. I have to honestly say I have always been impressed with how this site has handled itself. I tip my hat to the staff.



ogo79 said:

@Chicken Brutus
we do that kind of thing on our site too. being part of a nice site and watching it build over the years, it takes dedication and you got to enjoy what you do.



Supermegaman said:

So is this NA's reward for Mario's 25th?

Seriously, Europeans cant complain when you have cool club nintendo rewards and the swanky new red devices heading your way

But this is still cool, Im crossing my fingers



Screath said:

I pretty much own all the NES games I want, but Castlevania III is tempting. With or without this contest, I will get that game.



irken004 said:

I just looked over the list of NES games available, and I would pick Ninja Gaiden if I win :3



lockelocke said:

Miyamoto's original name for Mario is missing from the list! He was called Mr. Video.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Shh! That was intentional, so that we can reveal at the end that it was a trick question, nobody wins, and we get to keep the points.



hulklol123456789 said:

Hmmm, ok guys, so lucky for everyone, sadly I can't enter the contest, anyways I have told my family in USA, and they have entered already, I hope they win! Also isk wich is him, but he is also a cool gamer, he likes old games, specially the ones from NES and N64, so he was very happy about these contest, I think he will also be part of the comunity team.



Kid_A said:

I created 37 different email accounts and therefore submitted 37 entries. I am SO winning this!



Kid_A said:

I've just been informed that that would be cheating. And lame. Well, there's always the 50th anniversary...



theblackdragon said:

psst. Kid_A. staff can't enter these contests anyway. :3
considering you only just now found out that was cheating, i figured i'd fill you in on the rest of the story



Objection said:

I have done pretty well in the past with NL contests so I'm putting my hat in, or whatever the phrase is. Wonder what I would choose, never thought of getting a NES game before. Maybe MM2? Or a Mario...or something else, lol.



Blue_Cat said:

Aw man... I studied this one...
(If I win, I'm getting the lost levels!)

Edit Just read that LL's 600 points >.>



Punny said:

Sweet! I'm betting somebody that joined Nintendo Life just to enter the contest will win, though...

EDIT: Eh, forget about my above statement. There's a good chance regular users such as myself will win. After all, there will be 25 winners in total.



Neo_Yor said:

I want the REAL Super Mario 2, but it's 600 points =/, so maybe i'll ask the "fake" one if I win =P



Objection said:

@Punny-usually there winds up being about a 50-50 ratio of newbies who win that just joined for the context, and those that are actually part of the community, lol.



Noire said:

I'm going to win, and when I do... I dunno, lol. But I'm gonna win~



Stuffgamer1 said:

@PSICOffee: "There can't be more than 50-100 NA users here anyway..."

You're kidding, right? Yes, 25 winners gives better number-of-prizes odds than most if not all previous contests, but I wouldn't put the odds anywhere NEAR as good as 30-40%.

That was the most absurdly easy question I've seen in an NLife contest yet. Am I not a geek, that I should not know these things and indeed HAVE known them for some years? If only knowledge automatically equaled winning...



hylianhalcyon said:

I love this sites contests, mostly because all they require is the answering of a question to qualify.



nothankyou said:

(Changes avatar to Waluigi)

EDIT: At least, I would, if I weren't on my Wii.



DarkLloyd said:

Hope I win this havent been lucky since that time at the small school fair in grade 5 or 6 cant really remember



dizzy_boy said:

i cant wait for the european contests. getting a free nes game would be sweet.
what will make it easier, is that everybody who's complained about this contest so far, won't win a damn thing.
if i was one of the guys who put money into the prize fund, i'd be really pissed off if any of the whiners got picked as a winner.



Bakajin said:

Why do you guys even bother with a question for these contests? You should just have a Enter Contest button and be done with it. Anyone who needs to google the answer to this one is sorely lacking in geek cred.



thaantman said:

I wonder will the points be just added to our accounts, or will it be similar to the internet channel reimbursement where we just had a list of nes games to choose from, or will we have to tell them what game we want so they can gift it to us. I hope the points are just added to the account, cause I have 500pts leftover from buying sonic 4 and would love to get the upcoming bit trip fate



Buster13 said:

So at first I thought, you know, 25 winners, I gots me some good chances!

And then I saw how many comments had amassed on the first day... and wow.

But win or lose, holding this contest is incredibly awesome of you guys. Seriously, this is freaking radical.



Tsuchinoko said:

wait, when they say residents, they mean the region of your Wii right? I live in Japan, but I have a Region 1 Wii, and am just a study-abroad student here. I'm returning to california around X-mas for my final semesters of school. I can enter this contest right?



