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Mon 25th Oct 2010

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masterz13 commented on Tetris: Axis Swings By 3DS on 2nd October:

This game a is a joke, people. As I've said, seems like the 3DS is nothing but a "Re-DS" meaning nothing but enhanced ports and continuations of the same games. If you want tetris, go play Tetris DS. Don't waste your money on this crap. 3DS is probably going to fail with games like this and gimmicky 3D.



masterz13 commented on Nintendo Video Application Launches in Europe ...:

Sorry, but the 3DS just seems like a failure at the moment. Even if they launch the 3D video service, what good is it if your system gets 3-4 hours tops with 3D on? And with Netflix streaming, you're looking at 2-3. Add that to the pile of crap they call software on there (it's sad when the best game is an enhanced port), and 3DS just doesn't appeal to me at all.



masterz13 commented on Nintendo Download: 7th July (North America):

Glad I sold my 3DS. It's obvious that this virtual console will prove to be just as bad as the Wii's. And it was false advertising on their part regarding original DS games. They look absolutely terrible on 3DS. When Nintendo gets its act together, MAYBE I'll buy something from them again.