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KJ85 commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

As far as I know the titles have already been decided on??

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

The original was only named Super Smash Bros., so it is already different..



KJ85 commented on Swords & Soldiers HD Catapulting Its Way Onto ...:

Well, Two Tribes was quick to remove the information from their website again, and wrote on Twitter that the information was not supposed to come out yet.

Question then remains if it will go up again on April 1st (Fools day) or if it is legit.



KJ85 commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

Anyone else thinking that Advance Wars should be half price, as Japan is getting the 1+2 compilation for the same price as one game.

Well, it was the only way the games were released in Japan originally to be fair, but Nintendo should acknowledge that and do some kind of Western promotion then I think..



KJ85 commented on Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming Game Boy ...:

The pricing is definitely way too high this time - well it always is on VC releases, but this time it's worse.

So far, for VC releases you have been able to predict the price from the Japanese release. 100 Yen became 1€ /$ for Europe and the US repectively, and with that relationship the GBA games should have been 6.5€. I know it is not much of a difference, but it's better than €6.99.



KJ85 commented on Level-5 Has No Plans To Launch The eShop Versi...:

I had the pleasure of reviewing this game for a Danish Nintendo site, and with no past experience with the series I took my time to read up on the different releases.

The new eShop version is based on the one in the Japanese retail collection Inazuma Eleven 1,2,3!, but the DS version released in Europe was build upon the interface from the original Inazuma Eleven 2, and thus was different from the Japanese version in it's content. The European DS version of Inazuma Eleven has an extra tournament to participate in after finishing the main game, and this tournament is not in the new eShop version as it was not part of the original Japanese version. There are also other differencenses between the European DS version and this new version - for example some changes was originally made to the European DS version regarding the stat boost you get from nearby players..

On topic, it's just as strange for me in Denmark to see football changed to soccer as it is is for people in the UK, so I really don't see the point in the arguments of Level-5 either.



KJ85 commented on Nintendo Still Working On Bringing Game Boy Ad...:

Personally, I think Natsume is being misinterpreted a little. We know that Nintendo plan to make GBA games available on Wii U, and they have been pretty clear that the GBA ambassador games will not become available to other 3DS owners.

Nowhere in this quote from Natsume does it say that the GBA games will come to 3DS, but I understad why it could be interpreted in that way.



KJ85 commented on Review: Jett Rocket II - The Wrath of Taikai (...:

I have done a review of this game as well for a Danish website. Here is my translated conclusion...

Conclusion: Jett Rocket II is a mediocre platform game, or rather an extremely pretty, mediocre platform game. Unfortunately, the game experience never reaches the level of the graphics, and since Shin’en moves in both 2D and 3D platforming without mastering any of the categories it all ends as a somewhat flat experience, with the boss fights probably being the best content of the game. A higher tempo and more content in the empty 3D stages could have done much but sadly, that was not meant to be. Overall, you should be able to find just enough happiness from the experience to justify the 9 € price tag, however, it is not a must have and you can easily find better platform games on the 3DS eShop. (Score: 3/5)

I mostly agree with things mentioned in this review. The 3D levels are the worst but the 2D levels is not great either - one reason being a total lack of difficulty curve. Third level you encounter has some of the most challenging sections while later levels can be very easy.



KJ85 commented on Review: Wii Party U (Wii U):

I found the following text on the US website for the game:

"To experience everything in Wii Party U, you'll need additional Wii Remote™ Plus controllers."

Can anyone confirm, that it actually has to be the Plus-controllers?



KJ85 commented on Super Mario 3D World Producer Teases New Annou...:

Another reason why I'm convinced that it's Majoras Mask 3D is that the only thing out of Grezzo since the two enhanced Zelda ports of 2011 is the newly released StreetPass Garden. Surely they are working on a new Nintendo project, and with a perfect job on Ocarina of Time 3D, why leave the job to others?