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Rayman Trophy Revealed For Super Smash Bros. On Wii U And 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

Does this mean more Ubisoft on the way later today?

We'll be seeing a new Super Smash Bros. character reveal later today, but that hasn't stopped director Masahiro Sakurai from lifting the lid on another very interesting piece of information: Ubisoft's Rayman will be featured in the game as a trophy.

Sakurai dropped the news on Miiverse:

In order to make Rayman’s trophy, we asked Ubisoft to share their references. We were expecting to receive 2D drawing references for Rayman, but to our surprise, they sent us data of a brand new 3D model that they rendered for this game!! And that was how this trophy was created. It takes a lot of work creating each model, so it’s wonderful that the creators contributed their own efforts!!

Rayman is the latest in a long line of third party "guest" appearances in the Smash Bros. series — could today's forthcoming character announcement also be Ubisoft-related? Share your thoughts, hopes and indeed fears by posting a comment below.


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Tsurii said:

Doubt it. Already said that on Miiverse (like..5 minutes ago), but apparently Monolith Soft's twitter..account or w/e you'd call it, shared Sakurai's announcement for the character reveal so I think chances are somewhat high, that we'll see Shulk.



Haxonberik said:

If any Ubi character was gonna be in I was betting it was Rayman, so this strikes me as quite weird. He wouldn't spoil his own surprise like that or would he?



Yai said:

Well this is certainly interesting. I wonder if it was revealed now to get people guessing and then have the reveal be something completely unexpected?



Joetherocker said:

He put up the Rayman trophy so we would all expect him to announce someone different so he could announce Rayman in the trailer and still surprise everyone in the most masterful act of trolling any of us will ever see in our lives.



Emblem said:

Yuk Raymans design is terrible, I have faith that they wouldn't waste a slot on him when they have better options.

Plus the leak hasn't been wrong yet so its likley Shulk, Chrom or Chours men. Hoping for a surprise character though myself.



iphys said:

If it's anything related to Ubisoft I'd wish for L-block or some other tetromino to be in and Tetris Ultimate to be coming to Wii U.



King47 said:

This is a good way to get people talking and speculating. Sakurai is such a troll.



SamirMalik said:

Nintendo did publish Rayman in Japan for Ubisoft. Legends was practically Wii U exclusive there. So he is apart of Nintendo's personal history in a way.



Bulbousaur said:

I think this is just announcing third-party characters being in the game not just as playable, but as lesser roles as well like collectables and even assist trophies. Why would Sakurai ruin the surprise so close to the reveal?

While I do think Rayman would make a good moveset and be fun to play as if he were in the game, I don't think he is really eligible to be playable. Other than the plans for Legends to be a Wii U exclusive (which fell through), Rayman has always been a series released on just about everything possible. I would even argue that he would fit better in Playstation All Stars than Smash. Maybe he was planned to be playable before Legends was delayed, so that's why he has a trophy, and possibly an assist trophy.

But could be completely wrong, guess we'll find out the newcomer in just under 6 hours!



Shambo said:

Rayman, Astro Boy (less as a gaming character, but still some awesome games like Omega Factor) and Bomberman, the three third-party legends that are still missing in the roster, in my opinion. The other ones I'd like to see are mostly a bit too "obscure" for modern gamers I suppose (Doshin the Giant, Odama bell bearers/flippers -or at least an Odama stage-, a Cubivore, Sin & Punishment main characters, Pius Augustus, Scooter from Ribbit King, a worm from Worms maybe,... to name just a few)



Rensch said:

I've always considered Rayman one of the most suitable characters for Smash Bros.



Kamalisk said:

Really hope for Shulk. This would make my excitement for the new Smash go through the roof. Really wouldn't care to see Rayman in it.



TeeJay said:

Rayman won't be a fighter as much as I'd love him to, this deconfirms it completely. If Sakurai had to ask Ubisoft for a reference and only just now received a 3D model for a trophy then that automatically means he's not going to be a fighter.

...Damn. I wasn't expecting him to be in the game at all though so this is still awesome!



argol228 said:

Yeah Rayman doesn't deserve to be anything more then a Trophy especially since he isn't an exclusive character. as I said before. Snake getting in was a stroke of luck that Kojima and Sakurai are good friends. I doubt Sakurai has that kind of friendship with Rayman's creator.

As for Megaman, Sonic and Pacman. they aren't exclusive, but they are iconic



SilentHunter382 said:

Well that is awesome that Ubi sent them a fully build model for the game. Its true that it can take a while to make each trophy as I know what has to be done in creating character models.

