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Wed 26th Aug 2009

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Pyrodon commented on Feature: Staff Memories of Nintendo at Christmas:

I liked Zach's story. But sometimes its obvious when there is a present under the tree that is shaped exactly like a Wii game or 3DS game. And then I have grandparents that wrap their presents in tissue paper...



Pyrodon commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

From the review, you made it sound like a friend without the game can only download and play one track at a time. It is like that or does a gameless person just download a demo once and then they can play all the tracks in multiplayer?

I know someone without the game has to use Shy Guy, but do they still get Kart Customization?



Pyrodon commented on 3DS Augmented Reality T-Shirts this Summer's M...:

@James @Capt N — I Just checked the website for this article, and underneath the picture of the shirt it says "Note: Final T-shirt design may differ slightly from image shown." So they'll probably change the final design so you can't catch the surprise on this picture of the shirt. Dang. I'm guessing people will probably post pictures of it online so we Americans can see whats so special about that AR card.

Oh yeah, @James, is the review unit in English?



Pyrodon commented on 3DS Augmented Reality T-Shirts this Summer's M...:

@James Couldn't you try it because you actually have a 3DS? I really don't see anything special about the design on the shirt, it looks the same as the regular card. If there's nothing different about the design how could it make something different when you try it in AR? If you don't test this, I certainly will since I can't get one of these shirts.



Pyrodon commented on Review: Pokémon Black and White (DS):

Why was it a 9 and not a 10? You didn't really mention anything negative... or at least not negative enough to bring it down a star.

@Kid_A is that a joke or what? It's the classic pokemon style!



Pyrodon commented on Nintendo of Europe Announce WiiWare and DSiWar...:

Dang.... I wish there was a NoA release list.... I'm really looking forward to Bomberman Blitz and Pop Island. Does anyone know when those will be released in the U.S.?

When are you guys going to do a Scribblenauts review?