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Wed 30th January, 2008

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Neo_Yor commented on Review: Fire Emblem (Game Boy Advance):

This was my first FE, got it after an impulsive buy that I'll never regret =)

One thing that I noted is that in the review doesn't mention that the FE series was made known to outside Japan thanks to Smash Bros Melee. Nobody knew who was Marth and Roy, (but they looked bad =P ) and everybody wanted to know more.



Neo_Yor commented on Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! - First Screenshots:

Although I find great the wii ware exclusive, I always wanted a real life
Mario hat ^^ , so eventually I ordered it.

@HOT-ROD: I had the same problem, but after a while it fixed. Maybe it was down or something.

*To the people that want a review first of the game before download, REMEMBER that you must choose BEFORE August 11. o_o