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The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye With 'Female Link'

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Looks neat, too

While there's reasonable anticipation for Hyrule Warriors in the West, it's a title that's been given a particularly big push in Japan, where the Dynasty Warriors franchise is a mainstay of the market. There are multiple editions and extras, one of which is a rather attractive artbook for the title — this will also be available in the West.

Naturally it features plenty of concept art from the development process, with the following showing off Link as he appears in the game, and the second image — on a page of what seems to be unused character designs — prompting some chatter around a female Link.

If that is indeed a concept for a female Link, it's a fairly decent design; we doubt it'd be the first time the idea would have been tested in development. Alternatively it could be an early concept for another character in a similar vein to Link, perhaps another Hero — the main art focusing on a bow as the weapon, with the smaller images showing a sword and shield; the green outfit naturally catches attention.

Following the loose speculation around the reveal for the new Legend of Zelda on Wii U, it's a topic that will likely keep coming up. A reasonable argument to make is that if the Hero of these titles can have any name, a choice between two designs — one of each gender — shouldn't be beyond the scope.

Much depends on the storytelling and approach, too, and how brave Nintendo is feeling; inevitably major design choices like this cause a notable reaction among vocal fans. Details and hints so far point to the new entry on Wii U being an open world and giving the player freedom in their approach, so it could be an entry to push the series into new territory in multiple areas.

We shall see, but in the meantime let us know what you think of this concept art.


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Tsurii said:

I really like the last design (the one with the uhm.."ghost Zelda")
Wouldn't mind if they went with that tbh



S3OL said:

Love the design of female Link or "Ringel" as Azooooz called her.



Squashy said:

That is a nice design, we'll have to see what that says to know whether it's meant to be a girl Link I suppose!

@Azooooz Oh really? Do you speak/read Japanese?



GhotiH said:

I wouldn't mind a female Link. As long as Zelda isn't ever the main playable character in a Zelda game, I won't complain



Azooooz said:

@Squashy I'm not really that good at reading or speaking Japanese, but based on the experienced with playing Japanese games, which ,by the way, I stopped playing.



SpookyMeths said:

This artbook is going to be available in the West? I only know about the bonus section in the collector's edition of the Prima guide that has artwork.



OneBagTravel said:

This will appease all of the people that make a big deal about gender representation in games.



BossBattles said:

It is sexist and disrespectful to an already existing character to demand a gender change as a means for mentally weak people to feel better about themselves and over identification with gender.

Nobody requests male versions of female characters...because it would be considered ridiculous. It is equally ridiculous to demand all characters have both genders.



JSaario said:

I really do hope you will be able to change Link's gender in Zelda U, Anouma always says he doesn't refer to Link as the Main character rather the player and Link is just a persona of the player, This could be a way that can finally be true. Admittedly Anouma has done a horrible job of not making Link the persona of the player rather then a character himself, They say Zelda U will be drastically different breaking away from tradition and convention of the series, whats more drastic then changing the main character?



TwilightAngel said:

Damn female looks hot and baddonkey.I'm calling it now in Zelda Hd you will have a choice to choose which gender of link do you want male or female?



MrMario02 said:

Actually' This "Girl Link" was probably a separate character. and no one at Nintendo ever confirmed that link in Zelda Wii U was a girl.



JSaario said:

@BossBattles I disagree, Link was always intended to be the persona of the player so why not be able to change the gender of that character the player is trying to be?



Jazzer94 said:

Design looks really cool would be an interesting game to play as a female Link.



JSaario said:

@vamkar Zelda U will change the Zelda series. Gender option is completely possible. Since Link's creation he was intended to be the persona of the player not the main character. Also trying playing something other then Ocarina of Time for gods sake...



BossBattles said:

@JSaario Link is a character. Making him female is dumb. I can play bayonetta and metroid and not need the main character to be male.



JSaario said:

@BossBattles In those games the character you play as is there own entity, Link is suppose to be the persona of the player not a character this was always intended.



TwilightAngel said:

@BossBattles Okay humor me friend how is it dumb? This can be like mass effect where you can choose the gender of captain sheppard and it doesn't change a thing.



Jazzer94 said:

@vamkar Not the same Link is supposed to represent the player Samus is an established character and is the same in each game Link changes each game and is not the same person.



felix330 said:

@vamkar Samus is a continuous character while link is a different person almost every game. There is no reason, in Zelda lore, for there not to be a female link.



BossBattles said:

@JSaario where is my male Zelda? Swapping genders is juvenile, sexist, and misses the entire point of story, character and game design. You're just brainwashed by feminists.



Kirk said:

Now if that female link were a playable option in the new Zelda game it would sell like gangbusters.



TwilightAngel said:

@vamkar Who said you're going to get a male samus?Did it show a male samus? And one more thing it doesn't mean you're going to get a female mario or luigi or bowser or donkey kong or any other nintendo character that's male might get a female counterpart. Come on man think before you say something.



JSaario said:

@BossBattles Wow. Just, Just my god. Why don't you actually pay attention for once, Link is the persona of the player. Zelda IS her own character. Also you call me sexist and while your not ok with a playable female avatar and then say im brainwashed by feminist's.



DiscoGentleman said:

So, it says in Japanese on the page that "This is Link, if we imagined him as a female." Some of the rest is hard to make out because of the blur. But they did name her: Linkle. Interesting name.

Also, it shows the two white fairy and black fairy below her. It says that these are concept art for Lana's previous form and Cia's previous form. So, I guess Lana & Cia are sisters or somehow connected, as they were both fairies in a previous form.



NintyMan said:

I wasn't too hot on the idea of a female Link when the Zelda U speculation was going on, but after this, I would actually just be fine if it was something like that. She looks cool and plausible in that. After all, Link is functionally an in-game representative of the player.



felix330 said:

@BossBattles It's never specified Link needs to be male in Zelda lore. There have been other changes in his character and appearance too, like his haircolor. You're only saying that your headcanon would be destroyed if link was female.



Yorumi said:

I think it would be kind of neat if they explored new storytelling concepts in zelda games. As it stands right now Link is more a concept than an actual character. He's always the wielder of the triforce of courage but beyond that is a different person in every game. They've already done it a bit, calling the green tunic the "hero's clothes" and other such things.

Beyond letting the benign letting the player choose gender I think there's a huge untapped story telling potential there. Imagine with the time travel mechanic you had to chase ganon across many time periods of hyrule. In each period you're a different link who was granted the triforce of courage to overcome the peril in his/her time. Or imagine shocking and emotional storytelling you could accomplish if Link actually failed to defeat ganon and was killed, or sacrifices himself to pass the triforce of courage to another individual, perhaps years in the future or right next to him.

There's just far too much untapped potential in the zelda universe.



bmjy1000 said:

@JSaario If there was Legend of Zelda game with a female protagonist, why does link has to change his gender. Why can't Zelda be the protagonist. What if Metroid gets a male protagonist, how would you support that game. I sure as hell wouldn't, because I respect and admire samus as a woman same way I respect and admire link as man. You young folk have no idea how much gender and sex matters in the world.



TwilightAngel said:

@BossBattles I'm just saying you can choose the gender and nothing will change, the story won't change except if you choose different choices.So i don't what's the problem, and if they did make a female link it would be a choice.



BossBattles said:

@JSaario superman IS a character, yet the awful and terrible superwoman exists. An established character doesn't stop you lunatics from altering reality to fit your disturbed delusions.



JSaario said:

@bmjy1000 Thats not what we are talking about, Not Zelda playable but Link being gender optional. Zelda, Samus and Bayonetta are their own characters but Link is a persona of the player not a character as much as we want him to be.



DiscoGentleman said:

@JSaario lol I know... that's why I said "interesting".
There isn't much other way to translate that into English, either. It could be "Linker" but really... it probably isn't. It could also be Rinkle/Wrinkle or Rinker, but really... it definitely isn't that.
Oh, that joys of a phonetic language.



