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Thu 7th Jan 2010

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Supermegaman commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

Sucks about the difficulty level... that seems to be the only blemish on an otherwise fairly good game... theres really no unlockable hard mode?

And of course, I wont get the same joy out of cameos and nostalgic stuff like that, but it still seems better than DQIX



Supermegaman commented on Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary:

So is this NA's reward for Mario's 25th?

Seriously, Europeans cant complain when you have cool club nintendo rewards and the swanky new red devices heading your way

But this is still cool, Im crossing my fingers



Supermegaman commented on Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Star...:

If I lived in Japan, I would buy this in a heartbeat. But here in the US, I feel like Im missing out on a big part of the game, and would rather buy FHoL (which is also much prettier :3)

Ive also never fell in love with dragon quest, FF is the way to go for generic DS rpgs IMO.



Supermegaman commented on Rumour: Retro Bringing Back Donkey Kong:

Maybe give us a Donkey Kong Country Collection while your at it...?
But anyway, this is great news! Retro has shown to be very capable, and Donkey Kong desperatly needs some time in the spotlight again! This is one rumor I hope is true!



Supermegaman commented on Win a Cave Story Wiimote!:

Looks cool but i dont know the question...
and i already have 4 wiimotes, so i wont enter so yall have a better chance to win
I bought the game today and its awesome, by the way



Supermegaman commented on Want Kid Icarus? Hey, Just Ask:

think about it... 3d kid icarus with a new peripheral that allows the connection of 2 wiiM+ remotes which can be easily separeted so you can slash with the 2 swords or 1... Im not sure how you would move though...



Supermegaman commented on Reggie: Nintendo Not Considering Successor to ...:

Keep in mind that the consils prior to the wii (Gcube, SNES, NES, etc) were mostly out for quite a bit of time, so nintendo shouldnt be under pressure to make a new consle or anything, just keep making awesome games!
But for the next one, HD would be awwwwesome



Supermegaman commented on Review: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (DS):

This actually looks like a better buy than the wii version suprisingly!
I already have such great racers as MKW and excitebots for the wii, but my ds racing games are limited to MKDS which i believe to be overshadowed by the amazing wii one. I think ill try out the nintendo channel demo soon so i can comfirm the awesome.
And what is snaking? I am confused...



Supermegaman commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

To people who have never played the original, this game is awesome! easily an 8 or a 9 our of 10.
And why would i spend 10$ to get the VC one now that i already have this version, and it would make me completly hate this version like many of you guys?
Maybe ill get the original eventually and hate this games controls forever, but for now, this game is awesome



Supermegaman commented on See the Latest myPostcards Video From Nnooo:

That dsi color scheme is trippy... never seen black and white before
sounds cool, but i would never use it. it should be free considering that nintendo could have implimented this from the start, but then they would make no money...



Supermegaman commented on First Impressions: Cave Story:

I just downloaded it for the computer, and its really cool!
So is this the same game as the computer one? Or is the wiiware one any different? Even if its not, this looks to be worth it, if only for the controls.
So unless this one is different from the computer one, im not gonna get farther and spoil it for myself!



Supermegaman commented on Bass Coming to Mega Man 10:

So uhh... what cant he do?
Proto man has at least some disadvantages (making him far worse imo), but bass just seems like some all out powerhouse beast thing. Wouldnt that be cheap?



Supermegaman commented on Review: Mega Man 10 (WiiWare):

This game is Awesome!
Ive still got three bosses to go on normal, but im having fun.
I found the new challenge thing to be wierd... I pereferd it in MM9... but the bosses are fun and the stages are fun too! Some of the weapons are a little not good... (cough* thunderwool/wheelcutter* cough) but i really like blade mans... even thoguh i dont have it yet
Once i beat it, Im doing it again on hard, or maybe with proto man...