The fact that Ubi did it themself shows they do care in a way.



BakaKnight said:

Sakurai surely know how to tease and torture our minds XD

Great to hear Ubisoft went that far and even made the model, but such cooperation makes the speculations skyrocket to new horizons >.>;



Dodger said:


Hmm. I can't see why the heck they would put a Rayman trophy in SSB if he isn't at least an assist trophy. Given that every fighter is a trophy too in SSBB, I don't think this confirms or denies Rayman yet. But it makes it a lot more likely. I already guessed Rayman, I won't rehash my reasons from the post I made.



Grumblevolcano said:

To be really honest, I hope it isn't Rayman for the simple reason that it makes the Gematsu leak less accurate. I want a 3rd Fire Emblem character dammit!



The_Ninja said:

If Rayman is gonna get revealed today, I'll be so happy! Legends is still Wii U exclusive in Japan, soo..



Banker-Style said:

If would be great if he was a fighter, but nevertheless great to Ubisoft still cares about wii u.



0utburst said:

Nintendo: please send us 2D model of Rayman for trophy.
Ubisoft: here's a 3D model. Please make him playable! He needs more exposure! We won't scrw you again!



CapeSmash said:

To the insane people who think Rayman is playable: WHHHY would Sakurai show off a trophy for a new character, before OFFICIALLY revealing that character? Do you know how stupid that sounds?

Also, some of these third party character requests I see make me lose all hope in humanity.



Einherjar said:

Its fun to see how nintendo treats other publishers / games / mascots while in general, they tend to shun the system.
Even though hes just a trophy (as of yet), he is not a nintendo mascot and still gets mentioned and featured. This game is just a love letter to everyone out there



Mega719 said:

Please let it be Rayman, why would another Ubi franchise take the playable spot? This is obviously what would be represented



Beta said:

Well, Rayman being a character, imo, is just... nothing to write him about for me. I would prefer these characters any time:
1) Professor Layton
2) Chrom
3) Wonder Red/Blue

Oh, and add Megaman.EXE as a costume change for Megaman and that would make SSB4 as perfect as SSB can get. Like, really, in my eyes, it would beat any past or future installments as they just CAN'T top that for me X3



daniruy said:

Rayman is almost in Mario and Donkey Kong's level as a platformer genius for me.



Dodger said:

@SockoMario Pretending that you wrote a polite and pleasant post, I have absolutely no idea. This doesn't make sense either way. Why would a Rayman trophy be in if he isn't playable? If he is playable, why would they make a big fuss about a live stream just to spoil it the day before? I wasn't sure before and I most certainly am not sure now.



SmithJurd said:

Rayman will be a playable character... But not for a of few months after release and only once they have him ready for PlayStation allstars too!



Kosmo said:

A Rayman announcement on the 14th of July would be convenient... (as it is France's National Day and Rayman is French)



SCAR said:

This is pretty crazy... Rayman being in Smash Bros. would be cool, IMO. He probably isn't anything more than a trophy, though. Maybe they replaced Sam Fisher for Snake, so that they can make room for Bomberman



larry_koopa said:


Oh man, good one!!!

It is interesting that this might happen given the Rayman Legends debacle, but I think he'd be a nice addition to the roster.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

...Hmm with Ubi pulling support like they are from a fan perspective I wish this was not happening. However, the game will be good either way. Not the end of the world.

Thought about this more. From the Japanese perspective (and thus Sakurai's) Rayman Legends is a WiiU exclusive. I can see that being more than enough to earn Rayman a trophy. I'm still pretty salty with Ubi for various reasons but this makes a lot more sense now.



Azooooz said:

They see Sakurai trolling, then hate him.

Anyways, I'm not sure if I want Rayman to be in Smash Bros. The game is supposed to be a Nintendo's All-Star battle royale game.



DrJoson said:

I love the Rayman games and would enjoy playing as him, but his trophy expression and hand gestures make it look as if he's thinking "Aw man, looks like I'm not playable in Smash. What gives?" Not that it confirms or deconfirms anything of course. No one can predict Sakurai



TruenoGT said:

Something off about a western 3rd party franchise in this game... Not sure why Ubisoft would feature in a Nintendo game otherwise given their recent track record.



BigH88 said:

I don't know what to think. Never seen a third party character with a trophy unless someone from said series is in the game.



