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TJF588 commented on The North American eShop Winter Warm-Up Sale C...:

After trading a Club Nintendo slot for EarthBound Beginnings back when that closed, I immediately (as in, right when I checked the eShop that Wednesday) got the heavy hitter. Kinda tempted by Breath of Fire, but sooo muuuch backlog...



TJF588 commented on Wii Street U Service Being Discontinued In Mar...:

It's a shame, I got Wii Fit U a couple months back, and saw the Balance Board was compatible with this. Almost tempted to get in on it in its twilight weeks... <painful flashbacks of PlayStation Home's closure>



TJF588 commented on Another 17 Games Get North American eShop Disc...:

Got myself Game & Wario, so now all the WarioWare games are under this roof (some multiple times over). Shame there's not a 3DS one; will be rustled if we see the next on mobile than the gimmickiest of handhelds.

Prolly gonna nab Wario Lane 3, but torn on Donkey Kong Country. It has a great pedigree, but do I reeeaaally need it?



TJF588 commented on 17 Games Get North American eShop Discounts in...:

I'm tempted toward Star Fox 3D because of the Download Play (which Ninty really needs to add to the store page's tags) and spiffier graphics, but when its sale price here is higher than what it really oughta be under a Nintendo Selects banner...

But, I see myself getting Sin & Punishment (have Star Successor on disc), Mega Man Xtreme, and Gunman Clive 2. Maybe also MMBN1, but that only due to Ghost_Wheel's races with those games.



TJF588 commented on ​Ichiro Hazama Would Like to Keep Making Mor...:

Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts, but I'd imagine it'd have to come out after KHIII (or, since that requires outlasting the heat death of the universe, maybe after 2.8, as further promotion for the un-evitable).
I mean, I'd jam "L'Oscurita d'ell Ignoto" or whatever from 3D all damn night. And from the same game, its remix of "Calling" is was got me to buy the (less pumpin') original for TFFCC.



TJF588 commented on Splatoon Developers Talk Stage Design and the ...:

Really, for this debut title, what more I would want is a last round of Octo Valley. Perhaps a rebound by the Octarians, where it sums up with a balance and acceptance of the two races. But then, that'd feel like a setup for a sequel, but maybe we can work in a setup for such a resolution? Might work to drum up anticipation of a sequel.



TJF588 commented on Final Fantasy VI Advance Arrives on the Wii U ...:

My pipe dream: EU release on NA eShop, For all three of the SNES-era-ers. Especially for FFIVA, the EU versions feature the most bug fixes (FFIVA EU being based on the second, cleaned up JP release), AND multiple languages, AND the English script is lifted from the NA versions (with a bit of fixin' to, say, FFIVA's "Gilgamesh", more properly "Gil Turtle"...yeah?).

But, pipe dreams. And my wish SQEX would cast off their past idiosyncrasies. But then "Aeris" in the cheevos on FFVII Steam/PS4...



TJF588 commented on Editorial: Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Tiny Tex...:

Since I'm gettin' sleepy, I'll just put this scenario in here: When Humble Bundle allowed you to designate which charity you can default your purchases toward, I set Able Gamers. While I think that deals more with device inputs, this would definitely fall under usability for all persons.



TJF588 commented on Nintendo Shows Off Splatoon's New Upcoming Sta...:

@rjejr Really like the idea of AI Octolings for map practice. Heck, playing on the updated maps, compared to their existence in Octo Valley... And, hey, with all these new maps, I could see for some more OV and Battle Dojo content! C'mon, a last hurrah for the offline components!

(And, above all, a means to play the online content after servers go down, and transfer progress to an inevitable sequel.)



TJF588 commented on Poll: Did The Final Video Presentation for Sup...:

Unfortunately, caught the end of the stream after seeing the Twitch e-mail that Nintendo was live, so any theatrics were lost on me. Didn't recognize the not-Bayonetta character right off, but by the looks and knowing Fates is coming, I all but groaned. All the undoubtedly interesting pics from the poll, and we get a n o t h e r FE.

EDIT: But, haven't gone back to see their reveals, either, so cannot fairly judge Corrin, or fairly HYPE on Bayonetta.



TJF588 commented on Splatoon's Next North American Splatfest is Ba...:

Just bummed I waited so long to finally get around to screenshooting the last Splatfest's results. Not even an hour past the start time of last week (11pm CST), and no news, and no Shells. One hour! All my procrastination, and my perfect Miiverse record, tanked in less than an hour. Was Team Pizza, but I got to Defender rank... As of I wasn't already sick, then that.

