Subnautica + Subnautica Below Zero Double Pack (Switch)

Subnautica and its excellent sequel have arrived on Switch in unexpectedly fine form. This is an absolutely essential survival smorgasbord, a fantastic port and something of a must-buy double feature for fans of the genre. If you're purchasing one or the other separately on Switch we'd still plump for the original game, as Below Zero's fleshed out narrative and on-foot sections dilute the overall experience ever so slightly, but, regardless of which you choose, you're in for a mighty good time here with two of the very best survival games currently available on any platform.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (Switch)

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is an excellent action-RPG that's arrived on Switch in a fantastic, feature-packed port. Evan and Roland's antics across this game's sprawling world are stuffed full of great characters, exciting combat and adventuring and a kingdom building mechanic that's a delight to get to grips with. It looks and sounds every bit as good as its predecessor and, although the story might be a little more hit-and-miss here, we were completely hooked into this one from beginning to end. This is a sumptuously crafted adventure you won't regret diving into.

DOOM Eternal (Switch eShop)

You'd be forgiven for thinking the Switch version of DOOM Eternal was a foregone conclusion after Panic Button's port of DOOM 2016, but id Software really pushed the boat out in the sequel. While the luscious gore-tinted visuals of other platforms are necessarily scaled back on Switch, the relentless action of this shooter means that you rarely get the chance to stop and smell the roses anyway.

We spoke to Panic Button about the port process just prior to release, and although we were cautiously optimistic that the extra time taken with the Switch port would yield good results (from a team with a proven track record, too), we still braced ourselves for disappointment. We needn't have worried; the base gameplay experience here is just as gripping as on any other platform.

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Dying Light Platinum Edition (Switch)

Dying Light on Switch is quite a remarkable achievement. Its ambitious open world full of zombies is unlike anything else in the Switch’s library and, between the core campaign and six years of constant DLC updates, there’s potentially hundreds of hours of enjoyment to be had here. Granted, all of this comes at the cost of performance that can be middling compared to other platforms, but this is neatly balanced out by the convenience of playing in handheld mode and developer Techland has done a mighty fine job getting this open world running well on portable hardware. Switch owners who rarely play in portable mode may want to pause and consider buying it elsewhere, but we'd strongly encourage handheld gamers to consider this excellent Switch port.

NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition (Switch)

NieR:Automata is a modern classic. Most importantly for Switch owners, this is a top-notch port that has clearly been produced with respect and focus, often surpassing our expectations in both visuals and performance. Finding a comfortable seat and a pair of headphones makes the Switch version a wonderful way to experience the game, and it is an unforgettable journey. Nothing is as it seems, either in the story or gameplay, and it's one of the finest gaming achievements of the last decade.

No Man's Sky (Switch)

No Man's Sky on Switch is a fantastic port of a game we genuinely didn't really believe would make the transition to Nintendo's console without some serious technical issues. Hello Games has made the necessary cutbacks and downgrades to get this intergalactic survival sandbox playing at a super solid frame rate and the colourful, chunky graphical style here ensures that it all still looks pretty fantastic to boot. With all of the game's previous updates and content included — barring multiplayer at this point — and a plethora of customisation options courtesy of the massive Waypoint update, this is an easy recommendation for survival fans and one of the most impressive ports we've seen on Switch to date.

Persona 5 Royal (Switch)

Persona 5 Royal is the very definition of ‘required reading' for JRPG fans, and the Switch port is pretty much everything you could wish for, with only slightly softer visuals to set it apart from the same game on other platforms. A deep and moving story, stylish presentation, amazing soundtrack, and decision-driven gameplay all combine to make for an unforgettable and exceptional experience that proves itself to be every bit deserving of the hype and praise it’s already received. Those who have played this elsewhere may want to consider whether Switch's portability is enough of a selling point to justify paying full price to double dip, but it suits it perfectly.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (Switch)

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is a wonderful achievement for dynamic storytelling, as it puts forth a compelling and multifaceted narrative that’ll keep you guessing right up until the very end. This excellent story, combined with enjoyable combat portions, a striking art style, and some top-notch voice acting make for an experience that you won’t want to miss out on. It’s the kind of game that’ll have you wishing that you could play it again for the first time, just so all its best elements could be new again. And the Switch port is so good, it feels like the game was made specifically for the console.

Quake II (Switch eShop)

Quake II arrives on Switch in the form of one of the very best remasters we've ever had the pleasure of digging into. As with its predecessor which is similarly excellent, it's the exhaustive nature of this port that earns it placement here. Obviously, Switch should be able to handle 1997's Quake II no trouble, but Nightdive Studios deserves specific praise. With enhanced graphics and audio, refined AI, all-new animations, the iD Vault, a brand new episode, and all previously released DLC in the mix — plus the N64 version — this is an exhaustive package befitting the status of an iconic game and series. Add in crossplay support, gyro controls, and lots of co-op and competitive ways to play locally and online, and you've got an absolutely outstanding release.

Red Dead Redemption (Switch)

We considered this for quite some time before deeming it worthy of inclusion here. While the bare-bones nature of the Red Dead Redemption Switch port may be the polar opposite of the lavish treatment Quake and Quake II received — and we still think Red Dead deserves better — we also feel it's worth highlighting Double Eleven's work in getting this running nigh-on perfectly.

Of course, that's exactly what you'd expect 13 years after its initial release, but as we've seen elsewhere — from Rockstar's embarrassing GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, no less — getting vintage games performing well isn't a foregone conclusion on any platform. While the Red Dead port is missing features (such as gyro control support and the excised multiplayer), the actual base game here runs admirably at a solid 30fps, presenting John Marston's open world in fine form.

Again, perhaps our expectations were lowered by how GTA Trilogy cockily sauntered up to Switch in a tank top and baggy jeans that turned out to be filled with excrement. Red Dead Redemption on Switch is just that — Red Dead Redemption, but on Switch — and despite the very modest ambitions of this port, it still has the power to impress.

Some very fine video games there, wouldn't you say? Think we've missed a classic Switch port? There are plenty to pick from, so let us know in the comments below and we may expand this selection further.

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