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Sail the seas, feel the breeze.

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The ocean wide and deep beckons. What mysteries await over and within? Ruined temples of ages past. Ancient treasure submerged. All that remains above the surface are but shadows and memories of what once was. And what will be again. (photo cred: laovaan on deviantart)

Wed 23rd Apr 2014

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TheWindWaker commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

Hey, guys! Looks like I missed all the action! I had a very busy weekend, but things have gotten back to a normal pace now. I'm good with email! I know I got one in my miiverse inbox, but one was attached to a friend request and disappeared. I'll write to the address I have in my messages and then you can start a group thread. Anything I can access from my computer will go so much faster for me. Miiverse, as cute and cuddly as it is, is hard to keep up with notifications, and you can't direct message from desktop as far as I know, which is inconvenient.

See you guys on the other side!



TheWindWaker commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR Mario's mushroom trip was really crazy! And as for your water level, I thought the aesthetics were really nice. How you used the green semi-solid platform and checkerboard blocks was right on!

@CTMike ok guys so my tounge-in-cheek parody of don't move levels is uploaded. Unfortunately for my stars, Flux, I don't imagine people who like those levels will actually like this one. I did employ an unorthodox technique near the end that you may or may not have heard about. If it doesn't work then... sorry! And as always the comments will be your cheeky guide. Have fun! I better start on Volcano Escape!



TheWindWaker commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

I am in agreement with you both on all points! I am glad we have our little corner of a comment section. After perusing other creators' profiles, I truly appreciate your abilities and creativity in level design.

I love your idea of a theme!! Let's do it! Maybe I'll throw out four and we can decide:
1) You mentioned ice cave/ wall jumps, so let's include that as an option.
2) We've mentioned previously a smash bros theme (unless one of you already did it and I missed it...)
3) Underwater... I have yet to venture into the deep blue. The real challenge would be making a water level actually... fun? Just kidding... sort of.
And finally 4) Volcano Escape! Just off the top of the head...

Open to other suggestions of course, but maybe for round one we could pick one of these and there's always room for round two!

p.s. I'm going to upload a joke level just for you guys! At least 14 hours from now. I can only get on late at night here in the states, so I am slow in getting my stuff created.



TheWindWaker commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

@CTMike @FLUX_CAPACITOR Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like it! I feel like I haven't mastered using the given toolset in tricky and clever ways like you guys have, but I do feel good about creating environments, so I try to stick with what I know.

You should feel good about how many stars you have! I only have half as many as you guys! The psychology of star-giving... surely some fascinating conclusions could be drawn. I like to stick to a few makers that I am familiar with, such as you two, and make it my mission to complete every course. In the original Mario games there was such motivation to clear a course, even if it was hard. But now that incentive is gone, even in 100 Mario, so I think it feeds into a short attention span culture. I find myself tweaking my levels now to make them easier simply because I want people to clear them!



TheWindWaker commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR It's all good, man! I was wanting to do a smash themed level as well. Like maybe the challenger's journey to the battlefield or something. I'm sure you'll come up with something cool! I'm going to check out all your new ones right now!

Well, Flux and @CTMike , I finally cranked out another one of my own. They are slow coming, but this one's kinda cool. It's Toad's Story.
5B14-0000-0089-281C or you could find it on my profile.

Yall have lots of stars! Keep up the great work!



TheWindWaker commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

@CTMike Yes, I had already played through your "gimmick" stages and found them to be quite fun! Almost like mini-games. Your levels are very clever, and I like how you use objects in interesting/ unconventional ways!

@FLUX_CAPACITOR I feel like I've actually gotten sucked in to playing other peoples levels at the expense of my own. I have a few of you guys I check in on and if there's a new one, I play it right away!

What would be really interesting would be to see how one's level design reflects their skill at smash bros



TheWindWaker commented on Angry Sun Game Files Reportedly Uncovered In S...:

Angry Sun could mean desert level pack. Desert level pack could mean they intend to bring about all kinds of other level packs! I agree with the desires for DLC mentioned in the comments, but it is amazing the scope of creativity some people have achieved with what resources we do have.