LavaTwilight said:

A lot of people are gunning for Captain Falcon. While I agree he is probably on the roster I doubt he is the reason for the surprise unveiling. It's more likely to be someone obscure, someone who hasn't been in a Smash Bros Game before, maybe someone new entirely. The way the fans have responded to the new IP, I'd love to see a Splatoon Squiddie being a new fighter



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Okay, Rayman is not coming, that's clear. Sakurai would never just ask Ubisoft to do their work if Rayman was the latest contender.

Shulk is reasonable enough, though I'd like ELMA a bit more (would be some awesome Xenoblade X advertisement), at least from Monolith.
But I'm still crossing my fingers for Matthew/Isaac from Golden Sun (alongside a new Golden Sun game), or possibly Shia from Hyrule Warriors, just to raise the boob rate yet again (just kidding, but she would be cool).

Also, it's a damn shame we won't be getting Wonder Red. His movement and fighting style would be perfect for Smash.



XFsWorld said:

Ha! Would have been a playable character if Rayman Legends stayed as a WiiU exclusive.



Plainsville said:

@Tsurii897 I may be wrong here, but wasn't that the case with the E3 reveals too?
Plus, what if they are just fans of Smash Bros? Or what if they know Shulk's in the game, and just don't know when he'll be revealed?

I mean, sure it's looking likely, but there is a chance he isn't on his way today.



rastamadeus said:

Seriously hope Rayman is not playable. He has no place in a Nintendo game. Snake and Mega Man do, Sonic and Pac-man are iconic but Rayman? An irritating goit who has been in a tiny handful of games on Nintendo machines and, most importantly, is completely unlikeable? No chance. Would rather have Bubsy the bobcat or Zool - and I'm glad they're both in videogame hell where they belong.



VIIIAxel said:

I love how Sakurai shows this a few hours before the reveal just to throw everyone off. There's already a ton of speculation now just because of this.

Anyway, as much as I love Rayman, I don't really know that I want him to be in the game. It would feel a little strange. I'm still holding out for Shulk being today's character.



GeminiSaint said:

Rayman? Really?
Nothing against him, but I'd rather see Shantae, or Klonoa, or Curly Brace...



kingston589 said:

If you have to have a ubisoft charcter make it travis touchdown or a rabbid like in tmnt smash up with the splinter cell costume lol



bizcuthammer said:

I don't want Rayman in there... Then they'll delay Smash Bros for 8 months so they can simultaneously release it for all platforms.



Sanasalin said:

so through months of character speculation, ive always thought "wonder why no one ever says theyd like to see rayman. i reckon thatd be cool." and then i saw this post and freaked the hell out.

apparently i want rayman in smash bros a lot more than i realized



Caryslan said:

I want it to be a Castlevania character, namely Simon Belmont with a Death assist trophy. Konami and Square Enix are the only two major Japanese developers who don't have a a rep in Smash Bros yet. If Snake did got cut, then the only logical option is to replace him with a Castlevania character.



gamneg said:

Hopefully rayman trophy means there's room for PLOK! Can't have two limb flinging fighters after all.



ChessboardMan said:

I am from the future, and I have come to tell you that the character reveal was, er, will be… Commander Shepard with Captain Falcon's moveset.
"I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite- PUN-CCHH!!!"



dkxcalibur said:

Can't wait to see who the new character is. I thought there was a very strong chance that Rayman was the new challenger. This now has me scratching my head a bit. Is this a trick or is Rayman seriously just a trophy? I guess we'll know soon enough. I love surprises.....this is Christmas in July!

I will say that IMO Rayman would be great in Smash. I really think his last two games don't get enough credit. They really are on par with DKC:TF and New Super Mario Bros. U. I won't say they're better but they are right there. His move set would be interesting too.



ChessboardMan said:

Unless he's trolling us rather hard, it isn't going to be Rayman in the game.
He says they were given this 3D model when they asked for reference, but if he was playable, wouldn't they be using the character model that is playable for the trophy? Unless, he's trolling, and it's also the character model for a playable character, but that seems a bit much.

Though it does raise the question of why they needed the reference, unless just to make this trophy.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

It just doesn't make sense for a 3rd Party character to just be a trophy in Smash Bros. We got all these Nintendo characters, and then there's just that one 3rd Party character that is just a trophy amongst all the 1st & 2nd party characters? No man, there's gotta be something more to this...



dkxcalibur said:

After more thought, I really think he's the next character. They'll show some new footage of a battle and then the Rayman trophy will show up. It will animate as Rayman is disappointed he's only a trophy and then the "New Challenger Approaching" flashes and he's in the fight.



shonenjump86 said:

I wouldn't mind if Rayman is playable. Love Rayman games, Rayman 2 Great Escape for the Dreamcast is still one of my favorite games.



