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Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Supposedly Shows Three New Characters

Posted by Alex Olney

ALERT: potential spoilers!


The videos have been removed by Nintendo on copyright claims, which we're not surprised about in the least. The videos have been removed from the article but the original article will still allude to them.

Original Article:

Footage has emerged from an unknown source that appears to show three currently unconfirmed characters duking it out in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Usually here at Nintendo Life we don't report on rumours, but this footage is more compelling than your average supposed leak. The videos are compelling and – if proven to be true – narrows the remaining slots for fighters greatly.

Nintendo is usually extremely careful with its games, especially one as big as Smash Bros., so whoever recorded this footage is either very brave or very stupid, regardless of whether it is or isn't authentic.

The three characters in question are Shulk, Bowser Jr., and Ganondorf.

You can view all five videos below. Once again we cannot stress enough that all of these videos are unofficial and as such are in no way confirmation of the characters' presence within the game.

Do you believe these to be true, or is someone just very good with video effects? Let us know in the usual place.


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NintendoFan64 said:

Okay, I now believe in Bowser Jr. appearing. But that doesn't mean I believe in the rest of the leak.



_Octoling_ said:

Also: This also 99% confirms the other, leaked CSS.
Which means:
Dark Pit
Dr. Mario
Duck Hunt Dog also make it in.



King47 said:

Can we stop it with the leaks? Oh well.
Capt falcon and ike are back, so I don't care who else is in.



Prof_Clayton said:

Yeah, this looks real. I don't care what anyone says, the game is too close to release to just throw this out there if its made up, it wouldn't be worth the person's time.



siavm said:

There is a screenshot that shows pretty much what looks like the whole roster. Seeing how the games is coming out next month these leaks might be real. Of course in the coming days and weeks we will know the other fighters officially.



SpaceKappa said:

This has to be real. The Project M team took over 700 hours just to animate Mewtwo for Brawl, and this has new fighters against returning characters with new animations. That would be extremely, EXTREMELY time consuming to fake.

Also people will point to the lack of separation between screens, or how it goes from a match to Home Run Derby so quickly as evidence of a fake, but this is clearly from material submitted to the ESRB. The ESRB does NOT play the games it rates, but rates games based on videos submitted by the publisher.

It's real.



Discipledoctor said:

I want to call BS but I can't. If it's true, I suppose Duck Hunt Dog will be a cool addition and I'm excited to see Dark Pit in.



BakaKnight said:

Definitly looks more legit than a roster leak and if it's false then the people behind it are doing a very good job with their lies.

Still... damn... if it's true Sakurai is gonna be super mad... of course any developper would be angry, but he seemed from past statements to be the kind of person that really hate these situation more then anyone else ^_^;;;

Edit: I just realized, but maybe if all this it's true then we probably gonna lost the next awesome reveal videos... I mean, personally if I was developping the game I would lose interest in make big announcements videos after the surprises have been ruined >.<;



3Daniel said:

there was a roster leak showing the character select screen. in it bowser jr was seen and he was seated in something. so these videos difinitely give cred to those leaks which mean the leaker may be right about duck hunt dog!!!! interestingly tho the leaker also claimed 5 dlc characters from ice climbers, lucas, wolf, mewtwo, choir boys.



NintyMan said:

If this is real, then the poor DK series has been snubbed. It's gotten two major platformers since Brawl, with Returns selling very well, and yet the series would not have gotten even one newcomer in the new Smash. I would have even taken Dixie Kong if there could be no one else, but this negates both King K. Rool and Dixie Kong. Sigh, I guess there's still DLC!



Blast said:

Wow.... but Bowser Jr.... seriously? Who wants him as a fighter?!



Prof_Clayton said:

@SpaceKappa I'm on your side, seeing as the game is so close to release. There's no way this is fake at all, and if someone claims it is, they are just proving they know nothing about game development at all.



Porky said:

I am so glad for Bowser Jr. But I dislike that he's in a clown hovering machine for the majority of the fight and not just a recovery move.

Edit: @Blast Um, everybody!??



eleccross said:

I'm kind of irked at this considering he's ruined most if not all of the surprises that would help hype the game.If stuff like this keeps happening game developers are going to stop trusting the ESRB. I'm pretty sure they have rules about this.



Tsurii said:

Bowser Jr and Shulk look super bad in those videos :/
I was skeptical when that leak showed B Jr in the ...what the heck is that thing btw? No idea what to call it...anyway, I was already skeptical when I saw him in that thing and now that I see that idea in action (regardless wether it's fake or not) it just looks like a boring, kinda gimmicky character to me. He is slow, those movements look super floaty and I dare call it lazy, because at least I am getting the feeling that they took Squirtle's animations (not the attacks obviously) and gave them to Bowser Jr.
Shulk looks awfully slow, but I think he isn't that good visible anyway in the videos, so I'll wait and see how he will play.

