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Thu 9th Jul 2009

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SandMan commented on First Impressions: Toki Tori 2:

@Collo I can't think of many other games around that have dynamic music — sounds like it will be great!

As for the art style, I'm not entirely sure what it is that makes it look inconsistent to me. It looks like the bird (and some of the enemies and objects) are more cartoony looking than Toki Tori, but this might just be because I'm so familiar with the art style of the first game and maybe I just need to adjust to the sequel.



SandMan commented on First Impressions: Toki Tori 2:

@Collo From the screenshots and trailer I've seen so far, it appears as though some objects have different graphical styles than others (such as the art differences between the bird that picks up Toki Tori and Toki Tori himself among other things) which aren't too visually pleasing. Would you agree that there is inconsistencies in the art style used for this game, or am I imagining things?

On a completely different note, I absolutely loved Toki Tori on WiiWare, especially the soundtrack. Will the same composer be doing the music for this game as well?



SandMan commented on Interview: Nigoro on La-Mulana's Cancellation:

Hmm... If they removed DLC in the last version they sent to Nicalis (apparently because Nicalis had asked them to and because there were lot-check issues related to the DLC), would their new publisher for WiiWare (assuming they find one) be receiving/allowing the "full" version to be submitted?



SandMan commented on Oster Lays Out WiiWare Criticisms:

"My main issue with the certification process was the turn around. We'd get a bug, fix it that day and then wait two weeks. We'd fix that bug that day, along with others we'd found and then wait two weeks again for feedback. We did this for close to nine months."

Or as is the case with La-Mulana, for two years.



SandMan commented on Nicalis Announces 1001 Spikes for Wii U and 3D...:

"Nicalis says the game will come to the 3DS eShop first, but it's hoping to have the Wii U version ready in time for the system's launch later this year."

La-Mulana had a release date of winter 2009 and it's still not out, so I'm thinking that the estimate of 2015 above might not be too far off the actual release date (maybe add an additional year).



SandMan commented on JellyCar 2:

Nice to see a sequel to complement Jelly Cars 1 on WiiWare.

Oh wait a second! There is no Jelly Cars 1 on WiiWare! Yet we got its sequel!

Why?! Or better yet, how?!



SandMan commented on Digital Leisure's Mix Superstar Decks WiiWare ...:

While obviously the 5 year olds here (aka Bulbasaurus Rex) will only appreciate things that have random jumping and bright shiny colors, the rest of us will enjoy this fine application and wish Digital Leisure the best of luck.

And yes: insta-buy.



SandMan commented on La-Mulana Tokyo Game Show Trailer:


1. Play the original game first (which is supposedly easier than this one) and TRY to get through hell.
2. Cry. Cry knowing how absolutely wrong your comment is and how you faill at life.