13 Hidden Gems You Might Have Missed On The Switch eShop

The term ‘hidden gem’ gets bandied around a lot, and often erroneously; an occasionally overlooked entry in a long-running, celebrated franchise isn't a hidden gem. Of course, sometimes the game in question truly went unnoticed and unloved by the masses and is worth digging up, but more often than not it's simply too rough around the edges to be a real ‘gem’, despite having some redeeming facets (or very vocal fans).

There are many reasons games don’t rise to the top of the pile, but the situation on Nintendo’s Switch eShop and other digital storefronts makes discoverability a huge problem. Genuinely brilliant games can easily find themselves drowned in the waves of software flooding the store each week.

We've gone digging and collected below a selection of brilliant Switch games found off the beaten path. You'll frequently find them on sale and all these games were awarded 9/10 by this very website, but most flew under the radar and were quickly lost in the endless scroll of eShop releases. If you’re sitting at home suffering from paralysis when faced with that never-ending wall of games, try punching the first few letters of these titles into the search bar and investigating some underappreciated gems buried on the eShop. It’s a varied bunch and you’re sure to find something to get you excited. We've also taken recommendations from readers for Switch games we missed, so be sure to check those out if the list below isn't enough.

So, may we present - in no particular order - our humble suggestions for the best hidden gems on Switch...

The Touryst (Switch eShop)

The Touryst (Switch eShop)The Touryst (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Shin'en Multimedia / Developer: Shin'en Multimedia
Release Date: 21st Nov 2019 (USA) / 21st Nov 2019 (UK/EU)

The Touryst launched alongside a massive Cyber Deals sale and arguably got a little buried at the end of 2019. If it did pass you by we highly recommend heading to the Switch eShop this instant. The Touryst is a joyous little adventure that sinks its blocky hooks into you and doesn't let go until it's done. It's got a perfect balance of atmospheric puzzling, leisurely exploring and minigame madness that'll keep you thoroughly entertained from start to finish, and its collection of tiny little voxel islands are a joy to discover, bursting with surprises to uncover and presented in a truly dazzling art-style that's achieved whilst performing flawlessly on Nintendo's console. The puzzles might not be the most taxing you'll ever come across and you'll blow through the whole thing pretty quickly, but overall this is a top-notch – and perfectly priced – little gem.

Bad North (Switch eShop)

Bad North (Switch eShop)Bad North (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Raw Fury / Developer: Plausible Concept
Release Date: 20th Aug 2018 (USA) / 20th Aug 2018 (UK/EU)

A slice of Viking strategic combat right out of the heart of Scandinavia’s indie development scene, Bad North joins the likes of Element at the vanguard of a wave of smart yet intrinsically accessible real-time strategy titles. Swedish developer Plausible Concept calls it ‘micro-strategy’ and it's the perfect encapsulation of a minimalist approach that covers everything from unit management to the Monument Valley-style isometric art style. With enough enemy variance to convince you you’re playing an interactive episode of the Vikings TV show, this endlessly entertaining sea of bitesize battles will teach you to fear - and love - the sound of the oncoming horde.

City of Brass (Switch eShop)

City of Brass (Switch eShop)City of Brass (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Uppercut Games / Developer: Uppercut Games
Release Date: 8th Feb 2019 (USA) / 8th Feb 2019 (UK/EU)

This one tended to polarise critics when it launched, but we absolutely love the first-person roguelike action it serves up. While some of its procedural generation can sometimes make for an unnecessarily challenging experience, City of Brass more than makes up for it with the sheer creativity you can have exploring its Arabian Nights-themed maps. With genii to imbue you with wacky powers and the ever-tantalising need to collect more gold (as well the option to compete with others via the leaderboards), Uppercut Games has produced one of the most entertaining roguelikes to swing onto Nintendo Switch. And you can throw ghost chickens. What more do you need?

Ape Out (Switch eShop)

Ape Out (Switch eShop)Ape Out (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Devolver Digital / Developer: Gabe Cuzzillo
Release Date: 28th Feb 2019 (USA) / 28th Feb 2019 (UK/EU)

One of the 'best known' games from this selection, you probably made a mental note to check out before getting distracted by something else. Do yourself a favour and hunt it down, though - the Nintendo eShop would be a considerably more exciting and interesting place if it were packed full of games like Ape Out. It’s a refreshingly original experience that more than deserves a place in any Switch owner’s library. Difficult, frenetic gameplay, a strong art direction, and an even stronger jazz drum soundtrack make this the sort of memorable game that you’ll likely keep coming back to over and over for another few runs in arcade mode. We’d give Ape Out a strong recommendation to anyone looking for a distinct and unforgettable game for their Switch collection; it’s a bit of an acquired taste, but well worth your time.