Huge bummer, that Ganondorf is just a clone again.



Robin_Aisaga said:

Anyone got any idea of how this person got his hands on this footage? And what do you think Sakurai will have to say about this?



Prof_Clayton said:

@Miss_Pixelheart Someone filmed the ESRB's video copies of the game and leaked them, most likely. Which would mean the game is being rated right now by them.
Sakurai will be upset by this, but probably not mention it.



Barely_Able said:

If everything is true, then it looks like Smash will be getting some DLC packs for sure (at least one). It looks like the Ice Climbers have been left out, which would be a major let down.



Socar said:

Looks real to me. I mean the animation is for real so I don't know.



dinosauryoshi said:

If that leaked roster is indeed correct then there's still space on the screen for a few more characters. Even if not it's a decent roster though, although I'd have liked another DK representative.



eleccross said:

@Miss_Pixelheart It appears to be be footage of a video for the ESRB. My hope is his response will be something around the lines of "ESRB get your doggeyoopsiepoop together."



NintyMan said:

I could actually see Dark Pit being a newcomer. There is a lot from Kid Icarus: Uprising that they could tap into to give Dark Pit unique weapons and powers. I still would've rather had Hades or Medusa, but Dark Pit is a plausible fighter.



Mega719 said:

This is footage to go with the apparent leaked roster since that is fake according to all smart gamers this is



DBailey said:

Kinda gutted that this got leaked. I'll know everything about the game before I play it. Hopefully there will be some secrets left by October 3rd.



Mega719 said:

@DestinyMan but when you play as him in Uprising he's exactly the same as Pit. Unique weapons and powers would fit into Pit's custom moves. There's nothing wrong with a skin



Captain_Toad said:

@Blast Heh, the same people who asked for game and watch, captain Falcon(think smash bros 64), and ROB and to be playable. No one. Heh and that the beauty of it.



cookiex said:


It's out in Japan in two weeks so you'll have to stay off the internet entirely to avoid being spoiled before October.



Porky said:

Guys, the second video 0:27 I notice Bowser Jr sends out an 8-bit koopa. Hard to see but who else caught it?



SamirMalik said:

@Blast Who knows what his attacks are. Just remember that the characters used are merely paint on a wire frame model. Who knows what substance the character carries.



Palutena said:

Shulk shares several attacks from Link and Marth. I really can't say anything about Bowser Jr. He just seems to real, having his own move-set.



xj220_afiles said:

This seems reallly nice !!! Really like Shulk's moves. That would fit with last week leak. That could mean that Snake is back in DLC !!!



Jazzer94 said:

@SpaceKappa Shulks down smash looks like Marth's

His up b also looks like Marth's

and his Down aerial looks like Link.

but again till it launches in Japan or Sakurai reveals all we won't know for sure.



AdmiralThrawn said:

Sakurai honestly deserves this. The 3DS version should have came out last month. I hope you are satisfied Sakurai. 2 years of secrecy out the window.



MrGawain said:

I'm betting Nintendo know who leaked this. I noticed player ones name is ESRB0083, which would suggest it's an ESRB ratings copy. I would guess Nintendo make the player name permanent so if footage like this turns up they can trace it.



Porky said:

@cookiex I stated doing so in another article. I was spoiled so much in Brawl I can't have that again. Once it's released in Japan I will.



Jaco said:

Looks pretty legit, and if not, it is a well done prank.
I have to say though, I'm disappointed that Ganondorf is still a clone of Captain Falcon. He deserves so much more.



allav866 said:

I'm glad my main from Melee, Dr. Mario, is making his way back in if the leak is true, but at the same time it leaves a bad taste in my mouth that Mewtwo still hasn't had a leak. I was terrible as him, but he was so cool.



SamirMalik said:

@Mega719 Except that It only uses half of the Kid Icarus Uprising arsenal in Smash. There's not even a blade class in his moveset. It could be possible that Pittoo ( ) will use the other half of the arsenal classes excluding the clubs since that is a universal item for all characters.



WebHead said:

Yeah this looks legit to me. It could be fake , but it seems real to me. We shall see.



Troggy said:

None of the videos have sound. Perhaps they were muted to further make these videos seem legit? Perhaps Bowser Jr is just Mario or Luigi with a Bowser Jr model pasted over them?



BlackholeRoad said:

@AdmiralThrawn Nevermind his carpel tunnel syndrome or anything, now now NOW I WANT GAEM NAOH. He can't even use his left hand now, yet he's slaving away for this game even still. Consumerism, gentlemen.



