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Thu 29th Jul 2010

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Screath commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

@evanescent_hero It's not a remake, it's an HD port with a few new features. The fact that they are calling it a remake is the problem. Just look at Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes and Resident Evil for the GameCube. Those are actual remakes because the games were rebuilt from scratch.



Screath commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

It wouldn't be logical for Nintendo to include later Mario games because they can not be easily played with the Wiimote/Nunchuck. I'm pretty sure that they have a policy against releasing classic/gamecube controller only games at retail. Even releasing the gameboy games would be a bad decision because it would downplay the 3DS's Virtual Console. Before you all jump at me with the question to why these versions weren't released on Virtual Console, I'll tell you. Nintendo could not sell Super Mario All-Stars for less than 2000 points because that is the price of buying all of the NES versions on the Virtual Console. They would probably end up charging 3000 points because the game has more content and technology in it than the NES version. To sell a downloadable game at that price would be crazy for a company with a limited online userbase. Splitting All-Stars up is also an option, but then each part would have to be awkwardly priced at either 600 or 700 points. Don't get me wrong. They could have updated the games with something as simple as an orchestrated background music option. Heck, they could have even included a more comprehensive soundtrack. However, they didn't have to. The masses won't care. They'll buy it anyway. Being a collector, I already have my copy so that I can proudly say that I own a legal version of Super Mario All-Stars again after selling my SNES.