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Mon 8th Dec 2008

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Popyman commented on Award Winning Zelda-Themed Short Film, "Escape...:

Pretty moving in parts, but the video game sequences kind of break it. Instead of showing a light hearted journey, we're treated to a girl enjoying cutting up monsters? I know what they were going for, but it sends weird messages to anyone without an idea of what Zelda is. Hopefully the full movie will do a better job of exploring how a kid can find not just an escape but meaning and comfort from a video game. Not just a way to vent frustrations on monsters.



Popyman commented on Review: Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd Yo...:

This was my favorite game of 2012. Absolutely awesome in every way.

And not having voices didn't really bother me. It actually gave me a new appreciation for the writing in the show. It is so good and original that I read everything they said in the tone and voice that the characters would have in my head.



Popyman commented on Lack of "OMG" Idea Explains Borderlands Wii U ...:

It would have been amazing to be able to play co-op on the same system and both have a full screen (or even 3-4 player offline co-op, three on the TV, one on the tablet)--THAT is totally worth making a Wii U port, IMO.



Popyman commented on Father Gender-Bends Link For The Benefit of Hi...:

This is both charming and gross--just like Santa. I can see his reasons and kind of respect them on one level but when you get down to it alright to lie like that? It rubs me the wrong way, always has.



Popyman commented on 3DS eShop Title The Denpa Men 2 Is Coming To T...:

I'm still afraid that it will take ages to come out. I think it is going to be like Professor Layton where Nintendo lets is slowly sell more and more over time before they get around to putting out the next one. >_>



Popyman commented on Watch Ace Attorney 5's Latest TGS Trailer:

I can't handle how pretty this game is! Everything is so perfect and brilliantly done. The character models, the way the text is placed directly over the scene, all of it looks amazing.



Popyman commented on 3DS Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Won't Be Venturi...:

I'm cool with this. I'll get the 3DS version first and then when I get a Wii U I'll get that one and have online. I'm glad you can transfer the saves between the two, if you couldn't that would have been a deal breaker for the 3DS one.



Popyman commented on Nintendo: There's No Such Thing As Too Much Mario:

If he means a Mario platformer alongside an RPG, sports game, or some other side game with unique game mechanics then, yes, I would agree. But these constant "New" Mario games need to die in a fire. Ubisoft of all people showed up Mario with Rayman Origins and now Legends, they need to give the platformers a rest or actually do something new with them.



Popyman commented on The Binding of Isaac Creator Still Thinks the ...:

@theblackdragon: Edmund HATES Microsoft. Team Meat had a terrible experience, they treated them like crap and SMB could have very well bombed because of Microsoft's actions. If he sounds arrogant when talking about them--it's cause he deserves to be. He worked his butt off for the XBLA Summer promotion and Microsoft completely dropped the ball but, despite that, he was able to succeed.



Popyman commented on The Binding of Isaac Creator Still Thinks the ...:

I just want this on a handheld. It is the kind of game that would just make me happy to be able to pull out wherever I am.

I still don't understand why SMB has a 0% chance. Maybe the engine makes it impossible to port?



Popyman commented on Nintendo Power Magazine Will End With December...:

I will most certainly be buying the last issue. I don't have the nostalgia that most have for this magazine, when they actually did all the cool stuff I had no idea it existed. But I've picked up a few issues here and there and it is sad to see it go.