DiscoGentleman said:

Hahahah reading this comments- oh boy. So much butthurt over gender. Sexism is as alive as racism in modern society.
Get over it. Everyone.



JSaario said:

@BossBattles That literately has nothing to do what we are all talking about. Superman and Superwoman are different characters. Link is NOT a character he is a persona of the player.



Usagi-san said:

@JSaario We've been through this already in the forums. How about you provide some evidence for the assertion that "Since Link's creation he was intended to be the persona of the player not the main character" because there are interviews that contradict this view. Please read the Iwata asks interview with Shigeru Miyamoto about the ocarina of time remake where you will find Miyamoto speaking about Link as a character.



The_Ninja said:

She should be Link's sister in Zelda U. I really love her design, but I think Link should stay male. However, every Link has a different body, but still has the same spirit. Link is reincarnated each and every game, which is why they don't look the same each time. It is possible for Link to be a female, but it almost has no chance to happen.



DiscoGentleman said:

@Azooooz If I say so? It's written there. リンクル
How we want to romanize it is up for debate. But because it is ク not グ、no, it is definitely not Ringel.



ThomasBW84 said:

I think a second unused Hero concept is the likelihood (I float that idea in the article) based on what we can make out. Good talking point though!



Yorumi said:

@midnafanboy it's dependant on the story being told. Some stories do require fixed genders for characters or it creates a cascading effect and destroys the story. Just as an example in OOT link not being male would change the interactions with princess ruto. There are generally better examples than that but you get the idea. Zelda games more often than not arn't affected by link's gender but that's not to say its possible with any story.



Senario said:

Link will always be a guy to me. If they really want a zelda game with a female char either create a new character or use an existing one in a spinoff. Maybe sheik's travels in the many years between escape and link waking up?



earthboundlink said:

I like the idea of another character who is female and acts and fights like Link. She would pop up periodically to fight him kind of like Proto Man used to do in Mega Man 3, or how Lucina crops up as "Marth" in Fire Emblem Awakening, forcing you to fight her some before you find out who she is and what her role is in the story.



BakaKnight said:

I can't avoid to think that at some point in development they had only Link as male character in a (at the time) whole female roster and thought to change him to a girl too XD



IceClimbers said:

This is merely concept art I imagine.

In Zelda U, I doubt you will be able to choose your gender because Link is a pre-established character within society. Doesn't matter if Link was originally intended to be a persona of the player. Link is his own character now because he's always been a male. Different incarnations of the same character. It would cause a massive public outcry if Link were female.

Samus could be argued as a persona of the player originally too, by the way. If she was originally intended to be a persona of the player, why not make her male? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Besides, Link being a "persona of the player" means that the games make you feel like you are Link, not Link becoming a representation of you.



JSaario said:

@Usagi-san Aonuma: "When I say Link, it’s not one specific character. It is the protagonist in the Zelda game. Please understand." Anouma is the head of the Zelda series now, what he says is fact if Miyamoto might have said that back then that was then and this is now and what Anouma says is fact its as simple as that. I find it so stupid when Zelda fans fight the creators when they say something is true and fact and then fans think they get to decide what is and isnt truth. It doesn't work that way.



IceClimbers said:

@JSaario Nowhere does that say Link is the persona of the player. Aonuma is saying how Link is the protagonist of the Zelda series because there are multiple Links!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.



Usagi-san said:

You're strange. You said not too long ago that Link has always been just the persona of the player in order to justify changing his gender and now you decide the past is irrelevant because you were wrong?



bmjy1000 said:

There is no need optional gender cause Link is a character What makes you think that link is a persona.



JSaario said:

@IceClimbers Its the same thing. Don't take is so dang literately. I don't get you people why is Link the avatar of the series being a Woman so bad? Does it hurt you? Is it against your religion, does it kill your family?



marck13 said:

Rinku, Twingelku little star, how I wonder what you are
..well actually personally I don't wonder too much. My first guess was that could be Link's long lost sister that we never knew about, that would be cool. But then again I leave the speculation to those who like to do so. I trust in Nintendo's choices and that Zelda U is going to be GRAND!!!



smikey said:

where is the book in the west available?
I'm a collector & I haven't seen it (or I've looked in the wrong place)
I've already ordered the Nintendo uk store one with the scarf (would have preferred a figure)
As for a female link I think the pics look pretty good & I wouldn't really mind either way



Yorumi said:

@IceClimbers it's not really the same as samus because samus had no level of customization. You've always been able to name link whatever you want and all the dialogue in the game changes to address you by the name you enter. I'm not saying they necessarily should give a choice option but of all the links really the only thing that makes them link is they wear a green tunic, possess the triforce of courage, and eventually wield the master sword.

@midnafanboy heh I figured it out, I make all kinds of horrible typos too that I can never imagine how I did.



TwilightAngel said:

@vamkar Use princess Zelda as the main character in her own game?I hope you didn't say that cause they already did that and it came out terrible.



JSaario said:

Did you bickering people ever think that the reason the Zelda series has been so tightly tied down and hardly changes is because of you fans? Just the possibility of this image causes such pointless arguing, I would not be surprised if they are afraid to change things because of psychotic people like you. If they do decide to be able to change Link's gender in Zelda U, you people can fight it and argue all you want, it will do NOTHING.



TwilightAngel said:

@vamkar True but if they add the choice to choose the gender and customize the character,then it would be like skyrim in my opinion.And that would be pretty awesome.



Manaphy2007 said:

i would still play as female link and its to shut these people up who think link is female even though link is 100% male, maybe in a parallel universe he is female.



IceClimbers said:

@JSaario It is in no way the same thing. Aonuma is saying that Link is the main character of the Zelda series, and that it is not one specific character because there are MULTIPLE LINKS. It's meant to be taken literally.

Link being a female is wrong because he is an already established character that is male. Society recognizes Link as a male character. There is absolutely no reason to change Link to female other than to appease the extremists of the feminist movement. Same reason I don't want a male Samus, or a female Mario.

The point is: Why change a pre-established series? Why not make NEW franchises with females?

By the way, the open world aspects of Zelda U were inspired by the original Zelda game, as he stated in the Digital Event. Skyrim may have inspired that as well, but only the open world aspects. Nothing else.



bmjy1000 said:

Why should there be an optional gender for Link in a Zelda game, nobody wants one and it doesn't need one.



Yorumi said:

@IceClimbers actually I've already kind of explained how there's a lot of untapped potential in the zelda universe. It's pretty well estabilished in zelda lore than link is more a concept, or a more generic person who possesses the triforce of courage. There are countless concepts and stories they could explore, beyond the same old guy in green tunic saves princess.

What would a story look like if link and zelda were being through though time and meeting each other in different ways as different people in different worlds? Or you could explore the concept of how people perceive a hero, perhaps one wielder of the triforce is the link we all expect, but another is drunk old man that still gets the job done and another is a very young girl who doesn't have the strength to wield a sword but has the courage to press forward and defeats enemies with her wit and cunning.

I'd love so much to see then use some of their more mature games to explore deeper concepts, and challenge us on an intellectual and emotional level.

@bmjy1000 clearly some people want the option, that doesn't necessitate it's inclusion but does invalidate you point.



ToastyYogurt said:

Are you guys seriously arguing over whether it's okay for there to be a female Link? If it ever becomes a thing in the game, it'll likely be a gender option. If you don't like it, play male Link. Simple.

And don't tell me it messes with continuity or anything like that. It's the Legend of Zelda, there is no continuity.

Besides, do you really think any character can escape rule 63?



MasterWario said:

More and more I see of this...all battles over the internet are ridiculous. They make a relatively small issue huge by blowing it way out of proportion when it's such a small issue. To top it off, both sides often have valid points...

Your opinions on Link's gender may have nothing to do with sexism, just as your opinions on Obama may have nothing to do with racism. More importantly anyway, the topics have nothing to do with sexism or racism in reality, and anyone who attempts to bring said issues into the conversation should just be ignored.