Armello (Switch eShop)

Armello (Switch eShop)Armello (Switch eShop)
Publisher: League of Geeks / Developer: League of Geeks
Release Date: 27th Sep 2018 (USA) / 27th Sep 2018 (UK/EU)

While this turn-based affair might look, move and feel just like a real board game, Armello is actually a completely original creation - and one that does more than simply doff its cap at the world of tabletop gaming. From the deep tactics of its living board game gameplay to the sheer charm of its world-building and animal character designs, it's a quest filled with back-stabbing, political power plays and rampaging monsters that’s different each and every time you play. It’s at its absolute best when played in multiplayer, that human factor making for an even more unpredictable battle for the corrupted throne. You’d be doing yourself a disservice not to add this anthropomorphic tale to your wish list.

Planet Alpha (Switch eShop)

Planet Alpha (Switch eShop)Planet Alpha (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Team17 / Developer: Planet Alpha
Release Date: 4th Sep 2018 (USA) / 4th Sep 2018 (UK/EU)

It’s impossible to not be caught up in the puzzle platforming charms of Planet Alpha. The product of one man and a small indie team from Denmark, it’s a game that runs remarkably smoothly considering the detail of its environments and the vibrancy of its art style. The platforming won’t necessarily blow you away - especially if you’ve become trained in the twitch arts of Hollow Knight and the like - but with some brilliant puzzles, a rewarding balance between endangered stealth and peaceful exploration, and some of the most intense set-pieces we’ve ever played on Switch, Planet Alpha has secured a place as one of the console's best indie releases and it deserves your attention if it passed you by.

Sky Rogue (Switch eShop)

Sky Rogue (Switch eShop)Sky Rogue (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Fractal Phase / Developer: Fractal Phase
Release Date: 26th Apr 2018 (USA) / 26th Apr 2018 (UK/EU)

While it lacks any storyline and the randomised nature of the missions may strike some as lazy, arcade-style dogfighter Sky Rogue has plenty of gameplay where it counts. The jet combat action is superb, aided by excellent controls, a wide range of weapons and plenty of stuff to unlock. The 12-stage campaign mode will keep you coming back for quite some time – thanks largely to the unique roguelike approach where death means losing everything, but the experience gained means a better chance of success next time around – and the ability to rope in a friend in co-op adds even more longevity. Granted, when you do eventually complete the game there's not a great deal to bring you back, but it will take quite some time and effort to reach that point – and you'll have had such a blast you won't feel short-changed.

Aegis Defenders (Switch eShop)

Aegis Defenders (Switch eShop)Aegis Defenders (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Humble Bundle / Developer: GUTS Department
Release Date: 8th Feb 2018 (USA) / 8th Feb 2018 (UK/EU)

Aegis Defenders is a fantastic game, brilliantly blending the tower defense and platforming genres in a unique way to produce a memorable and enjoyable experience. Lovable characters, interesting lore, plenty of secrets, engaging gameplay, and gorgeous presentation combine to make this a must-have title for your Switch. We would recommend this to anybody looking for a detailed world to immerse themselves in, or to somebody looking for that next game to play through with a friend. Aegis Defenders is a real gem on the eShop; don’t miss out.

Hand of Fate 2 (Switch eShop)

Hand of Fate 2 (Switch eShop)Hand of Fate 2 (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Defiant Development / Developer: Defiant Development
Release Date: 17th Jul 2018 (USA) / 17th Jul 2018 (UK/EU)

Almost impossible to categorise yet utterly compelling as a result, Hand of Fate 2 is a new and unique RPG experience. Fusing the basic premise of a deck-building card game with the heart of an action RPG, there’s just so much to enjoy here; the rewarding premise of its deck-building, the endless depth of its questing, the simple pleasure of its combat. This is a handheld port that’s practically indistinguishable from the version you can play elsewhere. Do yourself a favour and get this fantasy romp in your digital library right now.

Full Metal Furies (Switch eShop)

Full Metal Furies (Switch eShop)Full Metal Furies (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Cellar Door Games / Developer: Cellar Door Games
Release Date: 6th Nov 2018 (USA) / 6th Nov 2018 (UK/EU)

Full Metal Furies is an impressive fusion of genres from Cellar Door Games, the makers of Rogue Legacy. A beat ‘em up brawler at heart, we wish more developers would invest such considerable effort into this sort of puzzle design in action games, and coupling that with the deep RPG systems, punchy gameplay and memorable writing makes for an experience that no Switch owner will want to be without. We can’t recommend this release enough; put in the time to explore the different tactics required with each character and you’ll find a much deeper, more replayable experience than a typical brawler.