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TJF588 commented on Club Nintendo Rewards are Updated for January,...:

I'd been contemplating the SMB/Zelda game case, and upon chancing this news I hoped to get one, but lo, all sold out, alongside the SMB/Pikmin case and the T-shirt. The cases are running $20+ on eBay, too...

Well, here's to hoping I get in on some physicals. A co-worker has that yellow-on-black SMB carrying pouch thing (sack?), though worn, but still neat-o. At the least, make Super Metroid the Wii U eShop version?

EDIT: Oh, could you imagine if that Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! tie-in game was available via coins? Physical rewards, you can find on auction sites, but download codes? A rare commodity, and a shortcoming of digital distribution when supply is suddenly cut off.



TJF588 commented on Smash Bros. 2v2 For Glory Exploit Makes Pac-Ma...:

That was hilarious, even though it took forever to finish out. Perhaps the longevity is its own facet of the dumb brilliance... Cool how the Cap/Link duo tried to handle the Bob-ombs after a bum-rush failed them, but alas.

I doubt I'd ever care enough for a wins/loses ratio, and I'd prolly laugh the first few times someones pulled this off (and harder if it failed them, by us or their own), but then I'd start getting peeved in want of a rightful match.



TJF588 commented on Review: BUGS vs. TANKS! (3DS eShop):

Another GUILD sale, another attempt to convince myself to nab this'n (picked up the hilarious Weapon Shop de Omasse, but Aero Porter is still a "nope" for me). The implication of Nazi-ism is a sensitive subject, but I take it that this game itself doesn't doesn't make much of these characters beyond them being soldiers engaged in active warfare. If the choice of Panzer tanks necessitates German soldiers, is it really necessary to also expand the characters' ideologies beyond the battlefield?

NOTE: I am woefully ignorant not just of this game, but of real-world military and wartime histories on the whole, so I do not know how far this script and/or its localization may have crossed the line(s).



TJF588 commented on Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewal Increases H...:

For Eternal Darkness itself, I'd say an entirely new game, perhaps with a Virtual Console release besides. The trick it pulled just don't mesh with modern tech, and I wouldn't want just the traditional parts of the game retread with modern-era psych-outs. A follow-up would do nicely, the carry on the spirit of the aged gem of its predecessor.

(All this said by someone who's hardly familiar with the game, especially first-hand.)



TJF588 commented on Level-5 Confirms Some Handsome 3DS eShop Festi...:

Got Crimson Shroud, Attack of the Friday Monsters, and Starship Damrey last sale, and have Liberation Maiden on iOS, but may have get late-comer Weapon Shop. Think I'll still avoid Aero Porter, and haven't caught the Inazuma craze enough to sink money on it. Bugs vs Tanks is still up in the air, but Ill definitely pass the new of A Tokyo Tale on to this person at our mall's GameStop who I've chirped with over various import releases.



TJF588 commented on Video: This Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Trailer P...:

Hm, while I adore the authenticity of the BMS perspective here, I didn't like the zooming triggers during the airship FMSes in TFFCC, so not sure how I'd take to these.

However, those have to be the best slide triggers in the series to date,

Okay, so SaGa's getting its love in CC DLC, Chrono's not quite storied enough, and the Xeno-verse is split among publishers, so... Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts when?



TJF588 commented on Review: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS):

Why make THAT pic the first in the article? Mind, I'd've prolly run into that spoiler myself (and kinda have, seeing the P4AU DLC), but c'mon! Some discretion for those of us with too many commitment issues to've played the Personas fully through yet, eh?



TJF588 commented on Feature: Meet The Playable Cast Of Hyrule Warr...:

Bug Princess: Not just a shmup anymore!

But really, is this all there is to the cast? I've been dreaming of Vaati, and after seeing Zelda's baton in action, "wind mage" stuck even harder. Not to mention the Oracle final bosses, or, heck, the oracles themselves. What's Ninty got 'gainst the handhelds, eh?

(Ruto, too, for novelty. There's of course some love for the latter-releases co-stars of Midna and Fi, but c'mon: Dance, water, dance!)



TJF588 commented on Pre-Orders Open For NES, Persona Q and Smash B...:

While all of these are neat and classy (ah, if I my NES-style GBA SP hadn't been yanked...), but I've already the red X/Y XL, and there's the New 3DS XL to look to. But damn, if the Persona Q one ain't a spiffy little prop.



TJF588 commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

@JSaario And now, with invocation of Tingle, this entire enterprise is ruined.

...Ah, who'm I kidding? Just like any other Link, Zelda U's'll be renameable. It's someone, SOMEONE, is gonna name this'n "Tingle". Just 'cause.

Regardless, choice between the poles of sex for this incarnation of Link will be coolies, and you know the fan artists will have a ball. (If Ninty /really/ wanted to be risque, they'd pull another romance between Link and Zelda, regardless of the former's sex. But, given the design philosophies of Zelda U, I doubt this hero will be much more than a blank slate.)

@SavoirFaire Kidnapped fraternal twin? "Coming this winter, The Legend of Costume: Link[elle]'s Quest!" (I always chose Wren over Reynold, though; the roles of "rescuer" and "kidnapped" just feel better suited respectively.)



TJF588 commented on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call's Thir...:

I am still baffled by what evidences a popularity of the "Thunder Plains" track. It's in the FFX Piano Collections, remixed for Chocobo's Dungeon and TFF's menus, and now this, if not else (I fear to check wikis...). It's a borderline infuriating track, if left playing long enough. Completely lost on my sensibilities.

But, hey, "Battle Scene A" ("B" can go wander off to the soundproofed room) and "Canto Mortis", so some good happenin'.



TJF588 commented on Review: Weapon Shop De Omasse (3DS eShop):

"RPG" and "rhythm". Well, that seems to hit two of my DS-line suits. C'mon, Level-5, announced a GUILD03 so this can hit that nice $3 price from some weeks back. (Though, not quite as nice as the $2 low that Liberation Maiden's hit on iOS.)



TJF588 commented on Video: Ace Attorney Collection Promotional Tra...:

Well, I just had to take a closer look at that art. Wonder what the story behind that hair-redo is.

Anyway, if this's just the first three games, then I'm already set, thanks to my iOS device. Five bucks for all three, plus the Game Center cheevos to hunt after. Now, Capcom, if you'd just compile Apollo Justice and the Investigations games...



TJF588 commented on Review: Bionic Commando (3DS Virtual Console /...:

I feel compelled to post the SMPS.Net review for this game, with bits like, "The NES version of Bionic Commando, great as it may be, had some pretty hideous flaws... [...] strangely enough, this game turns out to be the better designed iteration of Bionic Commando. It's a case where Capcom looked at everything they did wrong with the original NES game and fixed damn near every bit of it."