Terms like sexism, racism, and others keep the underlying and important information from being discussed, and dumbs down the conversation and those taking part in said conversation. If your conclusion is ever something like "because sexism", your answer is insufficient, period, and if you can prove me wrong, do it, because I've never seen it.

And really, Link's gender has nothing to do with sexism. Wages is a topic of sexism, NOT FREAKIN' VIDEO GAMES.



mamp said:

So I'm guessing majority of the people here have not seen Cloud Atlas? I feel like the same principle applies to Link.



bmjy1000 said:

So we're talking about this because some people wants it. if that's the case lets debate other topics because some people wants it, like slavery.



drewb0203 said:

For any of you that are still, OMG LINK IS NOT A GURL, Aonuma already confirmed that Link will be male in Zelda U. Maybe female Link or this Ringel I'm hearing is in Hyrule Warriors.



bmjy1000 said:

And you still haven't answer my question , but let me save you the trouble. You want an optional gender-swap for Link cause you think that Link is not a character. Why do you think he is not a character?



Samurai_Goroh said:

I wouldn't oppose to a female Link. Link is almost always a different person in each game, he's supposed to be the Hero of Time reincarnate. Why can't the hero of time reincarnate as a female?
Link is a character but a very neutral character with few personality traits that make him unique. He's brave and kind and that's it. He's the archetype of the hero we want to be.



Yorumi said:

@bmjy1000 I say this to try to help you but you should really try to work on you logic and understand how to make rational arguments. There's plenty of valid arguments to be made for keeping link male and never making a female link but logical fallacies arn't going to help you in anyway. When they're so blatant they show a dismissiveness and lack of respect toward those you're speaking to.

The world isn't going to end if you show respect to people you disagree with and engage them in rational debate.

Also your point about link not being a character has been addressed, but you're also not quite understanding what people are saying. Within the zelda universe he represents a concept, the wielder of the triforce of courage. Many zelda games acknowledge a continuity to past games while also explicitly stating you're not the same link. Strictly speaking Link isn't even his name since you're allowed to name him whatever you want. That's why when they make references to past Links they refer to him not by name but as the hero.



IceClimbers said:

@Yorumi There definitely is untapped potential in Zelda and their other mature franchises. I don't think making Link a female is necessarily the way to go about it. Though having Link be changed into a female in part of the game's story would be ok, just not flat out making him female. The concept of Link being a male at the start of the game and then somehow being changed into a female is somewhat interesting, and is different from Link just being a female straight from the start.

I agree with you on Nintendo exploring some deeper concepts in their more mature franchises. However, I'm not sure people are ok with the idea of giving Samus emotions other than bada**ery after Other M.

@MasterWario Well said indeed.



TwilightAngel said:

@bmjy1000 Slavery? Really? Wow work on your arguments, cause you just brought slavery for no reason in this topic.Come on man think before you act.



ModestFan93 said:

@Yorumi I read your posts. They're ingenious! Just think if they made episodicversions for new Zelda and it had massive content spanning multiple generations of the Lore? Hell maybe we could see a Hero Of Time that's a Goron or Zoro, etc. The potential is endless and nobody is stopping then but themselves.



Shiek said:

I'd love to play a female Link character because I'm a woman who likes to play games with female protagonists. Simple as that. No idea why you guys are all making such a huge deal out of it, considering the fact that no matter how hard you argue you're not going to sway Nintendo one way or the other.

Honestly, I doubt it'd ever happen. Nintendo is the king of playing it safe, after all.

Afterthought: I think I remember reading somewhere once that Link was made to look androgynous because they wanted him to appeal to both male and female gamers.



bmjy1000 said:

I brought it up cause that's the topic that some people wants to talk about. They may not be here, but they are there and they want to talk about it, get it.



TwilightAngel said:

@bmjy1000 Were talking about link who brought up slavery in this topic you did.Slavery was a serious thing, this is not get it? Or i have to keep telling you the same thing so you can understand it.



Yorumi said:

@IceClimbers the problem with other M isn't that samus has emotions, or is vulnerable, it's that it doesn't make an logical sense. The idea of her not using her equipment at the request of the commander initially made sense. "We're on a space station, we'd feel more comfortable if you wern't firing super missiles and power bombs everywhere, so please don't use ok." Ok that makes sense, then she goes through all these areas where she desperately needs this equipment and doesn't even request the use of it, or for that matter say screw it this order no longer makes sense.

It's similar with the ridley scenario, it's exactly like the extraordinarily stupid line you see in every movie featuring the military "I didn't sign up for this." Military men don't compain and often times it's a mission they volunteered for. Samus had been through far too much at that point to have that kind of reaction.

That's the problem, samus absolutely should have emotions, it's just they should make sense within her character. I initially loved that they were exploring samus' backstory but then it just stopped making any sense.



bmjy1000 said:

No you dummy we are talking about an optional gender for link in a Zelda cause some people want it. Get it some people. I am saying we're talking about something that the minority wants something that majority doesn't



Shiek said:

@bmjy1000 How do you know the majority doesn't want a female Link option? Did you take a poll? I actually only see a few people here who don't want it while several people are okay with it.



Yorumi said:

@bmjy1000 leave the insults out of it and show some respect to the people you're discussing things with. You're using straw men and insults. We're discussing a female link because the article is about concept art of a female link and the topic was presented by the article writer and comments were requested.



GamecubeWasBest said:

If it was a different character id be upset, but female link makes me hyped! I don't understand how people are butthurt over it. Link has never legitimately spoken, and he already sounds like a girl.

Links been reincarnated, time traveled, traveled dimensions, and even has a cartoon incarnation. How the hell can there not exist a female Hero of time SOMEWHERE in the Zelda universe!



Samurai_Goroh said:

@GamecubeWasBest On top of that, he was already a wolf and a rabbit, I believe. Wild animal, ok. A woman? Noooo.....
Link is not a single character, he is more of an abstraction, an ensemble of heros sprung across centuries.



bmjy1000 said:

@Yorumi You are nobodies' babysitter. I read all of your posts and it seems that you don't even care. Why are you here? Are waiting for me to say something next, that's sad man.



TwilightAngel said:

@bmjy1000 Now you're just saying things you never said, but you know what i don't care i'm done with you. You're just saying random things now that pops in your head, have a nice day.You're like a wall nothing goes through to you and that's sad, and have respect for @yorumi i think he's the only guy here who actually takes your opinions seriously.



Grumblevolcano said:

@Samurai_Goroh Wolf Link is my favourite form of him. I love the variety that the transformation gives to moves yet much better executed than Sonic Werehog. I'd be perfectly fine with a female Link though also concerned that Nintendo could fall into the same trap they did with Tomodachi Life if situations like Princess Ruto in OoT were to be included.



Yorumi said:

@bmjy1000 I was hoping you'd show some maturity and not further degrade the discussion but I guess not. It doesn't do you any favors to act like you are right now. I don't pretend to believe I can stop you I was just hoping you'd see a bit a reason.

@Grumblevolcano well that mainly gets into stories that require certain genders for characters. Some stories can be done with an undefined hero others cannot and it up to the writer to understand when each applies and create their hero accordingly.



bezerker99 said:

Link being a male protagonist is a videogaming historical fact. Your opinions mean nothing here.



IceClimbers said:

@Yorumi Oh I know that. I've always supported the idea of giving Samus emotions. Other M was just horrible execution of it - it made no sense and made Samus into something she's not. Problem is, a lot of people might not support the idea of Samus having emotions anymore because of Other M.



FuseBlues said:

@bezerker99 The point being made, I think, is that almost every Link has been a different character - a descendant of the Link character in Skyward Sword. This places the character in a relatively unique position in video-games insomuch as the gender of those in his bloodline don't have to be the same every time. The same, it should be noted, applies to Zelda.



bezerker99 said:

Yep. And every Link has been a different male protagonist. Just read every Zelda instruction manual. I'm not spouting opinions but facts.



hiptanaka said:

Link is not as much as a character as it is the concept of the recurring hero. You get to name your character in Zelda games, remember?

