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Thu 10th Jun 2010

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Alphack3r commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

The two things a gamer needs this generation is a PC and either Wii U or 3DS. Really. Aside from indie you're not gonna get something super unique (as in, not an fps or Elder Scrolls type game) from PC, so you need the Wii U or 3DS to step in with Mario, Zelda, and SSB.

To me, it's really hard to justify an XB1 or PS4 over a PC - you get equal or better performance and so much more usefulness out of a PC than a console, and price-wise you don't have to spend that much more in the long run. Like, for an XB1/PS4 and 20 games you're looking at $400 hardware + ~$1000 software (assuming a $50/each average across your 20 games); so $1400 total over its lifetime.

With an $800-$1000 PC, $400-$600 worth of games goes pretty freaking far (constant sales, better deals overall), and on top of that you can actually do real work on a PC. The biggest difference between PC and console in this sense is just the initial cost. So once you have your blockbuster titles taken care of on a PC, just get a Wii U with SSB, Zelda, and Mario then you're set for any game you really need this generation.

Non-Nintendo adopters are missing out!



Alphack3r commented on Site News: How was 2013 for Nintendo Life?:

I still remember finding you guys through VCreviews :') NL has since been the ultimate source for all things Nintendo for me, and even though I'm not super active on here, I have you guys set as homepage on all my computers just to keep tabs on what's happening with the big N awesomesauce!



Alphack3r commented on Rumour: Tomodachi Collection: New Life Update ...:

o_o Is it impossible that Ninty could just be following standard protocol for unintended features? Can we not just give them the benefit of the doubt w/o blowing them away? I mean, it's not like they don't have the freedom to make their own business decisions - we're not the ones making the game!

Hot-air level in this thread > 9000



Alphack3r commented on Nintendo Gives US Government Recommendations o...:

Honestly, I wish there was some way to make piracy incredibly hard, then make it legal...crazy I know, but just think of how many people would be inspired to learn highly technical skills because of it - kind of like a back-handed stimulus to computer education xD.

[Yeah, I understand it's virtually impossible to do that, but it's not like piracy's gonna go away :I ya know?]



Alphack3r commented on 7000 Wii U Systems Stolen in Seattle:

To be honest, those systems probably won't even be sold in NA - I mean, if I stole a bunch of stuff to sell, I sure as heck wouldn't sell it anywhere near the site of the crime. (Just a guess though. )



Alphack3r commented on 3D System Update Addresses Ridge Racer Issues:

:0 lololol first vuln right off the bat! XDDD
I hate piracy...but I also hate having restricted freedom w/ my devices. I mean, I'm just tired of having these systems with all these awesome features and then having a crap-load of French* law keep me from getting the most from my Nintendo awesomeness. Even if it's limited that would be better than the nothing that we're getting...but I guess all those nasty pirates just can't be trusted can they?
*Digital Rights Management started there (no offense, it's just your gvmnt that gets me)



Alphack3r commented on Your First Look at the Wii U Console:

Ya know, I was just thinkin' the other day about what it would be like if Nin10do and M$ made a console together...and this happened! I dunno, I just like Nintendo better, but Microsoft knows how to do connectivity. I mean, it's not like the Wii isn't capable of being a media hub, because homebrew can definitely do it for ya (aside from HD), but it's just so awesome when you stick a random disk into a 360 and it does something sensible, like let you access your media!
Meh, I guess we'll just have to wait and see won't we?



Alphack3r commented on These DSiWare Games Cannot Be Moved to 3DS:

@27: Ace? ACE?! Dude! (Though you probably won't see this) It's me, Alpha! Ha ha! Man, I thought I'd never ever see you again then all of a sudden you just spawn right in front of me! Yeah, those were the days back when you & me were on...kinda miss 'em ya know? I was never really an artist like you and the other guys were, but hey, at least we were both in FN Katana...speaking of which, does anybody know Trent and/or how Katana is doing? MAN I hope Memo is good. I'm stoked
and for those of you who don't understand, just ignore this comment



Alphack3r commented on Are We Nearing the End of Consoles? Nintendo T...:

Lol, isn't it funny how everyone is bashing Fox when they're not much different from all the other news outlets (as far as bias goes). I mean, do you seriously think Katie Couric, or anyone for that matter, would present and defend a standpoint directly opposed to their persuasion? Sure you can argue that these people could/had/should hire other anchors and analysts from the other side of the fence, but it's not like there's a law about that - /and it's not like Fox is the most successful/watched network either/.

Meh, the networks are all full of crap anyway, I think finding the facts and deciding for myself is really the way to go...and the facts clearly say that consoles are making more than ever (not that we really have that much to go on for the future, but hey).

