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Mon 14th Apr 2008

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Kidpit commented on And Yet It Moves:

Well I entered. Got to say, the question is a lot harder then in other competitions. Actually had to leave the site to find the answer.



Kidpit commented on And Here's Your 2010 Club Nintendo Awards, Nor...:

I reached Platinum, tried to redeem prize but was told I didn't qualify. I know I reached Platinum. I'm going to wait a bit to see if nintendo will correct the mistake before notifing them.

Has this happen to anyone else?



Kidpit commented on E3 2010: Two New Professor Layton Mysteries On...:

Odd, according to Wikipedia, "The Unwound Future" is the 3rd game in the series and "The Mask of Miracle" is the 5th. So since "Mask" already has an english translation according to the screenshots, are they skipping the 4th game, "The Specter's Flute"?



Kidpit commented on Muscle March Coming to WiiWare on Monday:

I would buy this game for the strangeness alone. If only my college server would let my Wii connect to it

Also I agree with what twilight said. Where the bloddy heck is Chapter 5 of Tales of Monkey island? Should have been out last month.



Kidpit commented on Project Needlemouse to Focus Solely on Sonic?:

I don't know if this is a good idea. I like to at least have the option of playing as different characters, if only to boost the replay-ability factor like in Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

Also I wouldn't be to quick to praise this "listening to the fans" thing. Sony Pictures did the same thing and added Venom to Spiderman 3 and well....We got dancing emo Parker.



Kidpit commented on MadWorld Director Interested In Stab At Sequel:

Sounds good...just please, no more Death Blade. I had to put the game up for a month after dieing repeatedly at the hands of that cheap one-hit kill dealing S.O.B. in stage 3-1 (the castle courtyard) less I kill someone in reasl life.



Kidpit commented on Nintendo No Longer Publishing Metroid Prime Tr...: local Wal-Mart didn't have it (I did picked up the wii version of Star Wars the Force Unleashed and Scribblenauts for the same price though). Looks like I may never find an affordible price that is. Shame, I filled out an intend to buy survey for it on Club Nintendo



Kidpit commented on Miis Race to the Finish in Sonic Racing:

I think using Miis are perfect . Unhappy that Mario, Captain Falcon, or any other Nintendo character didn't make the cut? Well make them in Mii form (or download one form the Check Me Out channel) and use them in the game.



Kidpit commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

Oh goody, another article about abandoning the mature/hardcore. Tell us how pathetic and moronic we and/or the genrel public are for not buying enough games with a black "M" (or 18+) in the bottom left corner of boxart.
Anyway, Constantine says Dead Space is an "Established franchise", but I have to ask; is it?. I mean in my book, One game and one straight to DVD animated movie do not a franchise make. Was EA hoping for a Resident Evil: Umbrella Cronicles type sucess with Extraction? Resident Evil has been around for a decade with tons of games (some being re-release on newer systems for newer generations), four movies (three theatrical and one straight to dvd CGI film) and a devoted fanbase (I think there are some comics and novels, but I'm not sure). Dead Space doesn't have any of that, so yeah it's not going to do that well.
And marketing muscle, please they barely use more then a few sinews. It's going to take more then a few website banners and a guess spot on HBO's TrueBlood(would have been better had they said the games title on the show) to generate sales. Also the word of mouth didn't help, people were scoffing the idea of the game even after the positive reviews came out.



Kidpit commented on Doc Louis Wants to Fight You:

I got my code, too bad I can't connect my Wii to the servers at college looks like I have to wait til I go home, which looks like Thanksgiving



Kidpit commented on Wii Version of Madden NFL 10 Selling Poorly:

I guess Wii-owners finally figured out Madden games get a 50% price drop in about a year after it's release and decided it would be wiser to buy it then. That's what I may do, I was never a big Madden nor NFL fan, but that "Point and Pass" system in 10 may help me get into it (Honestly it took EA this long to use the IR sensor for passing)

On a funny note anyone notice that the Walmart Comercials for 10 was the same one as last year.



Kidpit commented on Tekkaman Blade Joins Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom:

In all honesty I hope the rumor is false, although I'm curious about Frank. I kinda want Capcom to use Characters from lesser known franchises and games like Gene from God Hand,Mike Haggar from Final Fight and some other Tatsunoko Character. Honestly we have three fighters from Street Fighter, two from the Megaman universe, two from Gattchaman, two from Yattaman and now two from Tekkaman. I want them to be creative, Yattaman-2, Tekkaman Blade, and Joe (Gattchaman) sond like clones to me.



Kidpit commented on Japan Gets 20 More Namco Arcade Games:

Curses! if only Namco had release these games on collector discs for various consoles or even build these games into arcade stick controllers that could plug into one's TV and be able to play these games without a console.

...Oh wait, They did



Kidpit commented on Fossil Fighters DS Trailer:

I kinda like the design of the Dinos. The human's design could use a little more work. Also the music really reminds me of Pokemon.