A female Link would be cool.



FuseBlues said:

@bezerker99 I suspect some of us are talking at cross purposes here. I'm suggesting that the character can be female in future games without it affecting the (admittedly wobbly) historical canon of the franchise.

Personally, I think it would be a nice change.



Jazzer94 said:

@bezerker99 It has never been applied that Link has to be a male when reincarnated which is why it is perfectly possible for Link to be a female why do people take such offense from this as if it is a sin.




Her name reads "Rinkuru" or like Rinkle or Ringle or something in English perhaps. Says Link's girl [counterpart(?)] (perhaps, can't make out the kanji after that or preceding). Then after that says that they were allowed to consider it (?) maybe. I'm not that good at Japanese and it is blurry.
Edit: not that they were allowed to consider, but that it was considered. (if indeed the verb is consider).



hiptanaka said:

Yeah, I think they should've just stuck with "Link" and let the hero be of either gender.



Cloud-San-VII said:


Ringel makes sense as Link's Japanese name is "Rinku".
Unfortunately, I'm not good enough to read and backup your statement... at the moment.



bezerker99 said:

@midnafanboy I've been playing Zelda games waaaaay before you were even a fetus.

If you want Link to be female, that's fine. All's I'm saying is he has always been male in all the games and one way to prove it is the instruction manuals. I know lots of gamers who refer to what's said in those manuals as canon. To me it's pretty darn good proof. So yeah.



TwilightAngel said:

@bezerker99 Like i give a damn friend you played those games before me does not mean a damn thing, i played them in fact i played them all. So don't come and here and say you know more of zelda than me cause you played them before.Now that's just pathetic and funny, and maybe you are used to male link and you can't understand change.



Jake_homs said:

I'm loving the work Nintendo is doing to add some variety to this already amazing franchise. The work done in the recent 3DS LBW game was fresh and varied, and made for a fantastic game. They already showed us the 'open world' in Zelda Wii U, and I can only hope that's just the beginning to some more new features in the game. I love the old tried and true (heck, my favorite game of all time is the NES LoZ) but I'm also a big fan of what they may be doing now. Way to go!



Senario said:

Reminds me of changing Spiderman to Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker. Sure, they made a very valiant effort to make Miles the new Spiderman in the Ultimate Universe. But due to how long Parker has been in the role and the attachments some fans have to that character it is understandable if you don't see Miles as the new spiderman. Personally, Parker has always and always will be spiderman to me. Fanbases take a while to establish and changing characters just on a dime isn't all that great as it is divisive to the fanbase.

If you want a character that is female in terms of zelda just make a different character or have Zelda be the protagonist of a spinoff game (though arguably I would say while you play Link Zelda is as much a main character in every zelda game. Particularly in the later ones where she is doing something useful).

Usually I wouldn't agree with a change in character unless there is a VERY good logical reason why a character can completely change. One example (though I know it won't happen) is if The Doctor in Doctor Who Regenerated into a different race. I live in America but I love watching the series and am looking forward to Peter Capaldi's doctor...but there are clear examples of this happening (River Song) and time lords don't have a concept of "race" per say. Plus the character and personality is entirely changed so that eliminates the whole "make it a different character" problem.

Thing is, Link and spiderman are pretty set in who they are. Link is the Hero of Hyrule usually from humble beginnings and Spiderman is a guy bitten by a radioactive spider who then decides to save the city of New York for free. They really have no precedent for changing the design or character all that much.



SphericalCrusher said:

There's concept design photos like this for a lot of major characters. They already confirmed that the Link in Zelda WiiU is male, so there's really no point in talking about it anymore.



Yorumi said:

@Senario not really disagreeing with your overall point about them being estabilished characters but in terms of link you could break that trend awful quickly. It's already been estabilished the links in each game arn't the same person. So if you did a game where you start as the regular male link but then in some future or past timeline play as a female one you'd completely break the estabilishment of a male link. It's kind of similar to how kid link was never really a thing, until OOT.

I doubt it will ever happen but just pointing out it would be pretty easy to get it estabilished that link can basically be fully customized to be any race/gender in any zelda game.



Senario said:

@Yorumi I would've been fine with it had it been a feature in an earlier zelda game. But this far into the series I think people are kinda invested and want to see characters they've known for most of the series represented in a true to their roots kinda way. It could be easily broken. Doesn't mean it should.

I should cite Spiderman again. For the longest time among all different marvel universes Spiderman was usually Peter Parker. So when the Ultimate universe (one of the major ones) literally KILLED peter parker and replaced him with Miles Morales then called him "spiderman" people were naturally adverse to it. And some fans like myself don't really consider him spiderman and would rather he get his own name. To longtime fans it feels like slapping an established name on a now "diverse" character rather than creating a new character that could be just every bit as interesting with a diff name. I mean, it is case dependent especially in comics since some characters don't really make sense in the modern day. (example being Iron fist being white yet his name is Daniel Rand'Kai and has no real connection to where he got his powers lol.) but that is more of my opinion, I'm sure when we get Iron fist Live action stuff that he'll be the character we see in the comics.



Yorumi said:

@Senario I think the biggest difference is in the core of the characters. In the case of spiderman he was estabilished as a character with a full history and was always the same person every time you saw him. Changing him is akin to changing samus and just putting somebody else in the suit. Link on the other hand from the beginning was designed to represent the player, strictly speaking he doesn't even really have a name. Beyond that with the exceptiong of perhaps MM and OOT the link you play as is never the same link you've played as in another zelda game.

In that sense the argument boils down to we just should try anything new ever. And with that thought link between worlds and zeldaU shouldn't be doing what they're doing. I generally agree that characters shouldn't just be randomly changed. However, link has been changed in every zelda game that's ever been released already. He doesn't even have a consistent art style.



crzysortagamer said:

This isn't for those against or the trolls, it for those that are open mined so you don't get all heated over some of the ppl above:

There are a ton of strong minded individuals here. I think "sexist" is a term thrown around in ignorance and fear. I think those who in favor of the Zelda franchise should keep to things in mind as important. 1. Keeping the story alive. 2. Keeping the attention of enough fans to make money to keep the story alive. This could be a way to cultivate a larger fan base, and I would be in favor of it.

Morally, there is nothing wrong with making the Hero a woman. It is never clearly defined that the reincarnated Hero has to be a male. There kinda is with Zelda though as she was a goddess, an entity associated with a feminine persona, but even then you can prove Zelda has to be female as its a fictional world of mythology.

I get it, people are tired of other people whining about equal rights, and its tiresome and stressful, but it really boils down to your personal preference of wanting a male or female character. There is no right or wrong, so stop fighting like there is.



Timestream said:

Personally, I'd be totally down for a female protagonist in the next Zelda game, but wasn't that already confirmed by Aonuma as being "just a rumor"?



aaronsullivan said:

Oh yeah, make a girl Link option or even the only option. I'd also be very happy with a Zeda quest with her as the main player character or with a trade off between her and Link throughout.

Here's the thing. There are many female fans of Zelda games. Give them a chance to play someone they can relate to a little bit closer. Nothing wrong with that.

I like playing female characters, too. It's easy to just say, "I have no problem playing girl characters why should a girl have a problem playing male characters?" As if that was a somehow equivalent comparison.

Videogames are so often squarely targeted at teenage boys and feeding into their fantasies. Even female protagonists in games are often treated as eye candy. Lara Croft was added because the creators said they'd rather stare at the back end of a woman for hours.

We can do better and Link would be in no way ruined.

My biggest issue is that the latest Zelda games have actually started to charactrize him and introduced more story. Skyward Sword would have been pretty tricky to simply swap genders for instance as there was a fair amount of romantic interest which might interfere with Groose, etc. It could multiply the amount of storywork, animations, etc. if it was just an option unless the story was carefully planned to make it easy.

