Switch Games For Lovers And Lonely Hearts
Image: Nintendo Life

When love is in the air it can be invigorating for those with Cupid's arrow embedded in their chest... or downright sickening for anyone who finds themselves down in the dumps. Whether you're energised by the twin glories of love and affection or have had it up to your eyeballs with commercialised lovey-dovey nonsense, we can all agree that playing video games is a very fine way to spend a date night, either curled up solo with your favourite Switch or sat with your special Player 2 by your side.

With that in mind, we've assembled the following handful of games that make for great company and might (read: MIGHT) even help a little romance blossom. Whether you've been swiped Left or Right, there's something for everyone to enjoy below.

So, grab your Switch, and possibly a partner, and snuggle up for some of the loveliest games on the system...

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Switch eShop)

It's in the title, right? This lovely co-op game absolutely shines in multiplayer, and compared to the fury other co-op titles can provoke when your beloved reveals themselves to be incompetent, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and its starship operation and navigation is a little more relaxed. The more players, the better, so this will work well if you're double-dating or have some other variety of 2-4 player situation lined up. Oh my!

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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator (Switch eShop)

Still looking for that special someone? Dream Daddy puts you in the shoes of a single-parent father moving to a new area improbably filled with beautifully buff and sexily sensitive dads. Head out to concerts and coffee shops with your newfound friends and chat about the trials of raising kids alone, keeping your finger on the pulse of modern culture as a cool dad, and — maybe — find something more. It's a wonderfully observed, touching, and hilarious visual novel with fun little minigames that's definitely worth a look this Valentine's Day.

Overcooked 2 (Switch)

We all know that the best way to a partner's heart is through their stomach, so Overcooked 2's brand of culinary co-op is the perfect dish to serve up with a loved one. Be warned that things can get fraught in the kitchen, but when it comes to co-op experiences on Switch, this (or, indeed, the original Overcooked) is very tasty indeed.

One Night Stand (Switch eShop)

One Night Stand puts you in the position of waking up in the bed of a stranger with little or no memory of the previous night's shenanigans. While she heads off to get you a coffee, it's up to you to piece together clues to discover exactly how you ended up in this position and if you want to pursue it further. A suitably short and sweet experience.

Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, together! (Switch)

A beautifully sedate co-op game which launched with the Switch, Snipperclips still has the power to charm as you work together to cut and snip each other and solve puzzles. We've shared many laughs when things go sideways and we end up snipping the heck out of each other in frustration. We almost always make up in the end, though.

World End Syndrome (Switch)

A somewhat more conventional visual novel than Dream Daddy, World End Syndrome has everything you would expect from the saucy genre yet manages to add depth to characters which you may have assumed were present only to look fabulous in bikinis. It offers plenty of replayability but also provides a satisfying ending if you're more of a one-and-done individual. If you're after a well-crafted visual novel featuring a little more than the standard anime lady tropes (but also the standard anime lady tropes), this is a fine example with a pleasantly substantial and gripping story, to boot.

Resident Evil 5 (Switch eShop)

A game best enjoyed in co-op, so if you're sick and tired of all the heart emojis, cheap sentiments and cheaper roses, why not blast through all the nonsense with a partner in Resident Evil 5? Despite not enjoying the plaudits of its predecessor, we had plenty of fun taking a shotgun to the zombie hordes in co-op. If you're spending this Valentine's Day alone, we'd probably recommend Resident Evil 4 over the sequel thanks to dodgy AI tech which makes RE5 a bit of a drag without a real-life human to interface with. Still, blasting obsessed automatons intent on becoming more intimately acquainted than you care to permit can be rather cathartic at this time of year, no?

If none of the above fire up your passions, you might want to investigate additions to the Switch eShop such as Speed Dating For Ghosts or Kitty Powers' Matchmaker, although bear in mind that neither has been subjected to the rigours of the Nintendo Life Love Tester machine, so approach with caution. Still, if you're after something spicy, what better time to try something daring and new...

What games are you planning on getting intimately acquainted? Let us know with a comment down below.

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