Actually, I think the real threat isn't the evil smartphone, but more like the epic failure that is Sony! I mean, we used to think that the cake was a lie, but PSN blew that one outta' the water!



Alphack3r commented on Interviews: Scroll's Ray Barnholt Talks SNES a...:

I'm just gunna say it
SNES - Best. Console. Ever.
To me, the Super Nintendo is/was the golden age of gaming and game creativity (mode 7 anybody?). I mean, it's my standard for just about every game-related thought I have. And I still play SMW and ALttP on a regular basis! Just sayn'...



Alphack3r commented on Research Shows More Consumers are Choosing The...:

...Ya know how ya fix this? Make a Nokia N-Gage equivilant with teh priorities reversed! In other words, make a portable that doubles as a phone! Of course, a system like this could be insanely expensive w/o a contract (like all unlocked phones), but something tells me that it wouldn't work even if the price was right...

I guess it's like people with PS3's buying blu-ray movies even though their TV's are standard definition - they're just doing it for novelty...or maybe the extra 'special features'? Ah well, If the PSP is still kickin' w/ it's shoddy (in comparison) sales/support, our beloved Gameboy's aren't gunna go away anytime soon.

(In a way, I think that the news sites are getting paid by Crapintosh to brainwash us into thinking their crApps are gunna overtake Big N and Sony so we will go ahead and invest in their platform.)

And no, I'm not a fan of Fail-tosh computers - they promote a streamlined lifestyle that requirres absolutely no effort or outside knowledge to understand. That's an argument for another time and another



Alphack3r commented on Review: Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy):

Yeah, it seems like some games regardless of graphics or whatever never really age...actually, most Nintendo games that are worth anything in the first place end up that way! lol



Alphack3r commented on Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii):

@Hypno1001: ...and if there's any lag at all, you would only be seeing it online...unless you mess with the code no console game should have lag (well, Resident Evil 4 for ps2 was laggy in places, but it wasn't really meant for that system anyway).



Alphack3r commented on Review: Sonic Colours (Wii):

The first thing I did was guess that it was going to get a ridculously high rating while scrolling down to see the score.
Once my suspicions were confirmed, I guessed that the Supreme Godess had struck once again.
I was right. I accecpt what the fanboy says...or do I go on my mery way still believing the SNES is the best console invented? Choices, choices... XD



Alphack3r commented on Get Ready for KINECTaku!:

...I would totally get all into the 360 scene, but I have no idea when generation 8 will start making us regret all those late gen 7 purchases!
AK! ME WANT 360!!!
NO Alpha...get a 3DS...get a 3DS & everything will be hope <:{



Alphack3r commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

Dried. Apple. CRAPINTOSH!
May you, all your products, and everyone that has no interest in higher technology be scraped from this mortal coil*!
Well, maybe not the people, but I am sick and tired of Crapintosh making computers that have no use beyond running officially licensed code, and than saying you're low-tech if you don't conform to the inferiority complex.

Question: what operating system does a supercomputer run?
NONE!!! An OS on something that powerful is simply overhead to clog up the works!
I'm not saying MS is great, but I am saying that a computer is supposed to compute, not just display an emblem that depicts Grade-B fruit! It's like trying to buy intellegence - not gunna happen.

Anyway, I don't think a system with COMPLETELY broken controls is gunna make it anywhere, at least not to compete with true gaming systems (like, with physical software releases! lol @ PSPgo).

Also lol is how Crapple has perverted Input Output System into iOS; Have they no reverence for the almighty BIOS?
Actually, the Wii uses IOS too - except it's useful for something, like playing games! lol Apple doesn't know who they're messin' with...

*I /really/ am kidding; I know and love many people who like Apple and even work at the Apple store (well, used to), and I mean nothing personal at all in my comments about Apple - I simply believe that technology should challenge us, and maybe even help the human race improve (instead of making us lazy).



Alphack3r commented on Fans to Have Direct Input in Mega Man Legends ...:

Man, Capcom is really interested in their fan community...I mean, for the Resident Evil/Biohazard series they make frikin movies ALL THE TIME! And Ninty gives us nuttin...oh well, at least we have Zelda fanboi's to make it all better don't we!
lol I'm totally not a Zelda fanboy <;3



Alphack3r commented on Don't Expect Any 3DS Titles From Epic Games An...:

Ugh, I'm not gunna totally shoot down the attempt Crapintosh is making, but lemme tell ya, the PSP is/was more technically capable than the DS/i, but where is it now? I havn't seen hide nor hair of the PSP saleswise for quite sometime now...ya know why? 'Cuz it's a fail!
Now I'm just hatin...oh well, if you challenge Nintendo, it ain't gunna be no cake walk.