SamirMalik said:

@Mega719 But then wouldn't that require every single move to be changed? Custom moves are supposed to modify existing ones. Only 4 characters being Palutena and the Miis are exempt from these rules as modification can completely change how they play unlike existing characters such as Mario who still uses a fireball just in a different way. Besides they already showed off some of Pit's custom moves. So while Dark Pit may be the same as Pit in Uprising that may not be the case in Smash.



crzysortagamer said:

the leak isn't really a big deal, to us common gamers anyways, most people Google how to unlock characters anyways.what I'm worried about is if these are the only unlockable characters.I'm a little behind on the leaks and smash news, do you guys personally think there will be quite a few more unlockable players?



BlackholeRoad said:

@Tsurii897 Aww. The things you've pointed out draw me to him, I love his floaty animations! I see what you're saying though. Still super excited to play as him.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I saw another article that revealed more characters, including:

Dr. Mario
Dark Pit
The dog from Duck Hunt
Mr. Game & Watch

In any case, I'm taking this with a bucket of salt.




SO we get Dark Pit who is Pit wearing black, and has only been in one game from a basically dead franchise, but we don't get Dark Samus who could totally be a unique character befitting a proper representation of three Metroid games?

FU, Sakurai.



Mega719 said:

@SamirMalik Mega Man breaks this rule too,in fact nearly all moves aren't technically the same like Kirby being able to exhale ice instead of inhaling. Again there's nothing wrong with a skin same with Dr Mario



WanderingPB said:

Wow…so many leaks…i hope the hammer comes down at Nintendo's end because honestly all these leaks are taking away the magic of surprise which i truly relish in my video games. Sure u can choose to avoid the info but sometimes regardless the word gets around. But hey thats just my opinion.



OrganSeller said:

If this leak is true I am disappointed in Sakurai yet again. Ganondorf is still a clone of Captain Falcon. No magic attacks, no hovering, no sword-play. I hope this is some random internet guy trolling us.



Troggy said:

Some users on another website noticed that Bowser Jr's Up Special has the same animations as Diddy Kong's Up Special. They also noticed that all of the stages are from Brawl, none of the stages are new. The characters that Shulk, Ganondorf and Bowser Jr are fighting are also available in Brawl, with no newcomers such as Mega Man, the Mii Fighters or Pac-Man appearing in any of the fights. Sounds fishy to me. I'm going to wait until the game comes out in Japan before I make assumptions about the full roster.



Megumi said:

Someone already pointed out that Shulk's render looks almost identical to Mac's. So...something is off on him.



WinterWarm said:

I don't think this is real, but if it is, I'm kinda disappointed, except for Ganondorf I don't really the characters...



AlexSora89 said:

Hopefully this particular leak (which I've been hoping NL would cover, by the way) will be proven false, because if it's true, then the Duck Hunt duo have officially stolen the Ice Climbers' character spot. And they're the only one characters left among those I wanted to return the most, alongside Ness and Wario (who, according to the leak, are both going to return).



AVahne said:

If this means the leaks are real, why are Duck Hunt Dog, Dr. Mario, and Dark Pit characters, but not Snake? And why the heck is Shulk at the bottom with the 3rd party characters? He should be right next to Lucina.



Haxonberik said:

@AVahne I hope because that's not the full roster? Still it seems Shulk is last because the lonely reps are ordered release date-wise.



Porky said:

Wario is also unofficially confirmed. There's a screenshot of his Trophy with information and stating his return.



Trikeboy said:

Video footage like this is hard to fake. The second screen is shown as it should be and the characters all look right. these three have made it. Ganondorf was always going to be included of course. It makes the leaked roster look more likely.



SamirMalik said:

@Mega719 Not really. Kirby exhales ice. Yet still uses his signature animation and controls. The move was modded. Not completly changed. Palutena had her move completly changed. Example, Auto redical can completly be changed to the Palutena missile (Angelic Missile). It changed Palutena's projectile attack to her being the projectile attack. Thats a complete change for her. And with the fact that she is the only character (besides Miis) that turns into a completely different character based on the custom moves, this also disapprove that Pit will also be treated the same as her. So expect Dark Pit to be Angelic Pit's opposite favoring a Blade instead of a bow and Claw dashes instead of ARM uppercuts.



Late said:

I don't want it to be real. Mainly because I want to be surprised when I unlock a character. Shulk is a great character and I want him in but it's not the same to know he's in beforehands. I'd love if the leaker was in fact Sakurai and he's just trolling like usual.



BigH88 said:

I hate leaks. I also hate that I can't fight the need to see it. This looks legit.



