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Wed 31st Aug 2011

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MercifulLemon7 commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M Local and Online Multipla...:

Man this game looked some what interesting at first but now with multiplayer wich I just loving having the option on my 3DS for some reason I love having anyways this game is very appealing to me now. Can't wait to get more information on the game.



MercifulLemon7 commented on Legendary Adventure Title Myst Receives Perman...:

I never played Myst, but I wont start with this awful port. I don't think I wont play Myst at all as my computer is to slow to run most games and I dont have a iphone. so my chance of ever playing Myst is really low. oh well, I dont think im really missing out anything, anyways.



MercifulLemon7 commented on Review: escapeVektor (3DS eShop):

I was about skip on this game since I already bought the wiiware version and I thought their was nothing new to the game until I read this review.I'm going to buy this game when I get a new points card.



MercifulLemon7 commented on Review: Thundercats (DS):

I was thinking about getting the game since I love the show and I recently been seeing re runs of it in Cartoonnetwork. But I guess I will not be getting the now.