What I think I'd prefer to an option is to have maybe twin Links. On male one female that are alternated between, or like I said earlier Zelda as a main character or just make one generation of Link a female, with no option to play as male. That way the story can hopefully be more focused and less generalized. I'm excited that those are all still possible in the new Zelda. We know so little.



gage_wolf said:


"The heroes of these chronicles all share the name Link. These Links might have been the same person, a series of familial descendants, or a number of heroes with different names entirely."

-Straight from Hyrule Historia

How does that make for an established character? It basically says "Link" can be anyone so long as that person is a hero. Also, If you notice at no point does the writing make note of Link's gender. A female Link is totally within the bounds of Zelda lore. So get over it.



Remisio said:

@Jazzer94 Not necessarily. I used to think like that before but no. Link is an established character in every Game. He has a pre determined role, sex, backstory and even relationships and love interests/motivations of his own.

That doesn't mean they can't make a female Link though. It probably wouldn't have the same name but they could easily make a Zelda Game in which the main character is a Female version of the Hero/ine of time. Even then she would be an established character in that game: she'd have backstory, relationships and motivations of her own.

It'd be pretty cool if sex options were available but that's not a part of how the franchise is set up. Nintendo has nothing against choosing genders in games (Pokemon Being the simplest example) but when a character has been established over such a long time it's hard to do.

Commander Sheppard or the Dragon Born are often given as examples as to why Zelda should do it, but those characters were created from the very beginning to be in that way from conception (I believe) they are not characters that have been established over the course of 25+ years. They are a product of current Game development ideals. The stories from the beginning are centered around the characters being either gender. This could be done with Zelda as well. But you must admit it runs high risks due to the nature of the fanbase. The same could go for Mario, Star Fox (not so much, Krystal can just be the MC), Metroid, Kid Icarus (now, not before the rebirth but now a fanbase has Grown), etc. They really are all Established Characters, including Link.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

On Topic, the concept art looks cool. Kind of like Zelda light (as she is the Archer of the series)

Off Topic: Personally I'd like to see a Game where you alternate between Link and Zelda. Zelda has been getting more and more assertive since OOT. Though I totally don't expect her to be the main hero because it would be sorta silly for the monarch to be the front line hero...which is why i think its cool that she is the ninja/pirate/archer/mage in all of the games. However I would love to see a few early dungeon setups with her solo (the intro three would work well) , maybe have her discover Link and awaken him to his destiny but in doing so accidentally reveal herself to Ganon forcing her into hiding.

I do think many Zelda fans don't give the Princess enough credit. She hasn't been a pure damsel in distress for a very long time. She may not get the action scenes but that makes sense considering her aspect is Wisdom.

I have no opinion on Link as either gender as I don't think it will make the character less blank. Work with the lady that has a personality please.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

@shigulicious Well for one that would be a hard name to explain on a male. It is not a unisex name at all. Unless he is the gender inversion of Oscar from Berubara. ...Actually that sorta sounds cool.



gage_wolf said:


Just to be thorough:

"Hylian princesses bearing the name Zelda have also appeared throughout history of Hyrule. It is likely that the name was handed down through the generations."

  • from Hyrule Historia

So, if you piggyback my last comment with this one you get this understanding: Link can be anyone throughout time so long as that person is a hero( no gender specified). Zelda is always a princess(which is gender specific). So there you go, Zelda has an established gender and role as princess, Link has none. Right from the source.



Usagi-san said:

Except if we take that argument further you just prove Link has a set gender since Miyamoto states that a Boy and a girl will be reborn and if Zelda is the girl the boy must be Link.



Ragnarok said:

Yes, within the Zelda lore it would make sense that one incarnation of Link could appear female. But in the real world, and looking at it from a franchise perspective, Link is an established character and it would make absolutely no sense to drastically change what has been Link for over 28 years. Every Link design shares common features that make up the character Link, one of them being his gender being consistently male for years. Link is THE FACE OF THE ZELDA SERIES, and is one of Nintendo's biggest characters and changing his gender would be the same as changing Mario to a female or changing Samus to a male for Nintendo. It doesn't matter whether it would make sense in the lore.

Timeline only exists because Nintendo wanted to link all the games together in some way while still reusing the same heroes and villains in the franchise (like reusing Mario Luigi, Peach, Bowser etc), so one way to do this is bring in "reincarnation" into the lore of series. It's just a convenient way of being able to retell the same damn story with each new game, where Link and Zelda team up to beat Ganon/Ganondorf.



gage_wolf said:


I'm going from the book, which is supposed to be considered the final word on all things Zelda.

When and where did Shiggy say that? Source?



8BitSamurai said:

For the sake of sanity everywhere, I propose an internet law that will require that "Link" and "Female" never appear in the same sentence together.

Cory for Prez 2016.



Yorumi said:

@Ragnarok the interesting thing though is link has never had consistent art. In the nes games he had brown hair, in oot it was a bright yellow blond, in tp it was more of a sandy blonde etc. Even his tunic changes from game to game, along with his backstory. For that matter his dominant hand has changed from game to game. Given that he has no consistent art outside a green tunic and elf ears, and looking at the concept art, the character really doesn't look that much different from any other link. At this point you could put virtually any average bulid person in a green tunic and say it's link, as long as it's not a girl I guess.



Usagi-san said:

Right from the source: Hyrule Historia.
It's in the introduction "each time when the world is blanketed in evil, a young boy and girl will be born"



gage_wolf said:


From the get go the Zelda series was built around 'legends', thus the title. Legends are stories passed down through time, and depending on who you hear the story from it can change or be altered. So an ever changing protagonist fits within that concept.

Metroid is not a legend. Samus suddenly being a man simply wouldn't make sense and would literally break the series. Plus, why? Why would we make Samus a man? Arent there enough sci fi shooters with male protagonists already? It serves no purpose.

Making Link a female, or having the option,
actually makes sense within the lore of the series, as well as in the real world. It serves a purpose. How many major AAA videogame adventures have female protagonist? Maybe a handful.

The male Samus argument just has no relevance here.



hiptanaka said:

I don't think the convoluted Zelda lore should dictate whether they should try new things with the Zelda series. Where does "Lorule" fit in the lore? A female Link could be fun. Or they could just reverse the thing and let Zelda be the protagonist, if it has to be "a boy and a girl".

Actually, if they've managed to squeeze in every game into the "timeline" so far, I bet they could come up with something to let Link be a girl once.

I'm not even saying I need a Zelda game where you play a female, but arguing that it shouldn't be done seems a bit backward.



Uro said:

I have THA solution: After playing the game the first time with normal Link, it will unlock the female Link. How does that sound?



TrueWiiMaster said:

This topic... Link's gender doesn't need to change. Forcing it to do so would make more problems than benefits. Yes, every game technically has a different Link, but through over a dozen games, and for almost 30 years, he has always been a boy. His gender is well established, and many fans would be upset if it changed. Very few would be upset if it didn't. There is also no reason to make his gender changeable, which only limits the story. If the player chose Link's gender, the story would either have to be gender neutral, or have two versions, which would take resources that could have been used to make the game better.

Zelda fans, male and female, have all enjoyed Zelda games. As several people here have pointed out, Aonuma has said Link is supposed to be the player's persona. That doesn't mean that Link becomes the player, however, but that the player becomes Link, immersed in the world and story of his games. The player's gender has nothing to do with feeling like a hero.



Senario said:

@hiptanaka I would rather have Zelda be the protagonist of her own game without characters like Link making an appearance in the game. Similar to Majora's mask, you NEVER see Zelda except for a flashback cutscene but the rest of the game takes place in Termina. And it was an EXCELLENT game.

The problem is Link has a straightforward way of fighting. With swords and shields. Zelda has light arrows and magic, though if they gave her Sheik stuff I can see things working out.