TheWindWaker commented on Editorial: Nintendo is a Toy Company, and That...:

I just hope the world hasn't moved on before my baby girl is old enough to play Mario 3D World and Smash Bros. with me!

Oh well, I still have my original NES, Gameboy, SNES, Gameboy Advance, N64, GC, and (modded) Wii, so I don't suppose anyone is going to force me to get rid of my Wii U! She may get into Skylanders though, and that could present a problem... jk



TheWindWaker commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR Yeah, I played through that Zelda level and was very impressed! As I mentioned in my in-game comment, I loved how you had the thwomp block the final room's door - in a true Zelda fashion! That room was the death of me a couple of times before I finally stayed calm and took care of business! I really liked the design of the castle as well, and how the pathways twisted within one another. Very nice! I only have 4 courses uploaded now, but I am working on finishing a "desert" level. Mine are not very complex, but perhaps one day I will create a masterpiece!

@CTMike That ghost house was on point! For some reason I find that glitch effect to be truly creepy, and I loved your usage of it! That hidden propeller suit was the only thing that got me to the goal, because my jump would have come up short with all those falling platforms! The earthquake there was an epic finish!



TheWindWaker commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

@CTMike Got the notification about your comment just today for some reason. I did a quick glance at your ghost house and another one, but I will have to play through them completely this evening!

@FLUX_CAPACITOR I actually read CTMike's earlier comment to you about his Mii so I was well prepared! I'll check your profile for any new ones this evening as well!



TheWindWaker commented on Reminder: Grab Some Popcorn For Nintendo UK's ...:

@CTMike So many clever moments! I found the blue Yoshi
@CapnKatz Whoah! I had to finally just pick a route and keep chipping away until I got to the epic "secret staircase." Well done!
@FLUX_CAPACITOR Launching Luigi was hilarious! Really fun, zany level!

So, guys, I'd like to get in on your sharing levels. I literally have zero personal friends who play this game, so I'm digging how yall started a little group here in this thread.

I'm going to play through all of your levels, because let's face it: they are awesome (for real)! You'll see me commenting and handing out stars left and right. I hope you'll be able to enjoy some of my levels too!

Although compared to what I just played, mine seem rather simplistic, I'll start yall off with one that has a little bite to it: the Castle of Secrets!


Thanks! BTW, if you get around to the Ninja Warrior level, be sure comments are on



TheWindWaker commented on Join Us Live For A Super Mario Maker Twitch St...:

@AlexOlney I do apologize for my late entries, however I only discovered this article today.

Although I do not think my courses are particularly difficult, they have a very low completion percentage which I expect will exclude them from the 100 Mario Challenges. (My theory is that since they are not immediately "win-able" people will opt to skip them.)

Nevertheless, I am very proud of my creations, and hope you will find the time to take a look. I have posted all four of them with the NUK tag, and I look forward to the possibility of some other creative-minded gamers enjoying them.

Thanks! Have Fun!



TheWindWaker commented on Plight Of Syrian Refugees Highlighted Via The...:

As the article states, the creator of this video intends for it to be viewed by a diverse audience. He has clearly accomplished that goal as we are commenting on it here.
Opinions about the issue aside, I think a snap back to reality may be beneficial to some gamers. Afterall, many of us play to escape reality and it could be easy to ignore situations that exists in this real world we all share.



TheWindWaker commented on Video: Allow These Charming Renditions Of Clas...:

A beautiful rendition! She does have a lovely voice!

BTW: At the end of this video she links to a video she made based on the Forest Temple from OoT. It is really cool! I think the video depicts the four poe sisters and how they came to be trapped in the temple. And it reminds me of what it felt like to be lost in that temple for what felt like ages.



TheWindWaker commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

One time I left team for glory and went back in to get a new crew to fight with. When I got to character select screen, my player was blank, my p1 finger was gone, but the screen said ready to fight. When I hit start to go to the next screen, my Wii u froze and made that beeping sound... Scary stuff!