MasterGraveheart said:

I dunno, this actually looks fake to me. Shulk is moving too much like Zelda and Bowser Jr. doesn't seem to do much of, well, anything. Plus, the graphics are slightly off and the bottom screen is too close to the top screen. I'm calling fake.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Until it's confirmed, I call bull on this!

@Mus1cLov3r Ahem... Palutena?
Just to clarify, gods in the Kid Icarus universe can change their appearance freely, including size. They simply have preferences.
Ridley isn't in Smash for a different reason than his size. He's a characterless villain. He'd never even think about working together with others, he kills all and everything in his path. All other villains playable in Smash are at least able to think reasonably (that goes for Bowser as well as Ganondorf).



AyeHaley said:

How can anyone think this is fake? Seriously, I want to know why.

edit: btw there seems to be space left for maybe 6 more characters... possible DLC?



Megumi said:

We already pointed out why we think this is fake, it's probably just a hacked Brawl.



vonseux said:

, especially one as big as Smash Bros., so whoever recorded this footage is either very bravely or very default, re



Crimzonlogic said:

Look how Shulk moves. If this is fake, then the maker made excellent attention to detail in making Shulk move like Shulk. I think this is real.
This also pretty much confirms that Dark Pit is in, from the image leaks that came right before these videos. Which means I want my Pittoo Amiibo. I want it yesterday.
This stuff kinda just made my day. Dark Pit and Shulk in Smash! I can't wait.



Wonky_Kong said:

If bloody duck hunt dog is in I will cry. Also dark pit? More than 2 characters from a game that was only revived like 2 years ago.

Don't get me started on bowser Jr, another Mario character really? I hope this is fake.



iKhan said:

Do we know that all of these leaks are from the same place?

Those screenshots we saw earlier still look really off-kilter to me.



Wonky_Kong said:

Wait, look how close the top screen is to the bottom one. Its like it is just edited footage being played on a monitor



ShanaUnite said:

For all those saying that the footage looks to real to be fake, you simply do not have a clue. Type in Brawl vault in google and you will see the super smash bros fanbase is no stranger to making original textures and movesets. The verdict is simply fake until proven otherwise.



Megumi said:

@ShanaUnite They're in denial, lol. I never really knew about that Vault, but at the same time knew this could easily be pulled off with some time.



C-Olimar said:

The full roster image from the same leak would be an excellent line up for the final game. The DLC characters are also great. Please let this be true (which it probably is).



fortuneandlame said:

ten years from now, we'll look back and wonder how someone couldn't invest 500 hrs in to this game by just experimenting with this enormous roster..



ShanaUnite said:

@Rapwned I was merely pointing out that people have the expertise to pull this off. I am well aware that to my knowledge no bowser jr. model is available(at least not one in the clowncopter).



Freeon-Leon said:

This looks fishy... Anyway, could Nintendo do something about this? I mean, if this is real it'd be from the ESRB, they're supposed to be kinda hermetic about this stuff



Sentinator said:

One thing I am curious about is how one of those leakers got hold of that DLC information. The only way I could think is if they were working for Nintendo.



CapeSmash said:

@ShanaUnite You know nothing about Brawl modding. Every Brawl PSA (custom character) I've seen has garbage, clunky, no-smooth animations. The animations on the new characters in the footage are spot on and move smoothly. Also, please tell me how someone got a hold of Bowser's Smash 3DS model and put it in Brawl? Yeah. No one has.

1 more thing...





LasermasterA said:


Not to mention, Isaac is missing!

Am I one of the only people who hopes that something is wrong with the leak, or something is missing (the latter seems more likely)? Cause that is the only newcomer I want to see in this game! Don't care about any other reveal, just give Isaac in Smash Bros. Things are looking pretty gloomy right now. I don't want another "dark dawn"! Plus all these leaks are stealing the magic of newcomer reveals and everything!

Sakurai you better have some ace up your sleeve! I read somewhere else that there are other characters who have not yet been unlocked in this game so who knows? Just let one of them be Isaac!



SavoirFaire said:

I want this to be true only so I can set player 2 to be the duck hunt dog for me to use as a punching bag. Move over king Dedede!

If this is fake I will be truly impressed with the umm fakers.



AlexSora89 said:

More context: here's a Smashboards thread dedicated to both supporting the leak and tearing it apart...

And here's a look at the SSB series' infamous track record when it comes to rumors.