Either way, we are getting Hyrule warriors what more do you want? It seems like half the characters in that game are female and they are their own character. I particularly am looking forward to it because they are their own character and not a different person with the name slapped on. Lana with the summoning gate looks hilarious, I always wanted to rain chickens down on my enemies.



Ragnarok said:

@Yorumi You're right that Link has never really had consistent artwork, with only slight changes made to his appearances. Yet all of these changes have been really minor when it comes to his appearance, and you can still tell from looking at the art that it's the Nintendo character Link from the Legend of Zelda series.

@gage_wolf I don't think you get what I am saying. Yes, it would make sense within the lore which is what I said, but when it comes to the real world, and looking at it from the franchise/IP perspective, it would not make sense for Nintendo, a company that cares a lot about character recognition to take that risk and change what has been Link for 28 years. Within the lore yeah it could happen, but I see absolutely no reason to change his gender when it's has been consistent for so long, especially if a female Link plays exactly the same as a male one.

Link, to Nintendo and in the real world, is an established character and is the face of the Zelda series. So making such a change would be the same as changing the gender of other characters in their series to them. Whether it makes sense within the lore does not matter.

And then there is the chance of pissing off the fanbase with the change. Many fans, both male and female would be pissed off if his gender was flipped, and it's just another issue Nintendo would rather avoid.

And the amount of female protagonists featured in adventure games in the industry is not really something Nintendo cares that much about. It will only happen if there is a valid reason gameplay wise for it, and if the game plays exactly the same then what was the point of changing the character at all? What does a female Link add to the gameplay if the game plays exactly the same? If it adds nothing gameplay wise then it would just be making a statement, and Nintendo is not interested in making statements like that. Thinking about all that, from a business standpoint I don't see why such a change would be necessary.

Again, I am not arguing about whether it would make sense within the lore (I even agreed that it could happen). Hopefully I've been more clear about what I am trying to say here.



Senario said:

@MercifulLemon7 Unfortunately that would make no sense. Lore wise the Hyrule royal family throughout all timelines has named their daughters "Zelda" and it has been consistent. Having a male "Zelda" would be really weird.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Your legend point is interesting, but your other points seem flawed.

While Metroid isn't a legend, that doesn't mean the main character has to be Samus. It could be her son, her father, an apprentice, etc. It could be very interesting to find out more of her story.

As for the purpose, it would be the same supposed purpose for turning Link into a girl, whatever that may be to you. There could be a thousand "sci fi shooters with male protagonists" and it wouldn't matter. There wouldn't be a Metroid with a male protagonist.



Yorumi said:

@Ragnarok well what I mean is you can look at this concept art and you don't need anyone telling you who it is and you can instantly say "yep that's link." It's also just interesting to note if you showed this concept art to someone next to say SS link before he has his green tunic a person would say the girl is more recognizable as link. It's not really a big deal to me or anything, it's just an really an observation that it's argued this character is so strongly estabilished and yet he is really only recognizable by his clothing.



FX29 said:

I wouldn't mind if Nintendo used that character design, for a basis of a new female protagonist in the Zelda series. Maybe make her Link's sister, niece or even daughter.



bezerker99 said:

@Midnafan my point being that the Legend of Zelda franchise has been a part of my life longer than you have been alive. Whoever said that changing Link's gender would piss off passionate, die-hard, been there from the very getgo fans was right.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Wow really people, really, really??? Is this really happening in 2014? A genderswapped Link would freshen up and add dare I say a new twist to the classic Zelda formula. Would playing as a female Link really change the core gameplay??? NO! And is what is most important not whether or not you're playing as a boy or a girl, good gameplay. A female or male or somewhere in between Link wouldn't and shouldn't kill The Legend of Zelda series.



Senario said:

@HandheldGuru97 Thats the problem, What does it add to the series or do to "freshen it up" besides the five minutes you will be saying "Oh link is a girl now" then move on with your life. It wouldn't matter to the casual fan but very big fans of zelda might be a little angry. It literally adds nothing besides five minutes of shock value.

There is more at hand here than people being discriminatory, they aren't They are used to a character and would like that character to remain the same because to them that is who the character is established as. Regardless of the intent of the makers of the game.

I'd much rather prefer a different character altogether rather than slapping the name "Link" on a girl and calling it a day. There needs to be a good reason to change up any iconic character. What if Mario was a girl? Would people be fine with that? no not really =/ And it isn't like a different universe or anything so there is that idea out the window.



NextChannelGame said:

Could Nintendo make a New Zelda game that is not part of the timeline?

It would help for them to make a spin-off where the Hero is a female.
They don't have to worry about the time line, story or even the characters.
Because this would give them freedom to make amazing fun game were they are free to make a New Zelda game where the Hero is Female.

They could always do the gender switch but the past few games focus a lot of Link (Male) which could be hard unless they made a difference in the story were you play either Male or Female.



JaxonH said:

I hate it when activists push an agenda. Always looking to make the world conform to THEIR progressive ideals, at the expense of pretty much everyone else.

No, there's nothing wrong with Link being a girl. But he's NOT a girl. He's an established character of the male sex. And that's just who he is! People don't have to like it but that's what it is! It's like saying Indiana Jones should be a female because, why not? Why couldn't he be a girl? You got something against women? No, I have nothing against women. I have EVERYTHING against people looking to change established characters for the sake of political correctness. It's counterproductive to the creativity of the developers, in fact it's downright hostile. And a slap in the face to those who have grown emotionally attached to a particular character. People want to see a female lead in Zelda? Fine, have Zelda be playable. But changing the gender of an established and beloved character? Let's just make Peter Pan a gay Jewisish female while we're at it, because equality and all that... Pfft..



Yorumi said:

@JaxonH have you even read a single word of the discussion because your comments only relate to what's been discussed in the sense that concept art of link as a girl was shown?



Yorumi said:

@JaxonH you should not who you're responding to because in context of the discussion you're basically just ranting on a total tangent. There hasn't really been any acctivism or political correctness or anything it's mostly people talking about why it could work within the lore of the series or why they don't want to see the character changed in that way.



JaxonH said:

@Yorumi I quit addressing people because I'm tired of arguing. I don't call anyone out any more. I post my opinion, and it doesn't offend anyone directly. There's more than just one discussion on here, more than just you. But the statement is for anyone who desires to know my opinion. There are always tangents in comment threads btw. I've heard a lot on this topic, and this is what I felt like saying.

I specifically didn't address anyone because I didn't want to get in a back and forth with someone. So please, post and let post.



Catlish said:

Hey, I wonder something.
Did anyone ever think about this Ringel or Rinkle or whatever being something like Link's sister?

She would have a part in the link's lore AND it would not require to "change Link as we know him"

just saying



Yorumi said:

@JaxonH why do you have such a problem and jump straight it rudeness when people on a public forum respond to you? I just don't get it, you show up, rant about something that has essentially nothing to do with the current discussion and get all in a huff when someone asks you what the heck you're talking about.

@Catlish it's been brought up and it kind of depends on how it was used if it would work. Obviously link has had relatives before so from that perspective it wouldn't be a problem. Mainly the reason people would want link to have the option of being female is he is supposed to be the representation of the player in the game. That's why you can name him and such, and because of that some people would rather play a female character than a male.

Personally more than anything what I find most interesting in this discussion is seeing what link represents to every other zelda fan.



JaxonH said:


Because it's always YOU hassling me over every comment, even when I'm not talking to you. I have a right to post my opinions here as much as you, without you dictating how or what I should post.

I have not been rude yet, I politely asked you to post and let post. Obviously that's a problem. So I won't ask. I'm telling you to LEAVE ME ALONE. I'm done being harasses by you. Pretend I do not exist. Do not respond to me, to not talk about me. Enjoy this site and do whatever it is you do, but leave me out of it. Good day.



Catlish said:

@Yorumi Yes, he had relatives. And I don't see anyone complain about Aryl from WW.