TheWindWaker commented on New Study Finds No Connection Between Video Ga...:

Don't believe everything you see on TV... or on the internet. Just use common sense and make wise choices for yourself. My two cents is that violence in video games doesn't necessarily spawn violent behavior. Instead I think it contributes to a numbness and complacency when faced with real-world violence that should otherwise be met with a sense of injustice and a desire to see peace. In other words, our generation may be less likely to be horrified when we see brutal acts of violence, and that would be tragic.



TheWindWaker commented on Feature: Does Super Smash Bros. Wii U's Smash ...:

@AlexOlney Apologies if you've answered this already, but I didn't want to sift through the unfortunate array of comments here.

Question: You mentioned the battle where one player was small throughout. What other types of battles are set up? Does it ever team people up with one another? With Mario party in mind, what kind of zany combinations does this mode offer?




TheWindWaker commented on Hyrule Warriors Producer Would Love to Work Wi...:

I'm just ready to get my copy of Hyrule Warriors... So ready.

I don't know if they'll mess with Mario. He's a brand. Zelda fits because it can be dark and it already featured swords etc. I don't know if they'd let Mario go dark. Maybe a Smash concept but in a 3D arena could be cool (anyone remember Powerstone on Dreamcast?) Destructible environments and all.



TheWindWaker commented on North America is Getting the Limited Edition o...:

In a way, I'm glad... I was going to spend more money on something that I'll never wear, probably won't display, and box up in storage. It's a fun novelty, but my strongest connections to the games come from the stories and characters, which I will be experiencing day one with Hyrule Warriors.



TheWindWaker commented on Ubisoft's Uplay Application Hints That Watch D...:

I understand them wanting to make the most money out of Wii U. But then they should have released when hype was high, before we could read less than stellar reviews for the other consoles and start bearing a grudge. I don't imagine they'll make as much now as they would have at launch, so I'm betting on cancellation.



TheWindWaker commented on Gallery: It's OK, We Want Each And Every One O...:

Can anyone who has a 3ds XL tell me if the resolution looks low? What I mean is, on my standard size screen the images are perfectly crisp, but does blowing them up make the blurry-pixel thing happen? I've been thinking of going XL for smash, but I might wait now for these new ones.



TheWindWaker commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS S...:

There is clearly such room for awesome potential, as evidenced with the villager. I hope that we will see full-out alternates more often than just colors. Admittedly, I do agree that if the colors are as dynamic as some of Samus, I will be content to settle.



TheWindWaker commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

I gotta say, although the videos were taken down, the one pic I saw of the dog looked cute! If it comes in black, it will be like playing smash with my black lab and I would greatly enjoy that. Especially if he throws a duck around!



TheWindWaker commented on Mario Kart 8's Hackers Open Up Over Their Plan...:

Game shark, game genie... In some ways beta quest on Zelda 64 (and levitating) was so magical and mysterious. It seemed to reveal all possibilities, such as actually seeking the Triforce. For Smash on Wii, it lead to a whole realm of creative community that was, admittedly, very exhilarating to approach, however late in the game I may have wandered in.
However, I do agree with the majority that an online competitive community should not be corrupted in such a way, and especially not so close to the release of the game. MK8 is thriving, balanced, and rewarding to those who are skilled enough to win. That's what competition is all about!
Breaking into the Wii U is likely inevitable, but perhaps it will come at a time when there are no more system updates, Mario Kart 8 is considered retro, and everyone is focused on the latest and greatest Nintendo console.



TheWindWaker commented on Gallery: Meta Knight Slices and Dices in His O...:

@agqwestern @Musterd @Samuel-Flutter
Thanks for the info!
It would seem that his story can simply be known from his actions.
He's not a villain, although he seek power. He wants to fight the greater evil, but he's going to do it his way. His realm extends beyond dreamland, so he would be a big fish in a small pond there. He sees the big picture, and will even fight Kirby to maintain that it remains intact.
I like him more now! Maybe I'll give him another shot in this next installment!