Best Sega Ages Games
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Since the 2018 release of SEGA AGES Sonic the Hedgehog, we've seen a slow and steady flow of classic SEGA games arrive on Switch eShop courtesy of developer and retro port specialists M2. This is the same company responsible for the excellent SEGA 3D Classics line for 3DS.

While not as plentiful or frequent as Hamster's Arcade Archives or ACA Neo Geo catalogues, M2 lavishes extra care and attention on every Sega Ages release which often goes above and beyond what you might expect. You won't find any dusty ROMs thrown on the eShop here - every single release has a smattering of mod cons and extras, often bespoke to each individual title.

Sega has stated that the Sega Ages line is now at an end on Switch, with a total of 19 games in the collection. Those games are listed below in alphabetical order, although you can also view them in our database sorted by Release Date or User Rating. Beneath the full Sega Ages Switch list you'll find our picks of the very best.

SEGA AGES Switch eShop releases - Complete list

Looking at that list and don't know where to start? Then check out our picks of the best SEGA AGES games — in no particular order — to get you off on the right foot.

The best Switch SEGA AGES games...

SEGA AGES Out Run (Switch eShop)

Out Run may lack modern spit polish but it is the quintessential feel-good arcade racer and time has done little to dull its brilliance. M2's emulation here makes the game more accessible than ever and only the lack of the 3DS port's autostereoscopic 3D prevents this from being the ultimate version of the game. For anyone with an interest in retro gaming, it’s a must-have. Get the tunes on the radio, let the wind rush through your hear and head towards that blue sky horizon.

SEGA AGES Fantasy Zone (Switch eShop)

There is certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to shmups on Switch, and while the genre might have a reputation for being hard-as-nails and gritty, but there's no reason they can't have some colour. M2 works its usual magic on Fantasy Zone, a classic shmup with that added SEGA blue skies wonder. With the addition of Upa-Upa mode which ditches the shop part entirely and gives you easier access to weapons and upgrades, this is a fine addition to the Sega Ages Switch library.

SEGA AGES Shinobi (Switch eShop)

Adding a new AGES mode which permits ol' Joe to more than a single hit (as per the original arcade release), Shinobi is a classic you should seek out if you've only ever played the Mega Drive version. In addition, a rewind feature means you've got no excuse not to get to the end of this classic now. It might not be the longest experience, but it sure is a sweet one.

SEGA AGES Thunder Force IV (Switch eShop)

The second entry for this genre on our list, the Sega Ages release of Thunder Force IV presents a perfect port of the classic 2D shmup that includes a handful of extras enabling gamers of any ability to get the most out of this shooter. The indignity of selecting 'Kids Mode' aside, it's a welcome option to make a brilliant game accessible to as many players as possible, and this fourth entry in the Thunder Force series deserves your time.

SEGA AGES Virtua Racing (Switch eShop)

M2 really pushed the boat out with its port of Virtua Racing on Switch. Purists may bemoan the differences between the original 1992 arcade release and this version, but the fact is that the game is simply 'better' here than it has ever been. You get 1080p (when docked), 60fps, reduced pop-in, new modes and up to 8-player same-console split-screen multiplayer. Those searching for the pixel-perfect 'authentic' experience may wish to look elsewhere; anybody else should download the best port of Virtua Racing ever released quick-smart.

SEGA AGES Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Switch eShop)

Here he is! The fact is that you almost certainly already own Sonic 2--possibly multiple times--but the game is a platforming classic and it's in fine form on Switch. Alternatively, the original Sonic the Hedgehog is equally also great and the Switch version adds optional extras like the Spin Dash from the sequel and the drop move from Sonic Mania.

Besides the lack of widescreen support--something that the Christian Whitehead-helmed mobile versions of these games support beautifully--the only real negative with these two classics is how overly familiar they are. We've seen re-releases across most every platform since their original launch, but if it has been a while since you sprinted through Emerald Hill Zone with your buddy Tails at your side, the Sega Ages version is an excellent way to revisit the game.

SEGA AGES Herzog Zwei (Switch eShop)

There aren't many games from 30 years ago that you can truly say have stood the test of time, but Herzog Zwei is such a perfectly-balanced strategy offering that it's genuinely hard to pick fault or suggest how it could be improved or enhanced. Sure, the unit AI can be a little basic, the online play is a bit jerky and the split-screen mode in multiplayer cuts off a lot of your viewing area (and also reduces the ability to launch sneak-attacks) but the core gameplay is utterly fantastic, and remains just as addictive and engaging today as it was back in 1989, when the game first arrived in Japanese stores.

In single-player, the varied map types and scalable difficulty mean that Herzog Zwei will keep you entertained for weeks (if not years) but when played with another person – be it locally on the same console or online – this game is elevated to a whole new level of greatness. Even if RTS titles aren't your cup of tea, we highly recommend you give this one a whirl because, outside of spiritual successor AirMech, there really hasn't been a game quite like this since.

Never saw the sun, shining so bright, never saw things, going so right... Let us know which of M2's Sega Ages games you've most enjoyed, and which ones you'd avoid, with a cheeky comment below.

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