Junkface said:

Wow awesome contest guys. Thank you for the opportunity and for running such a great web site.



Tsuchinoko said:

No, the region is still region 1. That's why I can't play any of the Japanese Wii games I see all the time. ::



Deviant_Mugen said:

Such an easy question, I mean who doesn't know that the answer is C...

Great banner for the contest, by the way, kudos to whoever whipped that up...



WolfRamHeart said:

A big thank you to the entire Nintendo Life staff for putting this contest together! You guys are awesome!



BlueBandanaJake said:

Man, you guys are so cool, much appreciation for getting this together, seriously, you guys are the best.

That being said, I cant decide that Id get if I won, but Im leaning towards A Boy and His Blob since I never got to play it (regardless if it's bad or not).



GamesX99 said:

This is awesome! I hope i got the question right thanks to all NL staff your the best!



Clintos said:

I really wanna win, I am a huge Super Mario brothers fan in Colorado. It should of been a long quiz to weed out a lot of the people applying lol, oh well.



theblackdragon said:

a decent-sized chunk of them are probably our influx of brand new users -- it's hard having to wade through all the legit newbies to find my normal spammers, lol D:



Capt_N said:

Super Groovy! Even if this turns out to be a halloween prank. Still fun, & cool anyway.



RedYoshi999 said:

WHAT ABOUT AUSTRALIA?? We are always left out. We are not getting red consoles, we have 10 items on club nintendo, we are paying double Americans do for games, even Australia's SMB anniversary is years away!



Yoshi_2000 said:

Why don't they get anything else for club nintendo AU? I already said I don't want that pencil case!



DrCruse said:

I usually have a "don't download anything I could get a hard copy of" policy. But hey, it's free money



Fuzzy said:

Good onya NLife staff. Even though I can't enter it's still good to see you doing these competitions out of your own pocket. Keep up the good work!



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Thanks guys, if I win I'll get Zelda II. Or SMB2 (American version). Or Castlevania. Okay I don't know, but still, joy!
Oh yeah, was the question a trick or something? Like, the answer was a mite obvious to I dunno EVERY SINGLE NINTENDO FAN I KNOW.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Neo-yor Haha, for me, I want the REAL original game, which was Doki Doki panic. Seriously, i wish that was available as an import.

Though, if i win the contest, I think i'll get Castlevania III. Did you guys know that other than SMB3, there aren't any perfect score NES games? and very few 9/10 games.



shinesprite said:

I don't know what I'd get if I won. The chances of winning this one seem quite low less than 1/16, but probably more like 1/20.



GamesX99 said:

Wait I'm currently not living in North America but i have a house there, does that count?



EdEN said:

Mmm, an NES game I want and down own either in physical release or the VC? Will have to think about one. I'm sure to have missed a game or two.



Dazza said:

491 entries now! You guys really like your free stuff don't ya?



WaveBoy said:

It ends Nov 1st? Should of been in a couple of days muhaha.
The less votes, the better for all of



X-145 said:

Only 1 Question?! Kind of weird. Whatever. It makes it a lot easier to answer the ENTIRE quiz!



LuWiiGi said:

Will the European competitions be for WiiWare/VC? 'Cos if they are I won't be able to enter (don't have a Wii...). BTW, NL team, this is really cool of you.



Zach said:

503 entrants and counting! Odds of winning are a little less than 1 in 20 now.



RadioShadow said:

I have a American Wii, so I entered! The country on my Wii is set to Brazil at the moment, but I can easily change it to USA. That's if I am one of the lucky 25!



MeloMan said:

If I won, I think I would download Wrecking Crew or Mario Bros... maybe even Pac-Man.



pikku said:

Yayz I entered! and I know I got the question right lol
do they give you 500 points, or an actual NES game?



Bassman_Q said:

Wow that's... $125 worth! For people you (probably) don't even know!

You guys are awesome!



James said:

Hey guys, some users seem unclear on the rules, so let me repeat the stipulation.

You must be a North American resident to receive the winning prize.

This does not mean the same thing as "you must own a North American Wii". If you do not live in North America or Canada, you cannot win this competition.

Hope that clears things up!



theblackdragon said:

@JesusSaves: You either have to own one or have ready access to one in order to go through the friending process in order for us to gift you your game, should you win.

DO NOT waste our time.



LordJumpMad said:

You Guy are doing a Nice thing
Why is everyone giving you such a hard time....

I hope I Win, I'll like to get Mega Man 2 or Kirby's Adventure, My little Sis would love that. and so will I



Rapadash6 said:

I usually buy any games I want as they come out. There are a couple I was on the fence about, like Adventures of Lolo 2 and Star Tropics 2, for completionists sake, if anything.