So, lets say this "Rinkle" can be playable in the upcoming Zelda U, NOT AS THE MAIN CHARACTER, but imagine something like she has to rescue her brother, or maybe a DLC for some extra misions.

^I Would NOT be mad for that, and actually I think most of the people present in here would like that idea. My GF was really sad a few hours ago, when she knew Linkle would not be playable. > Since... well, a playable girl after so many years of just "Link the boy whos saves the day" would be a nice touch. < her words



Catlish said:

@Yuromi Actually! you are right, everybody thinks in a different way and that is fine. This thread just went to hell for unknown reasons.

I'm out, nothing else to do here

well, maybe I'll be back to see what @DiscoGentleman finds out about the art book.



Yorumi said:

@JaxonH I think the last time I responded to something you said before now was a month ago. In a public forum people respond to each other, that's kind of the way it works. Sorry I dared to use a public forum in the way it was intended. I would just point if it so upsets you when people talk to you in a public forum you could try following your own advice. You say you don't want to respond to people while spending more time reponding to people than not, you say you don't want someone dictating how you post while dictating how someone can post, and you say to ignore people while not doing likewise.

@Catlish well no I don't think anyone would have a problem with that. But lets also look at another scenario why couldn't she be the main playable character and the quest is to rescue link since he has the triforce of courage and it's needed to defeat ganon? Of course there's the typical optional choice at the begining, like naming the character, pick male or female.

I just think it could open up a lot of new story telling options. Of course a playable Zelda would be great too. And of course if nothing like this happens to the charaters that's fine too.



Yorumi said:

Actually now that I think about it, to add to the scenario where she rescues link, it would be extra work but would add a ton of value to the games I think. In this case you do like a master quest option. At the beginning of the game you pick male or female, if female you have to rescue link and it's a full zelda adventure, normal number of dungeons and all that. If you pick male you start as link just as he's rescued from whatever peril he was in and go on his quest to gain whatever items from the temples and defeat ganon.

Kind of similar they should revisit OOT but do sheik's quest instead. The beauty of the zelda universe is there's a ton of untapped potential there so we'l lbe seeing great games for decades to come i think.



JaxonH said:

@Yorumi I respond in matters of fact that is verifiable. And friendly discussion. Arguing opinion, no. Arguments never end with opinions. And I wouldn't dare dictate how anyone posts, but if I'm being harassed I won't think twice about telling them to stop by means of not replying to me. Not that I have to explain myself, but so we're clear. You are free to post whatever you like, just please keep me out of it.

I would have no problem having friendly discussion with you. But the problem is I can't recall one time it's been friendly.



Yorumi said:

It kind of says a bit that I can have countless discussions with all kinds of different people here, even those I completely disagree with and it's only who is starts yelling harrassment over the first time I've addressed one of your posts in a month. I get it you have some sort of personal vendetta against me for reasons you've never once made clear. If it really gets you this upset when people respond to what you post you might want to think about taking a break from posting. You should never let anyone's coments get you as upset as you clearly are.



eaglebob345 said:

Hopefully there is a female Link or main character in a Zelda game (including Zelda herself). I would LOVE a multilayered story in a Zelda game as well (different story arcs for different main characters).



TwilightAngel said:

@outburst If that happens this debate will be nothing compared to that.People will freak out, bring their religion into it and whoo damn that would be a day to remember lol.



SavoirFaire said:

Much ado about absolutely nothing. Fraternal twins, you play as one, the other gets kidnapped, blah blah blah eventual reckoning. That took 5 seconds to think up, and it could be done well without it smacking of being shoehorned into the series to satisfy some P.C. nonsense, which I think is where most take issue.



Aerona said:

I'd love to see Link as a girl. It's not even like it would be a problem with the story, after all.



Lunapplebloom said:

Well, this escalated quickly...

As a fan who has played every Zelda out there (besides CDI Zelda games. Sorry weirdo Philips Link ), I'm really not against this. As long as they do it right and optional. Judging from this book, the concept was there, but in the end rejected. I wonder who it was that said no...



Phle said:

Well, i wouldn't mind a female Link. Link is a different person in almost every game, I can't see why Link couldn't be female. That said, I don't think her name should be changed. Link doesn't sound like a male-only name. And they better not be doing multiple Links at once. The way I see it, it can only be one Link, one Hero of Time, until that Link/Hero dies.



Mqblank said:

What if the roles were reversed and the Hero in the green tunic was Zelda and it was Prince Link that needed rescueing...



TJF588 said:

@JSaario And now, with invocation of Tingle, this entire enterprise is ruined.

...Ah, who'm I kidding? Just like any other Link, Zelda U's'll be renameable. It's someone, SOMEONE, is gonna name this'n "Tingle". Just 'cause.

Regardless, choice between the poles of sex for this incarnation of Link will be coolies, and you know the fan artists will have a ball. (If Ninty /really/ wanted to be risque, they'd pull another romance between Link and Zelda, regardless of the former's sex. But, given the design philosophies of Zelda U, I doubt this hero will be much more than a blank slate.)

@SavoirFaire Kidnapped fraternal twin? "Coming this winter, The Legend of Costume: Link[elle]'s Quest!" (I always chose Wren over Reynold, though; the roles of "rescuer" and "kidnapped" just feel better suited respectively.)



AshFoxX said:

Personally, my headcanon thus far is the new Link for Zelda Wii U is female. I'm hoping this is true because I tend to prefer a female avatar, especially on long quests like a Zelda game. After all, if I'm going to be staring at a characters butt for hours on end, might as well be a nice butt.



Eijiro said:

This shouldn't even be a debate about a female Link, since this character's name is not Link and the scan says it is Link's daughter.



MussakkuLaden said:

I am requesting a female Link for quite a while. However, I think that nothing about Link's personality and hardly anything of his look should change then. Rather I'd find a Link like that in the new WiiU Zelda appropriate, who could actually have either sex in terms of his look, and simply make him female.
However, Zelda and Ganondorf should not change, as I find their respective sex essential for their character (and their names clearly denote them as female and male respectively).
But Link was always some sort of blank space, a character closely associated with the actual player (hence the name Link or the possibility to enter one's own name, and hence the lack of dialogue on his part). Furthermore we know that in many titles of the series, the "Link" is indeed a different person, with entirely different backgrounds (whereas Zelda is, though one of different reincarnations too, always the royal princess of Hyrule, and Ganondorf may indeed be the very same person throughout time, merely changing his appearance). There is no reason or obstacle why a future reincarnation of Link should not be a female (while at the same time there should not be made a big fuss about it; a feminization of the character would be entirely the wrong way).



Iggly said:

I'm fine with Link having an option to be a girl, what I wouldn't want to see is Ganon becoming a girl.



AlexOlney said:

I think 'Ringlet' would be a better name, as it's almost synonymous with 'Link' if you think about it.



ShadyKnights said:

...Um..Guys that's clearly Zelda in a Link costume. Got the wrappings around the lower part of her bangs, hair length the same, face the same and everything.

I don't get how people got the whole "Link looks feminine" nonsense from E3 anyway since he always looked like a guy to me. Maybe cause I read way too much manga or watch too much anime, but Wii U Link looks distinctly late teen guy to me. Regardless, that ain't Link and just cause there's a female in the famous green tunic doesn't mean that's a Link at all. Unless Bayonetta is now retroactively Link thanks to the new costume.

lol This is why Nintendo enjoies trolling their fans, many of us jump to superfluous conclusions at the slightest hint of information.



Cia said:

I wouldn't mind link being a female. Actually, i'd embrace the idea. However. the Zelda U Link is clearly a male.



Shotgunryugan said:

lol you people complaining are pathetic.
Let me write in all caps so you get the idea in your head:


That said, I find it humorous considering Link isn't even the same in most games, he could be reincarnated into a girl next game and it wouldn't really affect anything because Link has no personality.
The only thing he ever said was "I found a mirror under the table".

