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Sun 18th May 2008

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jangonov commented on Nintendo Sends Direct Wii U Marketing Message ...:

@Realgamer4life I work at the gamers edge where we sell new and retro games and accessories. I hate to say it but yes people STILL don't get it. They will see a brand new 360 controller, and then a $4.99 pre owned Xbox original controller and they will buy it. Different section, different price, different games near it, but they still get mad if I don't stop them before they go home and wonder "why isn't there a place to plug it in?"



jangonov commented on Hardware Review: Wii Mini:

The lack of component output kinda confuses me. I mean, of course I dont like it, but why would that have been stripped out?



jangonov commented on Feature: Wii U Launch Day, Live!:

Decided to pull the plug. Restarted and system came right back to create a new account. This time allowed me to continue and transferred my moisture directly off 3ds.



jangonov commented on Feature: Wii U Launch Day, Live!:

Help. My wii u is stuck. The update finished and itbwas about to start up Nintendo network now it has the wii u logo in the bottem left leftof the TV and game pad. Been there for 20 minutes



jangonov commented on Nintendo Rejects The Binding of Isaac:

While i disagree with the decision to ban it, I don't disagree with the right. Video games are art. They have a right to be made and interacted with. Consoles are museums for this medium, and it is the right of curator to reject pieces from being displayed for any reason.



jangonov commented on Boost Your 3DS Battery with Hyperkin's Powerplus:

honestly, I have the power pak + and it works beautifully. The battery it's self is only $20 and does all that this can (looking less ugly at the same time, and also allows continued use of your original charge cable. I got the one with the charge dock ($30) but I can whole heartedly say it's worth it



jangonov commented on Nintendo Download: 7th July (North America):

@africano Thanks! That is very good news. Ill post if Asphault 4 can be downloaded too. edit But at least I have my art academy. To think I almost went and bought the cartridge. (I didn't because I wouldn't be able to upload them to my camera when I painted something)



jangonov commented on Review: Valet Parking 1989 (DSiWare):

Wait..Either Im psychic and I saw this in a vision, OR I got caught in a time warp and the jet lag of time makes me think it is still my current time. Didn't I see this review before?!



jangonov commented on Get a Gold Blanka Figurine Via SpotPass Now:

Can someone help me? It asks if I want to use spotpass and I select yes, then it stays on the home screen and never moves from there until I tap power>home menu then try again, where I have to select no or have the same issue. Am I doing something wrong?



jangonov commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

@slapshot82 Not to disprove your point, but there are some flaws in your list.

Tiger Woods Wii - a great effort, and a great golf game, but diminished by the moves updated support on the ps3

Madden Wii- a terrible effort since 10. It looks horrid and plays worse

EA Active- a very good program, again diminished by it appearing on other consoles in (from what I hear) better versions

Skate It- a watered down version of skate that never quite captured the magic or audience the original did

Boom Blox- a sleeper hit. Great reviews, terrible sales.

Rock Band 1-3- 1 was terrible, 2 was pretty good, and 3 I was surprised by the amount of effort and care that went into it.

NBA Jam- again, diminished in value by being on ps3 and 360

Sims- from what I hear (have not played) the wii version at best

Dead Space Extraction- watered down on rails shooter from the original console version. It alienates the fans by taking out the gameplay it was known for and confuses new-comers by a storyline in progress

Spore- cool, but far better on pc.

save for rockband 3, every game on EA's heavy hitter list is "cool, BUT..." and even then rockband 3 gets complaints of "not HD" (which I find silly, since why would you be looking at your rockers long enough to complain?) I love the wii, but as far as 3rd parties go, they are limited by no support from nintendo, small advertising, and little to no online features of the other consoles. Combine that with the wii's hardware and unique control scheme (that few third parties seem to use correctly) and you can't win for trying sometimes.



jangonov commented on 3DS Coming to Japan by October:

UPDATE: Since this story was published, Nintendo has confirmed that it will be revealing date and price information for the 3DS on September 29. However, the Mario Factory has said it is has not confirmed that the 3DS will be out this quarter. The headline of this story initially stated that the 3DS was due out in October, according to the Bloomberg report. GameSpot regrets the error.



jangonov commented on EA Boss Lavishes 3DS with Praise:

btw, I will be first in line at my town. I will NOT miss the 3DS release. I was the same way with the DSi, and camped 4 hours in front of lamestop (before I refused to shop there) to be first in line.



jangonov commented on Nintendo Download: 9th July (Europe):

I just thought about it. If it does well on wiiware, maybe we could get an online 3DSware version! Think about it. Toribash is graphically simple, but likely needs the rest of the processor to do the physics. Perhaps the 3DS could handle that. If I could see a dismembered robot head with paint pouring out fly "at" me, I think I would be happy.



jangonov commented on Nintendo Download: 9th July (Europe):

I am looking forward to the review of toribash. If the controls and interface are done well enough I will get it (PLEASE to whoever is reviewing, please review the controls and interface. It is basically purchase a decision for me. Also, try to review the "learning curve" Thanks!)



jangonov commented on Podcast: Episode 17 - E3 Roundup!:

This is the first one I think I have listened to. Prosody, Even though I saw the little UK flag, I was not expecting the accent. Then again, I am American. I suppose I have the accent. Great show though! I will subscribe on iTunes as soon as I get my laptop back from repairs.



jangonov commented on E3 2010: Your Questions: Day 3:

btw Corbie, I want to thank you so much. I know it is silly to thank someone to go to an event they wanted to go to anyways (most likely, and if you don't next year, I will gladly take your place ) but you did a good job on reporting and answering everything. You actually got more info out than sites that had teams of people. This is why I have been with nintendolife everyday since you guys were vc-reviews.