James said:

@JesusSaves Why on Earth would someone who doesn't own a Wii enter a competition where the prize is a digital game that can only be used on a Wii?

@Nintendo-is-my-love At the moment we don't have any plans lined up for Australia I'm afraid. Hopefully we can get something good in the near future though!



Objection said:

1 in 20 now, huh? That's still MUCH better odds than on other sites, like Joystiq, or other contests or lotteries. So it's actually fun, because there's an actual chance.



Robo-goose said:

160 comments, nice.
When are the winners selected?'Cause I never check my annoying gmail address, hotmail all the way! (I made the gmail address just so I could become a member on here.)



MeloMan said:

@ 157. Rapadash6 Gameplay-wise, Star Tropics 2 was better than the first, mostly as far as moving in 8 directions. Story-wise it was about time-travel and was kinda "meh" overall. ST1 was definitely the star of that series, but hey, feel free to complete the series all you like, it's still enjoyable to a fault!



PSICOffee said:

@bro2dragons and @Stuffgamer1

yeah okay, so a few hundred give or take. Of course I didn't really think it was a 40% chance, just trying to be a little positive about winning ya know? Now its more like a 5% chance. How silly of me to forget all the people who would enter that were not living in NA, not own a Wii, sign up multiple times with different emails and enter, and tell their friends at facebook/twitter to sign up at NL just to enter this contest and then never come back.

I based my first guess on how I've observed comments over the years on here and have only seen maybe 50-100 on most things, and rarely a constant 170 comments per article posted. So I've come to conclude there can't be more than a few hundred NA's that regularly visit this site on a daily basis. For if there were, many would be immature a-holes posting spam and pictures everywhere like this was Youtube!



ToadFan said:

@Dazza 164. You should of said:
No purchase needed, many will enter few will win
Whoa for over 600+ entries. And only 25 will win.....



Rerun said:

It's great that Nintendolife offers these things. IMHO Nintendolife is a lot better than other gaming websites. I actually put more stock in the game reviews from this site than any other site. More power to Nintendolife!



vakama94 said:

i doubt i´ll win but if i did win, i would get either Castlevania II: Simon´s Quest or Castlevania III: Dracula´s Curse



pikku said:

I think I'd get either Ninja Gaiden or River City Ransom if I won.....but I'm not counting on it lol
@110percentful welcome back I haven't seen you in a looong time



SandMan said:

Up up down down left right left right B A Start.

Hopefully cheat codes can get my entry to the top!



Alphack3r said:

Anybody up for some logic?
I like contests.
I like Nintendo.
like + like = <3
/therefore I <3 this!



Zach said:

@PSICOffee As for those who sign up with multiple accounts, don't worry, Des (theblackdragon) knocks 'em out.

650 entrants now. Odds are 26:1. Good luck everyone!



NintendoFanatic98 said:

Oh, boy! I sure can't wait to potentially get a really good game! I may be younger than most Retro gamers, but I have a firm belief that NES and N64 are about twenty googolplex times better than X360 and PS3.



Tasuki said:

Can it be any NES game or is there some kinda of list that we choose a game from if we win??



Tasuki said:

Sweeet there are several games that I missed. Good Luck to everyone who entered.



linkster55 said:

If I do win and the all- stars Wii disc doesn't come to north america then I'm going with the good old classic SMB 3!



unknown said:

I believe this is a mario competetion, so for mario's sake, why dosen't everybody get a 500 point NES mario game when they win.



masterz13 said:

I think I'll get something out of the ordinary, instead of the usual Zelda or Mario game if I win.



Mikurotoro said:

Cool! Just entered. If I win i'll either get Mario 3, Ice Climber, Wrecking Crew, Clu Clu Land, or Balloon Fight. This is IF i win, i'm crossing my fingers



James said:

Nope - we actually have an article with over 400 comments on it. See if you can find it!



carson said:

cool! i didnt even need to look the answer up on google like the rest of you pizza face armor lockers!



Tasuki said:

Wouldnt it be kinda funny if one of the people who left over the whole power ranger thread won?



Zach said:

Quick, more people enter at the last minute! Let's get this baby up to 1000 entrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



TheBaconator said:

I guarentee I won't know any one who wins. They probably all joined a week or 2 before the contest ended. That's what usually goes down.



TheBaconator said:

I already entered 2 weeks ago so your "too late" comment is invalid. You lose. I was just stating what I expect to say when the winners are announced.



Percentful said:

@ballkirby1 actually, I would say you lose. He wasn't talking to you. He was just making a comment about the text in the "Enter The Competition" box.

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