Also if you people worry about the relationship between him & Zelda, there's hardly anything there either.
Most of the time Zelda is like "Oh you saved me, thank you hero of time! 'K thanks bye!".



Jazzer94 said:

@Remisio Looking at the lore a lot of what you said can easily be changed, the hero of time in most games is a different incarnation and it has never been established that the incarnation always has to be a male it really is that simple.



Trikeboy said:

It's about time there was a gender option in Zelda. I would play as her. I normally choose the female trainer in Pokemon. The female trainer gets better clothing options in the boutiques.



FantasiaWHT said:

Don't make it an option for the gamer, make it a design decision for the game. There's no reason the hero of legend has to be a boy.



scipio02 said:

I have always thought of Link the same way as the Avatar is presented in the legend of Aang/Korra series. That he was initially one person reincarnated again and again over the course of time as a new person to protect Hyrule when needed. Except he doesn't have the ability to speak to his past incarnations (unless you count the hero's shade in Twilight Princess). So I really don't see why Link couldn't possibly be female at least once or at least be an option.



Zizzy said:

I don't really think a name change is in order, but anyone who says a gender change isn't right obviously doesn't understand the concept of Link's character. The only thing each Link shares is there spirit of a Hero, who says that isn't a female from time to time?



Alucard83 said:

I would love to see this becoming real. Don't forget a soul can be a woman and man. We're all at the end not one type of gender. So it would work out very greatly if Link would reincarnate in a female body and not as most are pointing out that he has become a female. That's the body dears and not the soul. A body is just a vessel so watch through that and see the true spirit inside! Nuff said



gage_wolf said:


I think you're underestimating Nintendo's willingness to go against the grain. Remember Wind Waker? Remember the public outcry against Toon Link? How do we feel about that decision now?

In regards to changing the "Face of Zelda", his face has been changed many times and Nintendo's world is large enough to house all the different versions. Look at the new Smash Bros., both Toon Link and serious Adult Link exist side by side in the same game, why wouldn't a female link fit in as well?

The risk isn't as great as you think it is. People are going to buy the next Zelda regardless of Link's gender. The purists on here crying about their 25 year "emotional attachment" to link's gender...guess what? They will still buy the game. But changing things up, making Link a female, may garner new interest in the game, and new sales, from people who previously passed on Zelda or have thought its grown a bit stale over the years. The pros outweight the cons here.



Remisio said:

@Jazzer94 It sounds simple, but all the past games can't be overwritten (that's what I get from your comment forgive me if I have misinterpreted something)

It is possible to make a Game with a Female Link, I'm just saying that the story of that particular game would need to be centered specifically around a female Link or either Male/Female Link which leads to less freedom of the creators actually writting what they want for the story if they are obligated to follow what the fans want. And of course you can't satisfy everyone.

Write a Story and you can change the characters' genders easily with a few adjustments, but that doesn't mean you can make it applicable to both sexes or that it will be acceptable with what others think and say.

With society today and how diverse it can appear on the surface you'd think it'd be easy to be more representative, but Homophobia and sexism is still present (as is Racism) and it will most likely never leave. Prejudice sometimes even applies to whole countries and from a market perspective you don't want to do something that will get your game banned in China, Russia or any big Market. It's easier to take a simple route. Freedom of expression is something I wish really existed. But due to the extremely loud communities with differing views it's almost impossible. Something may be done with the best of intents and it will be shot down by someone who sees it as offensive, even for the most absurd of reasons.

But anyways they've confirmed it was meant to be a sister like character to Link in HW, whether that's the truth or an effort to avoid the persecution of "LINK CAN'T BE FEMALE!!" members of the fanbase... I don't know.



Jazzer94 said:

@Remisio Changed as in Link does not have to always be a male in future installments and can easily be reincarnated as a female.



SanderEvers said:

Link could easily be either genders. He was designed to be the link (NO pun intended) between the player and the game. However in the old days the players were usually guys. But today more girls / women play games so it would fit Nintendo to give the player an option.

I, for one, would love to see a Legend Of Zelda MMO in which you play as a Hylian char and you could change his or her appearance to fit your needs. This would mean that there might not be a Link in a future game, but a character that you create.



Remisio said:

@Jazzer94 Yes. But as I've said, the story would need to be set around the female Link. Not a bad thing, I am not against it. Just saying that the story would revolve around Female Link and her relationships just as currently they revolve around male Link and his relationships.

Also Link is Male in Zelda WiiU as far as we know so far. It can be changed but the Link shown at E3 was Male. Just saying cuz some people are still saying that Zelda U has female Link after Aonuma has clarified otherwise although rather vaguely.



May_Nyan said:

リンクル = rinkuru (link's name with a ru on the end)
リンクの女の子 = female child link
I can't read much else yet because I'm very beginner at kanji.



DiscoGentleman said:

@May_Nyan @Catlish Thanks, Catlish. It's a bit easier to read.
It really doesn't say much interesting, it reads:

This is the girl version of the hero, Link. We wondered what would Link look like if he were female. (That sentence is a little too blurry, but I'm pretty sure that's what it says)

But then, what I find way more interesting is the two fairies below Linkle. One is the concept art for the white fairy, which was Lana's past life. The black fairy is the concept art for Cia's past life.



Lalivero said:

Wow, things have blown up, ha.

From what I've read, it seems that numerous posters have pretty much been clarifying why it would be possible for there to be a female hero of time/Link; not necessarily demanding it.

Can't really grasp why the idea is seen as a problem. :l

I think the 'legend' post @gage_wolf brought up before was a great point.



yuwarite said:

The male link looks and behaves female enough, that you wouldn't really need a female alternative.



Wolfeon said:

Ok I prefer Link to male but I won't know how female Link is until it happens and have played the game. Also as for the whole "persona of the player" thing, I look at as Link is an established character by now of course you can change his name but plenty of games do this now but they still have defined names, basically every pokemon ever.



Malus said:

@BossBattles Finally someone understands things. This is just political correctness and anyone who supports it is being ridiculous. You can't see the characters genitalia or anything and it has no effect on game design, so why does it matter?

For the more extremist ones, does it make Nintendo sexist? Is it sexist that there is no male Samus? Is J.K. Rowling a sexist for Harry Potter being a guy and not a girl named Mary Potter? What people need to focus on is the quality of games throughout the industry, not something as trivial as gender.

It's the absurdity of this whole issue that makes me say "No" to a female Link so maybe people will focus on something more important.



Malus said:

@Alucard83 What do you mean a soul can be both a man and a woman? I don't see any religious or spiritual reference here at all. I'm honestly intrigued on what you're saying too.



khululy said:

There is no such thing as a female link!
The Idea to create a Female link to please some feminist or whatever mongers these days wave that banner is just utterly wrong.

Sure the hero of time might incarnate as a female but then it would be part of the story not for the sake of it, because in many manuscripts and murals the hero of time is male.
Plus it would break the trinity of male, female, beast/monster (yes Ganon has a male form but he is more beastly in his true state) unless you make it prince Zelda. But no one would name their son Zelda so then the whole title of the series would make no sense at all.
So there is that but Link is not a buff over stereotypical gruff heroe nor is he an emotionally scarred collection of severe childhood traumas like in a lot of anime stories ( i know i'm stereotyping stereotypes here...) So i don't see the NEED to make link female to prove you are not sexist.
The legend of Zelda knows plenty of strong female leads inluding Zelda herself.
And no, the whole argument that she is kidnapped because of her womanhood is wrong it is what she represent is why she is kidnapped.

now, forgive me I have to worship the triforce in the temple of time.



Henmii said:

The female Link picture at the top right looks the best.

A pity that they scrapped the idea.



theBluntKnight said:

I love how Link sporting a baby canon brings out such strong emotions in some folks. Sure choosing the gender would be a major shift in the series but it's been done in other games and it's not like the lore is all about Link and Zelda makin' a baby or anything.

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