A synopsis about this particular leak:

{ On August 19, 2014, a user created a thread on 4chan's /v/ imageboard with a photo containing the character icons of all previous Smash characters and revealed newcomers, asking who people think will get cut. Later on, a different user created another thread, with the aforementioned user's photo, but modified with never-before-seen character icons on most of the unannounced veterans, including Dr. Mario, who was cut in Brawl, along with never before seen icons of new characters that haven't been announced, who were Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles, Bowser Jr. from the Super Mario franchise, Dark Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising, and the Dog from Duck Hunt. In addition to this, there was a red X over the veterans without the icons, signifying they have been cut. These cut veterans were Squirtle, Ivysaur, Lucas, Wolf, the Ice Climbers, and Snake. Curiously, while Mewtwo did not have a new character icon, it had a ? over it instead of a red X, leaving its status unknown. Later in the thread, a second leaker, with the name of "Mother[expletive] Leaker", posted two new images, one showing a nearly full view of the Duck Hunt Dog's render, showing it will fight alongside a duck, and the other showing the character select screen containing all the characters implicated in the OP image. A third different leaker would then post five more images, which showed fuller renders of Shulk, Dr. Mario, and Bowser Jr. (which revealed him being inside his miniature Koopa Clown Car), a customisation menu where the player can select either the characters within the game or Miis, and a stage select screen, showing off many stages that have not been announced. After these images were posted in the thread, the "Mother[expletive] Leaker" would then post a list claiming the following characters to be DLC: Lucas, Wolf, the Ice Climbers, Snake, and the Chorus Men implicated by the Gematsu leaks. However, the leaker would later admit on Smashboards that he made the DLC list up to catch "copycat leaks" and "to have a little fun", but maintained his leaked images were completely real. After the 4chan thread was closed, a fourth leaker, with the name of MasterLinkX, posted three new images on GameFAQs, which depicted an ingame shot of a team battle with Shulk and Lucina against Ganondorf and Charizard on Yoshi's Island, and the result screen, depicting one of Shulk's victory poses, and a fuller and much clearer shot of Ganondorf's new render. The supposed source of the images is unknown, as the leakers never disclosed where exactly the images are supposedly from. However they are believed to come from footage that was sent to the ESRB for review in order to decide the game's rating, as P1's username in the images was "ESRB0083", and the lack of a gap between the top and bottom screen images shows they are not being displayed on an actual 3DS unit. Interestingly, these images are consistent with a prior prominent leak on Smashboards, known as the "Ninka/Vaanrose leak". Prior to E3 2014, a Smashboards user by the name of Ninka Kiwi posted that he knew a friend who was playtesting Smash 4, though he did not divulge any specific information, other than Mario and Charizard having new palette swaps, with Mario in particular having a new blue costume (which later turned out to be correct). Later on in July, Ninka would come forward with new information, which included the following; Lucas, Wolf, the Ice Climbers, and Snake being cut, while Shulk, Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, Bowser Jr. in the Koopa Clown Car (with all seven Koopalings as alts), and the Duck Hunt Dog being new characters. While being initially disbelieved and seen as too outlandish, a friend of Ninka who gave him the information, named Shun, contacted a Smashboard user by the name of Neo Zero, who revealed to him that he got the information he revealed to Ninka from his own friend, and revealed that his friend recreated and posted two of the new palettes on imgur, before E3 2014. While this was going on, an apparently completely independent source posted a leaked newcomer list on 4chan (containing Shulk, Chorus Men, Mewtwo, Ridley, Dixie Kong, Duck Hunt Dog, and Bowser Jr.), containing the two characters unique to the, at the time, completely disbelieved Ninka leak. In addition to this, a person in the Smash community known as Vaanrose, came forward to Neo Zero that he knew a friend who knew someone who worked at Nintendo of America's offices in Redmond, Washington, who disclosed to him that Robin, Bowser Jr., and the Duck Hunt Dog were playable. With the screenshot proof of prior knowledge of the new palettes, and these new independent sources backing up a completely disbelieved leak, the people involved publicised this additional information legitimising the leak in a thread on Smashboards. Since the screenshots were first posted, they have spread to several websites and been the subject of much debate. Many have claimed the images to be falsified, citing the questionable placement of characters such as Yoshi, Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina on the character select screen, the lack of separation between returning and new stages on the stage select screen, the similarity of Shulk's face in his render to that of Little Mac in a previous screenshot (suggesting it was used as a base for a photoshopping attempt), and other similar inconsistencies. Those who believe the images to be genuine have pointed out the presence of obscure UI details consistent with those seen in the E3 demo (including a rare graphical glitch on the bottom screen character renders), the inability to source the renders used on the character select screen, the presence of details that were only very recently revealed at the time (such as Meta Knight's new render, which was less than a week old, and Brinstar, which had only been shown half a day prior), and the stage select icon for Tomodachi Life featuring an apartment design that was not present in any past screenshots but appeared at a different angle in an image from Famitsu magazine that came out the day after the leak. Despite heavy debate and analysis by both sides, no one has been able to definitively prove the images to be real or fake, leaving their legitimacy inconclusive as of now. A thread detailing the arguments against the leak, and their counters, is being maintained on Smashboards. Another point of debate is if the screenshots, if real, depict the entire playable character and stage roster. The seemingly strange placement of certain characters and stages, the conspicuous empty space on both, the lack of heavily implicated characters such as Mewtwo and the Chorus Men, the seeming over-saturation of past stages, and the question mark over Mewtwo in the original leak image lead many people to believe that there are more characters and stages that were not unlocked at the time the screenshots were taken. To compound the confusion, the leakers never stated if it was the full roster or not, with one of them, MasterLinkX, flatout stating on Smashboards that it was not, and the Smashboards mods investigating the leak being unable to come up with a conclusive answer. However, other observers who believe the leak have maintained that it is likely to be the final roster, citing that the character placement is sensible and complete looking, and that MasterLinkX cannot be trusted, as he refuses to give more information, while also having admitted that he attempted to sabotage his leaked images to create doubt in the leak and halt their spread (such as by photoshopping "disabled" in one of his screenshots to read as "disablad"). }