Darknyht said:

I really hope not, Ubisoft has been almost as bad as EA in their treatment of the Wii U. I don't want to see them rewarded with an appearance in a flagship Wii U title.



HandheldGuru97 said:

You know I like it. Ubisoft has done good with the U, Splinter Cell, 2 Assassins Creed games, ZombiU, Child of Light, some Just Dance (whether you like it or not it is something...) and don't forget they could've canceled Watch Dogs, they know they'll lose money...but it is still coming out. Sure the whole Rayman thing was a debacle and I'm not happy by it either, it is still one of the best games on the U. So there is my 2 cents on this trophy.



EverythingAmiibo said:

We were ALL wrong... BUT WE HAVE 4 FREAKING FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS!!!!! YES!!!! Wait? Is that... Kellam? Hmmm, I guess I didn't see him in the video.



piojito_O said:

While not among my most wanted, I'd be delighted if Rayman got in; he's quirky enough (with the added Rabbids) to fit in & still stand out in Smash -

Though I do find this odd for the same reasons already mentioned:

-The fact that Mr. Sakurai needed to ask for references ~for a trophy~
-Ray would be Ubi's most likely rep, why spoil it like this without a proper reveal right after?
(A Rabbid or Globox trophy would have made more sense as the tease, if Rayman indeed turned out to be playable)

There's gotta be more to this than a simple cameo appearance, but what? o.o

What's with all the Ubi hate? .-. (pardon my ignorance)

To me it seemed like Ubi genuinely WANTED to support the WIIU - and by doing so they ended up losing serious $$$ /can't really blame them for what they did with Legends.



Gunit1099 said:

Can someone please explain to me why is there a random Rayman trophy without anything related to Ubisoft playable or even present in the game ??



Giygas_95 said:

Know what Ubisoft character I'd really like?

Sam Fisher.

And give him Michael Ironside voice bites.



AceChaos said:

@Giygas_95 Hey, aren't you the one that told me about the Mega Man games coming to the E-Shop? It's me, AceChaos! My new NNID is IDontCare4nymore.



Dpishere said:

Gotta admit that trophy looks sweet! I have always felt that Rayman felt more at home on Nintendo systems so this feels like a good fit!



Volmun said:

hm.. i think this is more a hint to what game UBIs been sitting on waiting for the WiiU to sell more than a possible SSB entry



Mqblank said:

Good to see Nintendo showing Ubisoft the same amount of love that Ubi has shown them recently <cough><cough>



Imagamerboi said:

Is it just me or does the 3d model of Rayman look worse than the 2d model of Rayman in Origins and Legends?



Henmii said:

Oh yes: Rayman as good as confirmed! Why else would they put it in? Unless there are trophies of all kinds of third-party games.



3dbrains said:

They should delay releasing this trophy for about 8 months after the game comes out... Then make you pay more for it. The ubisoft way. Freakin hate ubisoft.



Einherjar said:

@unrandomsam Soo, you never heard of the recent PC title "Sim City" then ?
Or EAs mobile games like "Dungeon Keeper" ?
EA is doing its best to earn the title of "worst company" again, and for a good reason.

@ThreadShadow Nintendo being a jerk to Ubisoft ? Care to explain that one ? Looking back at the Legends fiasco, its more the other way around.



ThreadShadow said:

@Einherjar Just a joke. It certainly was, as you said, the other way around. Ubisoft keeps dissing (is that still a term?) Nintendo and Nintendo gives them a trophy in Smash. Wha? Guess Nintendo is taking the high road, but not every character deserves to be in smash. Smash isn't PS Allstars.



Einherjar said:

@ThreadShadow Well, a trophy is just that, a trophy. A little trinket you can look at in the game, read a bit about it and see from which game it comes.

Why its there after all Ubi did with Rayman Legends, well, i said it in another thread already: Nintendo rarely fights back.
They seem to be above these "war of the roses" shenanigans going on in the industry. Ubi did a fantastic job with rayman legends on the WiiU, exclusive or not and i guess thats Nintendos way to thank them.
Also, instead of making a "lousy" trophy and bury it in the game, this trophy was among the few that got shown to the public beforehand, so it gets well known.
In my opinion, its a nice gesture, while not giving them more credit than they deserve for their actions."Small gifts preserve the friendship"
Maybe someday, developers and publishers will realize again, that this industry should be about the games, and not about raw number crunching.

A well selling game will get you through its launch period, a good game made with passion will follow you through the ages. Thats why Rayman was gone for so long and Mario was always around.

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