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Wed 30th December, 2009

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TJF588 commented on Nintendo Download: 1st October (North America):

@JaxonH If only there wasn't so much plot (plodding, even, given I keep shouting, "Isn't this obvious?" to their winding deductions...only for there to me something else I overlooked that the script brings up) between dances. Got through the first team split, but then some freeplay last night, in which I saw a stage and boss before seeing them in-story. Whoops.

But, ah, as for Ninty systems? I'm obscenely strapped at the moment, but Freedom Planet if I have particularly excess cash, having played previously on Steam. River City Ransom being out, with co-op support, also catches my eye.



TJF588 commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Could Possibly be the La...:

Having never played a game in the series before, and the last time before now I gave it thought being the StreetPass puzzle of the previous game, I'mma hold onto my pre-order. May not have the budget for yarn Yoshi, but this little tyke is stayin' on the roster.



TJF588 commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

Wow, this exploded. I haven't even begun to read all the comments here, but y'know, I side with these folks' union on this. For as much as is wanted outta these folks, they oughta know what all they're getting into and have due coverage for their brad-&-butter throats.

In our browsings of Netflix, ran upon two relevant pieces: 'I Know That Voice' (2013), and 'That Guy ... Who Was in That Thing' (2012), though the latter is of live action actors and apparently has a sequel this year. Anyway, good insight on what goes into all this zazz.



TJF588 commented on 3D Effect Will Be Disabled When Playing Hyrule...:

Remember some balking in a thread of the 3DS sub-reddit. Really, if this was necessary to assure steady gameplay on old 3DS, it's understandable, and preferable. Wonder how Xenoblade may have fared, if 3D output was taken out of the equation... But, here and there more games I'm woefully neglecting to play (or get).



TJF588 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem Character...:

Decided to check that trailer. Can't help but feel there's some spoilers to this character, considering the opening hour or so of the game I've played so far.

I owe it to myself to get XC played, like, yesterday.



TJF588 commented on Factor 5's Lost Wii Kid Icarus Boasted A Dark ...:

El Shaddai and...crud, too early in the U.S. morning for me to keep impressions straight [EDIT: Oh! Asura's Wrath, what with crime-banishment], but a latter one was older Ben Tennyson. Looks "mature" in the sense of "late puberty", far as concept art goes. Glad this wasn't instated as a rightful Kid Icarus followup (unlike its sister series's 'Other M' Wii outing). Can't say as I've played Rogue Squadron, though, but may its gameplay ever continue.



TJF588 commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

@mowerdude The GamePad is magnitude larger than the XL, both in bulk and single screen real estate. Well, maybe I have a slightly skewed perception due to the case on ours, but the XL is much more handy than that. I would suppose it's somewhere between the DS Lite and DSi XL in shape and feel, though it doesn't recess in the top portion.



TJF588 commented on Netflix Update Goes Live on Wii U:

F-i-n-a-l-l-y. It's gonna be awkward to use the GamePad (well, for my parents), especially with how there's no simple way to turn its screen off (well, I'll be looking back into it), but otherwise we've been using a PS3, which with our knockoff TV, the edges of the screen get cut off because the system has no inherent scaling options, and Netflix on there doesn't have it built in. Suppose whenever I'd get a PS4 we could have the best of both worlds (if on Wii U played Blu-ray), but this is a great step.

Now, about the 3DS Netflix...



TJF588 commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

Skipping down after getting halfway through the comments. All the salt over an additional character. I get it, the game's recent and multiplatform, so the character's impact is negligible for not being a Ninty exclusive, but when one says "eShop", what are the arguments in favor? I'd imagine Shovel Knight is one of the "must-buy" recommendations, up there with the Shantae games (Risky's Revenge being a large proponent for DSiWare).

I like the character, and his goofy proportions, and dat shovel, so I'm good by it. But seeing all this Isaac love... Man oh man, I'd love a Golden Sun character in. Heck, make half of Isaac alts be Felix (like the other Robin, and Olimar, the Villager...), and I'll swoon.



TJF588 commented on Splatoon Original Soundtrack Bringing 2 CDs of...:

And I just got a 2.0-updated rip, I was so want of the OST. The fully instrumented version of the final battle music, for sure, as well as the Squid Sisters music I first fell in love with from the debut Splatfest announcement. Also got the credits music on there (good heavens, do I love the credit reel; so many cute asides that really open that world up!). Otherwise, I have Game Chops' 'Splatunes!' album (giving it a proper listen, I really like much of the music, such that I had the album on repeat for the hours I took cleaning my room), as well as MtH's "Gentlesquid" mashup.

Far as availability goes, well, we've seen Game Freak/The Pokémon Company/whoever release all the main games' soundtracks on iTunes, so there may be hope, even if only from that storefront.



