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evilralfwiggum commented on Nintendo Download: 21st June 2012 (North America):

That is great. Double Dragon II! I was thinking about downloading Double Dragon recently, but I haven't yet. My NES copy still works. But my NES couple of Double Dragon II doesn't so I'm totally going to get it sometime. Possibly both if I cave in and do that, lol.



evilralfwiggum commented on Feature: Nintendo Life Book Club - Castlevania...:

I did a book report on this book when I was in the 6th grade. I made a poster for the project. On the poster I had the 5 body parts of Dracula and maybe I drew Simon and the castle or something, if I didn't throw that poster away maybe one day I'll come across it (Chances are it's long gone). I'm not sure if I actually read the book or not, I remember reading some of it. The teacher wasn't very happy I read a book based on a video game. The next year when I read a book based on Back to the Future it went smoother. I played the card of I didn't know there was a movie. It was a fine piece of acting, lol.



evilralfwiggum commented on Review: SonSon (Virtual Console / Virtual Cons...:

800 points? Not worth it for me, already had this game on a PSP Capcom collection and played it enough. If I want to play it again I'll play it on that collection, if I want a console version I'll get that Capcom Collection for the PS2. But hey, at least we got 2 Capcom Arcade releases this week, now I'll take that any day even if I don't want to buy them, at least they are there now as an option _



evilralfwiggum commented on Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary:

If I win one I'm getting Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. Because it's one of the only 2D Castlevania games I have yet to play all the way through and beat. >_>; I figure the VC would be the easiest way to get myself to play through it. Then I could stop and come back to it easily :0



evilralfwiggum commented on Rival Turf!:

Never played this one, but I did play Jaleco's Brawl Brothers which looks a lot like this one actually. That one wasn't bad, but I think I'd pick up the cartridge of Rival Turf before downloading it : ), either way cool to see some Jaleco games on VC.



evilralfwiggum commented on Features: We Want Your NES Stories!:

Since I was born in 87 fistpump Yeah I have some NES stories. Like when i got my NES when I was 3 or 4 at a yard sale, came with 15-20 games, so exciting. I was so excited to play Batman. Then when I was 4 or 5 I lost my Batman game and I was so sad ;-; Oh the memories, maybe I'll submit something xD



evilralfwiggum commented on Nintendo Download 5th April 2010 (North America):

49 Shooters, 12 Racing, 20 Puzzle, 24 Arcade, 31 Sports, Fighting 47 (Oh? really? 47? o_o, lol) Another shooter? Okay! But I still haven't gotten around to playing a lot of the other ones yet lol. Not complaining, it's an Import Neo Geo release, I'll take that as a good sign



evilralfwiggum commented on Ironclad:

So who thinks Nintendo is trying to release every shooter out there before anything else? lol.. But hey it's an import Neo Geo release, that's a good sign, I'm down with that.



evilralfwiggum commented on Shining Force:

Since I haven't played Fire Emblem yet and I have played very few Turn Based RPGs. This one is a lot of fun for me. I'm not much of an RPG gamer. Turn Based Strategy RPGs are the ones I like best if I had to choose. It's like chess with a lot more options. Since I'm far behind in playing many RPGs or games like this, this is a perfect place to start to get into it.



evilralfwiggum commented on Mega Man 10:

If it has gamecube controller support I'll download the Wiiware version. If it does not I may only get the 360 version. OR I might surprise myself and get the Wiiware version over the 360 version, OR I will get both like I did with Mega Man 9 lol. The reason why I shelled out $20 for Mega Man 9 was because I wanted to be on those leaderboards. Oh the joys of beating games fast :3
Update Wow. Wii Fail again. How can they not have gamecube controller support? They don't want us to play Mega Man 9 or 10 with an NES controller? =_= sigh. That's too bad.



evilralfwiggum commented on Fatal Fury Special:

Already have it on 360, but it's always nice to see more Neo Geo games added to he Virtual Console. Here's to hoping for more, rarer titles!



evilralfwiggum commented on Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril:

I just got my copy in the mail today. Loving it. It makes me wish more people would still release games for the NES. Sure Mega Man 9+10 and similar retro releases are cool, but.. nothing like getting a new cartridge and putting it in your NES and gaming on. I also got Sivak's Mystic Pillars and I must say that is an excellent Columns clone. The different tile skins add an awesome touch, heh. Anyways.. if you like I Want To Be The Guy and/or Mega Man and want a newly released game for the NES, this is the game to get.



evilralfwiggum commented on Brand New NES Platformer Released:

Met the programmer and tested this out at Magfest 8 in January The controls are wonderful, not to mention everything else great about the game, although I only played up to the first boss. Ordered my copy on Monday _ can't wait to get it. I also ordered me a copy of Mystic Pillars which is on sale for $22. If he had them for sale at Magfest I would already own them, lol... But, yeah, Mystic Pillars is a Columns like game and was the second game Sivak programmed. I'm really impressed with his programming skills I hope he keeps at it. .



evilralfwiggum commented on Review: Arkanoid Plus! (WiiWare):

IF you could use gamecube controller. THEN it would mean I could plug in the NES controller adapter then use the NES arkanoid controller to play. Shame you can't use gamecube controller.. if that is how it is. :/