And, last but not least, more eye candy for all you spoiler hounds (because you wouldn't have scrolled the page all the way down if you weren't, now would you?) out there.

Shulk might still be a cool JRPG character, I guess. But yeah, I'm worried for the Ice Climbers now (due to the whole "DLC was just a joke" thing), so we're kind of on the same boat.



C-Olimar said:

@rock97on Me too, but I don't want to be left with egg on my face if it isn't!

It's a shame about no Isaac but other than that the roster is fantastic!



LasermasterA said:

Nah, I still don't like the inclusion of Dr. Mario or Bowser Jr. over other demanded characters. The final few characters of the roster didn't turn out great after all, according to the leak. The final reveals look very weak compared to how it all started with Megaman and all!

Yea I am up on Smashboards and everything is all doom and gloom for people whose supported characters didn't get in. Many people are trying to discredit these latest leaks but none of the arguments are staying for too long plus these videos add more to the leaking scale. It is not pretty!

Plus the Isaac thread has become completely depressed with me trying to cheer up people!



C-Olimar said:

@Lasermaster123 I don't think Dr.Mario, Dark Pit or Lucina required much work. It was more of a case of having these 3 characters or not. I'm surprised Daisy wasn't dragged in though.



Rapwned said:

Another thing supporting the leak: Nintendo of America just took the "Leak 1" video down.



HyliasHero said:

Ew. If this is true then that means that Ice Climbers are gone and we have a tone of clone characters. Sakurai took the time to include clones, but not Mewtwo who is fairly unique. This leak has honestly killed my hype.



WreckItRyan said:

I knew that initial leak was real! Everyone (mostly) thought it was fake, but it's definitely the real deal now.



xAlias said:

Copyright claim. I hope someone nabbed them before they were taken down. Also, this might prove that Nintendo is trying to hide the leaked content, and that it is most likely real.



Sforzando said:

Nintendo yanked them!
...effectively confirming their legitimacy.

Haha, and we thought we would have to wait to find out!



GeminiSaint said:

Heh, you can't hide something like this. It's everywhere!
But yeah. Nintendo taking these videos down pretty much confirms their authenticity.



Darel18 said:

Smash Team's reunion:

-Sakurai: I want to know how the love this huge leak happened?

-X Person: No one knows who did it... But we all agree on blaming one person....

-Sakurai: who is this person!?

-Everyone: (look at Namco's representative)

The End



DarkKirby said:

Before people assume the video take down confirms their legitimacy...

And I'm not saying if this confirms or deconfirms, but it should be noted that...

Youtube's copyright system is terrible and anybody can impersonate anybody and make a copyright claim, and the system shoots first and asks questions later. In many cases you can make a copyright claim not impersonating anybody with an actual copyright and still have the video taken down.

There have been "take downs" of confirmed fake leaks in the past.



Sir_Deadly said:

Seeing how Nintnedo of America reported the videos, i am goin to say it looks every possible there are real. If this isnt real, then why didnt Ninty take down that fake Majoras Mask HD trailer?



ChessboardMan said:

Welp, they're gone, so for I know all you people saying "looks real!" Could be trolling me!
Though it does seem strange that Nintendo would put in a claim, this isn't necessarily confirmation of authenticity, or at least, not confirmation of reliability of the info.
I do not recall other spoofs and fakes being taken down, but you never know when someone at Nintendo might decide to crack down on fakes, especially as the launch approaches.
Also, there could be another reason for the videos being yanked, other than they're accurate. They could be based on outdated builds containing content that was later removed because of balancing. I'm only suggesting this as a possibility, but it seems a slim possibility, considering everyone shouting "I'M A BELIEVER!", since we were told that the roaster was decided early on, so if the footage looks like the latest builds, then if they were dropped, they would have been removed already by the time came for characters to be polished off.
The main reason I'm suggesting an old build with content dropped later on, is that someone mentioned Shulk's animations seeming to be based on those of other characters, which sounds like a fairly placeholder thing to do.
Only time will tell… just a month and a week now…



TheWindWaker said:

I gotta say, although the videos were taken down, the one pic I saw of the dog looked cute! If it comes in black, it will be like playing smash with my black lab and I would greatly enjoy that. Especially if he throws a duck around!