TJF588 commented on The Piracy of amiibo Now Seems Possible With t...:

Skimming, I'm with @AlternateButtons here. When it comes to pirating, it'd been soundtracks. Games? I have so many, on the cheap the most, and unless the distribution rights tank, I know I can get them eventually. Music is likewise in that vein, these days. It's readily available for purchase, and Bandcamp allows me to listen to it at home if I can't buy it yet. I think, if these things we like are readily available, we'd prefer to buy it, knowing we've got a recognized claim to it. But amiibos are stupid scarce, and not available digitally, so in light of our alternatives — giving too much money to people who don't contribute to amiibos' proliferation — it's frustrating not know WHEN, if ever, we can get these things. I'd think there's many who've given up on the idea of "eventually", given Nintendo's handling so far, so if they are a fan of a title, here most egregiously Splatoon, why should they not allow themselves to enjoy what's part of their download?

I was able to nab the Splatoon amiibos, but if I couldn't, I wouldn't pay scalpers, and never on their terms. I'd likely just stew at not being able to access it, which may even be more damaging than hacking my way in — knowing I can't have something just because of some gimmick, I might well turn sour to the whole thing. (Incidentally, I feel this way for "backer-only" playable content; I believe all non-trivial content should be timed exclusive.)



TJF588 commented on The Piracy of amiibo Now Seems Possible With t...:

I begin thinking about Jim Sterling's breaking point with amiibo, where Splatoon's got significant content (beyond outfits, story levels retooled with different weapons and conditions) locked behind amiibo. Instead of a little treat for having a figure, like in Mario Kart 8, it's real, valuable gameplay that near no one ca get to because there's not enough going around to allow them.

So, yeah, Nintendo, if you don't want this happening, don't maintain a situation where these efforts are so damn valuable.



TJF588 commented on Enter a Crazy Code to Unlock a New Character i...:

In mathematical nomenclature(?), there's "(Saiyan)", "(Super (Saiyan))" (+, 2, 3, etc.), "(Super Saiyan God (Saiyan))", and "((Super Saiyan God) Super (Saiyan))"... right? Or more shorthand, "SSG Saiyan" and "SSG Super Saiyan"?



TJF588 commented on GameStop Confirms amiibo 3-Pack Pre-Order Even...:

Huh, went this afternoon before work, as they had some left, and one of the clerk even had got an e-mail just before I arrived, that they would extend the preorder through tomorrow.

Strange, though, that my pre-order price is...$99.99 USD?! Something is incorrect...



TJF588 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Tackles Criticisms of Bonus F...:

Odd-fitting as dating-sim-style character model interaction seems to me for a turn-based strategy war game series, I was caught by the allegations of rape and curing of a "lesbian problem" for a recent title. But, a quick Googling got me selections from a translated transcript of the Soleil conversations in question. I take it the "let me help you handle being around cute women" and the "I wouldn't want to get touchy with you before marriage" lines are, as mentioned above, were misconstrued via translation generators.

THAT cleared up, non-biological incest (step-, adopted, etc.) is endemic of teh animu, though implications on part of the player character in a Nintendo game is If-fy (ha!). But, as with much of Fire Emblem, I cannot be assed to look into it enough to cease being so out of the loop on particulars.



TJF588 commented on Nintendo of America is Bringing Three 'Classic...:

Any Kirby Wii title would be favored, I'd say. Kirby's Epic Yarn floats around $20, I think, but Return to Dream Land is still around $40/$50! Just like Metroid Prime Trilogy, getting it at a reasonable rate would be aces.



TJF588 commented on Nintendo Explains Reasoning Behind Upcoming Mi...:

The only reason I would ask or expect a response to a gameplay question on Miiverse is if I was desperate and didn't feel up to sifting through a likely spoilery GameFAQs file. Elsewise, a large lump of my posts had been TFFCC braggings (namely, my "first runs", which maybe I should finish up before the redesign hits).

I mean, why else have tags? Not like there isn't swaths of users who seem oblivious (most criminally to "Mark as Spoiler", but even on ACNL, I've commented on Dream Address shares for the user to add that tag).



TJF588 commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (North America):

With a friend over, I booted into the Wii U eShop to find 'I've Got to Run!' on sale for a single cent. Since Nintendo funds appropriation allows for only as much as is needed, I nabbed it. Not too good of a game, but funny for how differently Roy the Marshmallow Boy handled. After we passed it between ourselves, popped into Miiverse to see what others had to say. Learned the (stately better) 3DS version was ten cents. So, had to get it. And wow, it is so much more on 3DS. More familiar jumping, more significant graphical assets, and a wider set of options for it all. Not disappointed in these both, as a fun night for us.