But, prolly nice. At least, I am at work.



TJF588 commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

This is probably the one gen I still don't have as much investment in, far as the mainline goes — of the "sets", this is the oldest I haven't beaten one of, and past it only Black 1 so far. This was also around when I stopped keeping pace with the animu. Compared to the sharped-edges impressions I have of the RSE designs, the DPPt feel bulbous, and so a bit more manufactured for me. I'unno, hard to put impressions into words, especially if as you look more into what you're describing, you pick up more nuance and potentially lose what gave you that impression in the first place.



TJF588 commented on Two Wii U Hits Are Included in TIME's Top 10 G...:

Undertale I first heard of by Jim F. Sterling Son's recommendation (though its image to anyone who's yet to look into it — myself keeping willful ignorance until I finally buying it — may be tarnished by what looks to be another Tumblr-tier fanbase), "To Be or Not to Be" I remember from Touch Arcade's coverage, where I also added Prune to my watch list, though can't say as I remember what it's about. To round out this "this which I ought play what soon like", Her Story I've peeped into on Steam. Only one of these I've first-handed, though, is Splatoon.



TJF588 commented on Pokémon Picross Launches on 3rd December in t...:


Seeing as I haven't completed Picross 3D or DS, and haven't bit at any of the e- offerings yet, this may sate my fickle fingers. At the least, looking forward to piecing together what any of this hyper-pixelations are.



TJF588 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Rece...:

Seeing as I never got my hands on the GCN version and wouldn't be able to bring myself to the Wii one, seeing this amiibo ("Wolf Link"? Ninty, I think you mean "Midna feat. Wolf Link") and the soundtrack bonus, I have a pre-order down already. I guess my only regret is having not gone refurb on the Nintendo Online Store to have the WW Wii U (brother-in-law has it, but was the game a download...?).

So, back to that amiibo, since this is Midna's setup in Hyrule Warriors, I can't see them NOT incorporating the amiibo into it (Link-tier, not the extra whatevers all others offer).

...So, idly, since this has the GameCube orientation, what will they do, if anything, with the Wiimote controls? Might they work them out to be comfortable for both handednesses? Will the Wii flip be a "Master Quest" mode? I'd honestly be bummed if waggle controls were to be dropped entirely, since this would then not be a definitive version (though, as mentioned, the sharper visuals might work against the original aesthetics anyway).



TJF588 commented on Super Smash Bros. Fan Provides a Suprisingly D...:

Even beyond the Alpha Stages (I could do with "Beta" stages being the Originals without activities), I wholly agree with separated enabling and disabling of Custom Moves and Equipment, including for amiibo. Would love to be able to use some of the alternative moves online; would make for some fun mix-up. (And, yeah, maybe add some alternative moves for the DLC characters?)

And count me for one of those who'd like an Adventure mode. As said, even Smash Run could help to fill the gap, but something besides battle stages!



TJF588 commented on Super Mario Maker Developers Talk About the Re...:

...Metroid Maker? Nah, it'd be the same problem of having a wider world than a single stage, and Zelda could at least get away with individual dungeons. Yoshi's Island Maker, as said, could work. Maybe a Kirby maker, even with different games' gimmicks (most prominently, Canvas Curse).



TJF588 commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

Guess my final say on the matter will be, in learning that the shorts here are her default wear, it's a damn shame that my first exposure to this character — as I wanted to stay in the dark about the game until playing it — is whether her chest is flesh or metal. This, here, is my very first impression with any of the characters. gg



TJF588 commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@tudsworth Regarding the new costume's design, I agree for the legwear, since it's proportioned to and matches the armwear. I still stand by the bikini-over-metal-plating looks hella stupid, and if this is meant to be beachwear, those "trunks" look bulkier than even what I wear. But then, nothing about the redesign screams "beach" to me, so wonder how they'll call it, if the other characters' are intact*.

Got through much of the comments (the blind disgust is in my eyes, here), and all too often there's exaggeration and misinformation, particularly regarding the ratings boards' standards and Japan's standpoints, though that MegaMan...EXE? BN? Whatever, that montage exemplifies the "Beach Episode" trope. Remember when Outlaw Star's broadcast had an entire episode purged, an episode that actually explained on of the key MacGuffins used throughout, because of its BE? Ah, the times...

