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Wed 21st Oct 2009

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Flandy commented on Google Teams Up with Nintendo to Release Searc...:

"Admittedly, this sounds like it would be a fun WiiWare time waster, worth about 500 points"
YA when I clicked the article I thought this would be a WW game.
Sounds like an intresting game but I wouldn't get it. Unless it was for WW



Flandy commented on Reggie: No New Nintendo:

hmm I'm kinda happy as I only have about 21 games (includes VC,WW)
and i dont want to be tempted to get a new consle as I have so little games for it now



Flandy commented on Nintendo No Longer Publishing Metroid Prime Tr...:

Quoting Chatham "The title was pulled for the damage it was causing to US Wii ODDs. There will be a re-release as single layer individual I would assume."

quoting myself "@Chatham err i dont think they'll al fit on a single layer disk"

what you said to me "@Andy100003: I also don't see how an optical disc could damage a read mechanism; nor is there any precedent for Nintendo re-releasing a dual-layer title in multiple single-layer discs."

Hmm confused much double check who your talking to next time



Flandy commented on New Zelda for Wii Confirmed for Release in 2010:

I have a feeling its gonna get delayed but if it does come

When it come out though I hope it comes bundled with Wii Motion Plus
since i probly wont have it by the time it come out.

Hmm maybe they could make a motion plus bundle and one with out