IceClimbers said:

@ChessboardMan Less than that. Only a couple of weeks to go until the Japanese release of Smash 3DS. We'll see if it's real then or not, or if this is the full roster.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure this is real. Dr Mario is a really odd choice to bring back. Plus SEVEN Mario reps?! (Yoshi and Wario rep their own franchises). If there's one thing I will say about the leak, is that Dark Pit could easily be given a unique moveset and therefore not a clone of Pit; however, the leaked picture seems to suggest otherwise given that Dr Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina are next to each other, which is a bit disappointing.



SmashMaster said:

Well the videos are copyrighted and taken down by the time I get here... It's probably real... I think... If it is, that would mean 6 Mario characters, since Mario would have 6 characters, there's a chance of Mewtwo happening!



IceClimbers said:

@SmashMaster 7 Mario reps actually. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Rosalina, Bowser Jr, and Dr Mario.

If this leak is real, and it most likely is, then there will be one BIG result out of it: a TON of hate towards Smash 3DS because of Ice Climbers being cut.



Pokepen said:

I hope the Douchebag shake who leaked this gets fired, If this is even a legit leak.



kereke12 said:

Yeah the article that IGN put on about the leak had the video, & the video has been removed or claimed by Nintendo. Its a bit obvious that these leaks are true.



RaphaBoss said:

The spoiler alert... that is inevitable... I got spoiled even on MIIVERSE! Unless you don't follow Sakurai and his posts, you will get spoiled eventualy. Ah, and I want Wolf back. Huge disapointment with Ganondorf, he deserves more.



retro_player_22 said:

I hope Shulk is real, not sure about Ganondorf but will welcome him back anytime, couldn't care less about Bowser Jr., would had being more interested in new non-Mario character like that one girl in the upcoming Fatal Frame V game, Isaac, Felix, or Matthew from Golden Sun, Andy from Advance Wars, or Professor Layton.



Porky said:

ESRB don't get copies of the game they get Disc so he was probably playing on a TV or Computer.



SmashMaster said:

@IceClimbers Actually, I'm pretty sure it hasn't been completely confirmed that Ice Climbers won't be returning. They already have Rosalina and Luma, and you all know Sakurai is a troll. And 7 Mario reps just means more likely for Mewtwo. (Why only have 5 Pokemanz?)



IceClimbers said:

WAIT, there's a picture that you all will be glad to see that could be sound evidence that this is NOT the final roster:




rbmoura85 said:

What if this is the ultimate Sakurai trolling? Maybe this videos are fake and were leaked by nintendo on purpose so they could really blown us away when thet actually reveal the final roster



AlexSora89 said:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but apparently that pic has a lock on it because the version given to ESRB doesn't have All-Star Mode in it yet.

Also, the Smashboards thread is back up. In there, a user came up with a potentially funny caption for a Dr. Mario-based pic of the day (in which Dr. Mario is revealed to be an alt):
"Pic Of The Day. Mario may be a doctor now, but he still knows how to fix leaks!"



IceClimbers said:

@AlexSora89 ESRB doesn't actually play the games they rate. They rate the games based on footage they receive. Why would they leave All-Star mode out?



WaveBoy said:

OMG....i hope this is true. I would of never guessed the Duck Hunt dog would of made it i the roster. that has to be possibly one of the coolest additions yet!



unrandomsam said:

What are the chances Wario won't be in it at all ? (I am sure there has been Warioware Assist Trophys shown already).

Or make a news report containing only the relevant screens about how Nintendo is trying to suppress this information. (Should be fair use).



TwilightOniAngel said:

So the leak might be true? Wow that's amazing, now nintendo has to make a trailer showing it's not.But they took it down, why would they take down a video that should be fake? But they did so it must be true oh damn stuff is going to go down now.



AlexSora89 said:

Didn't mean to sound rude, but that's what I've read elsewhere. Besides, an All-Star mode locked like that means the game tells players there is an an All-Star mode in the first place, which wasn't the case in Melee and Brawl (on the contrary, as is with characters and stage, the game doesn't tell you there's either this or that game mode until you unlock it).