All this hullabaloo reminds me of when I learned how Bravely Default had been altered. I remember going into the Manual, seeing the ages, and being impressed that the characters had some actual age on them! Not too terribly much, by real-world standards, but wow, young a d u l t s, maybe with some life experience! And then the bikini. Throughout the dialogue, it'd been hyped up as so dangerous, and when I finally see it... It's boyshorts and a tubetop. I was...confused? Like, the vestal garbs were just as risque, so no amount of sheltering warranted that. It was some time later I learned they were bog-standard "juniors" and the bikini lived up to the in-game outcry. Given the chibi style, their ages were relatively indeterminate anyway, so they could give a range for each and still be valid, but by aging them -and- neutering the bikini, I'm left at a loss. Perhaps because they didn't age Edea, the primary wearer, past seventeen, they felt the need? I'unno. Point is, I felt some dissonance, and later learned why

Doubt XCX will face this, as I'd suppose these aren't used for any extent of plot. But then you've got Fatal Frame, an M-rated game, where the character is of age, is of a profession which counts lingerie as work wear, in a scene of said work, and then...wha? And as is expected of a character whose wardrobe changes through the game, each costume can be unlocked for use in later replays. It's got a context, but can be used out of that context for S&Gs. For Fatal Frame, there's no decent reason beyond "decency". For, it's a toss-up. Just...please toss off the extraneous bikini top (unless there's Bat-Nipples we need to cover up, too).

  • #i2 ?

EDIT: ...OH GODS, why am I type so much?!
EDIT2: Dipping into teh NeoGAFs, seems the shorts are some default thing, and we're just comparing the tops here? In which case, I wonder what was done with the bottoms (or if they're excluded entirely)...and still think the bikini-plating combo is dumb dumb dumb.



TJF588 commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

Oddity of a massive midriff while wearing huge shorts and a literal breast-plate aside ("...or maybe across the belly, spilling your insides."), what the hell is with a bikini OVER armor? That's...that's far beyond your typical JRPG wardrobe stupidity.



TJF588 commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

While worthwhile replacements were included (wonder how the Japanese fans are taking that news), it is a groaner that Ninty removed skimpy outfits from an M-rated game. I mean, if Onechanbara Z2 Chaos is allowed to exist, then... But, I have seen it argued that knowledge of these costumes existing in our copies could mar people's image of Fatal Frame as something to take seriously, but then, doesn't news of their removal only serve to highlight that concern?



TJF588 commented on Weirdness: French Far-Right Political Party Us...:

Seeing "immigration", I'm compelled to dump a couple video links here, the first from Kurzgesagt (or "In a Nutshell", as they've dual-branded), which addresses economic viability from the situation; the second a segment from John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, which more addresses the reactions of countries to the situation:

I, however, am not informed enough to have much strong opinion other than sympathies.



TJF588 commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

Wait, speaking of Pokémon Mini, was this not also around the time of the Pokémon Pikachu 2? Remember this...uncomfortable circumstances around receiving that first digital pet toy (I'm still a Giga Pets guy over Tamogachi, especially with that Jurassic Park: The Lost World T-rex one~!), and have my only-a-fourth-of-the-screen-works PP2 shuffled away. Ah, good times, the late '90s...



TJF588 commented on Video: Learn About Alternate Costume Origins I...:

Aerodactyl, eh? I'm convinced, though I have been taking white Charizard as my "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Reshiram.

But, as someone who has yet to get anywhere in Xenoblade Chronicles, pretty junk move to open with that can-only-be-a-major spoiler.



TJF588 commented on Speculation of Playable Octolings in Splatoon ...:

If playable Octolings, then as an unlock for, hopefully, more Hero Mode levels. The Octarians have the short end of the kelp when it comes to energy resources, so seeing them get on more even ground would be re f r e s h ing.



TJF588 commented on Nintendo Download: 1st October (North America):

@JaxonH If only there wasn't so much plot (plodding, even, given I keep shouting, "Isn't this obvious?" to their winding deductions...only for there to me something else I overlooked that the script brings up) between dances. Got through the first team split, but then some freeplay last night, in which I saw a stage and boss before seeing them in-story. Whoops.

But, ah, as for Ninty systems? I'm obscenely strapped at the moment, but Freedom Planet if I have particularly excess cash, having played previously on Steam. River City Ransom being out, with co-op support, also catches my eye.