AlexSora89 said:

Wario is in, regardless of this leak. The Australian rating board mentioned a character showing his gluteal cleft and the presence of flatulence in the game. Add that to Waluigi and Ashley having the Wario symbol next to their names during the Smash Bros. Direct, and do the math.



IceClimbers said:

@AlexSora89 True, though you might have to unlock all of the characters to unlock All-Star mode. Is the picture not showing all of the characters? The only actual footage we have is of characters who were on the picture showing the character select screen. I think at this point it's probably best to act like it is the final roster, so that if its not then the rest are surprises.



WaveBoy said:

Knocking out Lucus, Wolf and Snake makes sense. However, there's still no confirmation for the Ice Climbers. They are the only Brawl-newcomer that hasn't made it in yet. I personally don't care, but i'm sure there are quite a number of people who like to play as them.



Dr_Corndog said:

@WaveBoy IC premiered in Melee, actually.

Bowser Jr. riding in the clown car continually is ALMOST cool enough to make up for him being the absolute nadir of likeability among Mario characters.



AlexSora89 said:

You're right, I was still considering the roster as a non-final one. I'm sorry, but I was hoping the - cue irony - Ice Climbers themselves would make it in.
I'm waiting for tomorrow's POTD with a gleeful smirk on my face, nonetheless.



Zmanwhodat said:

Just a question but have even seen yoshi's island from brawl in the 3ds/wii u version if not then yeah



Tamalesyatole said:

@adrian123 If these are really from a video for ESRB approval, it makes sense that they would showcase the most "Sexy" pics. Also the most violent, but I think it's also because the leaker.



Mewtwo21 said:

I will be very disappointed if Bowser Jr. made it in. Waste of a character slot imo.



Bender said:

I think it's real, and with Nintendo taking down everything so quickly without giving a solid response, it makes me think that someone at ESRB is being really naughty... Until I see an official "no it's fake" I will happily believe that I will have Shulk as an alternate to my Sheik main xD



siavm said:

@Mewtwo21 from the videos he looks pretty cool. But I will wait until official announcement before really trying to defend him.



Gridatttack said:

People thinking who its a PM mod are dumb. Theres no way to hack an outline like the 3DS version has.

Im hoping the roster image leak is real. Im happy with the roster, bar bowser jr >=(
(Dug Hunt Dog FTW!)



adrian123 said:

But the real Question is when will Nintendo announce these "New Characters" if these leaks are real . Nintendo your clock is ticking your time its coming to an end. Your wasting your time!



chiefeagle02 said:

I only saw the photos yesterday and the videos today. Until Nintendo officially announces something, my salt is within arm's reach. All the same, I'd be disappointed to see the Ice Climbers out (hoping the DLC rumor is true), but the Duck Hunt Dog could be fun to play as (assuming the leak is legit).



MagicEmperor said:

I'm very disappointed... that this leak killed hype for so many people, As for me, I'm still gonna play and have some fun.



luckybreak said:


Thank you for this detailed explanation of this fiasco. Its causing a major stir (mostly negative IMO) would have loved to see the reveal the Sakurai way. I personally see the DLC list as b.s however. I'm starting to think this leaker has an incomplete version of the game, with certain characters being a day 1 update.



luckybreak said:

WTF BOWSER JUNIOR? I thought he would use a paintbrush like in Mario Sunshine....

As for the DLC, I just cannot see Snake returning, nor the Chorus men being included. If the ice climbers (2 characters) is hard enough, how will 3 units work?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@kereke12 @irishdragon5 I don't see how. They could've simply taken it down in an effort to eliminate false information - probably the only thing they could've done without people losing their minds.
If, for example, Nintendo openly stated these to be fake, many wouldn't believe them. If they confirmed it, people would complain about the ruined surprise. And if they ignored it entirely, the discussion would keep getting more ridiculous, with even less feasible claims making the rounds.

All in all, this was the best thing they could do about it.

@Gridattack That's what you think, but it's actually comparably easy to do - only requires some smart model designing.
Also, as someone else pointed out elsewhere, "Duck Hun Dog" is almost definitely fake, since he has an actual name, which is "Mr. Peppers". Nintendo would never miss such a crucial detail.



Gameday said:

If Dr Mario makes it then Dr Luigi should be in it as well this time around. Shulk would be fun to use indeed. I didnt hear that Ness made it back , if Ness and Falco dont make it like i said before im not getting this game this time around.



SMW said:

All this time I thought Shulk was short for She-Hulk and I kept wondering why people would think She-Hulk would be in Smash. Now it all makes sense. lol

EDIT: A quick Google search shows that I wasn't alone in thinking Shulk meant She-Hulk. Now I don't feel so dumb. lol

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